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Fug the Show: Reign Recap, Season 2, Episode 9, “Acts of War”

Hey, remember when this show had Nostradamus floating around making announcements? It was awfully rude of him to leave right before EXTREMELY TERRIBLE THINGS started happening, which you’d think maybe he would have had an inkling were on the horizon. (In fact, I suspect that’s exactly why the writers had to get rid of him — what good is your soothsayer if he missed all this? Better to have him off in a cottage somewhere.) Warning: this episode involved murder and a brutal sexual assault, the aftermath of which was surprisingly well done by Adelaide Kane (and unsurprisingly extremely well done by Megan Follows), so if you’d rather not read about such things, I shall see you in the next post.

This week’s SUPER TERRIBLE THING that opens the show is this dude tripping over a dead body in a field and then getting kidnapped. Or arrested. TAKEN:


Liam Neeson sadly does not show up to rescue him.

Also sad:


Mary spends a great portion of this episode wearing a duvet cover. Let’s just cover the bullet points of the plot with a quickness and then get into the outfits and the details, and discuss whether or not the show should have Gone There.

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Well Played, Emily Blunt

She’s making a rather sour face in a lot of the photos from this red carpet — I’ve decided she has a sinus infection and she’s miserable after having flown to Dubai feeling like her face might explode — but Fictional Face Pain aside, there’s no reason for her not to look delighted:

2014 Dubai International Film Festival - Day 1

This dress is a total treat, like the formal equivalent of a lemon bar.

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Fugs and Fabs: The Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment Breakfast



Anyway. IN SHORT. Lea Michele went to a business breakfast in a strapless dress. FOR REAL.

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Well Played: Laura Carmichael in Jonathan Saunders

Do you think Laura Carmichael is sick of people being like, “you’re SO MUCH BETTER LOOKING THAN LADY EDITH IN REAL LIFE?!!!!!!” all the time? As I’ve said here before, it’s better than the alternative, but it might be a little tiresome. That said, maybe she should just stop reading this now, if she’s sick of hearing it:

'Downton Abbey' Season Five Photo Call

I think she looks great, and very non-Lady Edith (which is a compliment; Heather and I recently decided that saying, “she’s such a Lady Edith” is basically the meanest thing you can say about a person), although I think the blue eyeshadow might have been a step too far. It’s the Lady Edith Step. (I might also have worn dark hose. Am I turning into Zooey Deschanel? There are worse fates.)

It goes without saying, I hope, that I am very excited about the return of Downton next month. We need to work on a new drinking game for the new season. Like, “if the Pig Farmer falls for Lady Edith, drink your entire cocktail. If they find the Gutenberg Bible, DRINK THE WHOLE BOTTLE.” (NO SPOILERS.)

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Royally Played: Wills and Kate Visit New York, The Extras

Sometimes pictures that I want you to see come in after I’ve already published the post. I don’t want to deprive you of delightful extras (like extra hand-holding. It was more like hand-clutching, but whatever). Enjoy! If you missed any parts of the past whirlwind however many hours it was (72?), all coverage of the tour lives here.

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Mostly Well Played, Evangeline Lilly?

I TOTALLY threw Lee Pace and Richard Armitage in here for you guys. Don’t ever say I don’t love you.

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