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Unfug or Fab: Saoirse Ronan

So, y’all: 2016. It’s happening. And the opening few weeks have been jam-packed enough that I wrote up this whole post about an outfit Jessica had already included in a slideshow from the SAGs weekend. It ran on GFY for about nine minutes before we noticed, at which point obviously I yelped and took it down and then whined to Twitter about what a moron I am.

But then we decided, “Well, whatever, why NOT look at it again.” Her SAG dress may have overshadowed it the first time, and it’s HERE, and it’s late in the day for some people. We might as well put it under a microscope.

Saoirse Ronan

Chalk this up to a good idea about whose execution I am unsure. Saoirse Ronan could totally pull off a cool suit. She could also pull off a metallic suit and/or a plaid suit, and I’m glad someone is experimenting with edgy ideas here. But IS this actually that edgy? Is it cool? Is it the suit we were looking for, Obi-Wan?

Obviously, she’s at a slight deficit just because she’s in dark clothes in front of a dark backdrop, so it’s very tough to tell WHAT exactly is happening. I’d like to give her either a darker eye or a redder lip. I’d certainly ditch the open-toed shoes with it, or at least, those specific ones, which appear blocky and ’90s in a way that chips away at the ensemble’s polish. Overall, I’m concerned about whether this suit is secretly frumpy. Like, you THINK a metallic plaid suit will be cool, but is the double-breasted cut backfiring on her? Would this have looked better hanging open with a basic shirt or cami underneath? Something is off.

In the light, you can see it’s more silvery:

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Recent Fugs and Fabs: Lisa Edelstein

You may remember Lisa from Back In The Day as Lauren from Felicity (or, of course, Cuddy from House). But right now she’s on Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce, which I haven’t seen. What say you, Fug Nation? Have you seen it? Am I missing out? Should I date it for a while?

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Better Played: Jennifer Morrison

You might recall Jennifer Morrison was on a real nightie kick around Globes time, between this ethereal white thing – which sent me off on a Ghost Whisperer tangent — and this significantly more depressing brown bag.

She’s improved the aesthetic since:

jennifer morrison

It maintains a quasi-lacy look, and the aura of something you could wear to swan into your dressing room and plop down at the mirror and powder your nose. So even though it isn’t a bullseye, it’s a much steadier arrow from her quiver.

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Mostly Well Played, Alison Pill in Talbot Runhof

I’m not familiar with this label — I keep reading it as Talbots Runoff, like, as if it’s unneeded supply from a spring outside a Talbots — so I’m pleased that I generally like it.

alison pill

The top might be a touch snug on her, but I like the curved design — that’s one way to avoid cries of “Just Hoik It” — and the flowered pattern and colors are really pretty.  I can’t honestly decide what I would have done with the footwear, so I’ll take those as offered; add a bracelet and I’d be happy. Perhaps even thoroughly charmed.

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Fug or Fab the Cover: Vanity Fair’s 2016 Hollywood Issue

Last year’s Vanity Fair Hollywood issue — beyond being full of clumsy and weird photos — was largely as white as an empty page. At the time we had hoped it would hold up a mirror to Hollywood in a way that engineered change, but it turns out it all it did was foretell The Same As It Ever Was: The Oscars are less diverse than ever.

This year, Vanity Fair’s pivot was to people its Hollywood Issue entirely with women, of varied ages and ethnicities. I’ll break out the three pages in close-ups, because I have FRUSTRATED THOUGHTS about how this group of women was photographed. But here’s the three-page overview:

Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue 2016

God knows it’s nice to see a magazine that would call itself Serious devoting a major tri-fold cover to talented women. But the cynic in me — whom I did not want to come forth as loud as she apparently wants to — looks at this and thinks, “Is it just me, or does this come off like they carefully placed one black woman and one Woman of a Certain Age per page?” (Except for that last one, which has two.) And then I wonder, in an issue whose delicate subhead extols “the movies’ most talented women,” where the female directors are — like, say, Ava DuVernay, snubbed last year for Selma AND from 2015′s Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue. And let’s ask AGAIN why Vanity Fair insists upon excluding TV, which I complained about in 2015 as well. What about game-changers like Jill Soloway or Jenji Kohan? Whither Taraji P. Henson? Or, again, Gina Rodriguez? I know Jane the Virgin isn’t a ratings hit, but it’s a critical darling, Gina is now a TWO-time Golden Globe nominee and one-time winner. Constance Wu and Tracee Ellis Ross are both adored on their shows.

I understand that a magazine like Vanity Fair may only think TV is cool if a movie star — Viola Davis — decides to grace the airwaves (and get real, VF: is Suicide Squad, her lone current movie project, REALLY why she’s included here when she’s currently the new and highly lauded face of Shondaland?). But that talent pool, both behind the camera and on it, could have yielded stuff way more revolutionary than yet another Cate or Jennifer cover. Yes, seven of these women turned out to be Oscar nominees, and Vanity Fair loves that guessing game, trying to ensure several of its Hollywood Issue cover subjects are on the Academy’s short list so that the magazine will look timely. But if anything has been proven in the last year, it’s that the Oscars are just a speck. Hollywood is a much larger story than that. I wish — as it feels like I do ever year – Vanity Fair had chosen to treat it as such, and tell it.

Onto the enlarged versions:

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Well Played, Penelope Cruz in Versace

Admittedly, this is not a well-chosen photo if all we want to do is look at the dress.

penelope cruz

But I am pretty sure the Dueling Steels on display here from Penelope and Ben “Zoolander” Stiller were worth the crusty angle. Don’t worry, though, I would never deny you a clean view:

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Your Afternoon Man: Owen Wilson

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Hansel.

owen wilson

If you don’t recognize him, it’s because he’s wearing a knit Tarot card.

In all seriousness: I really enjoy Owen Wilson, and ever since his life took a very sad and scary turn, I’ve been EXTREMELY relieved whenever he resurfaces. Wedding Crashers was running a bunch recently on cable, and I’d turn it on to cry envious tears over Rachel McAdams’ skin, and remember anew that he’s very charming in it. He tends to be great in Wes Anderson movies. He was even great in the Wes Anderson parody on SNL, which of course was actually Ed Norton as him, but you know. I credit the source as well. And let us not forget Armageddon, or Bottle Rocket. And did you remember he’s in Anaconda?

What’s YOUR favorite Owen Wilson moment? And would you have worn that sweater? I’m concerned the entire ensemble makes him look 15 years his own senior, but hey, at least his hair looks lush and shiny.

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