Cameron Diaz: A Birthday Fugstory

This might not be the birthday gift Cameron wanted on the fortieth anniversary of her natal day, but… it’s the thought that counts? When I told Jessica I wanted to do this, I said simply, “She has… worn some things.” I mean, the two Charlie’s Angels press tours are SO INSANE on all sides that I’m actually breaking them off into their own slideshow for later. Because I couldn’t make this one any longer — indeed, for any of the little things I had to skip (like the entire Knight and Day press tour) feel free to revisit her GFY archive — but I couldn’t deny you, either. So watch for that one in a few hours. Meanwhile: Happy birthday, Cameron. It’s been a bumpy road, but least you aren’t matching your hats to your jeans anymore.

[Photos: Getty, WENN]

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  1. Jules

    I’m such a big fan of hers. For many years, she has been funny, a girls’ girl and a guys’ girl with a great bod, small boobs (yay!) and a fantastically interesting face. I was so disappointed when she messed with both the boobs and the face. As for the clothes, I like that she tries different things and I think she has had some real winners. And some real losers too. The outfit where she looks like Courtney Love? The worst thing about that night was that when she was at the lectern, she wiped her armpits with her bare hands, then fanned her pits while saying, “Whoo! I totally forgot to wear deodorant tonight.” Oh, Cammy….

  2. Kris

    Slide 35, she’s a dead ringer for Michelle Pfieffer. And43, she looks like Ellen Barkin!

    Girl has some kickass muscles, that is FOR SURE.

  3. Sarah

    It’s my birthday today, too! I always like to imagine that Cameron and I are, like, best girlfriends because of this.

  4. kmalkovsky

    Am I the only one who thinks that whatever has happened to her face lately (be it plastic surgery or something more natural) has made her look really unfortunate? And I say that with love for her, as I think she was/is an awesomely funny actress, and with no hatred towards people 40+ (see also Meryl, Helen Mirren, Julia Roberts, Kristin Davis, SWINTON, etc).

    • Jamie

      I kind of think it’s just that spending her life at the beach with maybe not quite enough sunblock has caught up to her. She looks (only by Hollywood standards, mind you) older than 40. The fried hair doesn’t help her cause.

      • Kara

        I know a few people who have seen her in person, and they’ve all said she has really sun-damaged skin – and the first person (who was really uncharitable about it) said it a good seven, eight years ago.

  5. Jamie

    That crazy gold purse she wore to the Shrek 2 premiere… I was OBSESSED in a way that I can no longer really explain or even justify. I spent that whole day at work scouring the internet for “Cameron Diaz gold purse” until I figured out where to buy it. I had completely forgotten about it until I saw that picture.

  6. meggiemoo

    I feel like she doesn’t know how to dress her breasts to make them look flattering. Just like women with large breasts need to know how to flatter them, women with small breasts need to know how to support them and make them look good.

  7. Gine

    She’s worn so many things that, besides being highly questionable, don’t fit properly, which is odd because she has the body that fashion designers seem to expect every woman to have.

    • jenny

      Well, kind of…but as someone pointed out in a later post, she also has kind of a straight up and down waist. That is actually really not an easy body to dress. Even if all fits well, you need to pick particular shapes and styles to keep things from looking out of proportion and unflattering, which she doesn’t always do (see the linebacker dress and many others.)

  8. Karen

    Damn. I don’t think I realized just how poorly she dresses herself. I mean…we were in the mid-20s before I saw anything acceptable, and the mid-THIRTIES before I saw anything I unreservedly loved. And, total, out of those 43 photos, there were maybe 4 outfits that both looked good AND looked good on her.

    That is not a good percentage.

    Count me, also, among those who weep for her plastic-surgery decisions. She would have aged awesomely.

  9. Megan

    When she was in her dark hair phase, she looks exactly like the woman who played Logan Echolls’ mom in “Veronica Mars” in #25. It’s almost uncanny (“unCammy”? Please don’t hurt me!)

  10. Jo

    And all time while going through the slide show (and what a journey that was!) I kept on thinking ‘there was this orange one, there was this orange one, YOWZA, there you are’. It’s even better than I remember. Probably because of those 30+ photos that came before.

    • megs283

      Isn’t it crazy how AMAZING she looks in orange? It’s like the color was invented for her.

  11. Ruth

    I’ve always thought she has a Muppet-esque face.

  12. Lynne

    I honestly didn’t realize she’d worn so many insane things. Still, some of this stuff looks amazing and she should wear orange as much as possible. There are a few pieces in here I would sell my parents to own. You know… if I could also have her physique.

    Speaking of physique, there’s a few photos from the ARod phase where she looks very Linda Hamilton as Sarah Conner and I pray she never goes back to that time. She looked too harsh.

  13. Diane

    I don’t care whether her face is aging well or not (I think it’s unique and great); her body with the long, perfect legs, makes even the bad outfits look good. Also, I never noticed what a beautiful neck she has.

    • Laucie

      In Spring 2011, when she was going with A-Rod, she attended several Yankee spring training games, for which my husband has (excellent) season tickets. The scouts and celebrities get VIP wristbands and can sit in any empty seat in this prime location. Every time I saw her bopping around with her friends, I marveled at her great, sculpted arms and that her legs seemed to be as long as my whole 5′ 1” self. Definitely her most attractive assets.

  14. Sally

    One of my favorite looks from Cameron was this white embroidered Oscar de la Renta dress that she wore with a red belt. I spent SO much time trying to recreate that look.

  15. currygirl

    It’s interesting to see the Rachel Zoe influence in these pictures. All those glam Oscar gowns and super super short dresses are all from Zoe’s styling.

  16. Zuzzie

    We say that 90s fashion was terrible, but I think most of us forget what we were doing in the early-mid ’00s, fashion-wise. I’ve worn a dress over jeans. I once wore a SKIRT over jeans (I think I was having some sort of breakdown).
    Also, I would kick a baby in the shins for that body. (Obviously I wouldn’t go as far as to actually work out for it…)

    • Nicole

      I wore a skirt as a shirt once.

      • Kat

        As a naive 13 year old, I strayed into Wet Seal, and while I was trying to figure out if a certain garment was a top or a bottom, my older sister dragged me away. I should thank her for that.

  17. Tasha D

    Who was the girl she ALLEGEDLY shouted at at the Oscars? Surely Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake haven’t been together that long?

    • Heather

      It was indeed Biel. I don’t think she and JT were official yet but they were either rumored, or flirting. And it was the Globes:,,20008720,00.html Cammy apparently walked up and was like, “What, is this your f*cking girlfriend now? LOOK AT HER,” and Drew Barrymore had to pull her away.

  18. electra

    Your #43 rant made me cheer out loud.
    She desperately needs you as a best friend.

  19. Carla in Kentucky

    I want the shoes in Slide 38.

    • terri

      Seriously! I am lusting after those shoes too!! Anyone know the maker? Not like I could afford them, or find them in my size or find them at all this long after, but still. Love.

  20. Nicole

    I love the 2002 Oscar dress A LOT but not the weird purple sash thing across her hips.

  21. Sandra

    Man, when she gets it right she knocks it out of the park. Too bad her batting average is below (waaay below) the Mendoza Line. I’m kind hoping she’ll adopt “sleek and elegant” for her 40′s. She’s absolutely built for it. And props to her for doing the work to keep it that way.

  22. Mair Mair

    You guys, I never realized how tremendously fashion forward Cammy is. Slide 4 – Madmen in 1999; slide 10 – mullet hem variation in 2002; slide 13 – sheer + granny panties in 2002; slide 15 – sheer panels in 2003; slide 16 – jumpsuit in 2003. She is a fashion prophet, walking among us. So I guess look for drop-waist skater costumes in black crochet to be everywhere in a few years.

  23. lindsay

    i feel like she dresses her body about as well as christina hendricks.

  24. Nate

    Heather, I can’t help but notice that your two favourite looks (the gold/silver cocktail dress and the bright orange slim gown thing) are both Victoria Beckham. She really rocks that simple sleek look! (And clearly even your subconscious love VB, as it should.)

    Also, for some reason I think that nude flowery Oscar gown – without the belts – would look so awesome on Kyra Sedgwick today.

  25. Kristin

    She seems to always pick the one item that I would usually hold up to my shopping comrade and say, “wouldn’t it be hilarious if I got THIS?!” She has gotten better with age, but seriously: hire a seamstress. I’d always rather have something cheap but tailored instead of couture but ill-fitting.

  26. Conchobara

    Oh, Cammy. I just don’t get her. Evidently I’m in the minority, but I don’t see the talent, the funny or the beautiful. She’s just another blonde who is willing to be gross to get the guys to like her. :/

  27. vandalfan

    Her taste in shoes is certainly binary- all WANT. or DO. NOT. WANT.

  28. glee

    With that body… She can (still) wear stuff straight off run-ways, no need to even style – just recreate the look, but I guess she wants to take risks? OK, CD, risks do not pay off for you. You have the classic mannequin body – dress it as such!

  29. steph

    At first she reminded me a bit of Cheno (blonde hair, light eyes, super tan) but then toward the end she morphed into Ellen Barkin. Weird!

  30. Kerry

    Sigh. Looking at the slideshow made me realise: Cameron Diaz – never has so little good fashion been done with so much (looks, body, personality)

  31. Hima

    I always thought her skin issues had to do with acne and not sun damage. But I have no real idea, I have never seen her in person. Her recent pics are remarkably better than the earlier ones – especially the one of her in the fuchsia dress. She still “misses,” but not in such an extreme way.

    Also, Heather: where in Northern IN?