Billboard Music Awards Fug Carpet: Black and White and WTF All Over

As more and more pictures rolled in, I finally snapped and e-mailed Jessica, “EVERYONE NAKED AND DUMB AT THIS THING.”

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Alessandra

    Ugh, this is all horrible! What happened?!

    • Cecily

      HORRID! WHORE-ED! I need to lie down now. Especially Madonna, *eyes seared*…

  2. Orange Clouds

    “WHOA!” is all I can say about this avalanche of Type A fug.

  3. Dazie

    WTF. There must have been a memo.

  4. Jacquilynne

    Well, on the vaguely, semi-, sorta good side, at least Carly Rae Jepson doesn’t look like she’s 13.

    • Orange Clouds

      You are really determined to count your blessings, aren’t you? ;)

  5. Maria

    Of all the nudity here, Kesha’s is the worst…. I don NOT want someone’s outfit to make me think about how she must be commando under there….just INCHES from the hem… Good god. So classless.

  6. Carrie

    I literally gasped when I saw Jennifer Morrison’s outfit. Honey, NO.

    • Orange Clouds

      She looks like some sort of Stripperella/ Naughty Wonder Woman hybrid.

      The person who genuinely made me gasp was Madonna. Seriously woman, have some dignity by acknowledging that you could be a grandma and by not dressing like you are in a production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

      • maryse

        she does have great legs though.

        • Leigh

          She would have looked great if

          a) it was YEARS before the whole sheer look became so mind-numbingly boring I’d almost prefer it if everyone just went naked.
          b) she’d lined the goddamn skirt with black fabric. I just want to shake her and tell her it’s not that difficult.

      • TheNonna

        Agreed… it’s not the outfit, it’s the age. She seems to be going through that middle-age crazy crap trying to recapture 1983. I’ve been a fan for 30 years and truly, she just looks stupid.

    • Annie E

      This IS the first time she has ever caught my attention for anything she has ever done or worn.

  7. crackers

    Kesha without the OTT make up…

  8. TLT

    They’re all worried about missing SNL for the summer- “We’re not porn stars anymore.”

  9. Stacie

    I think that Selena Gomez wore the Jennifer Morrison “dress” in a video recently. It is ugly both times.

    • SharonCville

      I was just going to say that! In fact, on Fashion Police they pointed out that pretty much the only thing that outfit was appropriate for was a music video. NOT A RED CARPET, JENNIFER!

  10. Donna

    Well, these are all modest, even Kesha’s, compared to someone called Z Lala. Oh. My. God. You know how we’re always saying on here, “Girl, we don’t need to see your wax job?”. This is, be warned, the literal take on that.

  11. meggiemoo

    It’s like Halloween, where the only options for women’s costumes are slutty McSlut Slut. Aren’t we better than this? Can’t we be edgy without being slutty?

    • Aphy

      I agree with every fiber of my being. I’m so sick of the see through skirts, the no undie slit up to there minis and unitards that show off the woman’s labia. Come on. This trend is repulsive. I’m not stuffy, but damn. Enough. I would think having a touch of decorum, taste and class would be a good thing.

      I don’t want to see your nipples, inner thighs, butt checks, under boob, side boob,over boob or anything else. Isn’t that whatporn is for?! How is this tittilating to anyone except teenage boys?

      Sorry, long tangent, but come on ladies … We can and should do better. Nothing is wrong with sexy, but basically naked is just gross.

  12. Rita M

    It’s official: nudity has become banal.

  13. Kat

    I sort of liked Stana Katic’s outfit (despite being a jumpsuit), ecxept for the feet eating hem (which obviously is thing right now). The real horror however was a shot from Jennifer Morrison’s back (or rather behind) – that dress was a horrifically bad idea.

    •  LT1

      But what the hell with Stana’s hair? I can’t even look at the outfit ’cause I can’t get past that nest taking over her head.

      • Anita

        How this gorgeous woman managed to make herself look twenty years older — AND like she just fell off a barstool — is beyond me. I think it’s the hair — it kind of reads “desperate cougar” to me, rather than the “Ann Margaret, sex kitten in her prime” look I suspect she was going for.

        •  Carolina Girl

          She looks like she fell off that barstool in 1979 at Studio 54.

      • Sue

        While I do not love the unextraordinary jumpsuit, I ADORE her hair and makeup. But then I’m a sucker for the Ann Margaret/Priscilla Presley vibe. Would have loved seeing her in Emmy Rossum’s gown.

        • brookemopolitan

          Stana played Genya Ravan in the upcoming CBGB movie (amazeballs cast, FYI)… she’s channelling the hair here ;)

          I don’t love the hem (looks like she chickened out on higher shoes) but overall I like the look. Yes, there’s SOME boobage, but everything else is restrained, which works for me ;)

    • Joemama

      Can I just say that , in my sleep deprived brain, when I saw the name Stana Katic, my brain switched it up for me to Sata Nic. She will forever be ‘satanic’ to me now. I don’t love her outfit, but it’s not the worst, ya know?

  14. Nanny

    Jenny McCarthy’s hair looks amazing. It’s not new, but it still looks great.

  15. Anita

    Two thoughts:

    1- I think Emmy Rossum looks amazing. If you must do sheer, this is how to do it.

    2- Neither dogs nor boobs are accessories. Nayer (whoever you are), you’re on notice.

  16. AM

    I think the only two I give a pass at all are Hayden’s and Alyssa’s. although the later, yes, I wish the pants weren’t sheer. Mainly, because they are dressed. And I would think the upper thigh would be the part of the body one would like to show least!

  17. annie

    When Jenny McCarthy is not the worst-dressed, you have a problem.

  18. Sajorina

    I didn’t watch this award show because I read that Chris Brown was performing and I CAN’T EVEN with him!

    Anyway, I feel like I must defend Jennifer Morrison here… Yes, it is pretty much underwear, but her body looks bangin’! Her hair & makeup are beautiful and her clutch, shoes & jewelry work! I must say FAB! Madonna is doing her thing and I think it’s GREAT! Emmy Rosum looks elegant & sexy! FAB! And Stana Katic looks BEAUTIFUL! I love her outfit (which would be better if the pants were 2″ shorter) with the metallic belt and the gorgeous earrings! FAB!

    Band Perry Girl: It’s NOT your wedding! And Jenny McCarthy: It’s not your wedding! ;)

  19. Katie Lynn

    What I would like to know is what is going on with Carly Rae Jepson’s shoes? I know most probably couldn’t look away from the train wreck that is her ‘dress’ (and I use that term loosely), but she has these white triangles sticking out onto her foot at the toe box. I can’t figure them out.

  20. LJ

    Please tell me that Madonna had just finished performing and was off to change into regular clothes.


    • Chasmosaur

      I couldn’t stand up 100% of the way for the Met Gala. I feel Madonna has lost touch with her ability to tap into and/or manipulate the current zeitgeist. We do not need to see her inner thighs or admire her waxer’s handiwork. For a while there, when she was promoting W.E., she was looking just so lovely, with a little bit of her trademark Madonna edge. She needs to go back to that.

  21. Chasmosaur

    Okay, while Ke$ha’s dress made me utterly stabby from the side view, I do want to applaud a few things:

    1) She’s continuing her trend of good grooming and toned-down makeup. Groomed is a much better look for her, and her face is looking a gazillion times better.

    2) That dress (from the front at least) did not emphasize that the girl does not have an hourglass frame.

    It does not forgive the atrocity of the dress, but I am going to give her a huge amount of credit for apparently trying to grow up and change her look. It is more than we can say for Avril Lavigne.

  22. Mara

    Hee. See-through boning. Hee.

    Emmy Rossum looks amazing. She’s been pretty consistently well-dressed lately.

    • Helen

      >>Hee. See-through boning. Hee.

      I will confess having gone to a Scary Visual Place on reading that! ;-)

  23. Sarah

    You know, I think, Madonna has finally jumped the shark with her shock value stunts. I get that it’s supposed to be shock value for a woman her age to dress like this …. cuz, she clearly stole this from Taylor Mormsen circa 2010, but you know, my response is pretty “Meh.”

    After the Super Bowl when I was grossed out by her sad mutton dressed as lamb thing. And fact that she has a daughter who probably legitimately wears school uniforms, so just, ew, move on Madge. But, it got my attention, which is what I have to imagine her goal is. Now, eh, I just don’t even care. I actually think that dressing like this and all the plastic surgery and injectables and pulleys and levers and endless squats that are keeping her face and her ass up are just lame and totally mainstream and what all aging celebrities who think that clinging to youth is the only way to cling to relevance do. you know what would be shocking, lady? If you stopped screwing with your face and stated aging.

  24. Jennifer Wangler

    Everyone looks lame BUT give Emmy Rossum props where props are due. She looks terrific…that dress looks amazing on her. Fits beautifully, sexy and not trampy. How can you criticize?

  25. Rose

    As per usual, Emmy Rossum looks fantastic. The necessary bits are covered but the dress is still INTERESTING and I like it.

    Jennifer Morrison… sweetie, you’re on a popular network TV show. You could at least TRY to get a decent stylist.

  26. Mary

    Alyssa Milano looks like she’s wearing a cheap Halloween costume…
    “Sexy Dental Hygienist “

  27. Stefanie

    It’s 10:15 and I need a drink after looking at this slideshow.

  28. junaitatres

    Jennifer Morrison is really going after the Fug Madness crown, isn’t she?

  29. CC

    Emmy Rossum looks gorgeous. The dress is FAB and she looks divine in it. Though I don’t think she was attending the same event as everyone else!

    • Claire1

      That is what I was thinking too.
      She looks AMAZING….but shouldn’t she have been going somewhere else?

    • Celeste

      Ugh, I think that frock is HIDEOUS–the epitome of “widow’s weeds”; she looks like a bad Morticia Addams imitation.

  30. Franziska

    Well, with the money that Kesha saved on the fabric of her dress she can finally fix that missing tooth. I thought Hayden looked fabulous.

  31. Leah

    She did fix it. That’s a gold cap we’re seeing. Class.

  32. Amanda

    The Jennifer Morrison dress was on Fashion Police last week. Selena Gomez was wearing it in a music video and looked great, because she was in a music vidieo. I can’t wait to see what they say about this hot mess.

  33. lola

    Defrost her torso! that is perfect!! I about choked on my coffee laughing.

    Keisha must have some kind of taped on underwear, right? please? or maybe a borat bikini thing…. something to keep the seats from meeting her vag commando.

    Jenny Mccarthy looks like wardrobe got mixed up and gave her what Keisha wore in.

  34. Elizabeth

    I am pretty sure that Jennifer Morrison’s outfit was on Friday night’s Fashion Police. Selena Gomez wore it in her new music video and they made a comment along the lines of “i like it for a music video because it is not something you could ever walk down a red carpet in”. So imagine my surprise when I saw this on Sunday night!

  35. Stephanie

    Keisha looks way too proud of her rump window.

  36. G

    Jennifer Morrison’s outfit manages to be worse than her acting… and that’s a HUGE task.

    This whole slideshow just gave me wrinkles, though. I want to pass out blankets to wrap around these ladies, and I’m only 30.

  37.  swingbird

    I thought Emmy Rossum looked great and for her it was quite an unusual look. I don’t think I’ve seen her in black at an event before, or at least not in any that comes to mind. As for the sit down comment for Carly Rae Jepsen, what does that mean? I thought sit down was an expression that Lainey Gossip blogger uses to express her utter disdain for celebrities?

  38. SugarMagnolia

    I do not know what Nayer’s deal is, but I wish she’d leave the poor schnauzer out of it.

    •  LibraryChick

      To me it is a poor attempt to replicate Kylie Minogue’s look in the music video for Can’t Get You Out of My Head.

  39. Deb

    No way! That “outfit” Jennifer Morrison is wearing is the same one Selena Gomez is wearing in her new video. (Just saw the pic in People!) So ridiculous. Granny panties and Madonna’s bustier circa 1987. Are they even trying??

  40. Helen

    There IS one good thing… every last one of them is giving good face, here. In several cases, not just Ke$ha (despite the stupid gold tooth distracting the eye), this is the best makeup I’ve seen on these people in some time.

    Some went more natural, some are more dolled up, but all are wearing pretty makeup looks that suit them well.

    • Helen

      Also, Panettiere does look nice. It’s maybe a little not-quite-the-thing for the specific event… I think I’d lop off some of the skirt, not super-short or anything, just maybe to knee-length. But it fits well and it’s pretty on her. Bonus, bracelets!

      And that is IT for the positive notes, that’s all I’ve got.

  41. S

    I’m starting to understand where the inspiration for those gawd-awful P’nina wedding gowns comes from

    • SugarMagnolia

      Yes! Thank you! I cringe each time I see a Say Yes to the Dress with those hideous sheer corset dresses that the brides inexplicably love.

  42. oli

    i think stana katic was channeling the 70s on purpose. she has a new movie coming up with alan rickman CBGB, she play the singer Genya ravan. i think she looks better than everyone on this list, not a fan of the jumpsuit though.

  43.  Anna

    Stana Katic looks like pornstar Faye Reagan.

  44. Art Eclectic

    Honestly. The outfits on the AdultCon billboards on the 405 are classier than this mess. I think the theme for next year’s Met Ball should be “Techno Porn” since the designers are halfway there already.

  45. esther p.

    99% – i just can’t; 1% – resigned sigh.

  46. Claire1

    Whoever put Stan in that get up needs to be arrested…and Stana fined for allowing it.
    She is a beautiful woman…they ruined it!

  47. Jeanette

    NAYer to all the dresses except Emmy and Hayden’s. Hideous, ugly and in some cases grotesque.

  48. SPJava

    What the Hell? Was this the BB music awards or the Fredrick’s of Hollywood Slumber party?
    Uniformity and Bad Taste interesting combo.
    The topper is Ke$ha; I have seen hookers on 11th Ave in NYC wear that exact outfit for
    “easy access” you dig?

  49. Moxie Lola Carroll

    Oh, Heather — I love when you get all old lady crotchety. Especially when it’s entirely deserved.