AMAs Unfug Or Fab: Kerry Washington


Too much going on here for me, I think.

We’ve got sheer smockage, we’ve got long hanks of fringe, we’ve got a minidress underneath… at least the yellow color makes it interesting (if it were a black dress we’d all be in a coma right now), but how could this be better? Less fringe? MORE fringe? More lining, and maybe… a belt? I don’t know, but I do know this: I wish Kerry Washington wore her hair like this on Scandal, because the immobile flip they make her sport is starting to distract me. I don’t think it’s budged all year. Olivia Pope deserves something sassy, not stiff.

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  1. Sandra

    Three different layers, three different lengths, three different fails.

    The lining is too short, the over-skirt is too long, and the jaundiced locks of Cousin It are even longer. Also, the whole thing looks like it’s too big. And I need those shoes.

  2. pidget

    This colour is so awesome on her that I almost don’t care about the rest of the mess going on below. Look at her face – gorgeous!

    But yes, the dress reminds me of Miami Granny bathroom curtains.

  3. Sweeney

    Lose the sheer panels, hem it at the knees, belt it at the waist. I’d buy THAT dress.

    • Erin

      My thoughts exactly. I’d love if the belt was the same fabulous coral colour as her shoes – might be a bit matchy-matchy, but I think I’m okay with it.

  4. Kit

    Shorten the dress, lengthen the liner, tailor the shape of the dress, get rid of the pink shoes, shorten the sleeves (maybe a cap sleeve?).

    Wait, I just made a totally different dress.

  5. Liz

    Fab. I love it and I would wear it just the way it is. But then I like odd dresses and would probably be rugged left and right if I were on a red carpet so maybe I should just pipe down.

  6. Elizabeth Kerri Maho

    It looks like a yellow tablecloth you’d find at your Great Aunt Lillian’s house.

  7. Kat

    She stole Big Bird’s grandmother’s drapes. How rude.

    I love lace, but I just can’t get behind this.

  8. dragonlady

    I love the color and the length on her, but I really don’t like the lace effect. It looks like someone threw eggs at her lace dress and the yolks are now running down her body, ocscuring a different dress.

  9. dragonlady


  10. Chrissy

    I don’t mind the lace or the color. I don’t love the sheerness over the short layer or the fringe.

  11. Bella

    Scoop the neck, shorten the sleeves, shorten the hem to just below knee, line the whole thing (not the sleeves), get rid of the fringe and add deep eggplant shoes. Nice clutch, though.

  12. Jo

    I really hate yellow clothing and the lace is also hideous. Does nothing for her sadly.

  13. Eliza Bennett

    Line the bottom from thighs down (also, chop that to kneelength or just under), and don’t line the top above the collarbone. A touch of turquoise somewhere (the clutch?) and a coral belt, and I’d be much happier. It looked cute on TV but I didn’t see the fringe/shower curtain sheerness going on then.

  14. Caity

    Make the lining her skin color, instead of the “standard” flesh color, and hem it just slightly. Other than that, I love this. She carries the yellow so well, I’m jealous

  15. Scouse Helen

    How has she gone from that gorgeous Mary Katranzou postage stamp frock to this in the space of a week? Get a grip, Kerry! You can buy that yellow fabric for £1.99 a metre from market stalls specialising in net curtains.

  16. Kendra

    I actually think this is kind of perfect. Just me?

    • Art Eclectic

      I’d be on board with you if only it had more lining.

      • Kendra

        I actually think if it was lined the whole way down it would look a little dowdy. Although maybe a lighter weight lining, or one closer to her skin tone would work.

        • Lion

          Me too! I love it as it is. Long lining would make it dowdy – so true. Lining closer to her skin tone would make her look too “naked”.

  17. Liz

    Cannot agree more about her hair on Scandal! It looks so much like Charlie’s Angels – I can’t stand it. Funk it up a bit for her!

  18. Helen

    As is, it really does look like a cheap tablecloth or curtain.

    I am going to say more fringe! Make the sleeves all fringe from the elbow down, fringe all the way to the shoes, and… a wide blue belt, medium hue depth, with dark blue strappy shoes. And of course lengthen the lining.

    Keep the clutch.

    Then wear it all with a tremendous amount of conviction.

  19. Sajorina

    This dress is a tragedy of Greek proportions… It cannot be saved! The yellow clutch and coral pumps are cute, though!

  20. Kristan

    Objectively, I don’t like it. But when I look at it — look at her — somehow I’m convinced. She’s really pulling it off for me.

  21. Bottle Ginger

    I can’t hate anything in brilliant, golden yellow, the kind of beautiful glowing color I could never wear myself.

    I can only say I’d hate that dress like poison, if it were any other color. I mean that’s a nineties sack dress sillouette, over a somebody-else’s-flesh-toned mini, and WTF is that FRINGE under there?

  22. Samara

    Great colour, great hair+face, great little clutch, shoes are fine – change everything else. Even if it were a jumpsuit that would be a step up. Anything’s better than lace overlay.

  23. cc

    Chop the sleeves off so that they’re cap-sleeve length. I don’t know if that would save it but it’d probably look better.

  24. Nancy

    I actually don’t hate this the way I should. Neck up is Perfect. She’s rocking the color. I like the length. I generally don’t go for lacy cut-outs but I’m going with this flow. My issue is the liner. First, make it longer. Second, and more importantly – it’s 15 shades lighter than her skin and it’s too distracting to me.

  25. jlj

    I actually love this, except for the length. Shorter on the top layer by about three inches.

  26. Veronica

    Really, the only thing I think it needed was maybe a netural-colored belt around the waist. The color is great, and I love the shoes, but a tiny touch of brown in all of that YELLOW would keep it from being so overwhelmingly YELLOW.

  27. Emma

    The coral shoes kind of suck. I’m totally on board with bright shoes as a contrasting pop of colour (say red heels with a light blue dress or turquoise heels with a black one), but now I feel like people are looking at their shoe selections and going with the LEAST likely pairing just for the sake of it.

  28. Esme

    One of the fugliest shades of yellow I’ve ever seen.

  29. ML

    It’s the little right foot turn-in that’s throwing me here. THIS outfit needs THAT footitude?

  30. Vandalfan

    Fringe was meant to swing free, like a dove released at a wedding, not lay motionless and trapped beneath lacy yellow prison walls. Add a coral belt, make the lining more yellow than nude, hem it all at the knee, and fringe-ectomy, stat.

  31. witjunkie

    Wait, so the fringe is inside the dress? What the hell.

  32. Rubee

    The green contrasts terrificly with her beautiful screen,and the strong makeup makes her look like a classy, academic beauty.
    But the front panel looks like one of those spacecrafts’ dettachable doors from old sci-fi movies, and the shoes are beyond horror.
    She doesn’t seem to pay much mind to what she wears to events.
    As if she randomly assigns the picking task to someone from her entourage, and not to a professional stylist or her own criteria. She usually ends up looking just fine, but never stunning.
    I think deep down she consider herself as ‘deep’ and not within the Hollywood mold. She’s naturally roundish, she likes her privacy, she’s absurdily candid in her interviews, she’s dated all kind of men and not the ‘right’ ones for her age or public image…
    I think she’s overall depresed about not being able to get a man who can both cope with her star status and make her happy in all fields, the efforts she needs to pull to keep herself in a size 2, and her seemingly unscapable fate as the ultimate screen arm-candy. But again, apparently the paychecks make it all worth….

  33. Jacqui

    Hideous. That is all.

  34. Jen

    chop it off in line with the slip, ditch the platforms and make the pointy’s nude. add a neutral clutch and its a winner!

  35. Lily1214

    Mother of the bride. Please change shoes.

  36. 7Kellx

    I think if this as a could inches shorter and worn with a belt it would be better. It seems just too big.

    Her hair is stunning!

  37. Jenna

    I think this would be cute if you made it a mini-dress and didn’t have that whole bottom sheer fringe-y half.

  38. karanakau

    she’s coordinating her shoes to her lipstick?!!