AMCs Fug Carpet: Beth Behrs

An eagle-eyed Fug National pointed out that Blonde Lea Michele’s dress here is the same as the one Annie Potts just wore on GCB.

That is unfortunate timing. It was never going to look better in this non-color, and also, it’s really hard to compete with Annie Potts in full Texas Diva mode, even if you’re not in that battle intentionally. Having said that,┬áthe dress is also drooping on her and looks somehow sloppy, like it’s as broke as her TV alter ego. Bows do not make everything better. Just ask Sarah Ferguson’s hair circa 1988.

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (23):

  1. Willow

    It’s unfortunate because she looks like a Borrower wearing bandaids!

  2. Amy

    LOOOVE Annie Potts!

    • Lilibet

      And JEAN SMART! Your flashback photo caption requests Jean Smart be added to the show. She is so good.

  3. Sandra

    It’s hard to believe that somebody actually okayed that for production after seeing the prototype. It does very unfortunate things to her chestal region.

  4. Sajorina

    The dress per se doesn’t really bother me, but it’s like a size too big on her and the non-color makes it blah! If it fit better and was in a jewel tone, I might love it! She’s so cute and adorable that I wish she had done better, especially with her hair, which would look better in a loose updo! Love you, Caroline (Beth)!!!

  5. cathy

    i’m with sajorina… she is such a lovely girl with lots of personality. she should look so much better than this. ffs, she looks better in that mustard colored uniform she wears on 2 broke girls

  6. Kate

    That’s a really fancy seat belt she’s wearing, but it doesn’t appear to have helped to keep her in her seat.

  7. Kate

    Also, she looks a lot like Taylor Armstrong from RHOBH here. There’s way too much homage to reality divas going on.

  8. ML

    Is Curad designing dresses now?

  9. Audrey Jo

    Why – you’re young, you’re rich, you’re thin and not pregnant, you can look great with any Calvin Klein purchased at TJMaxx And you pick something inexplicable, unflattering, untaillored, unexpressive except for the deranged thing on the chest.

  10. Erin

    Cat Sadler on E is also a Lea Michele twin – especially with bangs and straight her. I almost feel awkward when she reports on her because of it.

  11. Lina

    Aww, I didn’t know Annie Potts was on that show! Yay for her!

  12. skiski

    You will all be shocked *shocked* to learn that this dress is Notte by Marchesa.

  13. TonyG

    Don’t know who Beth Behrs is, so I don’t know if blonde is her natural color, but the dye job here looks cartoonish, as if inspired by Goldilocks.

  14. Kara

    Oh, I’m so disappointed in her. She wore this dress on Conan that I covet very badly:

    So I know she CAN look good, but this dress is really not the business. It also appears to be too big, although I don’t think a proper fit would help.

  15. Alice

    “Blonde Lea Michele” And then scrolldown to that picture? Priceless. Also, the resemblance is uncanny. As for the dress…Blah. Kristin Wiig Blah.

  16. Hima

    It took me waaaaaay too long for me to realize this was NOT actually Lea Michelle. I very much thought, “WAIT. Lea Michelle died her hair blonde? That is so very stupid!” It turns out that I’m the stupid one.

    Also stupid? This dress.

    • Miriam

      Don’t feel bad, took me 24 hours & a second read. I actually showed Lea’s new hair color to an office mate yesterday. *sigh*

  17. Jolene

    Sims formal gown.

  18. Sarah Fucci

    Kristen Chenowith also wore this dress in Navy on ‘Glee’ sometime earlier this season, and it has been worn by myself as a bridesmaid dress. Much better in Navy!

  19. vandalfan

    The dress itself is too big and too bland, and was best in that blue shade, but the big, and I mean Ginormous satin strap and bow! Sweet Fancy jam, that looks like a growth.

  20. Rubee

    Huh…oh… Someone nearly got caught by the Easter’s gift-wrapping gang.