BAFTAs Well Played/WTF: Andrea Riseborough


Let’s start with the good news:

This dress hugs her correctly and is super cheerful, which I appreciate. Minor nit: I think she needed a stronger lip with this color — we’ve established that some form of dark red usually helps the canary-yellow dress sing, and oh lordy, I just noticed that hacky wordplay which I SWEAR was totally accidental, but which I’m leaving in there just so you can share a groan with me. If I don’t slap my own wrist, then who will?

Anyway, I think you’ll agree that this is an actual ray of sunshine compared with what she wore to a pre-party.

Welcome to the debut of Clown By Jessica McClintock.

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Comments (10):

  1. Gine

    She really needs a better makeup artist. She’s very pretty and seems to have gorgeous skin, but at every event I’ve seen her at, there have been major makeup issues. Everything’s poorly blended and a shade or two off what it should be.

    I do love the yellow dress, though.

  2. AliceBlue

    What are thoseā€¦things on her chest?

  3. Sandra

    Okay, it was cold in London and I’m glad I don’t have A Public that thinks I should play outside in my party clothes in the dead of winter. But the pale lip-less look MUST DIE! Clear lip-gloss would look better than that. As for the second, I really do wonder how she managed to make a dress out of Claude Monet’s compost pile.

    • Helen

      Or possibly Claude’s shower curtain.

      Love the yellow though. It does call for a brighter lip, but it’s a beautifully constructed dress and it does wonderful things with her alabaster skin.

  4. Chrissy

    I think that second dress would be pretty without those three round things on the front.

  5. Mary

    man. that 2nd one reads as a nightgown, to me. in fact, it so strongly says that to me, I keep thinking she’s barefoot! while looking at the picture!

    granted the lumpy things on the front would make it an uncomfortable nightgown.

  6. Sajorina

    I love, LOVE, her 1st outfit! I think it’s PERFECTION! FAB!!! But, the 2nd one… Ugh! Come on! FUG!!!

  7. Tamburlaine

    I do like Riseborough’s wardrobe choices, even if they sometimes don’t work: she seems to have fun with her clothes. Anyway, I love the yellow dress, and I like the second one, too, though I’d take those button ruffle things off.

  8. Moa

    I think the colour needs to be stronger on this dress, it’s too pale for her skin tone. And she definitely needs a bold lip. Fuschia would look nice.

  9. Kitty

    A woman this young should not need a push-up bra, but…..she needs a push-up bra.