Cannes Mostly Well Played: Mia Wasikowska in Louis Vuitton and Valentino

Cannes is all about Bonus Celebs, because at some of these movie premieres they just go out and pose in a human chain, which is why you’re getting John Cusack right now:

Not that people are probably too upset about THAT. Also not a bummer: Mia’s dress. She looks so tall in it. Yeah, I could stand for a bit more styling, but I blame the French gusts for her hair, and perhaps they blew away her bracelet as well, or perhaps she is using David Cronenberg as one bangle and hoped Cusack would play the role on her other side. Perhaps if she’d suggested it to them thusly as them being the bangles, they’d have broken into something by The Bangles, which is almost always socially acceptable — nay, recommended. You know that Cusack has feelings about the relative level of mania on his Mondays.

I also liked what Mia wore to the photocall:

I love the skirt. Love the lines on her. The top’s color might be a tiny bit too random for me — that might have been a time for a creamy shoe, to pull it in — but overall this looks like something really fun to wear while walking around the Croisette, feeling carefree and fabulous and wearing giant sunglasses and possibly carrying a hat.

I wonder what would’ve happened if they’d switched shoes. Does that help anyone? It would help ME if Mia would switch with ME, because I am not wearing any at the moment and therefore make out like a bandit in that trade. I’m more worried about whether Julianne’s shoes are too much of an also-ran with that otherwise pretty color and dress. She mostly looks nice, though. I wish she weren’t such an inveterate nutwagon on the actual red carpet… but then again, I’m lying about that, because without a nutwagon to pull us all around, we’d be very sad and tired and lost. So to speak. Are we there yet? Is it STILL CANNES? HOW CANNES THAT BE.

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  1.  HelenBackAgain

    Whoa, that’s a LOT of bare sternum. Do not like. Too bad – everything else about the dress is great, but they ruined it with that. It’s like a spotlight glaring out of her chest, making the rest of her invisible.

    The photocall outfit is… okay? I like the individual pieces, but not together with each other.

    •  Looly

      ^^^ what Helen said ^^^

    •  Kathryn F

      For once I’m disagreeing with Helen Back Again — I think the fact that her sternum is neither bony nor busty-to-the-point-of-indecency makes it okay, especially when paired with the high waist. This is actually my favorite look on her, ever. Looking happy instead of like the most downtrodden orphan to walk to the streets of Victorian London goes a long way, as does a decent lip color. Way to go, Mia!

      • HelenBackAgain

        Of course, we may disagree reasonably, but perhaps I should clarify that I’m not saying it’s indecent, or that her sternum is unattractive in and of itself.

        I’m saying that this huge expanse is unflattering because it overwhelms, and dominates the entire look. I’m not seeing her face because of it, and I have to deliberately pull away my eye to see the dress itself.

        • ceedeegee57

          The odd thing is until it was pointed out I didn’t really notice.
          I like the dress, now I cant help but notice, and I see in the other outfit

          • ceedeegee57

            Ooops, I see in the other outfit how LONG Mia is in the torso. So taking that into account I think I like it again.

        • Courtney

          I would agree. I think it’s actually a bit distracting that there IS no cleav– it’s such a flat, white expanse that it looks like her chest got a bit lost. A delicate sparkly might’ve helped, I think? But for her it’s such a win regardless that I’m ok with it.

  2. Jane

    I like both of Mia’s; at least her sternum has some flesh on it, and she’s not overly busty, so I think this is good on her. I love the second outfit, even with those shoes. Hate what Julianne’s wearing.

  3. Bottle Ginger

    I like the dark blue dress, sternum and all. That dress would look incredibly tacky on a more voluptuous woman, but on someone as slight as Mia it looks long and elegant.

    • Sue

      Word. It’s a lot of sternum but it’s not bad sternum. (“Sternum” looks funny now.)

  4.  Mair Mair

    HELLO, Mr. Cusack. So nice to see you out and about. Mia looks great — I esp. love no. 2, because it looks like something I would actually wear (though I;d probably go with white or light gray for the top). I do agree that the shoes should be a different color, but I unreservedly love them qua shoes. Does anyone know who makes them? Not that I could afford them, but it’s fun to look.

    • Terry

      Mr Cusack is looking suspiciously taut and shiny about the face. He must have had some work done.

      • Gigi

        You might be right. But it looks good and I heartily approve: he never had any bone structure in his face to hold up his skin. He started to look saggy ages ago.

  5. Sue

    John Cusack! I have missed you.

    I like the second outfit but would have preferred a less hoof-y shoe. So, yes, I would like if they could swap shoes. Or, go full-on librarian and do an oxford shoe or something. Cannes in Costume !

  6. Wilma

    Love, love, love the blue dress. Wish I could buy it myself, trying to figure out a pattern so I can make it myself.

  7.  Jenn

    Is No 2. actually separates? I zoomed in and it looks like it’s a dress not two pieces, not that it fixes the shoe issue.

  8.  Linda

    I’m not quite sure if it’s that the gown is cut too low or that the belt is too wide/high, but it just doesn’t look *right* to me.

    I love the color so much, though, and the length is perfect.

    The other outfit–if the top were the same pale color as the skirt stripes I would love it. As it is, the pieces don’t work together for me. Shoes are fine, but again the color isn’t quite right.

    • Jana

      The belt looks wrong to me too. Too thick and actually kind of cheap looking, which I’m sure it’s not.

      •  MaryinLA

        THANK YOU… I was just coming here to say that the belt looks like it’s up too high. It feels like it’s wrapped around where her boobs would/should be? Actually I did a close up and it’s not a belt but part of the dress which makes it even more wonkus to me. I like the dress overall but that part almost kills it for me.

  9. Big Noise

    Mia looks better than she usually does, so I’m on board.

    • Lisa

      Yeah, much better. She looks like Clair Danes in the first pic. Can’ t say I am completely on board with either outfit, but she does look good.

      • Sue

        I thought it was Claire Danes, too! Or Emilie De Ravin.

      • MercyMercyMe

        Yes! Cast them as sisters!
        Mia and Julianne should switch outfits, not just shoes. Blue dress looks too young on Moore and skirt/top is too mature looking for Mia

      • Big Noise

        That’s a whole lotta sternum land. A necklace might have helped/detracted, but this child looks so much better than usual, she deserved a round of applause.

  10. Gigi

    Thank you for the Wednesday Cusack! I love him, but he always looks better cleaned up with good posture rather than his more usual kinda hang-dog, I’ve-been-in-the-basement-for-a-week-dealing-with-a-breakup look.

  11.  cg

    Cronenberg may be disproving your theory that Everybody Looks Better in Sunglasses. Unless those are for medical reasons … then I’m sorry.

    • Big Noise

      If they had been all black, I’d be on board. As it is, he looks like he’s watching a 3D movie in the 1950s.

    • Gypsy Danger

      His look makes sense to me. His whole “thing” is about darkness and weirdness.

  12. Sue

    and we’re sure it’s a dress and not a jumpsuit?
    Am I the only one who thinks it looks like wide leg pants?

    •  ohsohappy

      Hi Sue! In certain photos, it does, indeed, look like wide leg pants, imo. From all I could find with my “Google-fu” skills ;) it is a gown.

  13. ohsohappy

    It appears that LV couldn’t decide whether he wanted an empire waist or a natural waist for the gown. So he added both In the form of a wide belt right under her breasts. Meh. It just feels mixed up to me.

  14. Ann

    Julianne’s dress reminds me of the one that Elizabeth Olsen wore to the Met Ball. Only not as horrible. That colour is just too hard to pull off. I don’t know under what circumstances it WOULD work. Maybe a baby blanket? I don’t think it does anyone any favours.

    • Squirrel!

      I was reminded a bit of Elizabeth Olsen’s dress, too. Julianne’s, to me, has a ’70s polyester crepe look to it, but it’s still SO much better than the other one.

  15. MegoPachego

    K, the shoe bandit comment killed me. My dog looked up at me disapprovingly because I laughed so loud. (Also, I think it’s a sound theory.)

  16.  Lynn

    I’m honestly more distracted by the amount of makeup John is wearing than by her sternum.

  17.  Dileri

    I love Mia’s second outfit (the first is fine, too). I may be the only one that likes those shoes, but I would slap a belt of the same color on the dress to tie everything together and make the look more finished. I would totally wear that!

  18. Harrybythebeach

    John Cusack looks old. I’m depressed.

  19. KathyRo

    It’s a beautiful dress — but too much cleavage sternum.

  20. greatwhitenorthchick

    MW looks beautiful in that navy number. The dress is tailored so beautifully. Always good to see John Cusack; he’s one of my favourites. Cronenberg looks kinda ridiculous. I’m afraid for MW and Cusack; what kind of weird Cronenbergia are they involved in?

  21. LBB

    No Robert Pattinson? He’s in that too and would make a pretty bangle.

  22. kindakute

    Mia looks amazing! I love the dress on her. Did anyone catch her performance in Only Lovers Left Alive? She was wonderful and perfectly cast as crazy vampire sister in from LA. LOVE HER. Swinton was TO DIE for too….Mesmerizing. i could not take my eyes off of either one. And how adorable is Julianne in this?