AFI Awards Fug Carpet: Christina Hendricks

The weekend of the Golden Globes, about a hundred other things happened. What is WRONG with this town? MOST OF THESE PEOPLE LIVE HERE. YOU CAN GET THEM BACK ANYTIME. EVEN IF THEY DON’T, THEY WILL COME. CELEBRITIES LOVE INVITATIONS TO THINGS.

Ahem. Christina Hendricks, however, was a no-show at the Globes (maybe she wasn’t invited? Or she was working? Or she had the flu? But none of the lady Mad Men were there), so you’d think she would turn the AFI Awards into her big showstopper, right?

Right. By which I mean, SO WRONG.

I suppose it IS a stopper, but only in the sense that actually it’s a non-starter. The length is so frumpy on her; if we cut it off at the knee then maybe we could have a discussion, but right now she just looks wallpapered. And the hair… what is going on with her hair? Apparently it’s an open secret that she wears pieces or toppers all the time. I wish this were her normal hair. Because the idea that she BOUGHT whatever this is and then consciously plopped it onto her head… Powering through what God and maybe a bad hairdresser gave you is one thing, but if the choice was this or something else, here is my question: What on Earth was the something else? Would it explode my brain?

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  1. Katharine

    If this was shorter, and the print wasn’t modeled on a mould colony, I think I would like it. The style and cut seem to be quite flattering to her shape. I hate her shoes though.

  2. qwertygirl

    This is made of Meh.

    • rb

      THIS IS MADE OF UUUUUUGH. And the clutch is fashioned from distilled AAAAARGH. And the shoes are vintage BLUUUURGH.

      I am so tired of her. She is the Lyme disease of fashion.

  3. Ranee Singleton

    Why is she wearing pointe shoes?

  4. AliceBlue

    Wow. This looks like one of Edith Bunker’s cast-offs.

    • Nancy

      Perfect!!! I was going to say Sister Wives, but I think they wear more modern clothing than this. Definitely early 70s housedress style.

      What is wrong with this woman?? Why is she either incredibly dowdy or incredibly naked? Is there no classy way for her to dress?

  5. Alicia

    She has done worse, and the cut is flattering. The colors aren’t bad either, but the print looks like something a grandmother would wear. This length is also pretty horrible on everyone. I don’t understand why designers keep making dresses this length.

    • Aparatchick

      I don’t know – my 97 year old grandmother would never have worn that. And she stopped wearing that length in the 1940s.

  6. Eliza Bennett

    THOSE SHOES are Satan’s ballet slippers. Why is this gorgeous woman doing this to herself?

    • jenny

      She wears these satin pumps ALL the time. Seems to have them in many colors, and I don’t know why. They do not flatter her, at least not with the outfits to which she pairs them.

      • AmandaD

        Absolutely agree about the shoes. She always seems to chose the most unflattering dress length with the most unflattering shoes.

  7. Tanya

    The is a first outing after the flu look. Terrible.

  8. Anna

    I’ve decided that she is just f%@!#! with us. On a permanent basis.
    She MUST know she’s a gorgeous woman but just doesn’t care about her appearance.

  9. TonyG

    Perhaps she’s a soccer mom who takes ballet lessons after dropping the kids off at school?

  10. amys

    I have to concur with the flu theory.

  11. Rayna


    Christina, why do you fight the pretty? Why? Why?

  12. Lynne

    Worst. Shoes. Ever. Okay, maybe not but they’re definitely criminal. This whole look is depressing.

  13. ErinE

    Oh man, CH. So awful, but so much potential! The fit in the boobs and waist is the best I’ve ever seen on her – very slimming. But the fabric is ugly, the length is a nightmare, and that hair looks like a mop/raggedy Anne.

  14. Jesse

    I actually like the dress, and think she looks fine. Fine for a regular person in my office!

  15. Sallie T

    Contrarian speaks: While this is way too pedestrian for an event avec photogs, I think the cut and even the length are terrific for her. (Tangent: I really like that length on most people over 5′ 5″ — deal with it). And, given that Mad Men seems to be fading on the pop culture radar, she needs to break out of the expectation to look like Joan all the time.
    What the look moatly says to me is that designers are not sending CH free frocks any more. Sigh.

    • Sarah

      Maybe you’re right. No free designer dresses. Must have opted for Dress Barn.

      • Sandra

        I shop at Dress Barn and have never seen anything this hideous there.

  16. filmcricket

    She looks like a middle-aged Anne Shirley deciding to spice things up with Gilbert after the kids have all moved out of Ingleside.

  17. anonymoose

    I hate the thing she always does with her ankle (posing with it cocked like that)!

    • rowynn

      Me too!

    • Hooples

      Oh My God that is exactly what I was going to say! I HATE that foot pose. Can she not just put her feet straight like a normal person. That pose cannot be good for her joints can it?

    • Minutiae

      You know, I’ve seen pics of her wearing sandals, and she seems to have some pretty gnarly bunions going on. I think she might pose like that to try to draw people’s attention away from them.

  18. VV

    One word: frumpy.

  19. Celeste

    Oh for pete’s sake! This is madness.

  20. Esme

    This is what my old aunts used to call a “house dress.”

  21. Pouncer

    The color and pattern on that print are terrible with her skin tone and hair. Which doesn’t even get into style and fit and shoes. Oh, Hendricks. You are GORGEOUS. Why can’t you figure out a way to display yourself to your best advantage?

  22. ohmygodGO

    As I scrolled down the page to find where I left off last night, I thought this was Frances Fisher! I was stunned when I got to it and saw CH! There are no words – and I love a housedress. And CH. I can understand just not caring that much about her appearance normally – but she’s essentially working when she attends (most) of these events!! gah!!

  23. TereLiz

    I think if she had a belt, different shoes, a ponytail and a more saturated lip color this would be a great daytime look. It’s a little underwhelming for the AFI Awards, though.

  24. Gretchen

    I don’t understand why, even in a dress that is not designed to show cleavage, she hikes her boobies up so high on her chest. Large round boobs don’t sit that high, and don’t need to – it’s ok if the bottom of the boob is near the bottom of the ribs when your boobs are as big as your head.
    It looks ridiculous and makes her torso have very weird proportions.
    Also her feet look like they’re in pain, when you zoom in on them. Poor little toes :(

  25. Ann

    I actually love it. Get rid of the clutch and shoes and VOILA!!

  26. mauxxo

    C.H: Please fire your stylist(s).

  27. bambam

    you know that song that goes ‘she’s got bette davis eyes’? this is all ‘she’s got john travolta’s wig.”

  28. WhooflPomp

    Flat out fugly! She’s getting ready to audition for a remake of Golden Girls? No Sass, No Class.

  29. witjunkie

    The dress is profoundly depressing but the HAIR? It looks like the 6 year-old girl cuts her own bangs rite of passage. Good lands.

  30. mosie51277

    are we sure shes not pregnant? her face looks fuller not to start bump watch or anything…

  31. Emma

    “…so you’d think she would turn the AFI Awards into her big showstopper, right?” You mean “shows topper,” right? As in this is the place we get to see her latest wig?

  32. Vandalfan

    I have honestly seen ladies in the grocery store with that dress and hair.

  33. Akit

    Oh dear. When I see her on MM I’m mesmerised by her shape and the dresses. Of course I don’t expect her to look like Joan off set or wotevs, but this is simply tragic. Nothing would save it. Nil.

  34. Meg

    Oh, honey, seriously? I get my “formal-wear” (such as it is) from Lands’ End and it’s better than THAT. They’ve got some great ponté dresses that work very well for those of us who aren’t columns. Also, knee-length or ankle-length, but not calf-length.