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Your Afternoon Man: Josh Jackson (Again)

Part two in an INFINITE SERIES of candids of Pacey and Diane walking around wearing hats:

I can’t believe that Diane is basically pulling off those shorts. Up is down, cats and dogs living together. Etc. (I CAN believe he’s pulling off the scruff, though.)

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


Recent Fugs or Fabs of Chloe Grace Moretz

CGM here is the star of If I Stay, which I suspect might be a big hit given that I know people LOVE the book (I have not read it yet) and it looks swoony and delicious. At the very least, we’ll get to see plenty of her on the red carpet in the next couple of weeks, so strap in and get ready for me to pitch like 700 movies where I propose that she and Kiernan Shipka play sisters.

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Recent Fugs and (Mostly) Fabs: Jess Weixler

As always when we feature Jess Weixler, I have to note that she is so good on The Good Wife. Rumor has it that she is likewise amazing in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby with Jessica Chastain, and as a Jessica myself, I look forward to that movie coming out so we can have a Jessica-fest. (The addition of Chastain and Weixler to the celebrity yellow pages has improved the list of Famous Celebrity Jessicas, which prior to now has been, like, Simpson, Rabbit, and Biel — a law firm I do not recommend.)

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Bjorkly Played: Bjork

I am just delighted any time we get to visit with Bjork and she’s not just a floating intergalactic head, passing judgement on the foolish celebrities lucky enough to find themselves sorted into Fug Madness bracket that bears her name:

I’m especially delighted that we’ve got BUSINESS BJORK, because I didn’t know such a thing existed and I like imagining what it would be like if, for example, this version of Bjork were your defense attorney or your patent lawyer or your CFO. Things would be more confusing, and you’d probably regret it, but before you all got hauled off to jail, it would be magical.

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Recent Mostly All Fabs: Aubrey Plaza

The Dead of Summer truly is high season for Starlets Popping Out of Hotels in Sunglasses and Cute Dresses.

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Royally Played, Prince Harry

Am I just posting this picture of Prince Harry because I think he looks hot in these jeans?

Yes. Good morning to you, too.

[Photo: AKM/GSI,]