Cannes (Mostly) Well Played: Zhang Ziyi


We saw her at the Opening Gala in something questionable at best. Thank God she got it — and her cropped wig (?) — out of the way early, not least because when you look your worst at the beginning of an event, NO ONE will remember by the end! Also, Wikipedia just taught me that she was recently in a Chinese adaptation of Dangerous Liaisons set in 1930s Shanghai and I am about 100% sure I need to see that now. (She’s in the Michelle Pfeiffer/Reese Witherspoon role, depending on your favorite Dangerous Liaisons adaptation .)

[Photos: Getty]

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Comments (20):

  1. Miranda

    Must. Have. Printed. Ballgown.

  2. ErinE

    I only know who she is because of this website, but I LOVE her! She had the best Oscar dresses too. She really dresses beautifully.

    • Rowynn

      She’s one of the stars of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and she is AWESOME in it. It’s a few years old now, but a great movie, and I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it.

  3. hfree

    The Chinese Dangerous Liaisons is on Netflix streaming. I haven’t watched it, but I’ve seen it pop up in some of my searches.

  4. Cristina

    Michelle Pfeiffer/Reese Witherspoon/Meg Tilly role – because I still say Valmont is best.

  5. Sandra

    That second dress is really terrible. A leotard, a tablecloth, and a pillowcase all conspired to assault this lovely woman.

    • Sandra

      And those fugly white pointy shoes should be arrested for aiding and abetting.

      • Marnie

        And they’re way too big. Makes her look all out of proportion – tiny body, big feet, big head.

  6. pan jinlian

    LOVE the last one! And she looks amazing overall. She was also in Wong Kar-wai’s latest “The Grandmaster.” One of my favourite actresses, and I think she just gets better and better.

  7. Tiffany

    I love those yellow shoes! They are perfect with that dress, too. I think my obsession with banana Runts is spilling over into my fashion sense…

  8. AmandaD

    I’m kind of disappointed that she hadn’t cut her hair after all. Don’t get me wrong, her long hair is gorgeous; but she has such an amazing face to pull off the short hair, and does interesting things with fashion, so I would have loved to have seen what she did with it.

  9. Sallie T

    She is kind of amazing– I actually liked her in the opening ceremony pants-y get-up and now she is pulling off that Dior dreck. Brava!

  10.  Helen

    These are all gorgeous clothes, and very dramatic, yet I barely see them. Her face is SO beautiful, she overpowers everything she wears.


  11.  Lucille Austero

    OMG she’s lovely. And she dreses impeccably. And she’s lovely. That’s all.

  12. Ann

    She is gorgeous and dresses amazingly well. Seriously, so many celebs should study what she does!

  13. Girl in Sydney

    Bar the last one, it looks a bit Hong Kong Matron. Oh ZZ I used to love you too. OK a little less than Gong Li who totally needs to come back to Cannes.

    The best Dangerous Liaisons adaptation is the Korean one. Hopefully Hollywood won’t cast Jeon Do-yeon- sure downhill path for foreign actors!

  14. Alison

    With Colin Firth, Annette Benning heading up the cast of Valmont, how can you not also namecheck Meg Tilly?

  15. Sajorina

    This woman can wear a print! LOVE the 1st outfit… Dress is GORGEOUS, jewelry is pretty, clutch is divine, shoes are nice & the nailpolish is AWESOME! But the tulle train is so unnecessary! ADORE the 3rd outfit… Dress is PERFECTION and fits her like a dream, the jewelry is TO DIE FOR, the clutch is cute, and the nailpolish is AWESOME again! The 4th outfit is FABULOUS! WIN!!!

  16. Dave

    Consistently stunning and the epitome of class. Why? Because she makes it look simple and effortless. If only most American celebrities would stop trying so hard via the “more is more” approach.

  17. Irina johnsten

    AWESOME! But the tulle train is so unnecessary! ADORE the 3rd outfit… Dress is PERFECTION and fits her like a dream, the jewelry is TO DIE F