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Happy Fugday, Kim Kardashian

I’ve told this story on GFY before, but: Every time I see Kim at Tao in Las Vegas, I think back to the time in 2007 — a shocking seven years ago now — when my dad and I were staying in the Venetian, and we wandered past Tao just as Kim was being photographed at a step-and-repeat outside. He asked me who it was, and I explained that she was some rando fool who was best-known for hanging out with Paris Hilton. Dad glanced at her, his brows arched in deepest skepticism, and then said with extreme Britishness, “I am not impressed.”

So, in honor of Kim’s birthday appearance at Tao this weekend, I decided to look for that old photo. And juxtapose it with the current one. Some things change (her face), some things remain the same (her taste).

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What The Fug: Heather Graham at the “Horns” Premiere

Nothing about the top works – but the top, as you’ll see, isn’t the point. Spoiler: Get ready to pour a heaping bowl of groin-ola.

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Fug the Show: Nashville recap, season 3, episode 5, “Road Happy”

I regret to inform you that the bright ray of hope that was Glenn’s bald head… has been crushed by the weight of that infernal carpet once more. I know. We’ll get through it together, Fug Nation. I promise you this.

nashville-episode-5-season-3-1 (1024x577)

Juliette is out on tour again, pregnant but in skintight dresses that they have to shoot pretty carefully because Hayden Panettiere is WAY further along than her character is. And in fact, shouldn’t she be due pretty soon? This show is going to be a HUGE MESS without her. They’d better give Rayna some layers really quickly, or else make Sadie Stone crazy interesting.

Anyway, Juliette bursts into her dressing room and frowns about how her dress is super itchy against her bump, which, if it existed, would result in her never wearing that dress in the first place. Confusion. But, that’s not the point. This is all an excuse for her to realize that a little birdie has overheard her:

cheep cheep


Recent Fugs and Fabs: Elle Fanning

There was a time when Elle Fanning made it past the first two rounds of Fug Madness on the strength of her inane shoe choices alone. That phase seems to have passed, at least, although she may have overcorrected a smidge.

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Fug the Show: Scandal recap, season 4, episode 5

This show made a couple curious choices that make me wonder whether this episode and the one prior – or even the two prior — had the deck shuffled on them a bit. One: Later on, Liv wears the EXACT same outfit she had on midway through the previous one. Two: This show opens with a lengthy segment about the case-of-the-week from TWO weeks ago — The Statutory Rapist Who Did Not Kill Her Stepdaughter — and since NOBODY CARES about that storyline, and even Scandal itself seems ambivalent right now, that’s a very strange thing to do after a strong ending to last week. Now, some of the pieces this week ARE inextricable from each other, and maybe it was just a wardrobe accident or emergency, but I’d be curious to know what (if any) pieces got moved around in the edit. ** Two commenters brought up that maybe this was the result of cutting out the Stephen Collins guest stint? I had forgotten that was supposed to happen (although he was only recurring as a news anchor, so I don’t know if his part would have been THAT major?). He tweeted about it Sept. 23, so it might be a LITTLE tight for it to have been in these episodes, too, and yet anything is possible. Let’s dispose of it quickly and then get to the better stuff:


As a refresher, they found video of Dead Stepdaughter being harassed in an elevator at her father’s workplace. Now Liv and Quinn are staking out the same workplace, I think — seriously, no one cares — and it’s only interesting because Quinn is a bit nasty to Olivia about why she’s suddenly in there doing the dirty work with them. Olivia responds, “My boyfriend is avoiding me.” Quinn gives her this look as if to say, “OMG, you too? PEOPLE AVOID OLIVIA POPE?” It made me laugh. It’s almost as if Quinn started to like her more in that second. And soon, they see a man appear and fight with a girl they recognize as Stepdaughter’s best friend. He smacks her. The girl reels backward but does not try to escape, grabbing instead at her face, and then the man executes her. They ID the man as a famously crooked ex-cop in D.C. who now does private security for firms like the one owned by Stepdaughter’s father, and the man menacingly tells the FIRST dead girl’s dad that he killed them BOTH to protect some key. But of course, the key is still missing. Why? Read More


Fug or Fab: Anne Hathaway in Richard Nicoll

I have no idea what Anne Hathaway’s style is. Sometimes that’s fine; people don’t ever have to be just one thing, certainly. But she is all over the place, to me – if we were tracking her wardrobe’s movement on a map with string and thumbtacks, it’d look like a tightly woven blanket – and 90 percent of the time, wherever she lands, she still looks like a tourist.

The more I look at it, the more I dislike it. But I promised a poll. So:

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