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Casual Fuggerday: Salma Hayek

Well, well, well:

Celebs Leave Gucci Fashion Show During Milan Fashion Week

Apparently there IS one thing that makes Salma Hayek look vaguely goofy,  and it is a beret.

[Photo: INF]


Fugs and Pieces, February 27, 2015

I seriously had to think about what year it was when I wrote this. And then I got the date wrong. Where AM I, and why isn’t the answer “Tahiti”? Post-Oscars is a confusing time.

First of all! ICYMI, you can now read the first seven chapters of our forthcoming novel, The Royal We, for free! FREE! Also, Goodreads is giving away 15 signed galleys, so be sure to enter if you are interested! (Unfortunately, the giveaway is for US readers only.)

In non-book-related news, it’s also possible that you missed some of our Fashion Week shenanigans given the Drama and Grandeur of the Oscars that came right on the heels of NYFW. If so, we’ve got a round-up of everything we did and wrote for Cosmo here. You cannot miss Heather asking Martha from The Americans about what it’s like to boink Matthew Rhys when they’re both wearing crazy wigs.


Romance titan Bertrice Small died this week. When I was a teenager, I was OBSESSED with her Skye O’Malley series. (Smart Bitches, Trashy Books)

– And Leonard Nimoy died today, which I am so SAD about. The New York Times has a neat video of him explaining the origin of the Vulcan hand signal.

You guys will love this piece on Ralph Fiennes, and not just because a Fug National was quoted therein. (The Telegraph)

Jamie Lee Curtis interviews Signourney Weaver for Interview and it is awesome. To wit: “I played a woman who kept a hedgehog in her vagina in one play; I was schizophrenic in another. It was just so much fun.”

– YAY! Allen Leech — AKA Tom Branson on Downton Abbey — did an AMA on Reddit. You should know that he called Maggie Smith “The Notorious M.A.G.”

– Speaking of Downton, here’s a great piece on that showstopper of a dress that Rose wore last week. (Spoilers, obviously, if you’re not caught up.) (Radio Times)

– PNEUMATIC TUBES! I’m obsessed with them; Lapsed Historian has a FASCINATING piece about their use in London.

– That T Swift is savvy; she explains to People StyleWatch why she posted a bikini pic on her Instagram. Spoiler: to screw with the paparazzi.

People also has a cool video, reliving the Oscars red carpet in 90 seconds.

– The pics from inside the Vanity Fair Oscar party are great, if you haven’t seen them yet. Like this one, of Bandaidcatcher Casteroil talking to the Sisters Collins.

– And I love this piece from Bon Appetit about Oscars gowns that remind them of recipes.

– The first image from the Jem and The Holograms movie is HERE! (Pajiba)

– Open Culture explains why people do their best thinking in the shower. Which is true for me. I once almost rented an apartment that had a white board hanging over the bathtub. I think I walked in and said, “well. A writer used to live here.”

Drew Barrymore is writing a book of “personal essays,” which could potentially be interesting. She has lived a life. (Lainey)

Apparently Jude Law was almost cast as Superman. That is INTRIGUING. (Celebitchy)


Royals Round-Up, February 27, 2015

In which Prince Harry is sent out to look for red squirrels, as he is the closest thing the British Royal Family currently has to a red squirrel in human form; Prince William is off on a trip to Japan and China where so far he has done  LOT pointing at stuff and wearing one of my favorite coats of his, along with his traditional grass skirt and tube top (read: blue suit); a VARIETY of domesticated animals make appearances; Princess Estelle is EXTREMELY CUTE; we learn that Queen Sonja Of Norway really digs white hose; Maxima and W-A are mad cute together; and Letizia and Felipe stand next to a huge pile books.

Speaking of books: In case you missed the post last week, you can now read the first seven chapters of our forthcoming novel, The Royal We, for free! And! Goodreads is giving away 15 signed galleys, so be sure to enter if you are interested! (Unfortunately, this giveaway is for US readers only.)

And elsewhere:

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High Fugshion: Roksanda Ilincic Fall 2015 at London Fashion Week

She had a HUGE 2014. Let’s see what this year may bring.  (As ever, you can see the show in its entirety at

[Photos: Getty]


High Fugshion: Erdem Fall 2015 at London Fashion Week

I must confess that I love London Fashion Week. It just gets weirder than New York Fashion Week (although I obviously also love seeing Coats I Want To Buy Should I Become A Kajillionaire), without always going into…CRAZY ASS WEIRDTOWN. And you guys know how I feel about Erdem. (Into it.)

As usual, this is just a selection. You can see the entire show at

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Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie Recap, season 4, episode 6

I thought this episode was actually REALLY strong, although George is still quite orange (and has blue lips at one point. I am worried that this series is going to end with George being diagnosed with a bizarre disease of some sort). First of all: FINALLY, the casting of Meredith Monroe (AKA Dawson’s Creek‘s Andie McPhee) as Lemon’s mother pays off, like FOUR SEASONS LATER. Second: Happy Wade and Zoe are very cute together. Third: I can get on board with this George and AB thing. I was worried it was going to feel sort of “Sorry, But These Are The Only Two Single People Left,” but I actually think it might be working. LET’S DISCUSS.

First off: Zoe and Wade are having a boy!


There is a moment that is both predictable but also funny where Wade thinks his fetus child’s arm is actually his penis.  This kicks off a storyline wherein Zoe freaks out about how to raise “an Alabama boy” — she knows nothing about, say, where to find the best fishin’ hole — and Wade freaks out because he realizes that if his son is just like him, he is screwed. It will not surprise you to find out that they eventually realize that they’re in this together, and they’re going to be okay. It’s actually quite sweet.

Second off: George and AB are both realizing that they’re secretly hot for each other:


Whereas I am mostly just hot for AB’s dress, which is CUTE.  George is about to ask AB out when they are interrupted by Lavon, and somehow no one wonders why George’s entire body is orange and his lips are blue. Maybe his new gig managing The Truitt Brothers, and now also Meatball, involves eating a lot of Popsicles.

Up next, we learn that Lemon is feeling VERY Valentino lately, and also that BlueBell needs to talk the Dreaded Fillmore into agreeing to host the State Football Championships with them, because together they will surely get the nod and then make LOADS of cashola:


Everyone is swayed from their hatred of Fillmore and the dastardly Mayor Gainey to agree that Loads of Cash is worth it. George does NOT start waxing poetic about the time HE was on a storied high school football team, which is sad because I wanted to know how he miraculously gained the ability to walk again and also I need Tim Riggins’s phone number. I also think Tami Taylor could give Zoe some really comforting advice WRT being a good mom, and obviously I long to see Coach and his hideous sunglasses that he bought at the AM/PM immediately. What I am saying is: I know it’s too late because the end of this series is already in the can and also everyone else has new jobs but CROSSOVER EPISODE COME ON YOU GUYS.

To make up for it, though, the show gives us the gift of Lavon and Wade, in tank tops, painting the nursery:

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