Cannes Fugs and/or Fabs: Jennifer Lawrence

I am beginning to worry that this Dior partnership isn’t going to end up making ANY of us all that happy in the long run.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Kat

    I just love that first dress with the print – it’s finally something that IMO fits her character, it’s fun and it got style. I also wonder if that print is part of Dior’s Wharhol project – it certainly looks that way:

  2. Brenna

    I’ll start with the good – I LOVE her new haircut.

    But these outfits are awful. The white dress length is terrible; it makes her look stumpy.

  3. Dazie

    The face on the potholder makes me think Jackie O.

    The outfit in the last slide makes me think Jackie OH NO.

    Yeah. I went there.

    I do love the pink shoes though.

  4. qwertygirl

    She seems like she’d be so much fun to hang out with, but if we were, I’d have to find a polite way to approach the subject of these outfits. All that went through my mind when I saw them was, “Oh that’s bad…and that’s bad…and…ew.” I would never say those exact words to her (I mean, you know, unless I we were pretty drunk), but that would be the gist of it.

  5. Other Emily

    ON the bright side, her shoes and her head are amazing. And her cleavage, it must be said. She’s so gorgeous. These clothes are just not good enough for her.

  6. GFY Heather

    I really, really, really hate the last one. Like, really. Dior is dressing her like she has something to hide, which is absurd.

    • Annie E

      What the CRAP. Those blacks don’t match. I work in DC and she would not look out of place with the unfashionable overworked masses here, walking to work and carrying a blazer to go with that outfit.

      • MG

        Yup, that’s the Commuter of Summer Special right there. Lol, much has been written about the lack of fashion of us DC drones. Black year round, including that ever present black North Face jacket.

        • Candice

          Question: I work in DC and while I don’t have a job where I have to dress business casual (I work in entertainment so I can wear whatever I want)… I gotta ask: WHY DO I SEE SO MANY NUDE TIGHTS ON THE METRO? WHY?

          • MG

            Guilty as charged. Although, nude with a pattern is my shtick. It gets me over the winter blahs. I guess it keeps one from doing a complete black-out. And I don’t like black tights/hosiery in spring and summer.

          • LibraryChick

            If there are women of a certain age, they may not want their leg veins to show. I run hot enough that I wouldn’t trust leg makeup to stay throughout the day. Women are often told to dress for the job they want to have. If the established civil service/non-profit/corporate employees dress a certain way, the newer coworkers may follow suit (haha!) for fear of not being taken seriously otherwise.

  7. Rowynn

    I love how nicely fitted the tops are. Isn’t it great to see a female whose boobs aren’t shoved up to her chin and looking like two baby heads? (As I saw them referred to somewhere in the pages of GFY.)
    I also love the colorful shoes, but I think her feet look big in the pink ones. That might be because of the unfortunate dress length, though. Speaking of shoes, I read in this morning’s paper that high heels are moderating somewhat for the fall season. No more platforms, (Yay) and 2-inch heels will be the new style. Included in the article was a quote from Sarah Jessica Parker saying that extremely high heels have permanently damaged her feet.

    • Other Emily

      OMG, nothing would make me happier than actually cute shoes being crafted with a 2-inch heel. I can’t abide the 5-inchers, I just can’t. But other than the plain old, conservative pump, my low-heeled options have been relatively limited. I also appreciate SJP’s confession, because I think we all know those shoes are actually causing us damage.

    • Helen

      There’s an awful lot of empty toebox in those pink shoes. She may well have feet a little on the big side, I can’t tell, but the shoes make them look bigger for the utterly simple reason that they’re a good deal longer than her actual feet.

      I do not like the super-pointy look anyway, but moreover, I can’t look at a pair like that without wondering how it’s possible not to trip on them.

      • Guerra

        Sjp said not wearing high heels gave her feet problems but the cheap high heels ruined her, the ones she wore in movies to look like the average person. The ones that cost between $100 – $200. So our shoes :)

        •  Helen

          Whatever she said, the truth is that all high heels do damage to the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back. It’s slower if they’re better-made and more comfortable, but they will all do it because they create unnatural alignments.

          They will NOT, however, rumors to the contrary notwithstanding, give bunions to everyone. That is more hereditary than anything else. They merely exacerbate the problem for those of us predisposed to bunions already.

  8. Abby

    I like all her colored shoes! Thank God they’re not nude, white, or black (except for in the second set of pictures, I guess). But good grief, all these clothes are so boring. Not aggressively awful (except maybe the last shot), but just…blerg. Whatever. Boring.

    I also love this hair cut on her.

  9. hb

    Did they get mixed up and send her the Dior maternity collection? why else would there be an extra meter of fabric hanging limply at her waist?

    a trifecta of yuck in my opinion

  10. Julia

    Looking at these, all I can think of is those wardrobes in a box that Nordstrom sold in the 1990s. They were a bunch of pieces of mix and match white and black clothes made of jersey. If you told me these were from the formal version of the same line, I’d totally believe it.

    Thankfully her head and feet look great to take our eyes away from the snoozefest happening on the rest of her body.

    •  Molly

      De-lurking (after almost ten GFY years) to say that I had one of those, and I wore those pieces out. Easy to wear, easy to pack, loved ‘em. But they didn’t make me look like I’d accidentally tucked my skirt into my hose like the first picture.

      • Kristin

        Yes, I had those pieces too and loved them! I do remember wondering if someday people would look at pictures of me in the mid-1990s and ask, “why were you always in mourning?”

  11. Chasmosaur

    When the cracked out wedding dress costume from a dystopia makes you look better than the outfit you’re in to promote your movie, it is time to reconsider which fashion house you are aligning yourself with.

  12. Katie

    I ADORE that white dress with the quarter peplum, ESPECIALLY the whimsy. And I think the Dior partnership has done at least one think to make me happy: those ads! In which she looks tremendous. The ones with the half birdcage veil? Yes. Those.
    Two other notes:
    1. I miss Josh Hutcherson.
    2. We will not speak of the black sea monster in the last slide.

  13. Stefanie

    Yikes. She is SO much better than these. Dior is failing her. However, I’d love to steal that emerald ring right off her pretty little finger.

    • Karen G

      That is EXACTLY what I was thinking -

      1. Dior is doing her a disservice, and
      2. Want ring!

  14. Celia

    I think the tops of both dresses fit her SO well….which is amazing considering the bottom of both dresses fit her SO horribly around her hip area.

  15. maryse

    i agree that it’s all pretty basic stuff but she really is pretty. but a real pretty. her look is her own and she looks like no other actress. and her feet look big because they probably are big. and as a big footed woman myself, they are what they are. i get cranky when i’m told i shouldn’t wear a fun shoe (in my size !) because they make my feet look big. THEY ARE BIG!!!

  16. Sandra

    She’s dressed like a Tri-Delt rush headed to the Sig Ep opening social: formal toga.

  17. AJ

    When I’m more interested in the movie posters behind you than your Dior ensemble, that’s not good.

    Seriously want to see those posters though.

  18. Cat

    These outfits aren’t doing her any favors– they are all very blah. I actually like the whimsy of the first one, but I hate how it’s bunching about her pelvis. Wither a tailor?! Overall, though, I’m not a fan and I think she could do a lot better.

  19. BrownEyedBetty

    I’m calling it the Creepy Potholder Dress.

    The best I can say is White is her color. Sets off her gorgeous hair and makeup. And finally some great lippy on someone. hooray for that.

  20. Lilja

    I just saw the version of this where the top was the same but the skirt part was black… I literally said, “I wish the whole thing was white.” I TAKE IT BACK, I TAKE IT BACK!!!!

  21. lynn

    I wonder if Dior just isn’t up to the growing style of Jennifer Lawrence? She seems to be bigger than life and her personality is infectious. These dresses are dull or just okay. Either Dior needs to step it up or request some type of fashion divorce, because she is making them look bad.

  22. A Claflin

    I know this is so picky, but Claflin has two l’s. I know it’s a rare last name, but I’m so eager for Sam Claflin to take off so that people know how to say and spell it!

  23. Kay

    I like the creepy potholder. I don’t know why, but I do.

  24. Popcouver

    J.Law should ALWAYS have a centre part. Always.

  25. acake

    The drawing on the potholder is early Warhol or an imitation of.

  26. Callie

    I hate the dress. And where is Josh Hutcherson?? He’s my inappropriately aged toy boy crush. Did he get held at the border or something?

  27. Samantha

    She needs a new stylist. Girl has so much personality and an incredible figure, and her stylist never bothers to enhance that. It never lines up. And while she rarely looks full-on bad, she is so much more interesting than the clothes they give her.

    • M

      Yes! She has the head and personality to carry off really exciting stuff. (Also very basic stuff and make it look amazing– see Calvin Klein Oscars dress.) Have you seen her in the CF trailer? Crazy makeup and hair and feathered epaulets.. and she’s KILLING IT.

  28. Pazzy

    I think I would have liked the white one better if the weird flowers were actually muli colored polka dots that dripped onto the skirt. Made me think of gumballs.
    Ok…maybe that is not better.

  29. Sajorina

    I think she looks lovely and absolutely beautiful! WANT those shoes!

  30. Amanda

    The sameness is especially frustrating given the last photo where she is standing next to her Catching Fire portrait, in which she is donning extreme eleganza and totally rocking it.

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    • Goldfish

      I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve pretty much decided about my london removal needs now.

  32. Goldfish

    J-Law is perhaps one of the most adorable and charismatic young women walking our earth at this time. And first, they give her the side-pocket dress. I had a shorter easter dress like this when I was six and a little stuffed doll fit in that pocket. That combined with the colorful iron on…no. Her dress should not be like my 6 year old easter dress with doll AT ALL.

    Second, that black number was a scroll down fug. NO PANTS? The wrongness is hurting people.

    Please gods of fashion, help this girl shine. (Her new haircut looks awesome, though)

    • whiterabbit11

      I had a dress with a doll-in-pocket too! JLaw is awesome, and in that first picture it’s like her personality is struggling to rise above her snoozy clothes. Dior is just a really poor fit for her vibrant persona. I would love to see her in Romance Was Born, or Rodarte, or… really, anyone fresh and young and fun.
      Not that I don’t appreciate the many talents of Liam and Sam, but where is little Joshy?