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Fugs or Fabs: Kirsten Dunst

No one is more excited than I am than The Return of The Dunst (wearing presumably Prada or Miu Miu here, given that both of these events are Miu Miu-related shenanigans):

'Miu Miu Women's Tales #7 - #8' - Premiere - 71st Venice Film Festival

Because I have (apparently) a weakness for dresses that look 60s surf-inspired but actually cost as much as my car, I am all about this. I can easily imagine her leaning over a tiki bar to get a drink served in a coconut, and that’s kind of all I need right now, although I’d add giant sunglasses to the equation. (I AM HOLDING ONTO THE LAST DREGS OF SUMMER LIKE GRIM DEATH LEAVE ME ALONE.)

The other look from this weekend is slightly less successful although it might also inspire a cocktail:

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Well Played, Uma Thurman

I just have to give it to Uma for nailing the Let’s Twirl Around In It sweepstakes.



Casual Fuggerday: Emma Stone in Venice

You probably want to see more of her new haircut in action, right?

[Photos: AKM/GSI]


Fugs and Pieces, August 29th, 2014

We made it to the weekend, you guys! If you want to relieve the past couple of awards shows, here’s our wrap-up of the Emmys for The Cut, and the same for the VMAs. Phew! PS: Thanks to the Labor Day holiday here in the United States, regular posting will resume on TUESDAY, September 2nd, although we’ll have bits and pieces for you over the long weekend, as usual.

– The New York Times has a very interesting piece about fashion at the U.S Open. (On the players, not the spectators.)  I like to watch tennis while I work, and was just thinking yesterday how crazy everyone looks at the Open compared to the classic tennis whites of Wimbledon. (I enjoy both, to be frank. I LOVE tennis outfits.)

– And InStyle brought us HOT DUDE TENNIS PLAYERS.

– You are going to love this story about Lizzy Caplan choosing her Donna Karan Emmys’ dress. (Elle)

– And Uzo Aduba took Buzzfeed behind the scenes for her own Emmys outing.

– Look at this amazing carpet, made of 750,000 flowers, in Belgium! (Smithsonian)

HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THE WIG ON CHER HOROWITZ in the new Brittany Murphy biopic. IT’S THE WORST. (Vulture)

– Whee! More City Hall Weddings from Refinery29.

– Here’s Kristen Stewart in Vanity Fair France. She looks really good, I have to say. (Lainey)

– These are awesome. Beer label-inspired manicures. And they are sincerely elegant. (Birchbox)

– Hungry? Here’s a (very interesting and educational) photo history of American school lunches. (Bon Appetit)

Hello Kitty is not a cat? WTF?! SHE HAS CAT EARS. (Los Angeles Times)

– The evolution of the Victoria’s Secret catalog is pretty fascinating. (Cosmo)

The Science of Us wonders why you can never smell your own home and now I’m paranoid.

– Pajiba says, Please Never Revive These 10 Quintessential ‘90s Shows

– This is funny: What Would The BuzzFeed Post About You Be Called?

– Something about this headline makes me laugh:  Amal Alamuddin visited George Clooney on the set of his Nespresso commercial. I don’t know why. (Celebitchy)



Royals Round-Up, August 29th 2014

HARRY (allegedly) HAS A NEW GIRLFRIEND. I think she looks very much like Kate.  (There’s a rumor that Chelsy Davy is engaged, so it’s possible poor Harry is merely burying his long-simmering romantic devastation in a new lady [there are long-standing theories that Chelsy is The One Who Got Away], but this one does seem suitably sporty + charity minded, although her name is Camilla, so we’re going to have to come up with a nickname to differentiate between her and Camilla The First, if she proves to have staying power. But my snap judgement based on basically nothing is that I’ve decided I like this one. Kate, come on. Email me the scoop. Surely you’re reading this on your phone, in Scotland.)

Anyway, we’re light on pictures of the Brits this week — Kate and Wills have stuff planned for September, kicking off with an event in Oxford next week-ish, so we will not be bereft that long — and nada from Spain or Monaco or the Netherlands, but Denmark and Sweden are holding up the side.

ELSEWHERE, for your reading pleasure:


Who Played It Better: Holland Roden v. Kate Middleton

Sorry to be dipping back into the Emmys well, but eagle-eyed Fug National Esther pointed out that Holland Roden sported a dress at an Emmys post-party that looks rather similar to a fairly famous dress previously seen on the Duchess of Cambridge, and I thought you might enjoy a Sleepy Friday Compare and Contrast. And by “you,” I mean Kate herself, who I assume is reading this right now whilst on vacation, muttering around a mouthful of takeaway while William tries to keep George from falling into the loch.

I'm not seriously putting this up to a vote.

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