ACMs Fug Carpet: Laura Bell Bundy

I’m not sure what happened here.

But I like to think it’s the final set piece in a terrible/awesome movie called WHEN FABRIC ATTACKS.

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Comments (21):

  1. Holly Hamilton

    Why is one boob four inches lower than the other?

  2. Sandra

    This is……unfortunate, shall we say? And she knows it, too.

  3. Art Eclectic

    That fabric would be pretty awesome on a better designed dress. Sparkles!

  4. Rebecca

    This girl either wears 1/4 yard of fabric or 2 entire bolts.

  5. vandalfan

    I really need to see some more photos, from the side and in motion, before I can completely condemn this, but the fit in this photo looks dreadful. It does appear to be strangling her, however, and a single sleeve is always dangerous territory.

  6. Shelby

    Overall, I think the dress is pretty – and I don’t usually care for one-armed attire. I love the fabric. What’s wrong is the fit, the busy/messy hair and washed out color of the face. I think she could look quite fabulous with a few small tweaks. Get the bodice fitted, simplify the ‘do – something sleek and upswept like a French twist – add some color to (at least) the lips. And – I’m not positive about this since we can no longer zoom like we used to be able to before GFY altered its website – lose the silver/gray eye shadow, because it’s just making her face a mirror of the dress color.
    PLEASE give us back the ability to zoom in on a photo! I loved being able to compare a star’s skin with my own and find out I look younger than they do!!!! :)

  7. marykate

    Make up issues as well – her silver blue eye shadow much thicker on her right eye than on her left eye. Let’s just pretend she ran late due to a fab romp in the hay pre-show and got dressed and applied makeup in the cab on the way over.

  8. East Coast Girl

    Personally, I think the major malfunction here is that she is in serious need of a good support bra … the dress is not the only thing that looks asymetrical here!!

  9. yeahandalso

    it looks like she has three breasts and the far one is the saggiest

  10. Charlotte

    I think this would be a very fixable Unfug It Up or worthy of a multi-option poll if this very pretty lady was wearing properly supportive/shaping undergarments, especially a good bra.

  11. Jules

    I think the butler did it.

  12. Sajorina

    I love the fabric, but I think she put her head through the wrong hole and her stylist hates her! She’s too pretty for this…

  13. CJ

    From the waist down, this is a pretty dress. I’m a sucker for a good, old-fashioned Bob Mackie “goddess” dress and that’s what this looks like — from the waist down. But, the top is odd and ill-fitting and she needs a bra — or a better one.

  14. Kat

    This looks like the kind of effect you get when you stick your head through an arm hole by accident. And it also makes my neck hurt to look at it!

  15. Shiitake

    Does she have the dress on backwards?

  16. Mongerel


  17. Debbee

    Whoa. At first glance, I was sure this was mislabelled. Isn’t she the spitting image of Tonya Harding? Hair, bad. Makeup, awful. Dress, I don’t even have words.

  18. Claire L

    If I were such pretty fabric and someone scrunched me up like that, I’d attack too.

  19. Katie Starfish

    I don’t know who she is – are her eyebrows always so close to her eyes? Or is that a trick of the makeup making her eyes look higher…or something? Either way, the eyebrows are bizarre.

  20. Lighina VB

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