AMAs Fugs and Fabs: Carrie Underwood

There are times when I don’t think I can write another word about Carrie Underwood. But she just keeps showing up, and it’s hard to ignore her. I’ll start with this: As much as I liked Taylor Swift’s nude dress this time, don’t you wish SHE would turn up somewhere in sassy blue, or fuchsia? Did Underwood steal the rainbow or something?

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  1. Art Eclectic

    Love the blue dress! Am I the only one who’s just plain tired of black gowns? I know you can never go wrong with an LBD, but the attack of black gowns lately makes me feel like 2012 has been the year of the formal funeral.

  2. Eliza Bennett

    I hate that blue dress. Hate it. I looked up two other shots of it, and I just succeeded in making myself loathe it more. I hope Thanksgiving will make me less of a 27-going-on-87 curmudgeon. :)

    • Kate

      I hate it too! the zigzags down the thighs…I mean, does any woman, even the leg-centrically gifted Carrie, want to invite the image of “thunder thighs” with her choice of outfit?

  3. Pouncer

    I’m struck by how unflattering most turtlenecks are. This new high-neck trend is one starlets would be wise to avoid, yet I’m sure we’ll see tons more in the months ahead.

  4. glee

    Maybe it’s a function of reading this blog for so long, but I am bored. That blue dress is kind of cute. That’s the most emotion I can muster.

  5. sarah

    My mother has a photo of her from 1987 wearing a blue dress that is REMARKABLY similar to that blue dress.

    • lori

      I was just thinking that it screamed 80′s to me, an era that I’ve lived through once and do not wish to repeat.

  6. Faye

    Her posing in that blue dress is ridiculous, but at least the dress is cute and interesting. I’m surprised that I like it, actually. But those shoes! Oh, those horrible black shoes!

  7. Scouse Helen

    The purple dress reminds me of one that Scarlett Johanson wore to the oscars one year, only not as nice. I agree about the rampant high necks on dresses. Is there no halfway house between unconfined bosom and constricting neck collars?

  8. mary lou bethune

    I think they have over dressed and over makeuped that gal ever since she hit the big time. She always borders on tacky to me. PLus, she looks kinda mean.
    Back in the 60′s the country music women overdressed and had beehives ; it was all part of the illusion, so I suppose it’s the same now.

  9. Liz

    In addition to the first dress’ bizarre corset — who wears a mock turtleneck to an awards show?

    Second dress looks like an 80′s bridesmaid dress that’s come undone.

  10. Lion

    Her make-up is atrocious! The blue dress is fun in a disco-kind-of-way.

  11. Emma

    Ew, no. The electric blue dress looks like what “Marchesa for Target” would look like.

  12. Lynne

    I’ve seen some favorable things said online about that purple / fuchsia number but I hate it to an unreasonable degree. I’m not sure I can pinpoint exactly why. Too pageant? Mind you, Carrie always looks a bit pageanty to me. Maybe it’s not the dress.Maybe it’s her.

  13. TaraMisu

    Oh dear, I actually like all 3 looks LOL! *ducks* I do hate the black shooties though, that trend needs to die. Now.

  14. s

    Her face showed up in nude. I think that is a far bigger crime than a nude dress.

  15. Helen

    Hair and makeup, bad throughout. Oh well.

    Underwood might be a little petite for the scale of that blue dress, but I like it on her anyway. It’s fun. And I think she pulls off the bootie with it. That’s a lot of big, solid, architectural fabric; it kind of demands to be anchored.

    The fuchsia would be great on Naomi Judd. Underwood is far too young for it. You need to have been widowed and/or divorced a couple of times for that dress.

    The black is kind of fabulous, but very “rock” in my opinion. Another one I love for someone else. Put that on The Stefani, and I’d be raving about it! Ohh, or on Florence Welch. Please, let’s put it on Florence Welch!

  16. Kate

    WHAT the blue dress is so 80s prom that i actually audibly yelped when I came to it. Hideous.

  17. Nancy

    I CANNOT get on the Carrie Underwood bandwagon in any way because no matter what she’s wearing everything about her from the neck up screams FAKE. Way too distracting. She’s like a doll.

  18. Rubee

    What’s the point of wearing a pretty dress after another if your hair&makeup styling is ALWAYS the same??????? And btw, I’m usually scared of her legs.

  19. Sajorina

    I love the 1st dress… If it didn’t have that white corset lining, it would be PERFECT!

  20. Lily1214

    She looks terrific in this color and this gown.

  21. 7Kellx

    I would really like that purple dress without the odd body suit portion. She came SO close to not wearing a mullet dress. SO CLOSE! Oh Carrie?

    Her hair in the blue looks all natural, which I love!