Fug or Fine: Blake Lively


From the front, this is so uninspired. Blahtiful. Mehjestic. Magnifehcent. Is Blake bored of her Boobs Legsly alter-ego? Is Karl Lagerfeld (this is a Chanel event) bored of Blake now that she’s bored of being Boobs Legsly? Is she now just wearing all the backup bridesmaid dresses she ordered that didn’t fit, because the bridesmaids didn’t have time for a fitting? How did this piece of tedium happen? Or does the more interesting back save it for you?

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  1. Carrie

    This was one of those instances where I saw this on another website last night and thought “pleeeeease let this be fugged tomorrow.” Wrinkly, ill-fitting, bridesmaid garb – without question.

    • Kit

      Wrinkly, ill-fitting, bridesmaid garb – without question

      Is what I came here to say. Thank you.

      • Kate

        Ditto that…

        Looks like she just took it out of the shipping bag. The colors are icky, the fabric is all wrong, and the cut is outrageously unflattering: yep, sounds like most bridesmaid dresses…

        • Tiffany

          “Wrinkly, ill-fitting, bridesmaid garb – without question”

          I totally agree…but at the same time even if it was tailored better to her figure and wrinkle free, it would still look horrible. I think the fabric in those colors looks cheap, and the construction is poor. This looks like a student project all around.

        • dee cee

          I concur and add she thinks it’s sweet and she looks good makes it all the more humorous

  2. marie

    when will these lady stars realize that satin is evil? the creases are so bad, i can hardly concentrate on the dress..and yeah, totally a bridesmaid dress..perhaps the cuffs at the back of the dress came from the bachelorette party the previous evening,? i was thinking she and the bride were trying on their dresses when the strippers dressed as policemen arrived in the hotel room and in her excitement, the dress got ripped off, so she made do of the cuffs to salvage the dress?

  3. Katie Lynn

    I actually like the idea of the strips of accent fabric on the skirt. But those two colors together in that fabric (and also the way that it was implemented)? No. But how cool would that be with a basic blue or black dress with, say, bright green inserts? I’d buy it..

    • Chasmosaur

      Actually, what I’m wondering if this looked better in person. Pink and gray together can actually be really, really pretty.

      The satin, though, is just a wrinkled mess. Why do designers even bother using it as more than an accent (for the shimmer/shine)? The wearer or couture should be able to sit down in it from time to time, without ruining the impact.

  4. Art Eclectic

    I like the idea, too. I think this gets chalked up to a fabric fail. A different fabric choice (NOT satin) and make the skirt either shorter or longer.

  5. Eliza Bennett

    I really really hate this dress. Like, more than Ryan Lochte’s grill. Kill. it. with. napalm.

  6. PinkieBling

    I think “SHANK” actually sums it up pretty well.

  7. Danna

    Maybe it’s just a bad angle but the dress makes her butt look a mile wide, and she’s a tall, lanky girl.

    • Art Eclectic

      The satin is too stiff a fabric for the cut of the dress, adds volume exactly where volume is not wanted.

    • lilywise

      I had the same thought. In that photo her derriere looks like mine. That is not a compliment.

  8. Helen

    Love the concept, don’t think the execution works.

    And, wrong shoes. I would put those with a trouser suit.

  9. Lynne

    So… does she not have someone who can steam this for her? I’d say it’s a fabric fail but it’s pretty much a fail on all sides. Cut, colour, fabric. Looks like a junior high sewing class project.

  10. Shannon

    This dress is beyond unfortunate, but I have SO missed GFY Karl.

    • Amoki

      I know! GFY Karl is a treasure.

      “Dearest Blake: Congratulations on your surprise shackling to the naked green man. Prison becomes you, and prison WILL become you. SHANK. J’adore, etc., Karl.”


  11. Sarie

    It’s Chanel, but it looks like she bought it at the mall for $75.50.

    Someone said that her hair color makes her look cheaper and I agree. It’s the color I used to get in the summer when I’d spray lemon juice all over my hair and then go lay out in the sun.

  12. Beth C.

    It isn’t so much that it’s boring that bothers me, it’s more that it looks like a home ec project that desperately needs a date with the steamer .

  13. Sandra

    When did “dolphin barf” become a color scheme? That is just heinous. The fabric is, well, satin, and we all know how that goes. The length is just about as unflattering as it could possibly be. Let’s hope this happened because they’re crazy in love and so happy with each other that she isn’t noticing what she puts on.

    • TaraMisu

      “dolphin barf” LOLOL! :D:D So accurate.

    • Ms Poopy Von Pants

      Hahaha. So sad. Grey can actually be such a cool, flattering color but not with that orange complexion. Besides the cheap-looking hair color, her foundation looks like she bought it at the drugstore without trying it on. (what we all did before Sephora.)

  14. ok


  15. Stefanie

    Im chalking this up to a fabric fail as well. The idea was a sound one but the execution just ruined it. That face though, is great like always.

    How weird is it she and Ryan are married? I cant wrap my head around that.

  16. Big Noise

    Wrinkly bridesmaid’s dress. And is she leaning back and thrusting her pelvic zone toward the photographer in the first photo, or is that just a bad angle?

  17. Rachel

    terrible fabric choice & make it shorter and only grey on the bottom.

  18. Peachsiki

    I wish she would’ve done something interesting with her hair, makeup and shoes. It looks like an elaborate early 90s nightgown.

    This is as underwhelming as the green lantern movie and when I found out about their marriage, it just kind of happened, you know what it is, you can see why, but it elicits nothing more than a nod. It’s a dress and it’s shiny… ok.

  19. AE Mom

    I really like the style, but I think a different fabric and colour combo would have gone a long way from making this fug to fab.

  20. Amy

    I like the shade of gray used, especially with her coloring, but I hate everything else about this dress: the brooch, the satin, the pink stripes, the chain, the length… but most especially the brooch. I don’t even know why it bothers me so much, but I hate it and want to rip it off that dress. Agreed with Sarie that it totally looks like a mall dress.

  21. pantsonfire

    Is there a name for this particular silhouette? I want to know so that I can be very precise in my hatred for it. I HATE this type of deep halter with the non-existent waist. The fact that this is (wrinkly) satin is just icing on the Cake of Ugliness. And then the alternating fabric in the skirt (not an inherently horrible idea) just compounds the problems with this silhouette–the imbalance between the skirt and the bodice which creates an aesthetically displeasing shape.

  22. Mrs. Ditter

    Are those…pockets?

  23. jerkygirl

    This is extremely boring and the daisy-chain of handcuffs doesn’t save it. MEH MEH MEH is all the enthusiasm I can muster for this.

  24. southco


  25. meggyoh

    If that’s not FUG, I might just as well quit life here and now.

  26. Ladyblahblah

    This is very Project Runway bottom two where the designer admits that they accidentally bleached the fabric for their original idea so they made this look in the last 15 minutes using scraps from a previous challenge.

  27. Gigi

    Princess Letizia of Spain had a dress nearly identical to Blake’s that was a re-do of the dress she wore to her wedding ball.

    Both versions: http://orderofsplendor.blogspot.com/2011/10/wedding-wednesday-crown-princesses-and.html

    • Sandra

      They both wore gray satin dresses, but “nearly identical” is an overstatement. Letizia’s was floor-length with a train. The neckline wasn’t in the vicinity of her seventh ribs, it didn’t appear to have pockets and it sure as shootin’ didn’t have pink insets. I dunno what the back of it looked like, but probably not all bare and hand-cuffy.

  28. Vandalfan

    I thought we’d had the last of contrasting inset triangle pleats in the cheerleader skirts of 1973. The center seam of the skirt puts this firmly in Home Ec C minus territory.

  29. Mel

    This might actually be WORSE than your average bridesmaid dress.

  30. Elizabeth

    I immediately thought of Gwyneth’s silver Prada dress from awhile back- this looks like the longer version. Both are hideous.

  31. Bottle Ginger

    It’d look a lot better without the heavy orange spray-tan. It’s very 1930s-Jean-Harlow, and 1930s pale satins were meant to go with creamy pale skin.

    Not that a believable skin tone would save the heavy, fussy dress.

  32. Shiitake

    The crime that is satin.

  33. Miriam

    Lots of fug here today. Lots of over-reaching design, or lack of.

  34. Lily1214

    Bridesmaid, yes.

  35. allisankelly

    I don’t know how it’s even possible, but this makes her ass look so wide. This, along with a half dozen other starlet red carpet looks, proves there is such a thing as too much satin. I would love some satin sheets out of that shade of gray, though.

  36. unbounded

    I think she looks like she’s been having so much newlywed sex that she just can’t be bothered to find something good to wear…she’s like, this fits, it’s comfortable, and I could care less what anyone thinks right now because LIFE IS JUST THAT GOOD.

  37. Sajorina

    I like it, but it would look better if it was ironed! And I love those shoes!!! WANT!

  38. Vickie

    Dude, that’s Chanel at a Chanel party, it’s gorgeous. She needed to travel with a steamer though, and the red in the heels makes my eyes twitch.

  39. katkin74

    She looks kind of tired and can’t be bothered about it. But if I woke up with Ryan Reynolds in my bed – or went to bed – or any variationt thereof – I’d be tired too. In fact, I think she gets points for getting out of bed, and showing up! lol

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