Cannes: The Lightbox Purge

Cannes is STILL GOING ON, and it doesn’t end until Sunday, so before the big closing weekend it’s time for a quick sweep of the things that slipped through the cracks. First up: Nicole Kidman wearing the Valentino that Anne Hathaway rejected for the Oscars for reasons of ridiculousness (edit: Valentino says it’s not the same, but what’s funny is that it looks more like Seyfried’s dress to me than the actual rejected one). You can bleach your hair, Anne, but you can’t bleach your regrets (edit: I still stand by this).

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  1. Jen

    Sharon Stone’s boobs whyyyyyy??? Ow ow ow.

    • tigers4us

      I see Sharon’s up to her exhibitionistic tricks. I have a feeling she’s been laying low for a few months due to having “work done”, including a boob lift.

  2. marie

    one woman’s trash is another’s treasure indeed. although I highly doubt if Anne would have made this work they way Nicole is. that dress needs height.

  3. goldfish

    Solange. No, girl. That’s too over the top even for pajamas, and I say that as someone who has Halloween pajamas that have glow in the dark tombstones.

  4. Sandra

    I genuinely did not know that a Baywatch Eveningwear line had been launched.

  5. Other Emily

    I wish Kat Graham weren’t so blonde. I’m not a fan of gorgeous, cocoa or mocha-skinned ladies with blonde hair (I’m also talking to Beyonce right now). Graham is a beautiful girl, but the hair looks so fake it’s distracting. And not funny distracting like Nicki Minaj — just “something’s wrong” distracting.

    Kidman and the glorious Kristen Scott-Thomas are rocking my world. And Laura Dern, a perennial favorite of mine. God, AND Naomi Watts. All goddesses and not a one in her early 20s. Love them.

    • Reg

      I know! All look incredible. I covet the green skirt on Laura Dern and the cute cocktail dress on Naomi.
      This slide show just proves that taste and style come with age. I even love how much Sharon Stone is working that dress (minus the under boob – tuck it in Stone!) and I feel like Jane Fonda’s dress would have been a total statement in a different fabric and color. This bright light blue in whatever cheap fabric its made of cheapens the dress and make Fonda look like a failed beauty contestant.

  6. Rowynn

    I wish when Jane Fonda was dress shopping, she had said, “Could you please show me something else in that same color? Something that looks like an actual sensibly-constructed dress?” As great as she looks, she isn’t making that oddly-made dress work.

    • Evangeline

      I was trying to figure out how she even got into that thing – it has so many random holes her arms or neck could go through.

      • Melly

        Of all the things I won’t be exposing when I’m 75, my midriff is at the top of the list, and I’m really no happy to see even Jane Fonda’s.

  7.  Vandalfan

    Paz- just for me- turn around and put on that lame’ cape and headdress. Do it for the Liz in all of us.

  8. AJ

    I think I’m going to write a biography meets novel about two Annes and their diverging paths, the Anne we see now and then an alternate universe Anne where she wore that dress to the Oscars, then a completely different career trajectory follows.

    Publishers, please form an orderly queue.

    • Goldfish

      I would like to purchase that book for my Kindle right now. Is that possible?

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I also would buy this book.

      • Sajorina

        She still would’ve won the Oscar!

        • Sajorina

          I mean, just in a better dress and without a lot of unnecessary controversy!

        • Esme

          No, I think maybe in the Alternative Anne world, voters would have had more sense and given it to Sally Field or Helen Hunt who were more deserving (and who actually had to do something more than warble).

          • Goldfish

            I don’t even remember what she wore, but Helen Hunt was robbed (and that’s a performance worthy to award — when nobody cares about your dress — except for J-Law probably cared about her dress deeply but that’s a whole nother thing).

  9.  Stefanie

    Paz looks like a pirate. A PIRATE.

    Nic looks great. Anne wishes she could have looked that good in that dress.

  10.  Stefanie

    OH! Remember Anne’s ugly ass necklace that didn’t go with that ugly ass pink thing and we theorized she was originally going to wear it with the first dress and decided to keep it? Ya, I think the neckline on this completely disproves our theory. She just picked an ugly necklace to go with an ugly pepto pink dress.

  11. SJAllison

    I just received an email from Burberry this morning: That cute green trench Laura Dern is wearing is on sale. It’s $2,795 (marked down from $5,500).

  12. lynn

    Isn’t Laura Dern pictured with her dad, Bruce Dern?

  13. msjacqmills

    “superfluous trou” – damn you’re a genius, and I have to find a reason to use this term.

    Thanks for taking down nasty Farrah, but replacing with the Beibs – bleh.

  14. Kate

    When I saw the pic of Ahna O’Reilly I thought it was Leighton Meester.

  15. Al Walling

    Didnt know Lily Donaldson is a man in Cannes.

  16. Rose

    Samantha Barks’s outfit would look worlds better with different styling. Hair down, maybe some visible makeup… it really isn’t the dress that’s the problem.

  17. Beth

    I just rewatched “Jurassic Park” for the first time in YEARS last weekend. All I got is that damn, does Laura Dern look fantastic.

  18. kitten mittens

    Fonda’s dress looks like an irregular dress you get at a discount store.

    •  jen

      “Well, ma’am, as you can see, the seems got completely F’ED. That one was supposed to go here. This one…there, we think. And so we just covered it up with this metallic trim we found on the floor of the Jessica McClintock store–it’s yours for a dollar.”

  19.  HelenBackAgain

    I have Klum Fatigue, too. She seems a lovely person, as best I can tell; I think I’d probably like her if we wound up at the same luncheon or something. But I’m just so very tired of seeing so very much of her right now. I wish she’d stay home for a while.

  20. that girl

    Sharon Stone is 55 and looks better than I could ever hope to. I think that dress is crossing the line into skanktastic, but there’s something to be said for flaunting it if you’ve got.

    KST’s haircut is looking a little mumsy lately, isn’t it?

    • gryt

      KST’s hair: It’s really bad! Bad color, bad everything! I don’t get it.

    • Liz

      I love that up-close she actually looks like she’s aging! She’s not so full of fillers and botox that some wrinkles actually show – and she looks fabulous!

  21. Jenz

    Sharon’s dress looks like that outfit from Mall World. Elodie Bouchez looks like she can’t breathe and looks like she’s been on a three day bender without a shower.

  22. tigers4us

    Lots of gorgeous stuff here! And Laura Dern’s dad doesn’t look too bad either.

  23. Susan

    Fonda’s and Klum’s dress look a bit like sibblings, whereas Klum’s turned out to be the model pupil

  24. LoriK

    FWIW I think your Klum fatigue is entirely justified.

  25. mary lou bethune

    All I can say is , “Here’s to the ladies over 40!” They all look cool and chic and beautiful. All of them, Jane Fonda as well even though the dress is not lovely. Laura Dern’s coat is indeed wonderful.

    Naomi and Frieda look gorgeous, of course.

  26. Edith

    Solange looks 3 feet tall. The proportions on her pajama pants are NOT GOOD.

  27. Cat

    Nicole looks fabulous. Heidi looks a bit like a beauty queen, but I’m just happy the dress isn’t cut down to her navel, so I don’t care. Jane Fonda’s dress looking like bad plastic surgery = spot-on and flipping hilarious.

  28. True_Blue

    Kristin Scott-Thomas looks great–neck up. Her dress–I can see totally see Krystle from Dynasty wearing it (in white/beige color probably).

  29. witjunkie

    OK, I think Stone in that red dress looks way more desperate than Klum does on any given day. Even this one.

    And – for some reason, I kind of like the pants with Ahna’s outfit…I mean they match, so they don’t look like an afterthought, and I guess the skirt is the right length for it to work…I don’t know, I dig that whole look. Whatever. It’s been a long week.

    • heron

      Looks like I’m not the only person who likes Ahna O’Reilly’s outfit. The pants sort of look like the pants part of a really nice salwar kameez and I think they work here, because the whole thing looks vaguely south asian. Also — the colour!

  30. Jane

    Am I the only one who thinks this isn’t a big deal. At the end of the day, its just a dress. If you have money, you can really wear whatever you want. Anne chose another designer; that’s her prerogative. Valentino himself isn’t even offended by it, so why would the fashion world be? Just because they have a father/daughter type of relationship doesn’t mean she’s obligated to wear Valentino for every event she attends.

  31. Sajorina

    I’m IN LOVE with Nicole’s, Naomi’s, Kirsten’s & Freida’s whole outfits! The all look GORGEOUS heat-to-toe! COVET it all! ♥ And Laura Dern’s green coat = WANT!

    By the way, Naomie Harris had already been featured wearing that same dress on another post, but it’s still FABULOUS!

  32. Guerra

    Her dress must look a ill tacky but Sharon stone is still smoking hot!

  33. Feminista

    I know GFY is not like able to cover everyone but the jury actually has two women who are not Nic K, One is one of India’s best known actresses, the other is a Japanese Woman Director (capitalisation intended). It would have been kind of nice to see them amidst the sea of starlets:)

  34. BrownEyedBetty

    Wow. Kirsten Dunst stays in very close contact with her Inner Old Lady. Damn Girl.

  35. TonyG

    Klum’s dress is so much improved from what she normally wears. She really does look good here.

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