BAFTAs Unfug It Up: Shailene Woodley


Whoops, found a straggler from the film awards. Better late than never.

Or, perhaps never would have been okay. The sweetness of the dress itself, I would maybe get behind on, say, Elle Fanning. Or maybe even on Shailene, if she’d been styled differently. But that lipstick does not go with this outfit. It’s like s someone handed her a free sample when she got out of her limo. Subtract that, and what do we have? A bulbous topknot that still might not befit the gown beneath it, although with her fuchsia mouth getting in the way it’s hard to tell. I just think this whole thing was poorly put together — either go edged-out ballerina, or go twee and girly and young, but don’t try to straddle the line or else you will just look bow-legged all night.

What would you do here? Erase and restart, or just airbrush out some styling blemishes? Be her Hindsight Photoshop, Fug Nation.

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Comments (33):

  1. Joy Martin

    1) Hair down and wavy
    2) Natural makeup
    3) A dress that’s an actual color

  2. swellcat

    I can’t figure her out. She has the type of face that looks different in each angle it’s photographed. Sometimes I think she looks like she’s 10 with an older body and then sometimes she looks her age. I think she needs better makeup and styling. Maybe now that she’s a movie star, that will start happening. I think the dress is cute and her hair is too casual for it. I sleek pony would have looked cute with this I think or her hair down or part up part down.

  3. granny

    I like the dress. It FITS. It’s not see-through. That alone puts her in the top half of the field.

  4. Jennifer E.

    i would accent the dress with a deeper rose color, because i actually love it, but i think a tad (and just a tad) more contrast would knock it out of the park. i would get her an actual hairdresser; i don’t agree with loose waves, i think a loose updo (NOT sloppy) would be appropriate. and yeah, getcha some better makeup. again, mild contrast would be perfect for her.

    • Jennifer E.

      oh – and Joy’s abso right, jewelry. nothing too much, but yes.

  5. Gigi

    Hair up, loose waves, a few tendrils.

    A simple riviere of diamonds around her neck or dangling diamond earrings. Not both.

    Dress in a color.

  6. bridget

    would have done a low chignon or pony and removed the flowers from the skirt. other wise its not bad. Not great but not bad. I want to see her in the fall finale dress from Oscar De La Renta that was shown this week for the Oscars.

  7. chastity fudge

    She always looks so DISHEVELLED. Like she came back from the gym, put on whatever lipstick was closest to her, put her greasy hair up in whatever way and walked out the door. I don’t understand the way she looks. Ever.

  8. S Battte

    Hair down, loose and wavy. Nude lipstick, with rosie cheeks. Simple jewelery.

  9. Antof9

    That exact same amount of hair and same amount of “up” would have been fine on the back of her head. There are so few people in this world who should wear their hair *there* that EVERYONE’S default should be “back of the head”. I just don’t understand this kind of thing. Am I the only person who stood in front of the mirror for hours, figuring out the appropriate bun angles for my face and head shape?

    But I’m with the others – looks curls/waves would have done even more for this dress, and jewelry. But I’ve ranted about jewelry before. Acres of bare skin and not a jewel to be seen? Where are these girls’ mothers? Or a jewelry store?

  10. Antof9


  11. val.

    I love that dress. It’s very Jane Austen in its cut, all loose and flowy and empire-waisted.

    I don’t mind the hair– I think it’s cute. But definitely the makeup needs to change (I agree, nude lips, flushed cheeks, neutral/soft eyes). And some earrings wouldn’t hurt!

    • Sandra

      This does have an Empire waist, but it has nothing to do with Austen or her young women characters. A country girl of good family would have been slapped back into her bedroom to put on some clothes if she tried to go out in this. Even the very fashionable ladies in London would have had short puff sleeves on their formal gowns.

      Shailene here needs better hair and makeup and an actual color.

  12. Ranee Singleton

    Put a lacy bedjacket on her and stick her in a four poster bed, and she would look totally in the right place.

    • vandalfan

      You took the words right outta my mouth. She’s in the bottom piece of a peignoir.

  13. Jamie

    Someone please loan this child some jewelry for the Oscars. Seriously. I know she’s not nominated, but she’s got the goods on Clooney – you know she’ll get chatted up on the red carpet.

  14. celia

    It looks like she put her hair up ti have a facial and then forgot to do something with it.

  15. Bella

    She needs some pretty dangling earrings and a bracelet. Pretty rose lipstick and soft, loose hair. I like the dress. Oh, and stand up straight.

  16. Mikki

    Ugh…no more bun-heads please…it flatters no one! Add some jewelry of any kind – all of these young starlets seem to be allergic to it. The dress is pretty, albeit a bit boring color-wise.

  17. jeez

    It’s really not bad. The dress is totally inoffensive…actually, I would go so far as to say it’s quite pretty. It fits very well and is flattering on her. It was a good call to style her hair up, to play up the neck and shoulders, but yes, obviously this incarnation of a bun is not cute. So, some other updo. I think folks may be harshing so much because of the lipstick…like people who focus on the hideous paint color on walls when they’re looking at houses. She strikes me as having a pretty, mellow, laid-back style, and this is in line with that (minus the lipstick, of course).

  18. Mahastee

    Leave it in the beige straggler drawer, where it belongs. Or in the compost, with the rest of the old teabags.

  19. lisas

    Dye the dress, brush the hair out and it’s fine. I don’t hate the lipstick as much as you, but I guess you don’t hate beige dresses as much as me.

  20. TonyG

    Don’t mind the dress except for that lacy tan fringe around the top that highlights the general discoloration of her chest. It’s like she somehow got a tan only on her boobs, or something.

    I think I would like either a dark shade of cranberry on the lips and something to conceal the tan on her nose.

    Don’t mind the updo as long as she wore a necklace (a single stone pendant would do) to fill the boredom between her hairline down to the top of the dress.

  21. julie

    Hair down and wavy. Black leather jacket. Rocker shoes of some sort. THAT would redeem it.

  22. gryt

    STop with the nude dresses already.

  23. juliet

    The lipstick doesn’t even bother me. But the hair needs to come down and the hem needs to come up.

  24. Beth

    I like the dress; I don’t mind the lipstick. But her hair looks like she forgot to take it down after she put it up to do her makeup. An updo would be okay, but make it lower and looser.

  25. renae

    Color color color. I say emerald green.

  26. Ms Poopy Von Pants

    I misread the second to last sentence in this post (“…or just airbrush out some styling blemishes?”) and thought you were saying that her dress looks like it has blemishes on it, as in, facial blemishes with bad concealer on them, and now that’s all I can see.

  27. Sajorina

    1) Make the dress a color, any color!
    2) Loose the topknot and let your lucious hair flow with beautiful soft curls!
    3) Vamp up the makeup to go with the dress!
    4) Wear sparkly jewelry!
    5) Wear fabulous clutch & shoes!
    6) Keep the smile, girl!

  28. Rubee

    1) Low bun, ballerina-style.
    2) Gigantic hoop earrings.
    3) A tad lighter & glossier lip color.
    4) Neck jewellery.
    5) Become pregnant.

    I happen to like the color, though.

  29. NYCGirl

    The embroidery is pretty, but the fabric flowers and the overlay are just too much.