Brit Awards Fug Carpet: Taylor Swift

I have to say, regardless of my feelings about this dress, I appreciate that she’s finally mixing it up. You can’t be a 21 year old Kennedy-stalking sequin-enthusiast for your entire life.

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  1. Sara

    I dunno, I like this. It’s not white, and she looks great.

    • Stefanie

      I agree. Im the first person to hate on the sheer (And Taylor if we’re being honest) but I dig this.

  2. Sarah

    She looks amazing from the waist up! I think if there was only one slit it would be perfect.

  3. Marte

    It could have been worse. The sheer panels could have been slits. Then we would really be talking loincloth… *shudder*

    Apart from that, she looks quite good!

  4. Other Emily

    The top part is fine and she looks great in it. The bottom slits/panels are stupid and unnecessary. I do like the color, though.

  5. cathy

    she should stay away from white and beige stuff. she looks her best in colors. this lovely navy number is no exception. and i hate bangs on her, but her hair IS very thick, shiny and great shade of blonde

    • Lori

      Yeah, this is the best her entire head has looked in a long time. Her heavy bangs don’t look like a hotel blackout curtain here. And the blow out has more movement than the heavy handed flat iron look. Makeup looks very pretty too–like the softer look much more than the heavy cat eye and scarlet lip.

      Hmm, I used the word “heavy” three times. Either I need a bigger vocab, or TSwift’s head wranglers need a lighter touch.

  6. Mouse

    I dunno – it’s kind of Cleopatra-esque and I think I like it…

  7. Lion

    Well, yes, this dress is not perfect… but SHE looks smashing!!

  8. qwertygirl

    There’s no saving us from TSwift. She dates men and writes breakup songs that are clearly maliciously designed to be ear worms. If men stopped dating her, she’d write all-alone-poor-little-me songs that would be clearly maliciously designed to be ear worms. Well played, TSwift, well played. And the dress? Well, god knows it could be worse. C+.

  9. emk

    would have been perfect without the loincloth

  10. Deek

    I think the belt is unnecessary. The dress already has the seam at the waist/bust area, and unless the belt goes directly on top of the seam, it just looks strange and fussy to have both. If that makes any sense. Other than that I think she looks great.

    • Deek

      or maybe if the material was gathered lower down at the waist where the belt is? Then it would make sense.

    • LMS

      That was my first thought – why belt a dress that essentially has an empire waist? It’s visually very confusing.

      • hoover19

        I think what’s more confusing is the fit at the top. It’s not bad but the proportions all seem weird like you didn’t need the sheer paneling and the nice gathering at the top as well? She looks good there is just something about the whole proportion I would take a problem with.

    • buttercup

      I completely agree.

  11. Aoife
    • Billie

      I thought this black number was 10 major steps up for her. But wow, those are a couple of hideous stage outfits! Back down she goes…

      • Helen

        Girl has legs for DAYS. I totally understand wanting to show them off.

        Problem is, these stage outfits clash with her music.

  12. Helen

    I like the ’80s disco belt! And the bracelet complements it perfectly.

  13. maryse

    i don’t care for the loincloth but from the side, the silhouette is lovely.

  14. Lynne

    I’m agreeing with the crowd here. The sheer panels are stupid but she looks killer. I kind of love the bombshell thing she’s got going on lately. It’s so much better than the twee ensembles we’re used to seeing her in.

  15. ringthing

    I like the whole thing. She looks sophisticated and grown up.

  16. jerkygirl

    The dress would be better without the loincloth, for sure, but other than that, no problem. Except that I’ve read so many “Taylor Swift is an insane stalker” gossip stories lately that even though she does look really pretty, all I can see are crazy eyes and the ravenous look of an apex predator who just spotted a wildebeest with a bad limp.

  17. Dazie

    I think I saw bits of her that I should never see. o_0

    She looks tall. Is she tall? She looks like she’s about 8 feet tall. Willowy.

    • Caity

      She is somewhere around 5’11″ withouth the heels, so she is probably standing at least 6’3″ in that picture. So yes, extremely tall

  18. Sarah

    AHHH so close!! Love the colour, love the belt, the bracelet, the cut around the upper body. If it was just not a loin cloth, it would be a resounding fab.

  19. Rayna

    Y’all are right on the money about the pros and cons (headsuit, styling, color – good, sheer panels giving loincloth effect – BAD).

    But is it not so depressing that Swifty is following the same dreary narrative of many young female singers who start out nicely, do well, yadda, yadda, and then feel they HAVE TO go all bad girl and show tasteless amounts of skin?

    What does THAT say?

  20. Sandra

    Cleopatra’s beach cover up and her snakes seem to to be glued to the shoes.

  21. TaraMisu

    I was thinking if they sewed up one of the slits we’d be golden. I’m not a fan of the long loin cloth look, but other than that she is lovely.

  22. Corrine Engelgau

    She looks like Posh Spice dressing up as Barbarella for Halloween. I LOVE IT!

  23. Lexi

    I would like it better if the slits ended at typical mini skirt length, just a little less awkward.

  24. h² fashion

    She actually looks really good. She’s not usually one to take risks or wearing anything too revealing. Maybe she’s finally growing up!

  25. karen

    She really is pretty & I love the dress (except for the loincloth part)…but with the bangs, does she look a little like Paris Hilton to anyone else?? Maybe just me, then? Hmn.

  26. anonymoose

    I guess she looks fine here, but,…she always looks like she is pointlessly trying waaaay too hard. All we seem to get for her efforts is “Blonde Las Vegas Minnie Mouse”. One look, overly-cutesie, no matter what. Not good.

  27. Rita

    She might look lovely, i don’t know. What i do know is that it was sooooooo cold in London last night, I’m surprised she’s not a more striking shade of blue….

  28. Scanderoon

    I actually don’t mind the loincloth-window-things. I think she looks nice.

  29. Guerra

    She looks sexy!!!

  30. Sara

    I love this whole thing, head to toe, fancy loin cloth and all!

  31. buttercup

    I think Taylor looks amazing here, very sophisticated and grown-up for a change. I only have three gripes:
    1) The aforementioned weird bust seam + belt.
    2) Her upper arm is scary thin, like thinner than I’ve seen her ever. I hope everything’s okay…
    3) Are those the snake shoes everyone was wearing back in 2004?

  32. Amanda S

    My interest to Taylor Swift and/or whatever she’s wearing (which is usually very snooze-worthy) is becoming more and more similar to my interest in Kim Kardashian….Non-existent. I can’t even be bothered to really look at the dress. I guess it’s an improvement as it’s not white? Meh.

  33. ErinE

    waist up, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look more gorgeous. Loin cloth is such a miss though!! I’d ok one slit, but the double is an awful look.

  34. lindad

    She looks great, the dark color is fabulous on her, I like everything she’s got going on here. But! Why is she posing with her hands in fists and cocked on her hips, exactly like she’s fixing to cut a bitch? If she is fixing to cut a bitch, please let it not be Tina Fey.

  35. Vi

    Scroll down fug, for sure. Her upper looks great. Her lower should only be reserved for her gyno or one of her many boyfriends. As pretty as she is, she still puts my teeth on edge.

  36. Squirrel!

    I don’t mind the dress, and I think she looks breathtaking!

  37. Wednesday

    I concur: scroll-down fug. I liked it until I saw the sheer panels in the skirt.