BET Awards Fug and yet Fab: Prince

Prince got the lifetime-achievement award at the BETs, and I can’t quibble with that. How can I? He just wants my extra time, and my [insert noises here] ki-iiiiss.

And of COURSE Prince would show up to accept his award wearing flowing white pants and a tunic airbrushed with a moderate and slightly freaky likeness of himself. He looks like he’s about to give the sermon at the Church of 1999, where everybody wears raspberry berets while doing the Batdance, every car in the parking lot is a little red Corvette, there are thieves in the temple, weeping doves fly overhead during communion while the purple rain is falling, a bunch of seriously sexy motherf*ckers freak out about what their computers will do on January 1, 2000. And then Prince raises his hands to the sky and they all go crazy. Sounds kind of fun. I might convert.
But the suit didn’t stop with the front:

He made a logo using his symbol. Which sounds like a euphemism — and might indeed be one that relates to the after-party in his limo — but for now, is completely on the mark. I cherish him. His logo is floating over a meadow in rainbow skies, which I think is how the Church of 1999 preaches Heaven, and which I believe he conceived while delirious. It’s nice to know that after all these years, when even Madonna has gone through a Lady of the Manor period and George Michael mostly just gets arrested for things, Prince is still Prince, and nothing compares to him.