BAFTAs Fug or Fab: Kristen Wiig


I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with the left side of the bodice here.

But I like the cut of the dress on her — it’s giving her a little hip, and the chartreuse shoes were a nice choice. Angelina would’ve worn matching white shoes, and then my head would’ve exploded. Actually, come to think of it, this look has a touch of the Angelina about it: the hair, the makeup, the slightly Grecian bent, the fact that it makes her look tall… Clearly the two of them need to go on a road trip together and film it for Bravo. Anyway, I realize this is a lot more simple than some of what she’s worn, but I think it’s a better match of fit and accessories than those other looks were, and at least it doesn’t blend into the rest of her skin. For me, I think it’s… if not quite a fab, then definitely a step forward. But I’m in a democratic mood. We are Fug Nation’s benevolent dictators.

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  1. CJ

    This is one brilliantly funny, smart, pretty lady but her fashion choices always seem a bit off…she picks things that are quirky or too busy or not right for the season or in a color that washes her out. But this…..this is wow. Incredibly simple but utterly lovely. The color doesn’t wash her out, the fit is good (though she’s going to have to hike that thing up in a minute!) and the shoes are a nice modern and cool touch. I don’t know how anyone could fug this. Totally fab in my book.

    And can I be honest…I wasn’t thinking Angelina here. I was thinking Jennifer Aniston. She looks like she could be her sister! And I don’t care how much Jennifer works out or tans, Kristin is JUST as pretty as Aniston, and (to me anyway) sooo much more warm and appealing. My husband and I have been loving Kristin Wiig for years, loved Bridesmaids and I am so excited for her that she could win an Oscar. Go get ‘em, Kristin.

    • What what

      Thought this was Aniston the whole time I read this and couldn’t believe Heather was so blatantly comparing her to Angelina, although I would totally watch a reality show with a Jen/Angie roadtrip.

  2. S

    SHE is so pretty, and that is the main thing I think when I see this! Good job, Team Wiig!

  3. Josephine

    Oh, this is lovely. It’s really not my style, but it’s great on her: It fits without looking uncomfortably corset-y, it shows off her beautiful arms and shoulders, and the color and accessory choices keep it from being to prommish (white+black nails+chartreuse shoes+funky bracelets). Also, I’m glad she resisted the temptation to wear a big honking necklace–the dress does just fine without it, and it means her face gets the attention it deserves.

  4. Ryan

    This would be fab if it was made properly.

  5. gryt

    I’m sure it isn’t, but the fabric looks cheap—like nylon gym shorts. Plus is poorly made. In short: it’s a mess.

  6. Evalyn

    I don’t see Angelina, I see what I wish Jennifer Aniston would wear. It looks great on Kristen, although a peridot necklace or earrings would bring out the shoes more.

  7. vandalfan

    Bedsheet. Period.

  8. Lina

    The side-part definitely helps soften her features. I’m not a fan of hers, but she definitely looks better here than usual.

  9. neiges

    There is something lacking : proper hair (updo?) and proper jewellery (emerelads?). You have to be a bit more dramatic and bold to wear this gorgeous dress.

  10. Nina

    Definitely a step forward. It really looks like an Angelina knock-off, but it’s still pretty. Especially when you consider what KW usually wears.

  11. Joe

    I know I am the only person who feels this way and I just need to get over it already, but full-length, all-white dresses only look like wedding dresses to me.

  12. KelseyA

    Every time I see Kristen Wiig she looks like someone else. That’s a great thing for SNL, but maybe not so much for the awards show circut?

  13. Kay

    Is there some sort of chiffon train thing happening in the back or am I hallucinating? I like it if I am wrong on the train front. If there is some train action, then no, too bridal.

  14. Veronica

    LOVE THE SHOES. And I’m pretty cool with the dress, too, though I think she could’ve used a good piece of jewelry to add a little more jazz to it.

    Oddly enough, I think Kirsten Wiig is one of the few celebrities I’ve actually preferred with blonde hair. Not that she looks bad at all as a brunette, but her blue eyes seemed more striking to me when her hair was lighter.

  15. Sajorina

    I gave her a FAB because this is the first time she has looked GREAT in forever! I’m tired of fugging her, so I appreciate the break! The dress is beautiful, the hair & makeup are flawless, the shoes are intetesting and the jewelry works! It’s a miracle!

  16. Softwear

    Her hair. So shiny. Why? How? How is this achieved is it by selling your soul please tell me because I WILL DO ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.