Billboard Music Awards Well Played: Taylor Swift


Would it be out of place at Sochi 2014? Not entirely.

But I’m going to give this one to Swifty. Yes, it’s crazy short and it’s calling out for a triple lutz, but it’s also a) an awesome jewel tone, and b) super sexy, the combination of which feels fresh on her. There’s a welcome self-assuredness to that much blue and that much leg, which from the Queen of Omigosh!!! feels like a nifty step forward.

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  1. mary lou bethune

    We are at the insane point at which Taylor is the grownup at the (ubiquitous) award shows….
    IT’s not Lopez or Madonna or anyone else of the marginally talented, tacky pop stars.
    Taylor looks beautiful and confident. The blue is great on her.

  2. themis

    Yeah, this isn’t especially special, but it’s different, so – good job, lady.

  3. NCY

    For some reason Paris Hilton comes to mind, it must be the combination of tight, short dress with weird tilting pose.

  4. Julia

    I think she looks great. A bold color for once, and yeah, it’s very short, but she’s got the legs for it and she kept her upper body wisely covered to keep it from being OMG, TAYLOR SWIFT MIGHT AS WELL BE NAKED.

    I appreciate that she seems to be trying to take her style in a more mature direction without going overboard.

  5. Sajorina

    Yes! I LOVE IT! Great color, interesting fabric, daring length, elegant and youthful… It fits her beautifully and she looks FIERCE! Love the ponytail & the makeup and the simple jewelry & shoes are great! Well Played, Swifty! FAB!!!

  6. Esme

    I think she wrecks it all with the ridiculous bangs/ponytail look. This might be better than she usually looks, but I still don’t like it.

  7. Talley Lach

    I feel like it’s doing something wierd in her tummy/crotch area. It almost looks like it’s trying to make her look pregnant. Which, she’s an absolute twig, so that’s just crazy! It could just be the way she’s standing. I like the blueness of it, tho.

    • Helen

      If you Google-Image for other shots, you find it’s just the way she’s standing in this one. This is a flawless fit.

  8. Sian

    I would adore whatever she wore if she still did this whilst wearing it…

  9. Bella

    Her stance makes me think she may be a little self-conscious of how short this is. And if she’s not, she should be. With a little length, this would be really pretty.

  10. Helen

    As much as I’d like to see another couple of inches in length here, I like this too. As usual with Swift, it’s beautifully fitted, the color is great, and I like that she balanced the naked legs with a not-naked top half. And, y’know, sparkly. :-) Well Played indeed!

  11. AM

    ‘Cause I’m 100–young lady, that dress is too short. You need to let out the hem, put on some pants, or at least some tights. Otherwise, it does look cute.

  12. Pam

    Maybe it’s time for figure skaters to stop wearing cocktail dresses! And the gymnasts. God, the gymnasts. You are world class athletes. You do not need glitter.

  13. Victoria

    God help me, I like this kid. She’s a twentysomething making all of the typical twentysomething female mistakes, only she’s being watched by everyone in the entire world and has entirely too much money. If anyone had been watching me in my twenties, I’d be hated too. This is cute and age-appropriate.

    • Helen

      I like her too. I don’t think she’s much of a musician, but she is a very good lyricist, and I think she seems like a genuinely nice young woman.

  14. Kate

    This is SOOOOO short. The color and the sparkle is nice, I suppose. But it’s TOO SHORT. And I also really don’t like the netting. Figure skating costume, yes. Did she stand the whole night? Wrap her napkin around her to sit? It’s just seriously so so short. With a couple of inches, I could possibly have forgiven the rest of the dress…

    Also, her head styling isn’t quite right for the dress.

  15. Anne B

    I don’t love the dress. It’s the kind of thing that would look terrible on anyone else, but Swifty could wear literally anything else and look better in it. Kid looks great in everything.

    That said. she “doesn’t read the Internet,” so my dress dislike is safe with you guys. :)

  16. HKS

    I like it, except for the weird cutouts on top. With the illusion netting or whatever? Get rid of the cut-outs (um, fill them in?) and I’d call it a success.

  17. Franziska

    I’m surprised this got a well played. All that’s missing are a pair of ice skates slung over her shoulder. It’s the upper half that reminds me too much of an ice skating costume.

    • Goody Goody Gumdrops

      Thank you for this! “Triple toe loop” and “well played” are two phrases that should never appear in the same sentence together. She looks like she should be on Dynasty or in the Ice Capades in 1984.

  18. Pouncer

    I think that this dress would need a flared skirt to be truly long program appropriate. As is, I like it a lot. Go Swifty.

  19. mrj34

    I too, am shocked this got a well played. Anytime anyone wears anything remotely close to this you guys say they look like a figure skater haha

  20.  Sarah

    It’s a bit too short (it would be just as sexy with a couple more inches) but I am just so glad it is a color. Now we just need her to get rid of those ridiculous bangs that only belong on a toddler. She looked so awesome at the Met Ball (at least her head did) with the bangs off of her face and some of her curls.

    • Helen

      That’s true, she did look great in that hairstyle. I still like that she’s changing it up and wearing her hair in different ways now, though, instead of same-same-same for a couple of solid years in a row.

  21. Judith

    Taylor Swift was one of the best-dressed celebs at the Billboard Music Awards! I couldn’t get the night off from my job at DISH, so I wasn’t able to watch any of the artists making their grand entrances. Fortunately, I set my DISH Hopper to record all the primetime slots from the four major networks each night of the week. Although I didn’t have a specific timer set for the BMAs, they were still recorded and waiting for me when I got home.