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Fug Nation’s Emmy Best and Worst

Hey, y’all, remember when we voted on who was the best-dressed and worst-dressed at the Emmys? If you don’t, that’s understandable, because it was two weeks ago and we totally forgot to post the results. Let’s revisit it now, because it was a high high, and SUCH a low low.

Let’s start low:

Lena Dunham

Oh, Lena. We really enjoy you, but that pajama shirt is your gravest enemy. It’s plotting things. DISPOSE OF IT.

Cleanse your retinas with the best-dressed person:

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Well Played Coat, Rita Ora

This just looks so snuggly:

Rita Ora

It has cute stripes and basically looks like a giant blanket with sleeves and pockets. Can it be coat season yet? Can it, can it? Please? THINK OF THE COAT SLIDESHOWS, MOTHER NATURE.


Also, thank you for tolerating our sleep deprivation this week and probably, let’s face it, the months prior to it. Someday hopefully you will love The Royal We and feel that it was all worth it. I PRAY. But for real: We love you, Fug Nation. And we really appreciate you.

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Rumor has it that Rihanna was going to attend Marc Jacobs’ show, but was late — it’s the only show at Fashion Week that starts right when it says it will (after years of being, like, epically, arrogantly tardy) — and so didn’t even get out of her car, and instead just went out to dinner.


She should have stopped at, “didn’t even get out of her car.” Well, except for the coat. She should have thrown the coat out the window at me — even though I wasn’t there; she could have FOUND ME, if she ever even CARED — and then proceeded not to exit the car until she was safely out of view. Choices, Rihanna. We all have them. Rethink.

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Fugging With The Stars: Julianne Hough in Zimmermann

So, this alleges to be Zimmermann.

Julianne Hough

But I’m pretty sure it’s actually aprons from Anthropologie that someone glued together and started selling on an extremely low-tier Etsy shop called Zimme R. Mann.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Fug or Fab: Emma Stone in Chloe

She’s in Paris for this Magic in the Moonlight premiere. Is this crazy ugly, or is it sort of… French-charming?

Do you like it?

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High Fugshion: Donna Karan Spring/Summer 2015

The hats, you guys. THE HATS. They’re a cross between Pharrell, the sheriff, and The Man In The Yellow Hat from Curious George. Also, I get a little rambly again, but only because sometimes it’s just hard to know what to say and I’d rather talk about wine.