Say your sister is graduating from high school. Would you not agree that your sister’s high school graduation is not about YOU, but rather about your sister? Is it not, therefore, both appropriate and kind of you to make sure that whatever you choose to wear to said graduation, it doesn’t intrude on the celebration? Well, you are not Lady Gaga:

Unless Lady G is on her way to PERFORM at her sister’s graduation, which is where these pics were snapped, and the song she is going to perform is called, “MY SISTER IS AWESOME AND SO ARE THE REST OF YOU FINE GRADUATES SO CONGRATS!”, this is just not on, okay? The formal version of Britney’s “Toxic” costume, plus those insane stilt-shoes, plus A GIANT VEILED HAT? This screams, “BUT PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEE.” Dude. You’re Lady Gaga. People pay attention to you ALL THE TIME. Put on something understated — REAL understated, not just understated FOR YOU — and let someone else have her day. Jeez.