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Fab the Cover/Your Morning Man: Charlie Hunnam on Entertainment Weekly

This photo is great, but also bittersweet.

Charlie Hunnam entertainment weekly king arthur

Great, because Charlie looks extremely gritty-foxy — like, if you can still really get me with your gaze when the rest of you is dirty and scraped up and maybe a little sweaty, well, that’s some hotness (it makes me almost wish I’d watched Sons of Anarchy, even though I know absolutely that it isn’t my thing).There’s a vulnerability and a pleading in his eyes, not just shrouded in all the manliness but also somehow enhancing it. Seeing this, I understand how he got cast initially as Christian Grey; what seemed a little incongruous at the time makes more sense here somehow. It’s apparent he’d have brought some depth and darkness to that role with a skill that perhaps eluded poor Jamie Dornan.  I am not big on dirty fingernails, but sir, I will scrub those for you all day if you need me. How’s THAT for romantic.

But, this is bittersweet because it reminds me of something: Eons ago, I recapped Judd Apatow’s Undeclared for Television Without Pity, and I referred to Charlie’s character as “Heath” because he looked SO MUCH like a stand-in for Heath Ledger, who had entered his blond period. Over the years that’s dissipated somewhat, but it’s back in FULL force here. Maybe it’s just because Heath Ledger ALSO played a knight and so there’s a weak parallel. I don’t know. I can see him so strongly: in the eyes, in the jaw, in the furrow. To the point where if I were Michelle Williams, I would maybe never see this movie and also give this magazine to my dentist’s office the second it arrived. None of that is anyone’s fault, and actually, it’s a nice compliment, even if it pulls at ye olde heartstrings.

Mostly, though, I am preparing for this cover to be the Mona Lisa of my coffee table. Everywhere I go, he will be watching. I can deal with that.


Your Afternoon Man: Paul Rudd

Yeah, okay, we showed him in the Amy Poehler post, but it’s summer. Let’s overindulge.

paul rudd wet hot american summer

I’m not sure about the black/darker blue shirt under all this, but I am certain of my fondness for the wearer. I can’t remember when exactly I realized that I love Paul Rudd. You’d think the answer would be Clueless – I haven’t seen Wet Hot American Summer (clutch your pearls now) – but honestly, I think it was the time The Daily Show did a re-enactment of a story about a farmer who tried mouth-to-mouth to resuscitate his chicken and brought in Paul Rudd partway through to give it the proper oomph.

What is YOUR favorite Moment of Rudd? Clueless? Anchorman? The benign but genial Mike on Friends, a.k.a., Phoebe’s attractive but also semi-perfunctory happy ending? Shlubby and salty and loaning out his Everybody Loves Raymond tapes — yes, tapes — in The 40-Year Old Virgin? On acid at Cirque du Soleil in Knocked Up? Miserable in the execrable This is 40? As himself in This Is The End, or as dimwit Bobby Newport on Parks & Rec? Did you dig him the most as Ant Man? I could go on and on, but you get the gist. Bring out your Rudd in the comments. Ruddy, set, go.

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Fugs and Whats: The ‘Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No’ Premiere

Confession: I never watched Sharknado 2, so I’m obviously unable to watch this because I simply won’t be able to follow along. [I recapped the first one, FYI.] theHowever, this screening looked like a total late ’90s hoot, given that all manner of random people are in it — and yet, all my favorites from the cast list on IMDb were no-shows. No Steve Sanders, no Tara Reid, no Bo Derek (!!!WHAT!!!), no Malcolm In The Middle, no Mark Cuban (he plays the PRESIDENT, in what must also be a winking nod to his participation in Shark Tank), no Penn Jillette. NADA. Kendra Wilkinson would come to the opening of an eye if it meant a mention in Us Weekly, and even SHE isn’t there. Chris Kirkpatrick ALSO said “Bye Bye Bye.” (ZING.) Thank God plenty of other people had nothing to do tonight or else this Sharknado would be a Sharkdrizzle. (DOUBLE ZING. I’ll show myself out.)

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


WTFs and Fab: The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala

So, last night there was a gala in St. Tropez for the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation, and it was a pizza buffet. Most of the pictures aren’t available to us — boring blogger specifics; pour some out for this loss, though, because I would’ve dearly loved to show you a see-through Versace on Naomi Campbell, and Kate Hudson’s semi-sheer Versace-esque Julien Macdonald. Notably, the frequent Queen of Pizza, Chrissy Teigen — who even posted a photo the next morning of herself in front of a huge array of ACTUAL pizzas – went with something more full-coverage (the fact of which mildly pings the Uterine Secret radar, but not entirely, because it’s not like she spends her whole life in Sheers. It just felt like an event that would’ve played right into her hands that way), as did Marion Cotillard in a floral Erdem sheath. And, say hello to Leo’s Revenant beard. It is robust still.

ANYHOO, we do have photos of the worst offenders — Jessica Stam and Michelle Rodriguez — arriving alongside a classed-up Nina Dobrev, plus a few shots from celeb Instagrams to shed more light. On their nethers.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Wet Fug American Summer: Lake Bell

I really wanted to come up with something for this that wasn’t hacky.

lake bell wet hot american summer

But once your mind has gone to “Lake Bellbottoms” and “Wet Hot American Bummer,” there is no return to more eloquent shores.

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Weirdly Played Cover: Olivia Munn on Good Housekeeping

Olivia Munn, Good Housekeeping, August 2015

“Ha ha ha! Hilarious! A pineapple! That was the creative for this shoot! Me standing here with some random-ass pineapple with pink plumage! Like it’s f’ing Paris Hilton’s house from 2005 and everything has to look like Barbie vomited on it! And like why I am I on Good Housekeeping talking about X-Men! Shouldn’t I be on Marie Claire or Glamour or something!!! Cosmo!!! Anyone! Hello! Joining a franchise! Dating a quarterback! Having it all! Oh yeah, ha ha ha, and HOLDING A F*CKING PINEAPPLE! It’s the ‘I carried a watermelon’ of 2015! SO HAPPY TO BE HERE HOLDING THIS PEPTO FRUIT!!!!”