Cannes Fugs and Fab: The Calvin Klein Women in Film Party


I guess we can assume they’re all wearing Calvin Klein.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Rose

    Overall, everyone looks good. Carey would look better with a necklace, but otherwise, nicely done.

  2. Sandra

    Rooney Mara isn’t dressed at all. That is clearly a slip.

  3. janet

    The Mara sisters make my brain want to vomit. Every time I see either of them, the immortal words of Michael Scott come to mind: I hate so much about the things you choose to be.

    It’s a little irrational but, the Mara sisters, ugh.

  4. Carol

    Rooney and Carey have identical pursed lips, both standing a bit awkwardly with arms stiffly at sides … imagine how much prettier with a smile and a more natural stance … !

    • Franziska

      Exactly what I thought. You can wear a dress that doesn’t do much for you but if you have a great smile nobody notices your dress. Well almost. I think in Rooney’s case it’s hard seeing that she looks almost naked.

  5. Sandye

    Who made Rooney Mara wear an ugly bra-slip from the 70S? That dress looks like old underwear

  6. nobody much

    jeez I hate that nude slip look. It’s been a CK staple for how many years now? Make something different.

    • Sajorina

      Just what I thought… “I think I saw that on Kate Moss in 1993″!

  7. mary lou bethune

    Cool and chic and such a relief after the bad taste of the last few entries. I wonder about Rooney Mara , however; she always looks frozen.

  8. Glenn

    Nicole is SLAYING everyone in the fashion stakes this Cannes.

    • Helen

      I think she’s kinda buried in that.

      But it has those interesting side panels… it may have looked great in motion.

  9. Helen

    Carey Mulligan would look great in those simple, clean lines, if only there were some bold jewelry to complete the outfit, and maybe a little bit more of a hairstyle. As is, she kinda looks like she had to rush out, clothed and presentable, all right, but only half-finished, because she ran out of time.

    And I now have a new sympathy for all my former bosses who had to look at me looking like that all the time. I am not a morning person…

  10. Sydneysider

    That is like a slide of how things have gone wrong with fashion. Super skinny frames, blah neutral colours (OMG lets do colour, lets do red), no joy on their faces…..

  11. Elle

    An older friend of mine had a phrase that seems to fit Rooney Mara: “Pale but interesting”.
    She seems more relaxed here than usual. Maybe the simplicity of the dress and feel of the silk is tranquilizing to her. Anyway, she often looks tense in expression and “severe in dress. But here, against the odds, I find the whole effect soft and soothing. If she wore her hair down, as she has in older photos, I think she would be lovely.

  12. kindakute

    And Nicole Kidman has officially crossed over into the unrecognizable category.

  13. jenlwb

    Carey’s right collarbone appears to be making a break for freedom. Looks painful.

  14. Faye

    Rooney Mara always looks so over it wherever she is. That, coupled with her looks about hating fashion and not being a model (except for perfume ads, apparently) and not liking celebrity kind of made me wonder why she went into this business. I really don’t get actresses like her and K-Stew. I don’t expect them to go around like Pollyanna all the time, but it would be nice if they didn’t seem so freaking miserable to be doing what is not a bad gig at all.

    • kickassmomnyc

      Privileged brat child of multi-millionaires. There are so many talented young men and women with fire in their bellies to be artists, work in film and theatre, who would be thrilled at the opportunity to wear designer clothing. (Not saying that’s the highest aspiration, but . . . ). She had it all handed to her and her attitude of entitlement says it all.

  15. maryse

    i like nicole’s dress but i would have loved it if it had been knee length. at this length it kind of wears her.

  16. D

    Oh Calvin Klein. Every now and then you hit it out of the park, but most of the time your “simplicity” is really just boring.

  17. witjunkie

    Yes. I think when I see a Calvin Klein on the red carpet amidst all the tulle and foo foo and origami, it’s like, wow, she looks so sleek, she looks so classy…but a whole parade of them just makes me drowsy.

  18. Evalyn

    So, you’re telling me Kidman is NOT a vampire? Huh.