Cannes Well Played, Nicole Kidman


Keith Urban has the right idea.

Just stand back and bask in the pretty. It’s potent enough for a contact high.

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  1. Beth C.

    Wow, yeah, she’s pretty much showing everyone how it’s done.

    Also, I’m glad she’s going back to a hair color that’s more on the red side. Her natural color is so pretty on her, I’ve never understood why she was so married to that cold blonde color that totally washes her out.

    • Helen

      I like this strawberry shade for her hair, too. She looks just divine altogether.

    • So Fake

      Kidman is wearing a wig and judging by the peculiar angle of Keith’s feet, he has to be wearing 3 – 4 inch shoe lifts.

      • Squirrel!

        So Fake, why do you say she’s wearing a wig?

        • Claire1

          A few years ago I suspected that Nicole might have been suffering with hair loss…which is my theory as to why she would have been coloring that awful blond color for so long.
          I think this is the picture that made me want to hug her.

          But really…..who cares if she’s wearing a piece or not….IF she is, it’s a beautiful one and does her great justice…if she isn’t then she’s brought her strands back from the over processed hell that they were in.

          FTR, I went through years of hair loss, first due to thyroid issues and then followed by alpecia areata. I think watching my hair come out was worse than anything else I was going through at the time….and I can’t even imagine what it must be like to have to do that in front of cameras. :(

          She’s a gorgeous lady and shows so much poise…. good for her!

          •  Helen

            I have hair loss. It’s brutal. I hope she isn’t going through that.

            Also, if I were Keith Urban and my gorgeous 5’11″ wife enjoyed wearing 5″ heels, I’d get me some lifts, too, just for photos.

          • Glenn

            Oh my gawd, she has grey hair! Call the sanitarium – that woman doesn’t deserve to be let out in public!!

      • Aphy

        So what if it’s a wig? She looks great. I had to shave the rest of my mom’s hair that is falling out due to chemo. My mom wears a well fitted wig. I would hate to think people judge her based on what’s on her head. Besides, so many women wear wigs, pieces, extensions and bump its that it is rare to find natural hair.

  2. Stefanie


  3. Other Emily

    Wow. Kidman NAILED IT. She looks amazing.

  4. TaraMisu

    Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  5. Pouncer


  6. Karen

    Is it beaded? I can’t tell!

    • Kristen

      Completely beaded…it must be super heavy. Looks great though and that’s what it’s all about, right?

  7. Siobhán

    Am I the only one who hates the colours?

    The silhouette is good, even the pattern, but the red/black/blue is awful.

    • Squirrel!

      I’m not sold on it, either. Makes me think of blue-leafed mistletoe.

      • Kristin

        It looks a bit like blue shells (the pasta kind), or perhaps coffee beans, tossed with broken candy canes. Yet I don’t hate it? I rather like the strong colors on her, and she’s tall enough to pull off the odd print.

  8. Deborah Stultz

    The most elegant, beautiful, fantastic aloha shirt pattern EVER. That is a compliment. I love aloha shirts.

  9. Roosje

    It confirms my love of patterned dresses :)

  10. Gigi

    She looks fantastic! Heck, so does he. Team Aussie scores big!

  11.  jen

    I love this so much it aches within me. I want one of these dresses (and the body to match) for every day of the week. I think her hair is just lush with it, and perfect. The simple jewelry is elegant and doesn’t overpower the lovely dress.

    I bet it rustles when she walks. I love rustle-y dresses.

  12. Liz

    The dress is gorgeous – Keith is… wow. Such a gentleman – that man proves that chivalry isn’t dead!

    • Helen

      And he has such good stage manners, looking at her to reinforce that that is where all eyes should be. Very gallant.

      • Sandra

        I love that these two let each other shine at the appropriate times.

        • Edith

          I also love that (whether he’s in lifts or not), he doesn’t appear to have any problem with Nicole towering over him. They’ve really grown on me as a couple.

          Also, she looks AMAZING here, but you all knew that already…

          • Kelly

            If he doesn’t have a problem with his lack of height, why the obvious shoe lifts?

  13. Goldfish

    Why did dish-water Paltrow get “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” when we’ve got Nicole in the house? I mean, did they mean THIS world?

    • Lion

      It probably went to Paltrow because Nicole disturbed her beautiful face too much throughout the years. Which is a pity. I would love to see how she would look like without any surgical help. And I am pretty sure – amazing.

      • Goldfish

        I think you’re right, but I think she did reverse some of the badness when she laid off the botox. She looked like a Sleestack during that time (younger people, consult your elders regarding this comparison). As many have said, a darker hair color could compensate for much of her cosmetic shenanigans.

        But yes, you state the bad truth — she’s gorgeous (still beating the tar out of Paltrow) but too much scalpel maybe.

  14. Susan

    Yes it is true Nicole is far, far more beautiful than Gwenneth Paltrow could even fantasize about. That is when she is in her gorgeous, strawberry blonde color of hair. Nicole PLEASE keep it red. It is so much more flattering to you.

  15. filmcricket

    Wow, Kidman has been KILLING it on this jaunt. Cannes clearly agrees with her.

  16. Glenn

    In that particular photo her face looks like the somewhat impish gal from the ’80s and ’90s. And the dress is obviously divine. She just keeps slaying.

  17. Angel

    Head to toe perfection! The Goddess is well and truly back! Love, love love!

  18. Sajorina

    That dress is a work of art and she looks AH-MAZING in it! Just gorgeous! BRAVO!!!

  19. Melanie

    I love this picture – it’s reminiscent of Heath and Michelle at the Oscars when she wore that yellow dress and he was clearly so, so pleased to be on her arm. These two look gorgeous and happy and in love, and the dress is unbelievable.

  20. Hannah Lee

    She does look gorgeous here.

    That being said, when I saw just the thumbnail, I thought it was Jessica Chastain having a particularly “Kim Basinger from a couple of decades ago” moment. I don’t know what that says about Kidman though.

  21.  Janice

    I’d like to see how she walked in this. Pretty, but easy to trip over.

    Sort of a kick-shuffle?

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