AMAs Better Played/Everything Else WTF: Christina Aguilera

Because it’s a comparitive science with this one. So perhaps to understand how truly relieved I was to see this look, you have to know what came before it.

[Photos: Getty, WENN]

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  1. Kit

    You’re right – this is better than everything that came before. That said, the side view was … not good. :|

  2. Leah

    Yeah the dress is good, and her body looks great, but I seriously thought this was a cartoon for a minutes. Is she wearing makeup all over??

    • Jes

      Oh my god Thank You, What is happening with her makeup? I used to think it was just bad lighting/un-flattering HD camrea angles that made her makeup look all sorts of wrong, but i’ve seen TOO many pictures of Christina (and Demi Lovato) looking like they got made up at a drag queen funeral parlor.

  3. Miranda

    I bet she’d win a drag queen competition hands down. I bet she’s very pretty under all the war paint!

    • Scouse Helen

      I genuinely can’t imagine what her bare face looks like, but I bet it’s better than the heavily made up version. She looks bizarre in the first shot.

  4. Eliza Bennett

    She is so so pretty that the purple dress isn’t worthy of her. it’s…not giving her a good waist. If it were boring fishtail without a slit, it might be more flattering. I hated her hair on the screen, but the photo looks better.

  5. ellenderavenous

    I’ve always thought her to be so pretty under those heaps of makeup. Why does she do it!?!? I think I’d like the purple dress if I wasn’t so distracted by the mask.

  6. Linda

    Has Hollywood not gotten the memo about self tanner, as in “you look like an idiot – stop using that stuff!!!!”

  7. China

    I know she’s always been prone to tanner overload, but do we think the vats of self-tanner are BECAUSE she no longer has that 00 body? A lot of people think tan = slimming, and maybe she’s just going completely overboard?

  8. Liz

    A word never uttered in her vocabulary: natural.

  9. Jules

    She would look so much better without the refried hair in all its iterations and the gallons of slap. And any day she’s wearing something over her underwear is a good day.

  10. Stefanie

    I’m a huge of fan of Christina so I want her to succeed. The purple is (from the front) a success. I just wish she realized how pretty she is without 18lbs of makeup and self tanner. I actually just watched the video for “Save Me From Myself” from the B2B era and I was struck at how stunning she is when she’s a little (or alot) less done up.

  11. Candy

    I saw a review of this same picture in which it complained/joked about how tight this dress is. I’m all “WHAT?”??? Seriously? I think it fits her perfectly & looks great (although I agree with the too-much-makeup critiques). After the too-tight review, I wondered what GFY would have to say. I’m glad y’all agree that it looks good (or at least better)!

  12. Meghan

    Just for the record, I’m pretty sure that CeeLo’s tunic was actually a muumuu. It was amazing.

    • Christine

      I have to ask because I’m genuinely curious: what’s the difference??

      • derpshooter

        A tunic is a shirt. A muumuu is a dress. So, the distinction here is important. To me anyway, I’m having so much more fun imagining the whole thing!

  13. tf

    Thanks so much Fug!
    I kept seeing bad reviews about her appearance and I think she looks great.
    Compare her to the recent batch of clowns and she looks fabulous.
    I love her dress, her hair, her makeup and yes, even her tan.
    And her full figure is admirable.
    Congrats to Christina!

  14. Art Eclectic

    Put me down as glad she’s found the courage the give a strong middle finger to everyone who thinks you can’t have a career as an entertainer unless you’re a size 0. I wish JSimp would throw down the same gauntlet and be herself, whatever size that might be. Curves haven’t hurt Adele or Kelly Clarkson.

    You go, Christina~!

    • chickadee

      I would agree with you if I felt like she WAS actually giving the middle finger – however, Adele doesn’t dip herself in tanner to appear slimmer, nor does she wear things that are way too small (the purple dress is a rare exception) nor did Adele airbrush half of herself off of her album cover. Christina talks a big game about accepting her body, but it would be even better if she actually did it.

      • The Fugger

        In all fairness to your second point: Xtina is naked on her most recent album cover. How would you have preferred she handled that? (Aside from not being naked.)

        (And for what it’s worth, Adele’s album covers are head and shoulders, mostly. I know 21 is, and I think 19 is as well.)

    • Annie

      And, we should support those who aren’t comfortable with their heavier selves and work to lose some weight in order to feel healthier. Kudos to Jessica Simpson for working hard to achieve a weight she’s comfortable with.

  15. Jo

    Way too much makeup but the dress is quite flattering.

  16. chickadee

    Happy over the fact that she hasn’t poured herself into a dress that’s 3 sizes too small, but for the rest of her look, Suzanne Somers did the dark tan and white blonde hair decades ago, and pulled it off better.

  17. Mollsworth

    She’s a lady drag queen and I fucking LOVE IT.

    • Claire1

      I think Dolly Parton called herself a female drag queen once,too…and I LOVED it.

  18. Tracey

    Unfortunately, I regularly visit a gossip site that tears her down and they were all over this dress. I thought (minus the tan) that she looked pretty. Her make-up is a bit much, but as you said, toned down compared to normal. I would have to admit that some of the shots of her from the side weren’t as flattering but I don’t know if that’s because the aforementioned site wants her to look bad and chose those photos.

  19. AndersonicTK421

    Applause, applause, applause…

  20. Helen

    A Yellowbeard reference! I thought I was quite possibly the only woman who had ever watched (or at least, watched and enjoyed) it! That made my day.

    The dress is pretty, but, as always, her hair, makeup, and self-tanner have all got to go.

  21. Becca Gross

    I don’t love the purple 100%, but it is def better than what she’s been wearing. I really hate the Loni Anderson hair on her, and yes, the tanner is terrifying. I think she can do better, but this is a step in the right direction, for sure!

  22. Krusticle

    Slide 9: that’s not Annie Potts, that’s Cherry 2000!

  23. Dazie

    I would wear the HELL out of that first dress. What a great look for a woman with curves. *applause*

    The rest- eh. She’s mostly covered?

  24. The Fugger

    I kind of disagree with the first one – aside from the fact that she’s tanner than Valentino (which is so not right), it’s also giving her…more stomach than she has.

    And let’s be honest: She’s put on weight, and there’s nothing to be ashamed about. We don’t need to dance around it every time there’s a Christina Aguilera post – she’s in her thirties, she had a kid, and her body is still amazing. As the Brits would say, she looks good full stop.

    That said, she needs to stop with dyeing the tips of her hair. I last saw the mane in Slide 3 on Twilight Sparkle. (To be fair, I think I last saw Nicki Minaj’s wig on Pinkie Pie, so they’re even on that count.)

    As for slide 11: Xtina would NEVER be caught dead in that thing. I mean, look at it. Cee-Lo has room to BREATHE in it. By Christina’s standards, he might as well be wearing a Hefty bag a la Missy Elliott (or Devo).

  25. Lisa

    She is a very pretty girl under all of that make up. I wish she would lay off a bit. Also, she’s probably somewhat of a normal sized person these days but that dress is not very flattering to her figure. She could do a lot better but considering what she usually has on, I’ll just shut up. Plus I won’t say anything about the vats of self tanner.

  26. jenny

    I agree that the dress is a good choice (in theory). But there seem to be some other shenanigans going on with her.

  27. Pip

    Wow her towels/ sheets must be full of fake tan & make up!! It’s an inch thick head to toe!

  28. Liane

    CeeLo’s tunic was a full on satin leopard dashiki. It was the best thing that has ever been on television.

  29. Janis

    I feel terrible criticizing, because she really looks much better than she used to. Still her outfits do her no favours.

    Are they still a bit too tight and too tasteless? Perhaps. Supportive underwear lacking? Maybe. For me, it’s mostly the hair, makeup, and horrible accessories, distracting from potentially good looks.

    But I cannot support purple on a blond. No purples, no blonds, natural or unnatural, no time.

  30. Sajorina

    I can’t stand her, but I applaud her for embracing her curves, which has been extremely hard for me to do! I used to be 125 lbs. and a size 2, but I’ve gained like 40 lbs in a year & a half, and I still don’t know why… It may be thyroid problems or medication I’ve been taking! It’s just been hard for me to transition from what I used to be to what I am now! I refuse to buy a lot of new clothes because I hope they find what’s wrong, so I can go back to my usual self!

    Anyway, I like the 1st dress, but the styling is BAD!!! And, except for the hair and the hat, I like the 2nd outfit! The rest = FUG!

    • Helen

      Oh, I hear that, Sajorina. I gained about 60 pounds over a few years, never having been overweight previously, before finally a thyroid problem was diagnosed. Upon treatment, the excess weight just fell off – I didn’t have to do a thing.

      But I didn’t fit into my old clothes properly again either. Gaining and losing changes the body’s shape. I was the same overall size (except for my bust, which remains way too big in my opinion), and had kept a lot of clothes in hopes this might happen, but had to get all new things anyway.

      And I agree, I love how Christina isn’t apologizing for herself. Now if only she had better taste!

      • Sajorina

        @Helen: Thank you! I’m sorry about your diagnosis. Both my mom & dad have hypothyroidism and have to take medication for life. They both manage to maintain a healthy weight, so I hope that if that is what caused my weight gain, I’ll be able to manage the condition with medication and go back to my old self. And, believe me my closet is full of size 2 clothes that I refuse to let go of, but I do my best at dealing with my new size 8 self…

    • Kate

      Adjusting to a new body size/shape is hard! It took me a very, very long time to shed my baby-weight, and I spent that whole period being really confused about how to dress myself. All the fits and shapes that used to work for me just looked awful, so I feel your pain.

      My two cents, which of course you can ignore completely, is to take a full day and go shopping. Try on a hundred different things and figure out what works for the new (quite possibly temporary) you. That way you can be comfortable in your skin and feel good about yourself for however long it takes to figure out what has changed and if it needs un-changing. I delayed buying jeans and such in my post-baby size, but I hated the maternity wear and felt sloppy and terrible. So not worth it!

      • Sajorina

        My problem was that I gained the weight slowly, so I had to buy size 4 clothes, then I had to buy size 6 clothes and now I’m at a size 8 & dreading it! But, I’ll take your advice and go shopping today! Thank God my shoes fit me no matter what size I am!

    • Claire1

      speaking as a woman with thyroid issues ( I’ve lost nearly 40 of the 60 I gained before I got under control)….let me be the first to say… sweety go buy yourself clothes. Even if you have to thrift them…go make yourself look pretty even if you don’t always feel it. Trust me on this… feel good about what you have now so that getting back to what you want to be will simply be a cherry on top.
      I even developed alpecia areata…and had bald spots the size of softballs on the top of my head ( hats, scarves and headbands became my thing)….. but I didn’t stop dressing up and stepping out. Be you… the body will follow later.

      And visit
      Arm yourself with knowledge.
      You are in my thoughts and prayers.

      • Sajorina

        Thank you so much, Claire1… I’m sorry for what you’ve gone through, but I love your attitude about it! I see that it is possible to loose the weight once I find out what’s wrong! And congratulations to you for loosing as much weight as you have! I do my best to deal with my new body and accept that this might be what I look like for a while, so I’ve gotten some new clothes and I’m going to get more! Plus, I do my hair & makeup, wear my nice jewelry & cute shoes and feel a lot better!

  31. aa

    let’s be real here, she stuffed her butt, right?

  32. Tessa

    She looks better, but there’s still just way too much makeup, including body makeup (and self tanner). In a closeup I saw somewhere here arms looked like they were covered with some weird shiny-glittery gunk.

    Not. A. Good. Look.

  33. Franziska

    “Dress the figure you have, not the one you remember.” Best piece of advice I’ve read in a long time. I am so pleased with Christina and her attitude to her changed body, kudos to her, it can’t be easy in her world not to conform to the normal Hollywood size and be yourself! Whereas I like the cut of the dress I don’t like the pattern. Oh and the fake tan is simply too much. It’s like she’s one of the T(he) O(nly) W(ay) I(s) E(ssex) girls (which is never a good look).

  34. ChristieLea

    I love Christina, I do. But this…is the strangest spray tan I’ve ever seen. All I can think of is Death Becomes Her, and how Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn look after they’ve once again covered up their undead skin with spray paint.

  35. Jules

    The extra weight really looks good on her; I just wish she’d dress in things that were as flattering!

  36. Sharon

    I work out on Alcatraz, and she came to the island a few years ago. First, she pulled up to the pier at the last minute in one of several black SUV’s full of “Bodyguards”. Then after the grand entrance, she rode in the wheelhouse and she and the ‘bodyguards” complained the entire time that everyone on the boat was looking at them and — sigh — couldn’t they just get away from all the limelight for moment?

    And the whole time she was on the island, everyone who worked there kept asking, “Who’s the orange lady?”

  37. 7Kellx

    Maybe she’s finally waking up that she’s curvy now and also not a 19 year old pop star anymore. Sure, i’s not an overnight full transformation…but baby steps!

  38. Bethward

    it’s comparative.

  39. akay

    That curly-pink-hair performance ensemble is just a pair of purple satin gloves away from being something Miss Piggy would wear.

    And ironically, as I write this, Carson Daly just said that the muppets will be on tonight’s show. Maybe Xtina actually did have Miss Piggy on the brain when she planned that outfit.

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  45. Jax

    I like Xtina and I believe that someone as talented as she is allowed to be a diva now and again. However, I want to sit down with her and have a chat about overtanning (there have been moments on The Voice when she’s looked downright orange) and overdoing the makeup. She’s a pretty lady and yet she looks like she’s been taking her makeup techniques from someone who lost Rue Paul’s Drag Race.

  46. Marie

    I wish someone should just advise her to tone down the makeup and make better clothing choices. She’s getting older and her clothes should at least look more sophisticated and classy — not to sacrifice her preference for flair, mind you— but just a wee bit toned down. I always believe any woman can look stunning at any size with an outfit that fits her well. If she can wear nicer-fitting clothes, she can do away with the clown makeup and tanning. All those things just distract people from her beauty and talent.