BAFTAs Unfug or Fab: Elizabeth Olsen


First, I want to discuss the nefarious black-gloved hand that is photobombing this picture. She’s looking all glamorous and healthy-haired, and then some dude behind her is passing photocopied national secrets with the nonsense code phrase, “I’ve always thought giraffes were the ones we should fear,” or something.

Onto the gown: Well, there’s definitely a germ of something here, and I don’t mean the norovirus kind. The detail work on all this lights my candle, but then the vigorous peplum and strap-lashes snuff it out again. I wish I could make it strapless and sleek — there’s a heavyness to it with the size of the apron on it, so I’d settle for lopping that off entirely to see if we’re more buoyant. Maybe the feathers would survive.

Or, there’s an alternate approach:

Somehow, even with the pelvic umbrella, the coat helps.


What would you do to change it?

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Comments (23):

  1. Orange Clouds

    This is UGLY!

    But I in general hate her clothing choices (though I love her as an actress), like this Christmas Jumper of Doom:

  2. Helen

    My option of choice isn’t any of these. I’d keep the peplum but make it a lot smaller – cut it off around where the top of her clutch lies in the first photo. Then I think this would really work! I like everything else about it, on her.

    Beware the giraffes, Elizabeth!

    Love the coat.

  3. Jill

    The black glove theory was so hilarious I forgot to look at her dress. So I went back to look and now I wish I didn’t. I don’t like any of it. But the coat is awesome!

  4. Poppy

    Vigorous Peplum – new rock band name alert!

  5. SaraK

    Oops. I read that as *Lose* the straps AND the peplum, or some other combination of things and not *Love*….I do not love. But without the flounces and whiskers, I might.

  6. malie


  7. anna s.

    A RESOLUTION Upon the Subject of Peplums, and their Application to the Female Hip-Parts:

    -WHEREAS the peplum is a red wine stain upon the white carpet of the fashion sphere, a blight upon a fertile landscape, a withered section of a growing bush, a pothole in a pleasant lane, etc, etc.;
    -WHEREAS the peplum is offensive to everything that is morally, visually, aesthetically, and practically good in the female hip region;
    -WHEREAS a peplum makes movement in a red carpet dress even more uncomfortable;
    -WHEREAS there is not a chair or seat in existence designed to accommodate a peplum;

    With due consideration and measured forethought, BE IT RESOLVED that the peplum is hereby banned from the red carpet and banished to the fringes of designer sympathies, nevermore to inflict its cruel damage on otherwise mundane and inoffensive dresses.

  8. sarah

    yeah, i chose option D because i figured it was meant to say “lose” instead of love. i love the pattern and without those two missteps i think this would look great!

  9. Ruth

    Lose the dress and keep the coat. Wouldn’t everyone have been scandalized when she trod the red carpet?

    Seriously, I love the coat.

  10. Trent

    LOL at the black-gloved Hand of Doom! So ominous!

    But NAY for the hairy shoulder straps and lumpy peplum apron. And the fabric that looks like a used dishrag. Nice coat, though…

  11. Meredith

    I vote: elongate the peplum into a cute little skirt, ditch the frowsy floor-length skirt.

  12. vivy

    I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I think she looks tremendous in this in spite of the crazy. Losing straps AND peplum would turn this into a snore. The print would be the only thing separating it from a pretty but otherwise unmemorable dress we’ve seen a thousand times before. Crazy straps > crazy peplum umbrella for me, so I guess I could get behind loosing the crazy peplum umbrella because it’s obviously insane… but my brain is going towards insane in a delightful way.

    I just realized my problem. There are two dresses here, long and short, and they are better apart than together. I’m attached to the peplum because it makes me see how great the short dress would be. I wish Elizabeth were in the sleek, long, peplum-less version of the dress, and that the collection also made a short version where a non-see-through version of this peplum served as the skirt. And that Emma Stone would show up somewhere in it looking adorable.

  13. Courtney Brookshire

    Did anyone else immediately think of the Onceler from The Lorax? I have a 4 yr old so it makes sense why this would come to mind;but just wanted to check.

  14. Kathryn Mackenzie

    Maybe the black glove is A, who has now developed a nefarious life outside of TV. Arrggghhhhhh!

  15. Sajorina

    I love the dress, but if I had to choose, I’d lose the peplum (but, I like it)! What I would like to change are the clutch (for something smaller & sparkly) and the shoes (for some strappy, dainty ones)! And I would love to add small sparkly earrings & silver or midnight blue nailpolish! But, I say FAB!

  16. witjunkie

    I love this. I agree it’s a bit much of a muchness but like Vivy said, without the details of crazy, it would just be a nice but forgettable dress.

  17. TheCityDweller

    I actually love this, full stop. I think she’s selling it.

  18. Ine

    This isn’t a peplum though. It’s the new incarnation of dress-over-pants, dress-over-dress. Cocktail dress and sheath in one! I think it would work as one or the other (definitely with that coat), but not both at the same time. Which is basically the same problem with dress-over-pants.