Cannes Well Played (Mostly): Jessica Chastain


It was this time a year ago that we did a slideshow that was basically like, “I don’t know what a ‘Jessica Chastain’ is, but she is the meat in a Pitt-Penn sandwich.” I am trying to think of the last time someone has gone from an afterthought in a Met Ball slideshow to one of the most watched and couture-clad actresses in town, to the point where we’ve featured her so much that I am not sure what words to write down and in what order. Basically, I’m just treading water until I can make a hacky “Chastaintity belt” joke; luckily for all of us, that day is not today.

[Photos: Getty, WENN, FameFlynet, Splash]

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  1. Eliza Bennett

    The short floral dress is actually my fave of all of these. All the other looks seem to be flirting with fit issues. The Gucci, although it might just be lighting/skin-tone matching fabric seemed to have real issues with droopy sideboob. I want to sit it down and ask about its life choices.
    Purple d’orsay heels with the floral would have rocked my world so hard. Her hair looks amazing!

  2. sarah

    Remember when Ross yelled at the Fassbender in Band of Brothers? That was weird.

    Also, I want her skin and her coat. That is all.

  3. Popcouver

    This is probably the most consistently fab she has looked…. ever? Finally, a year later, Chastain is coming into her own!

    • Annie S.

      And hurrah for visible eyebrows!

    • Kendra

      Agreed! I think she looks great here – and love her hair in that soft style. My reaction to the first look was “THANK you, FINALLY” which is the same thing I did when I saw her at the Oscars.

  4. dvj

    She looks preggo in the first dress, presumably b/c of how the lighting hits the sparkly bits. Since she is not, the dress is less than flattering, at least in photos. I keep saying “flat stomach, flat stomach” to myself, in an effort to convince my brain that it is not seeing what it thinks it’s seeing.

    No sideboob, the fabric goes to her arms, but better breast wrangling and or fitting would have helped. The dress seems like it was expecting more robust residents up there.

  5. M.Amanda

    Her hair is so pretty in all the other photos, I just don’t understand why she pulled it back so tightly in the last. That was the only oufit I did not like, even though after seeing D.Krug in her sparkly stunner, this one kind of falls flat.

  6. Emily

    Wow, it’s nice to see her looking gorgeous so many times in a row. Good for her!

  7. Jacquelyn

    She is unbelievably gorgeous. Isn’t she Richie Cunningham’s other daughter???

  8. Lynne

    @Jacquelyn. She’s not Cunningham’s kid but she and Bryce Howard clearly need to play sisters in something.

  9. vandalfan

    She appears so pale and wan and washed out and apologetic, unless her hair and makeup are done to the nines. Maybe it’s the eyebrows. The clothes are all pretty, and her figure is wonderful.

  10. CJ

    I actually don’t like the “romantic hair” on her. It makes her look older and kind of matronly. I wish she would do something edgier with her hair sometimes. I did like her big waves though in the other photo. I thought the Calvin Klein dress was cute.

  11. Stephanie

    The first dress reminds me of this dress Kate Middleton (yeah, yeah the Duchess of Cambridge – whatever) wore.

    And I think most people should avoid bringing any comparisons to such a relative waif to mind.

    I quite like the creamy gown. Yes, it quite matches her skin tone, but her hair and face look gorgeous and the dress fits her like a very figure-flattering glove.

  12. jodi

    The look on Jessica’s face in the last shot seems to bemoan the fact that Diane is in the same color, and wondering how she can compete. My thought? She totally does. :)

  13. taylor

    I really like most of the dresses and how she looks in them (although I wish the first were more of a real color), but I was totally side-tracked by the last picture in which both she and Diane Kruger are standing in the exact same pose. I mean, I know it’s a red-carpet “thing” and all, but seriously, their legs are in exactly the same position and it’s distracting in it’s obvious-ness.

  14. corriner

    She is my very favourite celebrity (and we have very similar colouring), so I am completely biased, but girlfriend knows what she is doing at Cannes! Last year’s yellow Pitt/Penn sandwich number was so bright and fresh and everything above (even the Betsey Johnsonesque number) are also just so put together and classy.

    She is just a breath of fresh air. I mentioned in a previous post that regardless of whom she is posing in a photo with, said person seems genuinely happy to be with her. It makes me happy.

  15. TonyG

    Yeah Jessica! Beautiful, non-boxy, sexy even! I think she’s got it!

  16. Miss Tee

    Remember the other day when I was all like, “This woman NEVER looks good!” Well…lies. All lies! In the second dress (the black skirt/multicolor top one) she looks so lovely. Her hair is breezy and pretty and her face is gorgeous – and I’ve never thought she was particularly attractive. Sometimes I like being wrong.

    • LibraryChick

      My favorite outfit was also the black skirt/multicolor top. I appreciated that she was able to wear an orange/black color combo and not have it scream “Halloween.”

  17. Mahastee

    I always feel so satisfied when she gets it right, because she CAN look amazing and it is frustrating when she consistently makes a sausage out of herself. Love all these looks except the last one.

    BTW, Ross was the weakest link and I hope he never comes back. Chandler and Phoebe I will welcome with open arms.

  18. Claire L1

    She looks so great in most every picture. The polka dots being the exception ( and that took a lot of work to ruin a perfectly good black and white polka dot)

  19. IDL

    In the last picture all three have their legs crossed!
    : )

  20. cc

    Holy balls she looks awesome. Jessica Chastian = nailing it.

  21. yeahandalso

    I think she looks so happy because she is “31″ (still don’t buy that) and has worked hard for over a decade and finally got there. Kristen Stewart played Jodie Fosters son in Panic Room and has been working ever since, she never had to struggle for it.

  22. guerra

    somebody has a stylist for her cannes trips!

  23. Ms.A

    She always looks good. But she’s kinda boring.

  24. Elin

    The black and white polka dot thing looks like Minnie Mouse ligerie – the others are great!

  25. Leah

    I’ve decided that the reason she sometimes looks wonky in a gorgeous dress is her posture. She’s always hunching up like she doesn’t think she deserves to be there. I’m all for a humble celebrity, but not when it’s ruining the line of a designer gown.

    • Not That Molly

      Word. I had the same complaint about Mia Wasikowska. Chastain does not, to my knowledge, have a desk job that necessitates hunching over a computer all day. So why the rounded shoulders? Stand. Up. STRAIGHT.

  26. M

    okay, okay, you sold her to me :D now, I am writing this comment to say that I think if they actually named the movie “Madagascar 3: Sure, Why Not” (ROFL) it would still be as commercially successful as it is going to be))))

  27. Shiitake


  28. Lu

    I love Jessica’s figure but she is either overdoing it or underdoing it. Her look is never right, never matching her beauty.