Art of Elysium Fugs and Fabs: Patterns

It’s fun when this many people at one party are wearing busy gowns. It’s one big happy clashing family.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. valueofaloonie

    That Rachel Bilson dress either needed a shorter skirt or shorter/no sleeves.

    Right now, it’s just making me think Little House on the Prairie’s Vegas madam, or something equally as weird.

    • Julie

      I was thinking a really good belt might have helped it. (Maybe to break up all of that pattern a bit?)

    • Ailatan

      yeah, no to the sleeves for me.
      that ruffle on her wrist irritates me so much!

  2. Art Eclectic

    There are some great fabrics in this set being poorly employed by designers. Pity. It always seems like you can get a great fabric or a great cut, rarely both together.

    Kiki looks dynamite….for a change.

  3. Alicia

    I’m not sure I am digging this mod checkered dress trend, especially when they all seem way too long.

  4. maryse

    i like kiki’s dress a lot but would have preferred it shorter, mid-knee.

    • Amy

      Exactly what I was thinking.

      • ceecee

        Me too, or maybe cut a little more flowy. Cut straight and to the floor as it is makes it look very columnar, like she’s part of the architecture.

  5. marie

    people like Ms. Belle make me stabby. I don’t understand why her team can get so many pretty gowns while other a-listers like Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence often show up in events wearing boring, even ugly gowns.

    • Heather

      Some of it is taste level, I think. She might just have a better sense of what works on her than, say, Chastain does.

      • marie

        can we start a campaign to allow Jessica Chastain to wear one of her awesome coats to the Oscars? although, if i remember it correctly, she did redeem herself with that beautiful McQueen gown

  6. Sarah

    The bottom of the dress in slide #7 is a perfect match for the carpet. It looks like she is being erased by one of those screensaver worms from the bottom up!

    • Claire

      I’m going to go ahead and imagine that’s what is happening, so it’s not poor Ashley’s fault. To me this dress is a worse scrolldown fug than the Art of Elysium post. :(

      • hb

        I loved this dress….all fabrics are beautiful, not are well employed as they could’ve been maybe, but still def my favourite in this slideshow

    • Lisa

      I was thinking that it looks like she’s floating above the floor but I like your erasing premise better!

  7. Julie

    Call me crazy, but I actually love the pattern on Amber Heard’s dress. Terrible use of the fabric, especially the top of the dress, but my first reaction to just the pattern was “So different! So pretty!”

  8. Eli

    Almost all of these dresses have way too much fabric. I just want to go crazy with the shears.

  9. Corriner

    Camilla Belle’s wardrobe is A-list, even though she is solidly C-list. I covet it.

  10. ErinE

    I like Kiki’s and Rachel Bilson’s. They are fun. I really love the checkerboard pattern everyone has been wearing. if you are long and lean enough, I think it looks great. Who is designing it?

  11. Rose

    Kiki looks delightful. She strikes me as one of those people who can pull off outfits that would look dreadful on anyone else, and in that light, this dress is a win.

  12. Robin

    We are not on board with neon animal print. At least, I am not. I sincerely hope the rest of you are not either.

  13. Chrissy

    I actually think Rachel Bilson is pulling off that pink animal print, somehow. I would normally hate it. Kirsten Dunst dress: there is something about it I like but it is so thick looking that overall it isn’t working. I want to cut off the bottom section of the blue sparkly number and then it will probably be ok. I agree Julianne’s sleeves and braid have to go.

    • Annie E

      Rachel totally is pulling off the pink animal print, but I can’t think, off the top of my head, of ANYONE else who could do it.

  14. Esme

    Bilson’s is horrible; an ill-conceived nightgown. Camilla’s is the only decent one in this bunch.

  15. Dave

    OMG YOU GUYS – How could you have not noticed that Rachel Bilson’s dress is made out of Zubaz overstock?

  16. Margot Liggett Nack

    Kiki: Fabulous! Love the checkerboard dress w/ peekaboo back. The rest of them look like utter crap.

  17. Rob

    Kirsten Dunst’s is really interesting, I wish it wasn’t so shapeless though. Like others said, I’d lose a foot at least off the bottom and give it a waist.

  18. Sarah

    Every time see Camille Belle I think of T-Swift’s beat down…she’s an actress who’s better known for what she does on a mattress. Poor Camille.

  19. Lauren

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Rachel Bilson’s dress!!! LOVE PEOPLE!! If it wasn’t most likely thousands of dollars I would buy it after work today. Immediately.

  20. gryt

    Dunst’s dress reminds me of a jockey shirt.

  21. Leti

    Ashley’s dress is indeed unflattering! I’ve never seen her look like anything other than a toothpick, except in this dress.

  22. Rachel

    Regarding Camilla Belle’s career: You have GOT to see Breakaway, a Canadian movie about an all-Indian hockey team. It features Drake, and most of the cast appears in a Ludacris music video during the credits. Rob Lowe is in it and is LITerally phoning it in. Camilla randomly plays his sister. It is crazy in a good way, and the story is actually really cute.

  23. mepe

    Ashley’s dress is seriously awesome – those are some LARGE sequins! And it must just be a bad angle because she generally looks great in all of her Revenge outfits. As for Camilla’s dress…I’m pretty sure I had a shower curtain that looked just like that when I was at university. That fabric makes better curtains than a dress.

    • Kat

      I like Ashley M’s dress too! I just wish it was more fitted at the waist. It’s making her look thick in the middle and we all know she’s not.

  24. mauxxo

    Love, love, love Camilla Belle’s dress.

  25. Andrew S.

    everyone but Camilla is wearing their dress TOO long. What happen to cocktail length?

  26. Tracey

    I came in just to what Andrew said. Everyone but Camilla needed cocktail-length with these dresses… they all look really heavy as a full-length gown and they would have looking stunning as cocktail. (Though I did love the idea of the mosaic one the most.)

  27. rb

    I would LOVE to play chess with Kirsten Dunst. This harkens to mind the Alice in Wonderland scenario of a certain Tom Petty video:

    Which reminds me to suggest to the Fuggrrls:

    Please consider including audio/video clips
    with your witty quips.

  28. Katie

    If Rachel Bilson’s dress came with a feather boa, sequins, and Aretha Franklin, I could definitely get on board.

  29. Callie

    I want to burn Kirsten’s dress with fire. It’s giving me a migraine. I weirdly like Rachel Bilson’s dress, sunburnt safari creatures and all.

  30. Graygrrrl

    I’m totally over how stringy and dirty Kirsten Dunst always looks. Some one get her a proper hairstylist! Also, that dress is WAY to long for the cut.

  31. Glenn

    That Ashley Hinshaw’s dress is so drab it’s literally fading into the carpet.

    Also: Dunst’s would look much nicer if it didn’t look so stiff.

  32. Faye

    Eh, they’re all fug to me (although perhaps Belle’s is marginally less so).

    Also, if a dress makes *Ashley Madekwe* look kind of lumpy, you know it’s radioactively. Burn that thing, Ashley.

  33. Alyssa

    I think that dress on Camilla Belle is my favorite dress I’ve ever seen on anyone. I absolutely covet it.

    On another note, I like seeing so many long-sleeved dresses. It’s winter!

  34. Clarisse

    She just looks like one of their handbags. Is that really done on purpose?

  35. TonyG

    Amber Heard was my favorite here despite the unneeded sleeves. It’s sooooo pretty!

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