Billboard Music Awards Fug or Fab: Miley Cyrus


Look, this is daft. But after the mind-numbingly unimaginative naked-crazy of Jennifer Morrison, I appreciate a girl who decides to go somewhere dressed as one of Liberace’s drawing rooms.

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  1. Dazie

    The back zipper ruins it for me. I can deal with the chaps look, the ankle zippers, the general cray. But would it have KILLLLLLLED them to put in a white zipper? Or a hidey zipper?

  2. annie

    Where do you even find something like this? Who even dreams this up?

    • Kat


      • mary lou bethune

        This tacky mess cost a whole of money????
        What is wrong with MIley Cyrus? Oh, I suppose having your childhood ripped away for money would make one crazy…

    • Maria L.

      Someone who thinks that combining Grandma’s curtains with a Harlequin costume = high fashion, that’s who.

  3. D

    Well, I agree the zipper is horrid. But I was surprised at how much I liked this from the front. Is it a little crazy? Yeah sure, but I don’t care! The styling works, the fit was right, and it was one of the few venues that is OK to be crazy at. The butt zipper though is a no go.

    •  LT1

      I agree. I don’t like the big zipper but I love this outfit otherwise. All that detail and the only see-through part is the back, where see-through is just fine. This is one of the times when I really wanted to look at the full-size so I could see it more clearly. And was she one of the ones who used to have lousy posture? Well, no more. Pilates will do that for you. . .

    • Maria

      I’m with you. Normally I would hate this with a capital H but somehow Miley is making it work for me. The zipper is heinous though, and I wish her hair weren’t two colors.

  4. aeb

    it makes me wonder if she is attempting to wear a jazzy mime’s costume.

  5. LJ

    I agree that I’m enjoying Miley a lot more with the new hair. You’re right – it does give her more confidence and she can carry off funkier looks.

    This outfit is wackerdoodle. But on her, it’s borderline wackerdoodle.

  6. Erica Ro

    I need the no option to have even more o’s please.

  7. Linda

    Being from Indianapolis, I think it is logical for me to say that my first thought is after she wears this, she will send it to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where it will be waved over the car that wins the 500 next Sunday.

    I see they are more diamond shapes than black and white checkerboard, but with that being said, waving it over cars speeding by at 200 mph would be a better use of this get up.

  8. clampers

    Her makeup is really pretty! Whatever she’s doing with her eyes really makes them come alive.

    • Chasmosaur

      I know. I always thought she was just generically pretty in her Disney days, but the haircut really shows you what tremendous cheekbones and eyes she’s got.

  9. Sajorina

    As much as I hate this macrame’d sad harlequin mess, I must admit that I freakin’ LOVE her shoes! WANT! Still, FUG!

  10. Pound Sand

    This looks like a 60′s “Big Eye Girl” painting come to life.

  11. Leigh

    It needs to not be a jumpsuit.
    Which can also be said about every jumpsuit, ever.

    But seriously, it would look better as a fitted dress with a pencil skirt, or maybe a long-sleeved mini.

  12. Alma

    This outfit is so crazy that it swings back around to being awesome again

  13.  jen

    I admit to really getting the skeevies when I see toes hanging off the end of a shoe. It just … GET A SHOE THAT FITS.

  14. Stefanie

    The hair is growing on me. Its like stockholm syndrome.

  15. Mongerel

    I love the outfit for workmanship, drama, and fit. I am such a fan of black and white, such a sharp combination for apparel. That said, I hate Miley’s hair two-tone here. I wish she would revert to whatever her natural color is, or preferably, commit to the bleached blonde.

  16. Ida

    I actually love this..

    What is happening to me? Why do I like everything she’s wearing lately? I’m scared!

    • Claire1

      I like what she’s wearing lately too.
      It’s fun, it’s crazy, it’s sexy,it’s cool….
      and all her bits are appropriately covered/uncovered. EVEN when she shows a little something, it’s not scary.

  17. Emma

    This is classic fug. A couple of years ago it wouldn’t have even been up for discussion. I’m afraid your new-found affection for Miley is clouding your judgement, Fug Girls!

    • GFY Heather

      I never said I had an affection for her. You’re thinking of Jessica. And I stand by my assessment of this outfit as “daft” and “insane” but not awful on her, and I’d have thought that regardless.

      • Sajorina

        I don’t understand why some people insists on thinking of the FugGirls as 1 unit! There’s 2 of them! And they are different people, who sometimes differ in their opinions! Just because Jessica says something on one of her posts, it doesn’t mean that Heather feels the same way or agrees with her, for that matter!

        • Goldfish

          Seriously, is there anyone who doesn’t understand that they are two people? Isn’t Fug Nation clear on this up in here?

  18. Sophia Loren

    Perfect for the event, flattering, youthful, sexy, humorous. She’s amazing, I’m amazed. I think this is similar to, but a vast improvement on, the white crocheted number that that young starlet was wearing at Cannes. That looked childish, twee and cheerleaderly. This looks youthful, sexy (I know, I’m repeating myself) and superheroic.

    • Sajorina

      No offense, but I think that you might need deprogramming!

      • Esme

        Since “amazing” seems to be the majority answer, maybe you’re the one who needs reprogramming.

        • Sajorina

          Well, “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. No.” is a very close second, so I don’t think so! I’ll keep hating this mess!

          • Goldfish

            You’re right, we’ll wait for your opinion! Then no reprogramming will be needed! It’s a plan! It’s better when we talk and don’t criticize each other’s remarks! Seriously!

  19. Nanny

    I really like Miley’s new hair, it really accentuates her face. I like that she is trying edgier styles, but all this black and white, trying to look like she is in an old Madness video, she comes off like she’s trying too hard. Like Beiber informing us he is an artist, if you really were one, you don’t have to announce it.

  20. Annie E

    I actually really can’t believe some people don’t like this. It is CRAMAZING.

  21. Leslie

    I initially didn’t like it but now that I see up close that it is COMPLETELY covered in crystal-bedazzlement, I can’t help but fall in love.

  22. Gabi

    I feel like I should hate this unequivocally but somehow parts of it are intriguing – I think it is the hair (even tho I really wish she’d fix her roots). I also like her eyes but the red lipstick is kind of jarring for me. I give it a maybe? If she lost the zipper in the back? Damn you Miley for making me buy into your crazy! lol ;)

  23. Alicia

    This totally evokes the “are you Gawd” character from Ghostbusters for me. I’m just waiting for her to shoot lasers out of her fingernails.

  24. Marcia

    Other than the zipper, I actually kind of love this on her. Her hair has absolutely opened her up to fashion that would never have worked on her before – and I love that she’s experimenting with it! I also have to put it in the context of the event. This is not the Oscars or even then Grammys – a music award show like this one seems like exactly the time to experiment with a look like this that’s a little bit crazy. And I have to give her big points – the fit is great on her, she has the body to wear it, and it manages to be both sexy and covered up at the same time.

  25. Jennie

    This looks sort of like a black and white version of something the Batman cartoon’s Harley Quinn would wear.
    I was going to attach a link so others could see, but when i looked up images, a lot of links were to super creepy fan sites or to inappropriate halloween costumes.
    I imagine looking for images of Miley Cyrus might bring up the same thing?

  26. Kat

    I like everything Commedia dell’arte and rococo – so this is pure win for me. It’s crazy but the good sort of crazy. Additional points for simply just wearing something that doesn’t give me anatomical info I never wanted to have in the first place (unlike a lot of outfits at that event).

  27. Andrew S.

    This just reminds me that she went as Nicki Minaj for halloween last year & makes me wonder if she’ll reuse this for that again this year.

    She could’ve looked worse tho and her face after announcing Justin Bieber’s win was hysterical so she gets a pass from me.

  28. Helen

    I don’t think this would even work if it did appear on someone in Cirque du Soleil, for which it had to have been designed.

    It’s just fighting with itself so hard that it eclipses the wearer.

  29. Rachael

    I find the overall look intriguing. It’s not a full fug, and I’m not completely sold that it’s a full-on well-played either. However, I have to say that the fit is really amazing. And she looks like she loves it, which goes a long way towards selling it.

  30.  Carolina Girl

    The haircut is growing on me, and I even kind of like the dark roots thing she has going. It wouldn’t work all the time, but it’s OK with the outfit, which would be a solid win for me if it wasn’t for that stupid zipper down her back.

    On another note, I really hope she and baby Hemsworth can work out their problems.

  31. akay

    This looks remarkably similar to the outfit worn by a character in a Zelda game: Ghirahim


  32. Guerra

    I love it!! Finally someone is dressing differently & working fashion!!

  33. Goldfish

    This is the jumpsuit version of the shoes Sean Penn wore in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Also, my ninth grade boyfriend had these shoes as well. Actually, in the eighties? We would have welcomed Miley with open arms. Except for the salvia.

  34. G

    Harlequin crotch window.

    But her face and hair look gorgeous.

  35. witjunkie

    When I look at the craftsmanship of this? It looks totally crocheted…it’s amazing. But it’s so WEIRD. And discordant somehow which I’m sure is the point but it doesn’t flow over the body and instead sort of absorbs it. From the top up she looks fantastic but when you see the whole body at once, her head disappears.

  36. Goody Goody Gumdrops

    I like it! It’s totally out there which is where she’s at with her image, and she’s getting attention, which is the name of the game in Hollywood. It’s more something that you would wear to perform due to its wackiness, but if that’s the intended effect, which it is, I dig it!

  37. Evalyn

    I like it. And better we see it on someone young enough to out-live the crazy than see it on someone old enough to know better.

  38. A. Beaverhausen

    She’s gonna regret that elbow tattoo when things start to get a little crepey. I’m just sayin’.

  39. Liz

    I love her style. I’d so much rather see this than another pretty starlet in a pretty cocktail dress that tells me nothing about her personality.

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  41. jlj

    I cannot help it. I just completely adore her.

  42. Glenn


    I believe it’s being worn by Adele Exarchopoulos from “Blue is the Warmest Color” at the Cannes premiere. Is it the same outfit, but as a dress?