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Fugs and Fabs: Cate Blanchett

Cate the Great (Cate the Grate? No, that’s insulting) is starring in The Maids in New York right now, and apparently the production is quite excellent, although I confess it sounds like a rather confusing play. And I say that as a person with a degree in literature who also was once the president of her high school drama club so you know I know my shit. Regardless of all that, what this really means is that she’s tromping around New York every day and we get to eyeball her outfits. Turns out she loves a bootie.

[Photos: Splash]


Royally Played, Prince Harry

It’s the end of the day. No one is leaving the house. No one…except Prince Harry, to continue hustling for the Invictus Games — he really is working his royal bum off — which this time involves loads of pointing, what looks like choreography, better pants, glorious British monuments, and nuzzling a dog. NOTHING is as emotionally manipulative (of me, personally) as the time he held a baby and made William hold its hand, but we’re getting there and the way this is going, I assume the end of the month will bring us a photo opp where he somehow is found shirtless, washing a car (a carriage?), while George plays with a kitten and Kate is wearing a fabulous pair of striped shoes and holding a shirt that says, “I AM PREGNANT, YOU GUYS!” I approve. It’s all for a good cause, after all.

[Photos: AKM/GSI]


WTF: Ashley Benson

Kudos to the handsome stone-faced dude for remaining so stoic in the face of such roiling eye-trauma:

The only scenario in which these pants are acceptable are if you’ve just recovered from being dragged behind a train.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


Well Played: 73 Questions with Daniel Radcliffe

You know how Vogue does this series where they ask a celebrity 73 questions in one single shot? (We brought you the Sarah Jessica Parker one, as well, and I just realized both that and this involve ping-pong. Do I have a ping-pong thing?) While this is mildly to the side of our usual editorial coverage (well, technically, someone DOES show up in a jumpsuit), let’s get real: I cannot resist sharing Dan Radcliffe. He is so charming and great, and also his favorite drink — I am about to spoil you — is Diet Coke. I love you, DanRad.

I must admit that when they asked him what his spirit animal was, I screamed out, “IT’S A STAG EVERYONE KNOWS THAT.”

[Courtesy of Vogue]


Fairly Well-Played Waxwork: Hugh Bonneville

In fairness, ANYTHING would look like a competent waxwork compared to the HORRID MONSTROSITY that was the Selena Gomez Waxwork. I suspect there is a reason Selena did not pose with hers, and that reason is because she would be making a horrified face. It would have been just as entertaining as this, although in a wholly different way:

Am I crazy, or is that a decent facsimile of Lord Grantham? (I suppose it helps that they’ve put him in a most basic suit — a SIMPLE TUXEDO that Lord G wouldn’t even deign to wear to dig around for his lost Gutenberg Bible — and not some ridiculous frippery, not that the classic tuxedo helped when they ruined Prince William.) It’s possible that I am just charmed by Hugh Bonneville’s shenanigans.

But of course you’d like to see the entire thing:

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Well Played, Meryl Streep

This might be one of my favorite looks on Meryl, and I have decided that she was styled by her daughter, Louisa Gummer, who is standing there with her (styled in the sense that Louisa came over to the house, went into her mother’s closet, and handed her things to wear; although the truth is that everyone of significance at the premiere of The Giver was coordinated in shades of red and pink, so there was clearly SOMEONE’S guiding hand at work):

I mean, is it a deeply revelatory moment of directional fashion madness made light by the artful hands of a style icon? No. It’s a sparkly top and black pants. But Meryl is not a style icon — although of course she is an icon icon; I spent a lot of last night watching Out of Africa again and then doing the math and realizing that she is younger in that movie than I am now, and feeling weird — and this totally suits her. She looks comfortable in it, and she also looks fun. And anyone who’s ever watched The Golden Globes knows that both these things are probably true.

[Photo: FameFlynet]