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Fugs and Pieces: April 29th, 2016

Happy Friday! As a reminder, this Monday is the Met Gala, so make sure you eat your Wheaties and drink your Gatorade this weekend in preparation.

Also! The Royal We is now out in paperback! You can get it everywhere — including Target! — and we hope you do.

– MTV put together a round-up of all of their Prince coverage, which is excellent.

– Speaking of, New Girl‘s Liz Merriweather’s remembrance of working with Prince at Vulture is so so lovely.

– There is a lot of great writing about Beyonce’s Lemonade happening this week; Melissa Harris-Perry’s piece at Elle is very well worth your time.

– Also interesting on Lemonade, MTV’s round-table discussion.  Whether or not you respond to Beyonce as an artist, I don’t think it can be denied that she’s prompted countless compelling conversations this year, about music and art and marriage and feminism and race. Lemonade dropped while we were asleep in the UK and it’s taken me a long time to get up to speed, but when I saw that it had come out, my main thought was not, “I can’t wait to hear this,” but “I can’t wait to read all the interesting articles people are going to write about this.” I have not been disappointed.

– This story about Enya in The Sun is moderately bonkers.

– Over at Lainey: Emily Blunt & Lin-Manuel Miranda in Mary Poppins. HOW DID I MISS THIS EARLIER?!?!?!

– At Atlas Obscura, a fascinating story about — yes — tulips.

– At Vanity Fair: Olivia de Havilland and the Most Notorious Sibling Rivalry in Hollywood. TELL ME MORE, OLIVIA. (This is, in part, an actual interview.)

– Town and Country examines the downfall of Tinsley Mortimer.

– At XOJane: Get Your Nostalgia on with These Throwback Instagram Accounts, Including One Dedicated to the Fabulousness of Jessica Fletcher. You had me at Jessica Fletcher.

– This is a fascinating piece at Racked about the cult of teatox teas on Instagram. “Influencers” are getting like $250,000 a post to shill them, it’s amazing.

– Also at Racked: Fashion and Beauty Secrets From LA’s Most Stylish Older Women. (And they are for real older, not the LA “older” of, like, 43. I’m talking like 76 years old.)

– At Pajiba:  The Biggest Season Finale Cliffhangers (Of 1996)

– Oh, I love this, at The Guardian: Food in books: fruitcake from The Ruby in the Smoke by Philip Pullman

You’ll enjoy this convo between Tom Hanks and John Oliver, courtesy of Vulture.

– At The New Potato, look at all these shoes!

– Relevant to our interests, at The Observer: Chain Reaction: Beautiful, Deadly Necklaces on ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘The Good Wife’

– Via Celebitchy, dude, the cast for the new Twin Peaks is HUGE.

And here at GFY, in case you missed it, some highlights:




Royals Round-Up, April 29th, 2015

Today’s Royal’s Round-Up brings you Maximum Harry, puppies, suspicions, and Maxima eating a giant eclair. What more could you want?

Elsewhere here at GFY this week, we had much royals coverage in which you might be interested:

- First of all, The Royal We came out in paperback this Tuesday, bonus chapter and all! You can get it everywhere from Amazon to Target to your local indie bookstore, and we hope you love it. (If you have the Kindle or Nook version, it should have updated with the new chapter by now, just FYI.)

- We put together a HUGE post today celebrating Wills & Kate’s fifth wedding anniversary that I think (and hope) you might enjoy. It’s MASSIVE. So much gazing!

- While we were in the UK last week, Heather and I saw two fantastic exhibits of royal fashion. We took lots of pictures!

- Also last week, but you might have missed it as this happened after Royals Round-Up went up, the Obamas went to dinner with the Cambridges and Harry, and George welcomed everyone in his tiny baby robe.

And, elsewhere:

– Obviously, we begin with this:

There is so much about that which I love — Harry and Michelle texting; Michelle’s dress; all the plants in that drawing room; Harry in general — but MOST OF ALL I think I love how funny the Queen is in it.

The Telegraph has a story about Harry in which he tells a student that he probably won’t ever be king. Which…I hope not, because some shit would have to go down for that to happen.

– Also, Lainey’s got the BBC interview with Harry.

– At The Mirror: Kate Middleton ‘still terrified of putting a foot wrong’ despite five years of royal marriage. Uh, is this really a story saying Kate’s doing it wrong by worrying that she’s doing it wrong? THE SNAKE IS EATING ITSELF.

Cosmo took a close-up look at the interior of Wills and Kate’s KP apartment.

– This story in People makes me laugh: How Princess Kate Is Preparing for Princess Charlotte’s First Birthday. Basically, the gist is, “we have NO IDEA, but it’ll probably be nice????”

Harper’s Bazaar did a piece on what various celebs have worn to meet the Queen.

– And Tatler has a quiz testing your Duchess of Cambridge knowledge, on which I scored 100%. I should hope so!

This was quite charming:


How I Met Your Fugger: Cristin Milioti

Ooooooh man. Sometimes, as I’ve mentioned before, I will see photos and think, “oh, god, there’s the back page of Us Weekly.” And I think it not with glee as much as with sympathy:

For Your Consideration Event For FX's "Fargo" - Arrivals

Because I feel like there is NO WAY someone didn’t look at this before she left the house and wonder, “are we sure this is the right move?” And someone else must have said, “totally. EVERYONE is doing this sort of Cabaret-inspired salute to the brassiere right now. This is our homage to Emma Stone as Liza Minnelli as Sally Bowles, crossed with the semi-annual sale at Victoria’s Secret. FEEL IT!” NEVER LISTEN TO THAT PERSON, YOU GUYS.

[Photo: Getty]


Royally Played: Wills and Kate’s Fifth Wedding Anniverary, Or: Five Years Of Gazing

If you enjoy royal romances, dreamy gazing, surreptitious holiday hand-holding, and the occasional interesting outfit, what better place to look for them than this truly gigantic round-up of the last five years of Cambridge Wedded Bliss? (With, of course, Bonus Harry. Apparently, it’s not a party without him.)

(Speaking of royal romances, it’s an apt time to remind you that The Royal We came out in paperback on Tuesday! You can get it basically anywhere, including Target — and we hope you love it.)


Fugs and Fabs: Kate Hudson

Say what you will about Noted Essayist Kate Hudson – and I have — you cannot deny that she totally does her part when the time comes to promote whatever she is promoting. She will cheerfully pound the pavement and press the flesh, and there is something to be said about that. Not least because it gives me something to write about. Thanks, Kate!

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]


Fug the Cover: Maisie Williams on Nylon

I get this. It’s supposed to recall the zines of the 90s, especially in the sense that the photo looks as if it’s been cut and pasted — literally. The way we literally used to have to cut things out and paste them onto other things. Kids, you don’t even KNOW.


The reason I get it is because I lived through the early 90s. And while I did not personally read a lot of zines –  procuring them seemed like a lot of work, and I’ve always been in favor of having things just arrive at my home, which is why I am such good friends with my UPS guy — I did live very close to a Penny Lane, and also I read Sassy and also I went to a school where plenty of girls spent a lot of time wearing Doc Martens and talking about Earth Day, so I am very familiar with this particular retro milieu. (For example, I could expound at length about that time Sonic Youth gave Sassy a recipe for tacos using butter and canned tuna, a recipe so bizarre and memorable that I have never forgotten it, and it’s been TWENTY YEARS.) So I FEEL THIS. However, my own personal Old Lady Instinct is that, now, in 2016, this sort of intentionally home-made look only really works if the person in question looks super dynamic in her cut-and-pasted photo, and slack-jawed Maisie Williams in her underpants feels a little more blank than she ought to. I have to think she pulled this cover out of the mailbox and thought, “THAT photo? Really? Okay, then!” I get what they were going for, but I think the place they landed turned out to be more blow-up-doll-adjacent than was intended — in a way that I don’t think fits either her or the publication.

On the other hand, I’m also not the demographic for this sort of thing at all anymore, so what do I know? Well, wait. I do know one thing: regardless of the rest of this cover, that sweater is cute.


WTF: Anna Friel

I really do not get this. It looks like she’s wearing a cocktail table set atop a dining table:

OMEGA '100 Days To Go' To The Rio 2016 Olympics Party

Wearing furniture being stacked to move after a charity function is very difficult to pull off. I don’t care how cute your shoes are.

[Photo: Getty]