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Recent Fugs and Fabs: Sienna Miller

Former Fug Fave Sienna Miller has (at least) two movies coming out this fall, which is VERY good news for us.

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Your Afternoon Man: Prince Harry

It’s been too long.

Prince Harry Attends 100 Women In Hedge Funds Gala Dinner In Aid Of WellChild

I just didn’t think it seemed right to make you wait for Royals Round-Up. ENJOY.

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Recent Fugs and Fabs: Michelle Monaghan

Currently making the rounds for The Best of Me, a movie I will DEFINITELY watch on a plane.

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Fug or Fab: Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli

As a Very Pale Person, I’m always excited to a fellow Very Pale Person wearing white, because sometimes when I wear my own white dress, I feel like I might just look like floating hair and a necklace.

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Fug or Fab: Jessica Alba in Lela Rose

Gather round, friends, and take a good look at Jessica Alba:

SELF Joyce Chang, Jessica Alba Caley Yavorsky and Allyson Felix Luncheon

Point the first: She’s wearing this as it was shown on the runway, but as our friends at Red Carpet Fashion Awards point out, it works better on the model (probably because the model is taller).

Point the second: I, too, like both pieces separately, but am unsure about them together.

Point the third: Does her shirt seem to be covered in fishing lures?

Point the fourth: But are they kind of CUTE fishing lures?

Point the fifth: CAN fishing lures be cute?


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Fug the Show: Reign Recap, season 2, episode 2, “Drawn & Quartered”

This show! This show. Oh, this show. It manages to be confusing and convoluted and overly simplistic at the same time, and it’s as cheesy as a fondue challenge on The Amazing Race but it certainly is entertaining. This week, Mary’s abject stupidity comes back to bite her in the ass and people start getting possessed.

Remember last week when the Plague was in town, killing people off (although no one you REALLY cared about) and ruining people’s lives? Remember? In case you don’t remember, look at all these dead people!


The make-up department clearly had a blast with the Plague, by the way — all the bodies looked disgusting, so well done, Hair and Makeup.  And the Plague has run its course (I have no way of telling what the passage of time is on this show. I assume it’s been about a week since the previous episode, but you should know that I literally started thinking, “well, Francis comes home, and it probably would have taken him…well, he’s got a baby in a carriage, so he’s not as fast as he would be on his horse, and….” as if I could apply earth logic to a show that — PLOT TWIST — is going to end an episode with a dead man briefly possessing a nursemaid), and poor hot Bash is working his hot ass off going through the palace to find the dead, and assuring they get a proper burial:


This is only, as you know, my second episode of this show, but I might love him. You’re supposed to, right? He’s the illegitimate son of the king so he has angsty issues, I presume, about his place in this world, which is always sexy, and he’s totally respectful of the dead, which is a plus. I mean, sure, he’s also maybe having visions and last week he spent like forty-five minutes with his face planted on a wall, but still.  I’d also like to note that Bash, so far, can really work a pair of leather breeches.

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