Before Fugnight

I have to apologize, I think, to some of Fug Nation. Because I saw Before Sunrise, but barely remember it. I never bothered with Before Sunset, because of the aforementioned. And therefore Before Midnight is also probably going to pass me right by. Please know, though, Devout Fans of Before Various Times Of Day, that I have nothing against your beloved trilogy when I say…

… that this is terribly unflattering on her, and kind of makes her look like the star of Before The Red Lobster Early Bird Special Ends, about a widow who’s trying to meet up with her high-school sweetheart over endless shrimp, but refuses to drive faster than 20 miles per hour because that’s just RECKLESS SPEEDING.

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Comments (25):

  1. Helen

    Confusingly, what Delpy is promoting here appears to be actual midnight.

  2. Steph

    This seems like it would be a good thing to wear in that transitional stage between “I just look bigger” and “I have full baby belly”.

  3. Christina

    That’s exactly what my hair looks like after the gym.

  4. maggie m

    Julie Delpy is extremely lovely, but she looks a bit lunatic here. Something appalling is happening in the midsection of that dress. I suspect that she just doesn’t care much, but I wish she would occasionally put herself in the hands of someone who could do her justice….

  5. tigers4us

    Julie Delpy is so beautiful, but she VERY RARELY is on the mark fashionwise.

  6. pidget

    So pretty in an interesting way, but singlehandedly exploding the myth that all Frenchwomen are chic.

  7. Caroleena Stantonova

    OMG! Did you ever nail that!

    Her bracelet seems interesting…

  8. NicoleMN6

    Eh, that’s just what happens when you’ve spent too much time with Ethan Hawke.

  9. Hannah

    I am irrationally fond of Julie Delpy’s weird clothes. I’d just end up resenting her if she started dressing to highlight her profound cuteness.

  10. Roser

    The movies are great. She is a gorgeous woman who has NEVER been able to dress herself. We know not why…

  11. Sajorina

    That’s so funny, GFY Heather! HA!!! Julie is a great actress, writer & director! I really enjoyed “2 Days In Paris”! And she’s beautiful, but this dress doesn’t do her justice! I love her jewelry & nailpolish!

  12.  Janice

    I don’t get it; is she pregnant? This dress makes no sense, unless she`s going for the 15th century big belly look.

  13. Emma

    I adore Julie Delpy, but I also long to give her a makeover. And a brow pencil.

  14. D.O.T - is a lot

    As we can see fashion is not her strong suit!

  15. Gigi

    She’s the unironic Chloe Sevigny. But she’s totally adorable and that she dated Adam Goldberg both makes my head explode and smooths some of his rough edges in my mind.

    You know that PBS show on food where Gwynnie, Mark Bittman, Mario Batali and that gorgeous Spanish actress Claudia traveled around Spain in Mercedes’ and ate all the local cuisine? I long for a French version with Julie Delpy, Anthony Bourdain, Jodie Foster and either Jacques Torres or Lambert Wilson. Yes, I have thought out the cast and have some episode ideas.

  16. Leslie

    She is only 43 years old, but somehow looks much older. Must be the clothing, or as someone else mentioned, too much time spent time with Ethan Hawke!

    • hm

      I don’t think she looks older than 43. I think she looks like 43 without plastic surgery or dieting and extreme workouts. It’s refreshing.

      • Helen

        Agreed. I’d even say she looks about 38 – without plastic surgery or Botox and whatnotever else. Her skin is beautiful.

        We’re just so used to the frozen faces!

  17.  Corriner

    I am so excited for this movie.

    She reminds me a lot of Christina Hendricks, in that she is SO GORGEOUS and should be blowing everyone else away and yet still manages to never get it quite right.

  18. jennifer

    If she’s not pregnant, she needs to burn this dress because….

  19. Lelde

    I like shopping at as you can try on clothes before buying them! Plus, they have a great selection of designer clothes and accessories.

  20. Vandalfan

    Her lipstick and her complexion on the severe black look like a painted gash in a marble statue.

  21. Lily1214

    Actually everyone, I think she looks great.