ACM Fugs and Fabs: Miranda Lambert

I decided in February — right around when she was chatting Lady Gaga’s head off at the Grammys, in between tweeting about how gross Chris Brown is — that I like Miranda Lambert. She seems like a kick. She seems like someone, in fact, with whom you could EASY be stuck in an elevator. I feel like one Us Weekly between you and you’d have loads to talk about. Maybe we could talk about her outfits!

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  1. Eliza Bennett

    I think I vote no on all 3, actually. That last one would be cute if it were about 5-8 inches longer and had less breast ventilation. I get the prettiness of the first one but something about the fabric looks…crusty to me.

  2. kroozle

    I’m in total agreement about the crustiness, Eliza. I have an overwhelming urge to take aim at that dress with a Super Soaker full of Lubriderm.

  3. mshesterp

    I think she looks adorable in the 3rd one, but I don’t find the 1st one flattering, although I get what it’s trying to do. It’s kind of baggy around her middle. The second one, in shades of Tom and Lorenzo–Girl, that is not your dress.

    I’ve loved Lambert since she was a newbie…she just seems like a lot of fun.

  4. Karen G

    She kind of reminds me, visually, of Meghan McCain.

  5. liz

    that smoke ruffle is getting pretty fresh with her (in the second option).

    TOTES ADORBS for sure on number 3. I am officially stealing TOTES ADORBS. Next time consider protecting your genius with a well placed copyright.

    • Mair Mair

      I am very sorry, but my (50 y.o. Cuban) husband has already copyrighted TOTES ADORBS. It is MUY CHISTOSO when he says it.

  6. whyohwhy

    I agree that #3 needs to be longer. As it is, it’s approaching gyno-town, which is not an area I like to hang out. She’s not there when she’s just standing still, but what about sitting and/or movement. Too risky.

  7. Sandra

    So if you took the shiny dress from Miranda and the white dress from Carrie, you would have one complete outfit consisting of a dress and its appropriate underclothing. Ladies, this is not how sharing clothes works. ONE of you wears ALL of the outfit SOME of the time. On another day the other one gets her turn. Sheesh, didn’t y’all have sisters?

  8. katiecat

    The second dress made me a lot happier before I figured out the floofy black bit was attached, and not just someone’s unfortunate hairdo being all photo-bomb-y.

  9. vandalfan

    #1 needs a bra. #3 needs more fabric upstairs and down. #2 needs a dumpster.

    • Lilibet

      Agree completely about #1 and #2. Call in Greta Monahan to take you bra shopping. #3? Tote adorbs indeed.

  10. LoriK

    I too think that she seems like a kick and would be fun to hang out with. In fact I wish she’d hang out with me long enough for me to help her find someone to dress her better. The first dress is fine, but not flattering on her at all, which makes it a “Girl That Is Not Your Dress”. The 2nd is just awful and without excuse. The 3rd is cute but there needed to be more of it.

  11. alyson

    Bless her heart, as we say down here in the south, but in that first photo she looks like she’s wearing a gilded alligator skin. Not exactly desirable.

  12. Squirrel!

    In #3, she’s giving Boobs Legsly a run for her money. And I mean that in a good way.

    • wtfnyc

      Agree!! I love me some Miranda (esp with Blake), and I think #3 may be the cutest and sassiest (without devolving into Boobs Legsly’s “LOOK. AT. MY. LADY PARTS.” obnoxiousness) she has ever looked. LOVE.

  13. Amanda

    The black one makes her crotch look like a fire-breathing dragon who can’t stoke up his flames and so is venting his frustration by puffing out plumes of smoke. I’m not exactly sure, but I think there may be a double-entendre in there, but either way – not a great look.

  14. Geemeedee

    The third dress is too short but GOOD LORD that woman has great legs. So I can kinda forgive her for that. Can’t forgive her for the Lee Press-On dust ruffle that is dress No. 2. I really like her in dress No. 1, but wish it was a smidge looser at the hips. That neckline looks great on her.

  15. mary lou bethune

    I just love her – she is adorable, talented, outspoken, a feminist in a country music world and her husband , although he never shuts up, is also the above..
    As for the dress- at least she isn’t going for the trollop look. And gold is her color.

  16. CranAppleSnapple

    What’s with the low-lights? It’s 2012. I believe I read somewhere that they are sooooo over.

  17. cc

    She’s a cutie.

  18. marykate

    Wish she was not rocking the droopy grandma boobs in the gold dress. Haul ‘em up girl!

  19. marykate

    Oh my! Is it just a bad reflection or do we see black panties peeking through?

  20. Girlin

    hahaha!! The smoke monster from lost went via Joan of Arc’s beast plate for #2…truly horrendous..but entertaining for us onlookers! #3 might have been nicer if it was a little longer?? #1 makes her look a bit dumpy BUT love the colour!

  21. Chrissy

    I like the first one. It’s flashy but not tacky. Haha the smoke monster! No that one is awful. The last one is a bit skimpy for my taste. She’s so cute though, she’s kind of pulling it off.

  22. tarasaurusrex

    Oh, her. I just can’t get on this train. I’ve heard truly awful things about how she treats her fans and that pretty much colors my view of her now no matter what. Also it doesn’t help that I literally never like anything she wears. Oh, Miranda. Noooooooo.

    • Ally

      Yes! Same here! I’ve heard she’s a total and complete bitch to her fans and to any press that isn’t BIG, major press. That’s no way to act.

    • A.J.

      I’m not a fan of her either, since she and Blake hooked up while he was still married.

      And that gold dress makes her proportions look really weird.

  23. Guerra

    Isn’t the 3rd on the same dress Kim kardashian wore in a diff colour that you fudged before?

    All 3 are terrible!!!

  24. Rhian


  25. Sajorina

    I love the 1st & 3rd ones because they’re gorgeous, metallic, simple, elegant, flattering and a perfect fit for her! She’s GORGEOUS!!! I think the performance dress is boldly awesome and I like that she took a risk there instead of the Red Carpet!

  26. ML

    I love her but kinda wish she’d ditch that lame accessory called “Blake Shelton,” who looks like The Used Car Salesman Guy Who Just Screamed At You On Late-Night TV About Van-O-Mania.

  27. Remi

    1& 3 are ok, but the third is short.

    Now I am sensitive to the argument that it would not work if it wasn’t short…but I have no way to remedy this cognitive dissonance… it’s…short of ok?

  28. katkin74

    I must be the only one who has a smidge of like for #2, with some modifications it could be kind of great. #1 needs a body shapper – upstairs = bad. #3 is very cute, just could use another 5 inches at the bottom

  29. Charlotte

    I just wish she was standing up straight for #1. She’s making it look ill-fitted where I don’t think it actually is. Dear god, girl, have you been taking posture lessons from Kristen Stewart?

  30. Andrew S.

    I’ve adored her all the way since ‘Kerosene’

  31. NYCGirl

    1) Okay. The fit could be better.
    2) I can’t believe no one has said what I’m thinking, but am too embarrassed to actually type out.
    3) Skin disease-y.