Cannes Fugs and Fabs: Carey Mulligan


The Cannes opening ceremony was basically an excuse for YET ANOTHER Gatsby premiere. I feel like a toddler up in here: “Are we THERE YET?”

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  1. MKKS

    I was totally confused by the comments on the Balenciaga on slide 3 until I got to slide 4 and then it was like YES now I see what you are saying there. But the Dior is so good. Seems simple at first sight, and it is simple, but dayum girlfriend looks GOOD.

  2. Kat

    I’ve seen the black outfit several times but the ligthing always kindly blurred the all those shenanigans into a black bib which looked a bit silly but inoffensive. Now that I’ve seen slide four I have to change my mind.

  3. cass

    please feature Elizabeth Debicki, she was the standout in the Gatsby cast. She looks like a taller Rooney and gallops across the screen with Cate’s confidence.

  4. Cara

    See I feel the exact opposite. I LOVE the jumpsuit, I think its crazy and cute and flattering for a jumpsuit and I think the dress is awful, I hate the seam running down the middle and think because it is so youthful it ages her, and she is GORGEOUS.

  5.  Carolina Girl

    That pink Dior dress is what Gwyneth’s Oscar dress should have looked like.

    • Art Eclectic

      Hah, I was just about to say the same thing. GOOP wishes her Oscar dress had looked like this. I never got all the love for that saggy mess in the first place. Carey’s dress here is divine.

      •  Billie

        I thought this as well. That is a very GOOPy look she’s got going on, hair part and all.

        • Sandra

          Yeah. Is she angling for a role as GOOP’s little sister, or hoping for full-on adoption?

    • Maria L.

      While I get a whiff of Goop also, I think she showed up in Cannes impersonating Elle Fanning. I think she looks awful and washed out in the Dior and the lipstick color is jarring.

      There are no words for the jumpsuit. She needs a style intervention, STAT.

      • Squirrel!

        Agreed. I immediately thought of Gwyneth when viewing the first slide, but the second slide is Fanning-adjacent with the unflattering blonde shade. The hair color and lip color make her look hard. I liked her hair color in An Education — she was adorable in that movie — but I have never liked her as a platinum blonde (see also: Morrison, Jennifer). Her body looks great in the gown, but the look could sure use some accessories!

        • pidget

          Exactly, Squirrel. The super-blonde is too hard, and wipes out some of her lovely soft twinkliness. The platinum with her dark eyes and pale skin is too harsh, and I’m pretty sure that’s why she wears her hair in a bun so often.

          I think she needs more depth and softness to really be herself. Maybe she could go for a mid-brown Louise Brooks bob next?

  6. Christin

    ~picture three~
    “I don’t see what the big deal is I guess the top is a little funky but it’s just a strapless black jumpsuit, it’s…”
    ~picture four~
    “Oh good heavens.”

    • Lisa

      My thoughts exactly.

    • derpshooter

      Yes. I saw this earlier over at Lainey, I think. I couldn’t see all the textures, pleating/bunching, or that stupid bow. It just looked boring with a crazy-for-craziness-sake neckline. Get to slide 4 here and *the light come on*. Oh What?! It’s terrible and stupid. It makes her look stupid. She is not stupid.

  7.  ErinB

    Blame it on my Texas roots, but I want to give her some big hair to go with that amazing dress. She looks gorgeous, regardless.

    • Helen

      I’d have liked to see her do something with her hair, with that.

      But the dress is tremendous on her. She’s one of the few fair people I think can wear one of these sort of non-colors really well, and the fit is fabulous. It’s like she’s saying, “I know you all probably forgot I have a really great figure – so HELLO, HERE IT IS!”

  8. Sarah

    That pink dress needs…a belt? Or something? She is rockin’ the red lip, fair skin, pale pink dress combo, but a sparkly something would’ve been a nice touch.

  9. moi

    The pink dress isn’t bad, but not suitable for Carey’s skin tone in my opinion. The black thing is awful, but the presence of Tobey Maguire in slide 3 helps not to notice it.

  10. maryse

    i love the pink dress, even if it is pink. the jump suit front looks like she’s wearing a baby bjorn as a top without the baby inside.

  11. Jasmine

    Holy shit, dress #1. I actually whispered “Jesus Mulligan” when I saw it. She looks amazing. She looks so tall and willowy and BOOBILICIOUS and sexy. Holy hell.

    • Roosje

      It’s one of the few times I feel sideboob isn’t a problem and may even be improving the dress… all things which are completely against my usual ideas on dresses. I blame it on the Cannes dress overload

      • SinnerMolly

        This is a bit off-topic but re: sideboob, I was talking to some male friends about it, and discovered something shocking: THEY ALL LOVE SIDEBOOB. ALL of them. Love it. They think it’s way sexier than cleavage. Blew my mind. (Also shows how much I know about what men think is sexy, which turns out is not much.)

    • NCY

      Agree, I did not realize that she could look so statuesque.

  12. JCB

    I love this dress and her makeup, but I have never gotten used to her as a blond, for some reason.

  13. Stefanie

    My barbie had that pink dress. Although, there may have been less side boob happening back then.

    That jumpsuit is not good.

  14. Sallie T

    Sweet Jesus Pancakes! Her makeup in the close-up on the pink dress looks like it was done by a mortician (is “mortuarial” a word?).
    The contrast between her almost child-like features and her recent attempts at flat-out va-va-voominess (via fashion, i.e. sideboob) creeps me out a little.

    • G

      The hairstyles are really aging her. She’s only 28! I wish she’d go back to a pixie cut or anything with bangs/fringe.

  15. Jamie

    The jumpsuit is too much, but she makes it work. She’s got height and a fantastic build. Kristen Stewart has very narrow shoulders (with which I can sympathize) and crap posture (which is inexcusable) – everything looks schlumpy on her.

    • Karen G

      Yes, the black thing is not ideal, but Carey manages to make it look good anyway with her demeanor & attitude.

    • Helen

      The jumpsuit’s working for me, too, silly though it is.

      Not for daytime, is my only objection. That’s evening clothes.

  16. BrownEyedBetty

    From a distance, I think she looks positively luminous in the pink dress. Love it. Closer up, not so much. The lipstick color seems wrong…and the rest of it is all so very very pale. Pale skin, pale hair, pale dress and then LIPS!!!! Seems unbalanced.

    Just the opposite with the black baby bjorn jumpsuit. She’s all washed out up top and completely opaque on the bottom. Too much contrast. Interesting how her face completely changes when she smiles. She’s got a lovely twinkle that shines out of every crease and corner. And when she doesn’t smile, uh oh.

    Also, DiCaprio isn’t aging like I thought he would, in my all-knowing, all-seeing way. His face just keeps getting rounder and rounder and his eyes smaller and smaller but the rest of him doesn’t seem to change. Just his head. weird.

  17. Ruth

    This is a GFY cliche, but the jumpsuit, especially in slide 4, looks like a last-minute Project Runway design. It looks stapled together, baggy, saggy, etc.

  18. Mary

    I know Carey Mulligan is the subject here but can I wander off topic a moment to appreciate the handsomeness of Leo??
    Like a fine wine, he is aging beautifully…

    • Brenna

      I agree! Actually, I didn’t really even notice Carey in slide 3, because I was busy looking at Leo and Tobey. Those two aged really, really well.

  19. Megan

    I love the way she just lets her face be her face. You know what I mean? Even though she wears make up, she never looks, well, made-up in the way a lot of Hollywood stars do, with crazy contouring and stuff. She seems really comfortable with her face and I think it makes her particularly beautiful.

  20. Fifie

    I know I’m in the minority with this comment, but I thought that her makeup really aged her. I had to look up her age, because she just looks really hard and “been around the block a few times” ish to me.

    Also, I don’t get what people see in DiCaprio. He has what my mother use to call a “puddin’ face”. Not sure how that expression got started, but it means very bland.

    • AliceBlue

      I agree. I don’t know if it’s the hair, makeup or both, but she looks ten years older.

  21. Lynne

    Unlike Goop’s pink dress, this one actually fits her. Also? She has better posture. I’m not crazy about the harsh lip and the straight artfully undone hair. But I don’t hate it.

    I was all set to tove the black Balenciaga until I saw it in the fourth shot. So close but too much. Love the shoes though.

  22. Bonnie Klein

    Carey looks like she is wearing a Baby Bjorn in that black jumpsuit (or is it just a top?) I am a fan of the Bjorn,but not as a fashion statement. I love the pink gown though!

    • Bonnie Klein

      Oops, should have read the comments — I see that i was not the first to see the BB imagery.

  23. Heather

    It’s not in our sub so I can’t use it, but here is a nice close-up of Julianne Moore’s shoes of toe-cracking heinousness:

  24. Jessica

    Her hair is SO MUCH BETTER down than brushed back the way she usually wears it!

  25. Nicole

    That dress looks divine on Carey! I’m not usually a big fan of hers which may be why I like her the best when she barely looks like herself. Otherwise, I’m in love with the third picture where Leo appears to be trying to figure out that outfit.

  26. Carolyn

    Apparently this is the only Cannes premiere in years that has been met with only a smattering of applause and no standing ovation. So yes, I think we are officially “there” with this movie.

  27. CopyChic

    I actually love Mulligan’s hair/makeup/dress/the lot of it. Usually, she looks about 14 with the dimples and pixie-ish hair. If she looks “hard” or edgier, I find it a refreshing improvement. I saw a couple other shots of her from this premier and man has she got some fabulous skin. And she looks divine here:

  28. Mary Urech Stallings

    Great dress, but her hair lately is lame.

  29. Sajorina

    The 1st outfit is beautiful and she looks gorgeous! FAB!!!

  30. Sydneysider

    I am just over the pale colours and black on Carey. Like with Mia W it just looks boring. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing that makes you stop and look either.

  31. Guerra

    This is The first time I’ve ever thought of her as sexy!

  32. Kristin

    Ugh! The jumpsuit hurts my eyes. It looks like when you drag the edges of a circle in MS Word and it becomes an oval– it’s an out of control circle distortion on it’s way to eclipse her head.

  33. greenlily

    The fit on Carey’s pink gown is so exquisite (seriously, that seaming is a work of art) that I have to assume the sideboob is deliberate. The combination of the pale hair, pale skin and pale gown feels weird to me when hit by flashbulbs or the harsh lighting of photo 2 (the one with Leo) but in the dimmer light of the first photo she looks just amazing.

    Honorable mention: Tobey Maguire looks amazing with the period hair and costumes. Just awesome. Of course, then he opens his mouth and that speaking voice destroys everything. I loved him in the movie, but for a character that spends so much time narrating, it’s a mistake not to cast someone with an attractive speaking voice.

  34. Muszka
  35. Lion

    Carey looks like she has raided the closet and make up box of her older, taller and sexier sister. A pretty, warm English girl next door should be allowed to look like one. She doesn’t here. She knows it, too.

  36. ccm800

    Is the stylist for Roony Mara’s GWTDT parade working Carey? I don;t enjoy the severity on Carey one bit.

  37. electric

    I really like the structure of the jumpsuit.

  38. baby

    she is not pretty to begin with, but at least try to find a dress and makeup that does not expose her weaknesses. She aged like 10 years with that pale pink dress, blonde hair and pale skin. What a severe look.

    The black jumpsuit looks awful on her also. I don’t think she can wear somber colors, she simply drowns in them.

    I think she would look better with brown hair, a more katie holmes kind of look.

    Jesus, I cannot imagine her as Daisy Buchanan. Jay Gatsby waited YEARS for her??? Nobody would believe it. Has Baz Luhrmann completely lost his mind?

  39. googler

    Wow, what a difference lighting makes. In that first picture, my thought was “wow, I think that jumpsuit actually works on her. What’s the problem?”. Then you posted the second jumpsuit picture, and my question was answered.

  40. Candice

    While I do like her hair short, I don’t think it looks bad long, I just wish it was a warmer color. The super light blonde with her skin tone and brown eyes washes her out. I wish it was more of a honey blonde or a warm brown color.