Cannes Fugs and Fabs: The Bling Ring Premiere

It must really sting Lindsay Lohan that there is a high-profile movie about something that happened to her, and yet a high-profile movie is not itself happening to her.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]

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  1. Rebecca

    I don’t know why you feel so wishy-washy about Emma’s first dress, I think it’s stunning.

    • KatB

      Me too! I just love her and that dress is a great color, fun and age-appropriate.

    • ┬áMeganL

      I loved it when I thought it was a one-piece dress with a really cool belt. Once I realized it was two pieces and a bit of skin…not so much.

      • Maria L.

        Hmm. I think the claret color is beautiful – for fall or winter, not spring. And the dress looks like it is covered in eyelashes. I’m not feeling either one of her choices, frankly. She’s done much better in the past. But her face is always beautiful.

        • Heather

          It was the petals I wasn’t super sure about.

          • Sadie-Ann

            Those are petals? I kept thinking they were like zebra mane.

            • G

              My first impression was a nice claret-colored dress weirdly decorated with dust bunnies. The color and overall shape are outstanding, the neckline beautiful, and the tailoring incompetent. The darts are off and the two sides of the dress don’t line up at the top of the zipper.

              And the dust bunnies/petals/feathers are just silly.

  2. Helen

    Wow, this hardly ever happens – I think these are all terrific!

    Minor quibbles: I’d like to see more jewelry (or any jewelry, in some cases); more color in lipsticks generally, not just on Farmiga; and I think that custom dress on Claire Julien, while beautiful in itself, is too pale for her.

    But. STILL. These things are all so attractive! Well played, Bling Ringers.

  3. MKKS

    I really thought Farminga would come out of this the career-boost winner (among her, Chang & Julien, as obviously Watson is next level). But as I type, I cannot even remember what she was wearing to these events, which I just looked at the pictures of 12 seconds ago. I’d have thought the Bling Ring Cannes premiere would be the time to try to knock it out of the park or something. That having been said, she’s the only one with future projects on, so maybe it’s just an aberration.

    Anyway, great black-and-white geometric, Katie Chang. You win Bling Ring Cannes.

  4. Beth

    I think Emma’s black and white dress could have been better if both halves were in the same material. I’m also trying to picture it all in black, or all in white, and I think that could have been better, too.

  5. Lisa

    I want Sofia Coppola’s hair and most of her wardrobe.

    • amys

      And her adorable toe nail polish. She has the cutest toes . She looks great!

  6. Dominique

    I love the Chanel on Emma Watson, and wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve always wished I had an occasion to rock that look.

  7. Faye

    I think the claret-colored outfit is lovely, but it would be even better if it was an actual dress. I think the little bare part in the middle somehow detracts from it. Emma Watson still looks great in it, though.

    Does anyone else think that Taissa Farmiga looks a bit like young Saoirse Ronan in the first pic of her?

  8. Daenerys

    I love the Dior on Katie.
    And Emma looks great in the first dress. So nice to see a young star who isn’t overly exposing bosom/legs/etc!

  9. Callie

    I love Emma Watson’s style. She’s always classy but a bit interesting too. Although I quite like all these ladies’ outfits in this case.

  10. Mary

    The top half of Katie Chang looks like the God’s Eyes we used to make at camp…

  11. mary lou bethune

    There is no one cooler than Sofia. She always looks chic . Emma might be following her estimable lead and the Fermaiga Girl is wearing one of my favorite dresses that Sofia ever wore and which leads one to say “effortless style”. They all win.

  12. hfree

    The Farmiga sisters went to my high school (much earlier and later than me, respectively), so I unabashedly love them. I think Taissa looks cute here. I don’t think she’s completely comfortable with the press thing yet, which unfortunately can come across her face and ruin the effect. She’ll get there.

  13. SKGD

    Emma Watson can do no wrong in my books. She has grown up in the public eye and (as far as I know) has always conducted herself with class and grace. There are many stars her age (and older!) that could learn alot from her. Having said all that it should probably come as no surprise that I really like her outfits. The burgundy colour is gorgeous and,despite the possibly awkward pockets, the white skirt has a beautiful drape and flow to it.

  14. Guerra

    I really like Emma’s Chanel. Beautiful & youthful.

  15. Jeannine

    i love the red on, hate the black & white. the fit of the bodice is horrible!

  16. Sajorina

    LOVE Emma’s black & white dress! Also, Katie Chang’s stripped dress is gorgeous! WANT! Claire Julien looks beautiful in both dresses! And I love Taissa Farmiga’s Valentino black & white dress! Sofia’s last outfit is pretty as well! FAB to all of them!

  17. testington

    I was wondering about Claire Julien so I googled it, she’s the daughter of the cinematographer for all of Christopher Nolan’s big movies, so probably has some good connections.

  18. Esme

    I don’t get why Emma Watson is such a star–she just seems so ordinary. I guess she’s a really good actress? (Not a Potter fan.)

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