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Fugs and Fabs: Everyone Else at the NAACP Image Awards

People went for a wide range of patterns and colors and silhouettes for this red carpet, to which I say: THANK YOU, CELEBRITIES. Please continue in this manner forever.

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Fug the Show: Downton Abbey Recap, Episode 606

This episode truly had it all: kissing (in the rain, no less)! Tours of grand British estates (only my favorite thing ever)! Crying! Headbands! Bertie giving Mary a dirty look on Edith’s behalf! Wise children! Crying underbutlers! Surprise fiancees! It seems that Old York’s Hottest Club IS Downton Abbey.

As ever, if you’ve seen this season in its entirety, please don’t spoil the rest of us. We VERY MUCH appreciate your restraint…and before we know it, the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed. We only have three more episodes to go! (Note: there will not be a new episode on February 28th, and thank God, because putting the series finale of Downton up against the Oscars would have been terribly, terribly mean.)


Royally Played: The Duchess of Cambridge in Alexander McQueen

I love a good coat on a Sunday. (If this one looks familiar,  it’s because she wore it in New Zealand, and then for D-Day [er, the commemoration thereof; she didn't, like, travel back in time to be present, although I'd read that book].) People, as ever, has details on this particular event, which was a service marking the 75th anniversary of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets, of which Kate is now patron (according to that piece, apparently now Prince NibblyCheeks wants to fly a Spitfire, just like everyone else). (This Sunday post was brought to you by the parenthetical aside.)

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Fugs and Pieces, February 5th, 2016

Happy Friday, Fug Nation!

Amelia McDonell-Parry is covering Serial‘s Adnan Syed’s Post-Conviction Hearing for The Frisky. It’s very interesting.

– Here’s some hot hot hot David Beckham. (Socialite Life)

– Lainey has the scoop on how Intern George proposed to Amal.

– As well as this blind item that I am SURE we can figure out.

– I know you’re going to want to read THIS, in T: The Tiny London Shop Behind Some of the Very Best Libraries

– Related, at Laughing Squid: A Wonderful Film Compilation of The Incredible Joy That People Find Inside Bookstores and Libraries

– You will also enjoy this interview with Laura Carmichael, AKA Lady Edith, in the New York Times. (There are no spoilers, don’t worry.)

– In The Guardian: Amazon fashion drama The Collection to star The Good Wife’s Mamie Gummer. I hope we get this here in the US. I have it on good authority that a Fug National is working on this!

– Claire Zulkey has written her own Konmari, which includes advice such as “Burn all your books. We will have a special book incineration ceremony in the town square this weekend followed by a tidiness parade. Please report your friends who do not attend.”

– Pajiba wonders, Is Rob Lowe The Greatest TV Actor Of The Last 20 Years?

– At Poetry Foundation, a lovely, fascinating piece about the ampersand.

– This is fun, and unexpectedly touching, at Buzzfeed: The NFL’s Longest-Tenured Kicker Tried To Teach Me How To Kick A Field Goal

– At The Hollywood Gossip, I have some doubts about what Ariel Winter is wearing.

– At Women in the World, a fascinating interview with artist Mickalene Thomas.

– Over at The New Potato, a Beginner’s Guide To Korean Skincare. A topic with which I am personally obsessed.

– I love stories about actors who were almost cast in an iconic role. At Celebitchy, we learn that Lisa Edelstein was almost Carrie Bradshaw. That one must have really stung.

– Finally, Heather and I interviewed Tyga (yes) for DuJour, and the interview turned out to be surprisingly revealing, albeit unintentionally.

– Other noteworthy stuff you might have missed around here at GFY include:



Royals Round-Up, February 5th, 2016

In this week’s Royals Round-Up: Camilla goes to jail! We get to see inside Clarence House from an angle that is new to me! Harry wears that sweater I like! Crown Princess Mary sports a nice coat. That circus in Monaco is still happening?!!?!?

PS: Kate has an event on Sunday, where she will be presiding over the coin toss at the Super Bowl. Wait, that’s wrong. She’s going to be attending a church service and reception as part of her new gig as Honorary Commandant of the RAF Cadets. We’ll have coverage here, of course, so swing by whenever you get tired of the dips you’re eating.

And elsewhere:

– This is from the Daily Mail (I KNOW), but it’s a fun read (with the usual caveats) for those of us who love Royal Logistics, which is a strength of The Mail. Let me share their own breathless and slightly misleading headline: Confessions of the Queen’s Vicar: Diana’s ‘terrible’ upbringing, Andrew on the rampage and Princess Margaret’s VERY distracting decolletage… an indiscreet portrait of the off-duty Royals.

– Our friends at the Duchess Diary report that QE2 is giving Kate her patronage of the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club (the home of Wimbledon), which is both a very plum assignment and one that makes total sense given that Kate loves tennis and they go to Wimbledon every summer anyway.

– Rumor has it that Prince SquishyFace NoodleMuffin is doing v. well at nursery school; I wonder if his being in school on the regular right now is one of the reasons that Kate and Wills didn’t join the rest of the Middz in Mustique right now. (The other reason being, I think. that they’ve finally realized it’s bad optics, and also he’s flying a lot right now.) (Hello!)

– The Court Jeweller reports on all the tiaras at Sweden’s Representative Dinner. Shiny! (Sofia — who looks lovely — is basically sparkles from head to toe.)

Crown Princess Mary sported a purple Alexander McQueen evening gown this week, which you probably want to see. (Order of Splendor)

People has the scoop on the cancelled Spanish state visit to the UK, which I mentioned in the slideshow.

–Prince Charles has made 3 MILLION (People reports it as dollars, but I think it’s actually three million pounds) selling prints of his artwork since 1997. (For charity.)

– There’s going to be a big exhibit of the Queen’s clothing for her 90th birthday! Let’s go! (BBC)

– Tatler has several photos of royals playing rugby. BLESS THEM.

– And our friends at Vanity Fair of course have the scoop on Harry’s partying over the weekend.

– Harry put a wee child’s wellie back on her foot today. It’s rather charming. (Reports from the field all indicate that he was on Full Charm at this visit.)

  — This seems about right:

– This looks fun!


Fug or Fab: Leslie Mann in Marchesa

I have come to a greater understanding of myself.


And it is that, given my feelings for this look (positive), it’s possible that I may have A Thing For Feathers. This does not jibe at all with the fact that I have a raging phobia of birds — unless! And I may have just further figured out my own psyche! UNLESS I find this look so appealing because it represents to me a beautiful way to SUBDUE THE BIRD. By, you know, sitting on it all night.

In all honesty, there is part of me that finds the idea of a feather skirt kinda gross, if I think about it too long. But this is like taking a glamorous marabou slipper and making a whole outfit out of it, and I am therefore sort of into it.

"How To Be Single" New York Premiere - Red Carpet

Also, I do love a halter.

All that said, I recognize that you, Fug Nation, may think I have — if you’ll pardon the pun — gone cuckoo.

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Fug or Fab: Kristen Wiig in Vintage YSL

Well, I want to run over to her and yank this up and also scoot it all over like…half an inch. All those logistics sorted, though, I kind of like this:


I freely admit that I might be feeling warmly toward it is because I REALLY would have wanted to wear it to a winter formal circa 1992. (I mean, it is vintage! MAYBE I COULD HAVE.)

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