BAFTAs Fug or Fab Carpet: Julianne Moore


Overall, I really like this dress on Julianne.

But the the bow on the back of the dress interferes — in photos, anyway — with the lines of the front.  I think in person it probably looked normal, because the eye could distinguish between Dress and Back Bow, but in a flat two-dimensional photo you can’t. So in almost every photo she looked unusually wide and boxy, and it’s because where they SHOULD be air because of the curvature of her hip, you are instead seeing more blue velvet (not to be confused with Blue Velvet; if you see Isabella Rossellini’s head floating around back there, please do seek professional help). I chose this picture because the light falls in such a way that you can tell what’s going on a bit better, but it’s an unfortunate optical illusion with an otherwise nice dress that actually looks very pretty on her — and as an added bonus, does not have a giant sleeve that looks like a deflated balloon.

However, the whole issue could’ve been solved by just not HAVING the bow on the back, and I’m thinking I would’ve liked that alteration:

It’s not like it’s a very special bow. It’s just a bow. Floppy, loopy, droopy, like an elephant’s ears. Does it wobble to and fro? Can she throw it o’er her shoulder like a continental soldier? If so, I’m told, then it’s a strong indicator that your bow does, in fact, hang low.

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Comments (45):

  1. aa

    i have this overwhelming apprehension to this whole dress.

  2. KillerDiller

    I’m really blinded by how stunning she looks hair and make-up wise to say anything mean about the dress.

  3. Mongerel

    You might be on to something with the “throw it o’er her shoulder” teasing. There’s so much extra fabric there, it looks like if you untie it, it converts to something that would loop over the shoulders for an alternate neckline, and yet droop even more alarmingly in the back. The bow was probably the less of two fuglies.

    Shame really, because the dress is really pretty otherwise. I love the color, the velvet, the shape, and the seams.

  4. Rayna

    So close! So close! Oh, my beloved Julianne…………..we had so many trials, but we got the weird, unfortunate color (or non-color) thing nailed, the hyenously ugly one sleeve thing, the inexplicable two halves of two different dresses thing…………….now a confusing and totally unnecessary bow thing.

    But it’s an easy fix, and overall, it’s lovely and (finally) flattering. I make it a win.

    Actually, the color is so smashing on her, it COULD almost erase the memory of a few previous fails…………

  5. Noire

    I really am not finding anything positive about this garment. I dont like the color, the cut, or the big floppy superfluous bow. Yuck all around.

  6. Bella

    She looks so much better than other recent pics. Bow and all, I like this.

  7. Laura

    I like her other accessory :)

  8. amy mck

    The best accessory she’s got going is Tom Ford…that man is delicious!

  9. ape escape

    Is anyone else WAY too busy thinking about that hot piece of man to formulate any opinions on the dress? Hot damn.

  10. Willow

    I just wish the dress hugged her hips a bit more, it makes her look too “straight up and down” but I adore the colour, not so keen on the back :| praise for the Man Candy.

  11. Brandy

    All I can think about is how uncomfortable that bow must be while sitting.

  12. eee

    Considering her dresses of late, this is a WIN all around in my book.

  13. shebrihart

    I just realized that Tom Ford looks like a guy I used to work with. Or maybe the guy I used to work with looks like Tom Ford. Either way, should’ve capitalized on that when I had a chance!

    Oh, right, Julianne. The color of the dress is GORGEOUS. Love the front, the bow needs to go though.

  14. Annie

    It looks like some kind of elaborate nightgown. If only the dress had had straps or something to accentuate the waist…

  15. foo

    I think the dress is gorgeous; color and cut. Her hair and makeup look great. The bow could go away, but it is not offensive enough to cancel out the good.

    TF interviews her in this months In Style, which I read last night, and she said she’s not good with clothes. (She seemed fun and nice and was talking to the incredibly hot Tom Ford; who designs clothes as a bonus) (and she got to stand next to him for posterity in a good looking dress)

    In other words, she wins all around on this one.

  16. Bonnie

    I do not like that bow AT ALL. It seems to make the dress way too lumpy in the front.
    Without the bow, I still don’t think it would be much better. The color does nothing for her complexion or her hair color.
    She isn’t very attractive, anyway.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  17. Neil

    Guess we’d better mark Bonnie down as ‘Undecided’ on this one.

    Without the bow, would she not have been open to criticism for having worn a blue bath towel to the event, albeit a beautiful blue one?

  18. acake

    I can’t believe this is a fug or fab. She looks so good it hurts.

  19. taryn

    I think her beau makes up for the bow…hehe.

  20. Jeanie

    I love it, bow and all! I think the bow makes it interesting. She looks awesome!

  21. Fawn

    Apparently I’m in the minority, but I really like the bow. It’s pretty and feminine, and it keeps this from being just a plain column dress. Also, I really hope there’s something amiss with the computer monitors of those who dislike this color on Julianne. I too am fair with red hair, and I wear royal blue ALL the TIME… because I LOVE the way looks against my skin and hair. I hope I haven’t been misguided all this time.

  22. Anne B

    Now THERE is a man you cannot Fug. <3

    As for Julianne … Lovely hair, love the color of the dress, not terribly thrilled with it being strapless. But overall it works for her. I am unhappy with the Projectile Red Lip; couldn't we have gone with a smoky rose instead?

    If the velvet trend takes the 1990's turn to crushed-, I will shoot myself.

  23. Patti

    She looks lovely and carries it well…. I’m ready to do battle with Ape and Amy over the most dee-lish Tom Ford. Meee YOWWW….. ;)

  24. Joanne

    Tom is of course totally lovely (and gay) and so is the dress (the dress isn’t gay, just lovely, sorry) The lipstick sucks.

  25. Peggy

    The bow is not a huge win, but she looks so much better than she has in all of her recent pictures that I give this two thumbs up. She’s wearing only one dress, how can we not reward that?!

  26. ak

    ohmigod Tom Ford. The front of the dress is gorgeous, her face is perfection, the back (not just the bow) is confusing, but I’m willing to put it all down as a giant win because of the look he’s giving her in that second photo. If Tom Ford, nonheterosexuality and all, were to look at me that way, I would endure innumerable floppy back-bows.

  27. Moon Clementine

    The hair, the make up, the impeccable skin against a dreamy blue hue… absolutely stunning. But the dress! It looks like a velvet bath towel that a tipsy bride threw on at her bachelorette party and tied in the back by her maid of honor with the bow used to decorate the gift box her toaster oven was wrapped in.

  28. JK

    Sans bow, and in a different fabric, this dress would have been stunning. As is, it looks a little wilted and velvet never does well when you’re sitting on it for long stretches of time.

  29. Pat

    I can’t summon up the brain cells to critique the dress with Mr. Tom Ford in the picture.

  30. Leigh

    Yeah, I can’t get past the “Go Westward Pioneers of Modern Hollywood Glamour” expression they’re making in the first shot. Quel dramatic pose, looking off into the sunset that is the red carpet. It keeps making me feel solemn.

    It’s all gorgeous, though. I’m totally digging the bow, the color, her face, all of it.

  31. Stefanie

    Why all this talk about Julianne Moore? All I see is Tom Ford in these pictures. Wow.

  32. Lina

    Wow, she should wear teal ALL THE TIME. She and TF both look great, although I agree the dress has some structural problems. I like the *idea* of the back more than the execution of it, and I wish the front were prettier. That said, the styling is perfect and I think this is the most appealing thing I’ve seen her in in what seems like ages. I’m glad she’s never boring, but I wish she’d shoot for ‘knockout’ instead of ‘interestingly problematic’.

  33. vandalfan

    I have a fondness for velvet, since my Very First Formal skirt (for the 7th grade french horn recital) was navy blue velvet, so I think she looks smashing.

  34. cath

    I love the colour, and I was undecided about the bow. Altogether a win, although I agree with Anne B about the projectile red lipstick; it just looks weird on her.

    Also, is it just me, or does she kind of look like Drew Barrymore in the second picture?

  35. maggie

    She looks simply stunning, bow and all.

  36. Corrine

    Tom Ford! TOM FORD! Look at the sex he’s giving the cameras in the first photo. No fugs there!

  37. witjunkie

    This color is beautiful on her. I like the textured velvet and she looks pretty with the bow from behind – I kinda like this and I’m just glad she’s not wearing her usual head-scratcher.

  38. Sajorina

    This is a WIN for me and Julianne and Tom!!!

  39. amy mck

    Patti…You’re on! I think Tom would love us for it!

  40. KC

    Can I just say, screw velvet? I dunno, the color is kinda pretty but I don’t like the design of it.

    And that bow makes it look like she has a hump on her back.

  41. essex

    “… I wish she’d shoot for ‘knockout’ instead of ‘interestingly problematic’.”
    Thank you Lina. That would indeed solve a number of her problems.

    Dress has potential, but it dies on a trunk-y body like hers and looks more like blue velvet sausage casing. It needs someone with broader shoulders or a more lush bust like Sophia Vergara or Selma Hayak. That said it’s an improvement of late for J. Moore. I do like her makeup her though.

  42. Zuzu

    I do NOT like the bow, but all is forgiven because that teal velvet is so awesome for her,

  43. Bambi Anne Dear

    I can’t be bothered commenting on Julianne because the man with her is so divine. Who is he?

  44. Bambi Anne Dear

    Uhhh, it’s Tom Ford? He doesn’t look so plastic. Or is it because he’s more plastic he just doesn’t look like the same sort of plastic as before? Or maybe it’s a better surgeon.

  45. kimmy

    droopy bow and all, i still love it. the color is amazing, the velvet keeps it from being a boring strapless dress, and her make up/hair are perfect. plus, tom ford is on her arm.

    julianne dresses for herself and no one else. no matter how bad/weird her choices are, she always, always, always OWNS them on the red carpet.