AMAs Mostly Well Played, Ginnfer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison


You know you’re on the show your network is really pushing when they’re making you attend awards shows that are TOTALLY UNRELATED to your skill set. Like, Ginnifer Goodwin is not going to come out with an award-winning yodeling album next year, and more’s the pity for that. I wish that there were more inter-discipline awards show crossover, honestly. Like, why can’t Jonathan Franzen present the Heisman Trophy? Or the Heisman runner-up present the Noble Prize for Chemistry? And the Emmy winner for best editing in a comedy could present the James Beard Award. It would foster a greater sense of awards show community, you know.

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  1. Eli

    Jennifer Morrison’s hair looks less offensively blonde here…perhaps because it is pinned up. When I am watching Once Upon a Time, I’m always like girl, get some lowlights.

  2. qwertygirl

    Ginnifer: cute dress, bad mascara. Jennifer: Stich up a little of that slit and we’re in business. She’s literally one step away from Jolie-Oscars-leg.

  3. Leelee

    Hmm, Ginnifer’s is a pretty dress but I feel like it’s much more suited to an eleven year old. She is a grown woman who is not pulling it off. Perhaps if she smiled properly and had some fun while on the carpet I wouldn’t get so irritated with such aggressively twee fare.
    The moral: If you’re going to dress like a child, you must try to sell it with some whimsy.

    • Scouse Helen

      That was the precise word I was thinking of too. Twee. Can’t decide whether her smiling would have made it better or worse.

  4. Pouncer

    Snow White’s dress is fantastic, but damn. Those are some seriously aggressive brows she’s got going, and I’m not a fan of the attempt to match her lipstick to the dress color.

    • Stefanie

      She does that pale lip thing quite often. I guess whoever told her not to smile on the carpet also told her she had ugly lips.

  5. Stefanie

    Jennifer looks great. And Ginnifer looks..okay. It seems a bit child adjacent.

    Once Upon a Time is SO my guilty pleasure. It’s so bad that it’s fantastic. And they have tend to be so good at casting hot men. (Who usually end up dead. ABC, I will CUT YOU if you kill Hook. CUT YOU.)

    • Kelsey

      I feel you on the offing-hot-guys thing. I will be DISPLEASED if they kill off Hook, they already axed mansomely broody Hunter/Sheriff guy (I clearly have absolutely no recognition of his name).

      On a more focused note, I love Jennifer’s dress.

  6. Dazie

    Ugh. UGH. Both are just… ugh.

    Ginnifer. You’re not 8. Cut it out. Wear something grown up and sell it. I kind of want to cut the stupid neckline off that dress. Maybe that would make it less twee?

    Jennifer. You’re not the grieving Dynasty widow. Dramatic black where you won’t even be close to the stage? meh.

    • eandh

      actually, she did go on stage – she and Snow White presented an award. And sadly, she did do the Jolie pose too.

    • Kelly O.

      Dazie — Your comment = spot on.

    • pidget

      I think if you reworked the neckline into a boatneck with the chiffon piece going across the shoulder line, it would be better. The colours are lovely against her skin. I can also see this working with a good, trim leather jacket and some tall casual boots to de-girlify it a bit.

      The makeup is bad – she’s much prettier with less stuff!

      Morrison’s dress is ok, but a bit tacky society matron. The deep v is ok with her petite chest, but might be tricky when she sits down. Hope she’s taped in! I do like the back, though.

  7. Carolina Girl

    Goodwin’s dress, while really cute, seems a bit more appropriate for one of the Fannings or Hailee Steinfeld. It’s sparkly, so I’m not surprised that Jessica liked it, but it’s kind of twee on her.
    Morrison’s dress on the other hand, while age appropriate, is kind of blah. That back is good, though.

  8. erin

    Jennifer gets major points for not shoving her leg out the slit.

  9. Helen

    Cute dress on Goodwin, but I’d rather see it in a more vivid color, and that ’60s Mod-style makeup (really, it could’ve been lifted straight from a Twiggy cover, and maybe it was) is not doing her lovely face any favors.

    Morrison looks fine except it’s cut much too low in front. I will never be convinced that showing the world your entire sternum, down to the upper ribs area, is okay – or, for that matter, attractive – anywhere except the beach. But, love the slinky back.

  10. Anj

    I think that Ginnifer was best dressed at the AMA’s. It wasn’t earth-shattering or out there, but the whole packagae was perfect in my opinion and I am NEVER bored with her fashion choices. Yes, she makes ultra serious facial expressions like Piper Perabo but I am always so focused on what she wears that her face at best, amuses me. Plus, props to her for changing up her makeup.

    On another note, Jennifer looks great!
    PS- I am upset that Once Upon a Time was not on last night but whatev’s.

  11. heron

    I think I would like Goodwin’s dress if it wasn’t such a cutesy colour. Stronger colour and darker lipstick would make something more suitable for a grown woman, rather than a 12-year-old.

  12. Lynne

    Sometimes I love a dress that is so aggressively girly. Therefore, I have no problems whatsover with Ginnifer’s dress and I think she looks adorable in it. Also props to her for choosing the right shoes which, for some reason, seems to be rare on the red carpet lately. Her makeup is weird though. I’m with Jessica on that. I get it. It’s just wrong.

    Jennifer’s dress is… fine, I guess. I don’t know. She’s a very pretty girl and I wish she’d knock it out of the park on the carpet just once.

    • Rowynn

      Yes on the shoes! Before I saw the full-length photo, I was sure she’d be wearing some black platform shooves. When I saw that she actually had cute shoes on, I became more forgiving of the dress. (Although I see many other posters here share my feeling that it’s a style that would look better on someone about 25 years younger.)

  13. ceecee

    Are these two women dressed for the same event? ‘Cause if they are then one of them is not dressed appropriately for the occasion.
    Ginnifer is too young to be mutton dressed as lamb, but she does look like lamb dressed as younger lamb.

  14. TaraMisu

    Ginnifers dress is cute and an improvement over her usual choices… but I’m not sure she should be in the “cute” category at her age…. and I loathe the shoes.

    Jennifer looks….. fine?

  15. Cat

    I love Jennifer’s look but am decidedly torn about Ginnifer. The dress is too twee but she manages to work it– however, I loathe that pale lipstick even though she is managing (mostly) to pull it off. Ack, I don’t know.

  16. Esme

    It would be nice if Goodwin would stop dressing like a toddler.

  17. Trace

    I have nothing against a pixie cut but I don’t think it suits Ginnifer at all. But at least she isn’t doing the b**chface in these photos!

  18. Mary

    When I was seven, I had a little white leatherette jewelry box. Upon opening said box, a tiny ballerina on a spring would pop up and pirouette to a twinkly tune. I think she was wearing Ginnifer’s dress…

  19. jerkygirl

    I think I’d like Ginnifer’s dress better if it wasn’t part of the whole “look at me, I’m a great big pile of whimsical elf pixie squooshiness!!!” package, but with that severe haircut and the makeup, I just can’t with it. The only thing that saves her from total twee-itude is her soul-sucking stare in pic 2. Which is also not a great look because it is SCARY!!! ;)
    Jennifer’s dress has a great back and a not bad front, and the big 80′s puffy sleeves seem to be flinging themselves dramatically back into our culture, so, okay. I don’t LOVE it but I have no angst toward it either.

  20. maryse

    i actually like Ginnifer’s look. there’s something so 60′s mod about it. and i think it’s really cool looking. what i don’t like is the spelling of her name. IT’S JENNIFER!! OK? SORRY YOU HAVE THE MOST COMMON NAME OF 25 YEARS AGO, JUST GET OVER IT!

    • Sajorina

      More like 35 years ago! And, I see nothing wrong with her spelling her name differently than every other famous Jennifer out there!

  21. witjunkie

    Ginnifer’s face looked great from a distance, just the closeup was scary.

    I actually liked the dress because the neck was not a pukey little collar. I thought this neckline was interesting and had the perk of allowing her to breathe. I mean, she’s always going to do twee, so for what it is, it’s OK.

  22. Andrew S.

    Does Gin NOT know how to smile?! I mean come ON!

  23. fritanga

    NO. If this dress were on Kiernan Shipka, I’d say a resounding YES. On the 34-year-old Goodwin, OH HELL NO. What kind of fancy twee prancing unicorn world is she inhabiting? Wait – does she really think she’s a fairy princess? That’s taking Method a little too far, kid.

    I’m not saying she should start wearing Golden Girls outfits (we’ll leave that to Biel and occasionally to SJP) but jimminy crickets, girl – dressing like a 15-year-old is fooling NO ONE. Act your age, not your shoe size.

    And the dreaded Cameron WAITRESSMorrison just looks dull, as always.

  24. mary lou bethune

    Yes, Fritanga is correct- Morrison looks dull. The other one, not dull, just cracker dogs…
    And they are so pretty- what is the problem?

  25. Squirrel!

    I like Ginnifer’s look, although I tend to agree with the “lamb dressed as younger lamb” comment. And yes, the eyelashes up close are rather off-putting, despite the fact that they’re perfectly in tune with the Twiggy look.

    Jennifer’s dress is zzzzzzzzzzz. I also prefer her hair pulled back; on the show it makes me angry. Not only is it offensively, unflatteringly blonde, but how would someone in her position (sheriff, bounty hunter, petty thief, etc.) have that kind of time to spend with a blow dryer and a curling iron? Last weekend’s show portrayed her younger self with a ponytail, dark-rimmed glasses, and bold lipstick, and I thought she looked so much better without all that unrelenting yellow hair.

    Also, psst: *Nobel.

    • pantsonfire

      YES! Amen to the comments on Jennifer’s hair on the show. At least once an episode I think to myself, “There is just not friggin way that her hair would look like that in those circumstances. Moreover, her character would not CARE about her hair looking like that.” It takes me out of the fantasy, which seems like the last thing that show would want. This seems like I’m making a big deal about hair, but honestly. The only thing I would hazard to guess in the show’s defense is that maybe it’s some subtle comment on her being displaced from the fairy tale world–she has fairy tale hair in the real world, and most of the other fairy characters have aggressively practical hair.

      Also, it looks fake. I hate when I can tell someone’s hair is a weave.

  26. McLisa

    Love both dresses.

    However, I look at Ginnifer’s make-up and I can’t stop seeing Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange.

  27. Elle

    Ginnifer Goodwon stole her 12 year old niece’s dress. Very bad form, Ginnifer.

  28. 7Kellx

    I was surprisingly pleased with Ginnifer till you zoomed in. Those stupid lashes ruin the greatness of this. I guess when you’re name is Ginnifer you’re predisposed to try too hard?

    Like Jennifer’s look. She isn’t trying too hard and it plays out well. Love that back and her hair/make up is great.

  29. Sajorina

    I LOVE THEM BOTH! I love Ginni & Jenni and I love their outfits! Ginnifer looks PRECIOUS and her face looks stunning! Dress, shoes, clutch, hair, makeup and jewelry are GORGEOUS! Jennifer looks AH-MAZING! Love the dress and wish I owned it! Dress, clutch, hair, makeup and jewelry are all BEAUTIFUL! FAB x 2!!!

    • Sandra

      She does look precious. Very, very precious. Give the damn thing back to Tinkerbell, Snow, and start dressing like a beautiful, petite, GROWN UP WOMAN!!

  30. BrownEyedBetty

    Ginnifer has a pretty face. And I think she works hard at her body. Shame she can’t seem to do right by them. It’s bad enough that she can’t smile on the red carpet but to add that weirdo lipstick. So close. and yet…

  31. Emma

    Both are awful. Ginnifer always tries to look avante-garde and ends up looking like Judy Jetson, and Jennifer’s dress is a size too large and made for a turn-of-the-century widow.

  32. LibraryChick

    If Audrey Hepburn had worn Ginnifer’s dress, I doubt there would be “too twee” or “age inappropriate” grievances. However, Audrey Hepburn had a different build than Ginnifer and would not have worn as much makeup.

    • Sally

      I think Hepburn would have worn it a half size bigger, the waist would have fit properly and the skirt would have been a bit less full (or a bit longer.) For me, it is soooooo close but the proportions are all wrong

  33. Bottle Ginger

    Goodwin’s Mod dress would have worked IF: It were A-line rather than with a bell skirt that makes her look stumpy, and if she’d tweaked the makeup a bit.

    That dramatic pale-lip-massive-eyelash look from the mid sixties was meant to go with a very pale skin, and she’s looking too orange for the period makeup or the pale-pink dress. The pale matte lipstick doesn’t work either; correctly used, a pale frosted lipstick defines the lip without use of color. In other words, your lips don’t totally blend in with your face.

  34. Vandalfan

    Of for goodness sakes, Ginnifer. You’re giving me diabetes.

  35. Lily1214

    Ginnifer, this dress/gown is too “”baby.” The pink color makes it even worse “baby.” W-a-y too young.

  36. Chicago

    Jennifer Morrison looks like a 50 years old evil queen (sorry Lana) and Ginnifer try to hard to look like a little girl. Both horrible but at least Goodwin has a prettier face.