AMAs Fug or Fab Carpet: Ke$ha

I know I should be giving this more credit — she doesn’t look sticky, nor scraped off a bar floor — but apparently I’m not so easily seduced by simple hygiene. Let’s discuss.

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  1. Scouse Helen

    My grandma wants her net curtains back.

  2. Jen S 2.0

    Last night my mother looked at the TV during a faraway shot during her number and said, “Which person up there is doing the actual singing?” I said, “You know, Mom … you don’t want to know.” Then they zoomed in on Ke$ha down on the floor doing pelvic thrusts while braying her song (excuse me, “song”), and my mom was like, “Oh. Yeah, you were right, I didn’t want to know.”

    True story.

  3. aeb

    what is on her ear? i can’t get over it.

    i appreciate the effort but cannot applaud it. i early said that she looks like a classy porn star, but now i much prefer the montag-association.

  4. Pouncer

    The shoes are hideous, never mind the rest.

    • Kate

      Agreed. I was ready to give her a pass until those shoes came along; they weigh everything down.

  5. Mouse

    That second shot is scary in that her skin doesn’t look at all like skin. How much makeup is she wearing? My pores are screaming in sympathy.

    The dress looks like stiff paper lace applique.

    The shoes are….not shoes. Hooves, really.

    • pidget

      Indeed, Mouse – I am itching to power-wash off the makeup and see who is under there.

      Perhaps she can’t help it, but she looks like a linebacker playing dress-up in this get-up. There must be more flattering things out there for her athletic physique.

      • Cass

        Yup. She has very broad shoulders, and whoever suggested this dress didn’t take into consideration that this is not, in my opinion, terribly flattering to that body type.

        There are other issues, but man that dress is doing her no favours.

        • Kara

          Broad shoulders and not much of a waist. This is really not a flattering dress for her body type.

  6. Dani

    Well… it’s better.

    But in this case, “not as bad” still doesn’t equal “good.”

  7. Stefanie

    She does look SO different. Not really in a bad way, just an unexpected way. The dress is giving me some bridesmaidy vibes.

  8. valueofaloonie

    That hair is the fakest, weirdest fake hair ever. This awards show was like a celebration of bad wigs.

  9. Carolina Girl

    Hygiene is a baseline. This does not impress me.

    • Heather

      I agree wholeheartedly.

      • ML

        OK, so the question has to be asked: How, then, can it be that John Mayer has not yet squired KeBucks around for at least a two-night stand? Obviously, they have that whole sweaty-skeevy-douchey thing in common.

  10. Clara

    I HATE the hair. It looks like she used some PSSST on it and didn’t brush it out. Yuck.

  11. Chasmosaur

    I appreciate the effort, but she needs to find a way to simulate having a waist.

    I’m not dissing her weight here – she doesn’t really have a defined waist and it makes her look boxy. She’s obviously in shape and watches what she eats, there has to be a way to give her a waist – she could kill a peplum, if someone could design one to fit her style.

  12. Kristy

    In the first picture she looks a little…Ashlee Simpson

  13. jjdaddyo

    We’re not supposed to talk bodies, I know, but you brought up rhinoplasty, so I thought I’d point out that K has always had one of the wonkiest boob-jobs around and this is probably what is throwing off her dress’ drape. Although if she got a nose job, I don’t know why she didn’t get her boobs a tune-up too.

  14. Eliza Bennett

    I’m so hopeful now. She may have just worn me down, but I like this for ol Ke-Currency-Ha. The color is good and the fabric is demure, and I am so glad she is WEARING shoes that I choose to ignore how bad those are. Bless, Kesh.

  15. Sajorina

    She looks like a Hogan’s daughter! HELL NO, this isn’t working for me… If the dress was long, her boobs weren’t all wonkus and her hair looked real, I may have FABbed her for the effort, but that wig + that dress + those shoes = FUG! And, that performance pictures will give me nightmares!

  16. ChristieLea

    OH, FIE, Fug Girls. I know you’re no Ke-dollar sign-ha fans, but the Montag comparison is just cruel.

  17. 7Kellx

    Maybe she didn’t shower and they just glued clean hair over her greased up do? And painted her with make up?

    Is this the AMAs or a porn star convention?

  18. Katherine

    I second (third?) the motion that this girl does not have a waist, and does have very broad, straight shoulders. Nothing wrong with that, but this cut is about the least flattering thing possible on that body type. And the delicate girly color/fabric just emphasizes that she does *not* have a girly figure.

    Also terrible fake wig. And wayyyy too much slap. And…really, there is nothing salvageable here. She doesn’t even really look clean, with all that goop on her face and the stiff hair.

  19. ortenzia

    w.t.f.????? what did she do to herself??

  20. Ellelake

    She looks good in peach and girl can really sing, as hold her end of the music up, also she’s got a huge cult following that’s kinda sorta like Jerry Garcia.

  21. Anna

    At first glance, I thought she was Gwen Steffani.

  22. anny

    Kesha, honey, try more stuff on. Just go to the mall with a good friend (stylist even) and try try try until you find something that looks good.
    A Fellow Waistless Person

  23. witjunkie

    Just because Halloween Express had the good wigs for half price doesn’t necessarily make it a good choice for YOU.

  24. PB

    Ke$ha looks like her makeup was applied with a putty knife. That’s generally not a good thing.

  25. Helen

    It is, at least, an improvement. There’s still a ways to go – I like the suggestion of a peplum, and here I think just adding a belt would help, too. Polyester hair never did anyone any favors, and I sincerely hope that’s a cuff on her ear and not a series of gaudy piercings. The shoes… would be fine with pants. And yes, it’s too much makeup. BUT, better than we usually see from her!

    And I kind of love the stage outfit, although, from the description posted above, I’m probably very glad I didn’t see the performance.

  26. Bella

    She looks like she may be trying to imitate Gwen Stefani. Ain’t happening, honey.

  27. Melissa

    She looks so WIDE, like the feature down the middle of the dress was actually an inserted panel to accommodate unnatural wideness. Unfortunate, very pretty otherwise.

  28. mary lou bethune

    I know I’m old, ya’ll, but what happened to just singing the songs without zombies, trapezes, horny acting backup dancers, vulgar clothes) and by clothes I do not mean what most people would call clothing……_

    but maybe it’s all a smoke screen for the fact that there is very little actual talent there…
    Keisha cannot sing , Taylor can be very flat, Rhaina- well who would know what with her having an affair with whatever is on stage at the moment, Christina can sing certainly, but not JLO, Beiber – who could tell with all the Biebwurst grabbing…and the list goes on. respectfully submitted…

  29. Elizabeth

    This looks like Gwen Stefani.

  30. Scanderoon

    I think the top fits oddly because she has two very different-sized breasts. You can see it if you look. And there’s nothing wrong with that; most women have two different sizes – but if they are that different, the solution is to not wear something that highlights the fact. Sigh. Better, but not free of fug yet. (I also hate the colour and the wig and the general Barbie-adjacent-ness.)

  31. The Fugger

    This is a NO.

    Carly Rae Jepsen could wear this dress. Zooey Deschanel (who I still insist is moonlighting as CRJ, because there’s NO WAY that there can be two brunettes that twee) would wear that dress. Ke$ha just looks like the skeevy blonde version of those two. (Partly because being skeevy is kind of her thing, and thus I cannot unsee.)

    Also, the body type/dress mismatch issues. This is not doing any favors for her shoulders or her waist. Fergie Ferg’s Grammy dress was better than this. (How much better? Depends.)

    Also, the demon hooves.

  32. Sarah

    I thought this was Gwen Stefani for a minute!

  33. cc

    I almost think she looked better when she would show up like she’d just rolled out of a dumpster. This is just boring and bland.

  34. Rubee

    The lace+color combo is very sweet and appealing, but she looks very wide. I think it would have worked for her had the decollete line been more open and the skirt less tight. Maybe a size bigger… Is the cheap doll hair a new trend? ScarJo wasalso wearing it at Hitchcock premiere.

  35. Akit

    I can’t believe I am saying this but I liked her before. I agree with CC that she looks a tad boring here, the old Kesha is one you’d wanna for a drink with!

    • Angela Brown

      I agree! At first, I was glad that she looked “cleaned up”, but then I decided that I don’t want her to become a pop-star clone of all the other pop stars out there. She needs a little “dirt” to seem like herself.

  36. ariel

    I actually really like the shoes. The’s a popstar! She gets to have funky cool weird bizarre shoes. So one point for the shoes…results in a total of 1 1/2 points for the outfit.

  37. heather

    That dress is all wrong on her. Whether her breasts are different sizes naturally or by bad work done on them, if I were her friend, I’d slip her a bra cookie so she could even them out a bit.

  38. Angela

    She needs a dress that flatters her body type. She’s in shape, and the colour is lovely on her, but it highlights how she doesn’t have a narrow waist. Also the hem bugs me.

    But nice job with the hair and makeup!

  39. Yitzhak Applebaum

    I think going brunette would make her instantly look like 10x better.

    • Franziska

      It’s the whole white blond and pink combination that makes her look … well, like she does. Not good. You’re right, if she was brunette she’s look a lot better.

  40. Vandalfan

    Looks like someone smacked her upside the head and hurt her ear.

  41. Tuxedo Cat

    Wow, this is a great new start, and I appreciate that she prettied herself up for the ceremony.

    She usually has so much stuff on – layers, accessories, scarves, etc that it’s difficult to find her.