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ACM Awards Fugs and Fabs: Everyone Else

I’d like to thank such a larger percentage of the attendees of this event for choosing a pattern. It’s so cheerful!


ACM Awards Fugs and Fines: Miranda Lambert

I randomly heard Miranda Lambert on the radio this past week — not one of her songs; her, specifically. She called in to talk to Seacrest about something — and I was reminded that I find her very likeable and I am preemptively on her side if things go pear-shaped with her and Blake. Which, by the way, I don’t want to happen. But if it DOES, I feel like her Break-Up Album will be GREAT.

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Fug or Fab, and then WTF: Blake Lively

Real talk: I don’t know if Age of Adaline is going to be any good, but I do know that Blake Lively looks FANTASTIC in the ads. It’s like they’re a series of fabulous perfume commercials. She is crazy gorgeous in every shot of this film. Ergo, real life might be a wee bit of a comedown?

"The Age Of Adaline" New York Premiere

I just feel like this might be TOO MUCH: too much lace, too much red, too much leather, too many feathers, too much hair (NEVER TOO MUCH HAIR, I TAKE IT BACK, BLAKE). This dress feels like it’s got a lot of smoke and mirrors happening, on a person who needs neither.

Speaking of need, though, I might need this:

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Fugs and Fabs: Coachella Weekend Two

Weekend two of Coachella was a total snooze compared to weekend one. I like to think it’s because everyone decided they wanted to stay home and go to the Festival of Books.  That said…Kylie Jenner assures her Fug Madness Qualification Score at this particular event. It’s like she saw what Kendell did last year and decided, IT’S ON.

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THE ROYAL WE E-Book is On Sale!

Good news! If you haven’t yet picked up The Royal We for your e-reader, it’s currently (temporarily; I think this pricing is only for two weeks) on sale for $9.99 all over the place:



- It’s a Kindle Select Pick this week, which means that you can get it for your Kindle here

- It’s one of iBook’s What We’re Reading picks this week as well, and you can get it on iBooks here.

- If you have a Nook, it’s ALSO $9.99 on Ye Old Nooke here.

- If you do your e-book-reading on Kobo, you can get it for $9.99 here.

As always, thank you so very much for your support. The Royal We made it onto the USA Today Bestsellers list this week (it’s a rather long list, but STILL!) and we could not have done it without Fug Nation spreading the word. If you’re in Los Angeles this weekend, hopefully we’ll see you on Sunday at the Festival of Books!

(As a note, because we’ve gotten some questions about this: At the moment, unfortunately, the ebook is only available in the US and Canada, because those are the places where we have a publisher.  If it were up to me and Heather, you would all be able to download it immediately everywhere, but we need to sell it in your country for that to be possible. Our agent is working on this even as we type, and hopefully we will have good news on that front eventually. But please know that we’re not intentionally trying to deprive anyone; we want everyone everywhere to be able to read it ASAP, trust me! Cross your fingers that we get deals wherever you want to read it!)

If you have lingering questions about the book, or want to read some of our recent press, I’ve put all that intel after the jump:

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Fugs and Pieces, April 17th, 2015

First! A reminder that we are going to be at the Los Angeles Festival of Books on Sunday. Our panel is called Fiction: Famous By Association, with a signing to follow. The panel will be in  Salvatori Computer Science Center 101, on the USC campus. It’s moderated by Heather Havrilesky, and the other panelists are Christopher Noxon and Shanna Mahin. Come out and say hello!

Second! This is the part where I remind you that our new adult novel, The Royal We, is out and about and available and just waiting for you to read it! We were a People‘s pick last week! iBooks just called us irreverent, hilarious, and charming and named us one of their books of the week! All ebook versions are currently on sale for $9.99! (That links to Amazon, but it should be on sale elsewhere, too; I’m going to pop up a post with proper links to everything as soon as I get a moment.) Exclamation points! (And if you’re not the US or Canada, our friends at the Book Depository, which ships free internationally, are back in stock.) Happy reading! (And spread the word.)

– This ban on British chocolate imports is UNTENABLE. (Vanity Fair)

– This. Is. Awesome. Over at Jezebel: Fact: The Wacky Fashions of ’80s Romance Novels Are the Greatest Thing

– Aw, Pacey brought Diane Kruger flowers at the airport. (Lainey)

– Sigh. I love vintage travel ads. (Travel and Leisure)

– Speaking of travel, I love these sorts of lists. Smithsonian put together a list of the 20 Best Small Towns to Visit. I’ve done two!

– And look at these great vintage covers of Beverly Cleary books! (That was the version of Ramona and Her Father that I had, myself.) (Flavorwire)

– The great Minnesotan Umlat War is THE BEST. (New York Times)

– Also at the NYT, this is a great story about books, libraries, nature, and love.

– I admit to strongly enjoying the trailer for the new Star Wars movie. I love you forever, Han Solo! (Pajiba)

– This was funny: Watch Wine Experts Taste Pop Culture Wines (video, obviously) (Cosmo)

– Here’s your weekly Cumberbatch! (Celebitchy)

– At Vulture: Tilda Swinton Wrote a Poem for Amy Schumer

Elle wonders, Is Amal Clooney New York’s New Carolyn Bessette?