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Emmy WTF: Kerry Condon

Kerry here, though not a household name necessary, has appeared in The Walking Dead, and Believe, and such fare that would suggest she’s on plenty of casting people’s radars.

Kerry Condon

And now, unfortunately for her, she’s on ours. AND ON NOTICE. I seriously feel like, outside an interpretive dance performance called Spanx for the Memories, there is no place for this in in the world.

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Emmys Fugs and Fabs: The Rest of Modern Family

I’m not actually that shocked Modern Family won again for Best Comedy, because of all the nominees, it’s the most LIKE a traditional sitcom and the Emmys are nothing if not about voting for what’s familiar (I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but when she won for The New Adventures of Old Christine, I think no one was as surprised as she). I am bored of them picking what they know, but I also don’t want to them to go off the rails just for the sake of it — again, nothing against Andy Samberg, but his performance in Brooklyn Nine-Nine wasn’t especially Globes-worthy, and YET. So basically: Awards ceremonies are really just excuses to complain, and so, I invite you to join me and anyone else in the comments to vent your spleens about who should’ve won. Also, outfits. Let’s look at those too.

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Emmys Well Played: Lena Headey

It feels like a damn miracle that all this asymmetry works, but it really does

Lena Headey

She has the right touch of bad-ass attitude, skepticism, great posture, and glow. I wonder if it was fun sitting next to her. I imagine, for no informed reason at all, that she’d be full of amusing asides about Julia Roberts needing to Sit Down And Be Quiet, or why Jimmy Kimmel yapped for so long when he wasn’t the host, or whether Sofia Vergara needs to learn to be a slightly worse sport so that she avoids indignities like having to stand on a revolving dais in the name of letting the head of the Emmys be “funny.” And then threatening the seat fillers a la Game of Thrones, just so they can feel like they had a proper Hollywood evening.


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Emmys Well Played: Teyonah Parris in Christian Siriano

She is awesome on Mad Men — with not nearly enough to do, in my opinion — and she is awesome on the red carpet.

Teyonah Parris at Emmys 2014

This is so cheerful and awesome, like a popsicle on a sweltering day, but without the fear that someone will leave it on your couch and let it melt into a sticky ruinous mess. Kerry Washington really ought to throw out Miuccia Prada’s number and plug in Christian’s instead.

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Emmys Non-Fug Carpet: Zooey Deschanel in Oscar de la Renta

I am definitely not upset with this gown, but I’m having a hard time mustering up aggressive feelings for it.

Zooey Deschanel at Emmys 2014


I love the brightness, and the metallic accessories, and the fact that it mostly fits. I’m not that thrilled with the fact that it can’t make itself look crisp. It basically comes off like a very serviceable fallback option — as if Zooey hunted high and low but nobody sent her anything more interesting, so she grabbed the safest thing she could find that didn’t also give her narcolepsy. It IS interesting to see her move so definitively away from the whole darling-hipster aesthetic, but there isn’t a transitive property at work that makes IT interesting as well.

This was amusing, though:

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Emmy Weekend Fine and Fug: Anna Chlumsky

Giuliana asked her if she was tired of being asked about My Girl. She was polite, but my feeling is, she’s tired of people asking if she’s tired of being asked about My Girl. And she has a point — she was an EMMY NOMINEE for Veep. Would it have killed Giuliana to — wait, hang on, trying to make sense of her is a fruitless errand.

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