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Hey guys,

Heather and I will be updating GFY as usual today, but it seems weird to be completely focused on the frivolousness of celebrity outfits given the incredibly devastating effects of Sandy on the East Coast. To those of you who were in the path of the storm, we hope you are warm and dry and safe (and have a little juice on your phone to be reading this). Personally, I am in awe of the amazing first responders, firefighters, police, and all the nurses, doctors, and EMTs who bravely worked (and continue to work) so hard to keep people safe in incredibly challenging circumstances.

When Katrina happened, we curated a post with information about how to help, and we’d like to do that again. At the moment, the best bet seems to be — as it often is — the disaster relief fund at the American Red Cross (which also needs blood and platelet donations). Please give, if you can, and feel free to suggest other Sandy relief efforts in the comments. I will be continuing to update this post.

In terms of volunteering, for New York, it’s being suggested you register with NYC Service, but as Andrea points out in the comments, the site is often overwhelmed and they may need you to go through their Facebook page.

Time Out is putting together a great guide on how to donate and volunteer.

HuffPo, ditto.

Everyone stay safe out there.


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  1. trinee allibrerry

    I share your sentiments, guys. My prayers are with those in the path of the storm.

  2. jenajkay

    Well said. Another reason I love you guys!

  3. Sweeney

    You ladies rock! Thanks for all the updates via Twitter and keeping the affected Fug Nationals in your thoughts. I was up feeding the babe at 4 this morning catching up thanks to all your tweets. Stay awesome!!

  4. TaraMisu

    We seem to have come through amazingly unscathed. (I’m in northern CT). For everyone south of us, lower CT, NY, NJ etc… they got their asses handed to them.
    Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. I know the Red Cross put out a call for blood donations….

    • AMS

      Howdy, neighbor! Agree, we took only moderate damage up here in the Quiet Corner but were without power for four days (and some will be for a couple more). I found a few moments to sneak peeks at the site on my phone and was grateful for your thoughts and the compilation of resources for storm victims. Cheers to Fug Nation!

  5. April

    This is much appreciated. It was a scary night last night (in MD) but we kept power. I feel badly for everyone in NJ and NY especially. (P.S. I’ve been a long-time reader for years. Love this site!)

  6. Michie

    Good morning all! We definitely got rocked by Sandy here in NYC… The largest issues now are flooding, power loss and closure of all mass transit. Thanks for all your positive thoughts, we’ll push on! :)

  7. Chasmosaur

    It’s a little thing, but my friends appreciated it.

    I grew up between DC and NYC. Just about everyone I really consider family lives in the impact zone for this storm, even though I’m in the Upper Midwest. So since there wasn’t anything I could physically do, I did what I could: I’m monitoring utility outage maps so my friends and family don’t have to waste precious cell phone time sitting around on these slow to load maps.

    My friends have mostly been lucky – they didn’t lose power, have generators, or know people who do have power, so they’re not overly concerned as yet. But they appreciated getting the info without having to quest for it themselves.

  8. Kate

    Baltimore: the Baltimore Humane Society needs volunteers to help with laundry and clean-up after the flooding. JVC needs help making phone calls to check in on seniors and running errands for affected seniors (email jvcvolunteerresponse at gmail).

  9. Andrea

    The City of New York is asking people who are interested in volunteering to go here: http://www.facebook.com/nycservice. They’ve gotten so many requests that their regular volunteer site is overwhelmed.

  10. Amy

    From my Twitter feed, Brooklyn Based is saying “The evacuation shelter at John Jay HS needs donations of men’s, kids, and women’s (spec. plus size) clothing in good condition.”

    I’m guessing Fug Nation will even give clothes that are not fugly.

  11. Amy

    Also saw this on my Facebook feed from a friend in Brooklyn, about an hour ago:

    “Folks in Park Slope – City Council Member Brad Lander has let us know that volunteers are still needed today at John Jay HS Evacuation Center on 7th Avenue between 4th and 5th Street, and at the Park Slope Armory (Medical/Frail shelter) at 361 15th St. between 7th and 7th Avenue. Volunteers are needed for minimum 6-8 hrs shifts, and must be adults (no kids).”

  12. Karen

    This story by Time Out New York has some great information on how to donate and volunteer: http://www.timeout.com/newyork/own-this-city-blog/how-to-help-in-new-york-city-after-hurricane-sandy

  13. Karen

    The Lower East Side Recovers was recommended by a local nonprofit here in Boston to help thos in NYC:


  14. kb

    Love you guys!

  15. Kat

    Keeping all of you in New England in my thoughts! We’re getting hammered with rough winds, some rain, and possibly snow, here in Southwest VA, but nothing compared to up North. Stay safe everyone.

  16. bex

    I’m from Long Island, and my town was leveled. Thankfully, all my friends & family are safe, but most of them lost everything. I am waiting to have access to the island to go see how badly my house was destroyed. Thank you for everything you do, because your “frivolous” writing about celebrity fashion is bringing some much-needed humor to my day.

  17. ErinE

    This is really sweet. We live in Downtown Boston and feel very lucky to have had little damage. Thoughts to those in the NJ/NY area – it really hit hard there.

  18. Paige L.

    Here’s a developing list of organizations who are giving people a chance to help: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/26/hurricane-sandy-how-to-help_n_2022488.html

  19. grapefriend

    This is awesome. I saw other good suggestions here! http://nyob.co/Rnvc5y

  20. tarasaurusrex

    Anyone who lives in the area can sign up to be notified of disaster relief efforts through New York Cares. http://newyorkcares.org/volunteer/disaster/?sf6907749=1

  21. Marie

    H&J, thanks for this. You are the best!

    Fug Nation, one thing you can always do, no matter where you are, is donate blood or blood products. In the storm-affected areas, regular donation hours have been disrupted and need will be extra high. Please, please contact a local blood bank and offer to help. All you’ll spend is time, and in return you’ll get tasty snacks, lots of gratitude, and the knowledge that you may have saved a life.

  22. Kara

    Just got power back but other than 24 hours without it and a scary night (my bed was shaking, and not in a good way), I came through unscathed. My friends and family are all safe, although some are still without power and at least one family I know has a car that’s underwater. Hope everyone is holding up OK!

  23. Jen

    In addition to the first responders, I would also like to thank all the power crews coming in to help the East Coast!

  24. mai

    Ditto to all the blood donation comments. I gave last night, and they said that because of the storms, they had to cancel over 100 planned blood drives, which means a shortage of at LEAST 3,200 donations. That has a major impact on the blood supply, so they need all the donors they can get right now. Thanks to everyone working so hard and big hugs and prayers to all those affected!

  25. Nancy S

    The people of Broad Channel, which is in Queens, right before Rockaway (I believe) are accepting new or gently used product donations. A lot of people there lost everything. The donations can be mailed to:
    Broad Channel Athletic Club 125 Cross Bay Boulevard Broad Channel, NY 11693.

    They are asking for anything that you think may be helpful, including batteries, blankets, clothing, shoes, cleaning products, non perishable food, diapers, baby wipes, flashlights, and work gloves.

  26. V

    If anyone’s involved or interested in books for young people or writing for young people, there’s an auction going on right now to benefit the Red Cross disaster relief fund: here.

    Some of the prizes include Skype visits with authors, manuscript critiques, phone calls with literary agents, etc. Thanks for this post, Fug Girls! You are awesome as usual.

  27. Sajorina

    I live on a tropical island, so I know what all these people are going through! It’s hard, but they’ll persevere! I have family in NY and, from what we know, they are doing well! Plus, Broadway is showing signs of life, which is good: http://music.msn.com/music/article.aspx?news=771899&ocid=rr-mus-news

    Stay Safe & God Bless!

  28. celia

    I am glad you are ok, we just got power back last night. We are in PA. We are still waiting to hear from a lot of our family in Long Island.

  29. Andrea

    Hello! I tweeted this to you already, but realized this might be the more direct route. Apologies for deluging you with information. The Mayor’s Fund is taking donations with 100% of the funds going to relief organizations for hurricane immediate aid and long-term restoration efforts. More information here, including how to donate online or by mail: https://www.nyc.gov/html/fund/html/donate/donate.shtml

    Thank you for all your attention on the relief efforts!