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TCAs Fugs and Fabs: Netflix

There was a time, a decade ago, when I thought to myself, “I should buy Netflix stock… nah, it’s a little expensive.” REGRETS. So many regrets.

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Your Afternoon Man: Chris Hemsworth

With Chris inching closer to global domination — he’s entrenched in the Marvel world, he’s in the new Vacation, he landed the new Ghostbusters — it’s high time we discuss exactly what Chris is doubtless pondering: When Mount Hemsmore is carved into the landscape of his native Australia, which hair should crown him?

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Fug or Fab: Dascha Polanco

This whole look is actually a bit Kim Kardashian:

dascha polanco mission impossible

But not in the bad way. It’s just that the slicked-back pony, the deep lip, and a figure-hugging white dress with a jacket thrown over it evokes one of The Lady West’s two default aesthetics – as in, the one where she’s not using her clothes as a window. I think the minimalism is lovely on Dascha, and she looks extremely striking; it’s the abdominal porthole that’s bugging me. It’s not particularly clever, nor stylish, nor whimsical. It’s just there, a small slice of havoc. Like many a Kardashian, in fact.

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Recent Fugs and Fabs: Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca is the Swedish-born actress picked to star in Mission Impossible: Still Not Ever Technically Impossible(You might have seen her as the titular White Queen in the BBC/Starz show.) She is one of those actresses who’s new enough to me that she doesn’t so much look like herself as a combination of other people I know better. So far, I’ve come up with: Laura Prepon mixed with Michelle Monaghan.

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Fugging Up With The Jenndashians

Earlier, we had J.Lo trying to keep up with these fools, and now we have the originals. Ah, summer: Can’t you steal some of the events that clog up awards season, so that it’s more spread out? Does the Art of Elysium Whatsit have to happen Golden Globes weekend? Can’t the people choose to have the People’s Choice Awards sneak into late July? SHARE.

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WTF (and yet Business As Usual): Jennifer Lopez in Bao Tranchi


jennifer lopez birthday celebration

“I have a plan, lovers. Shh. Hear me out. My talent show is ending next year and so I am going to go revitalize another big show: Lots of Kardashians or whatever. I will go in like a Category Lopez Hurricane and I will blow that Krispy person right out of there and take over the family and upgrade it, just like I did on the Idol thingIt makes sense, lovers. I do Kim better than Kim does Kim, I can show Kylie how to do Kim better than she is doing Kim. And I have proof it is meant to be. What proof is that, beautiful thigh hero of mine, you ask? Look: ‘Jennifer’ equals ‘if’ plus ‘Jenner.’ MATH DOES NOT LIE. I’M COMING, FAMILY.”

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