ABC Fugily

For as much as y’all know we are obsessed with about 95 percent of the shows on ABC Family — seriously, the sign language scenes on Switched At Birth are more affecting than almost anything on TV right now, although they have GOT to stop putting up those post-commercials graphical bugs over the subtitles — I have deep concerns about the styling advice being doled out behind closed doors. Look at poor Erica Dasher up there, for starters. She looked like a million bucks at Fashion Week (and seems very friendly, which is always nice), but then out she goes on the promotional tour, and she ends up in this overly froofy thing and then… those PANTS, plus a shirt that looks like it’s jonesing for Happy Days, and not one of the good episodes.

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  1. Sandra

    Why does somebody hate all these lovely young women? These clothes make no sense at all.

  2. Holly

    those first 3 are a bit bright-colour-blocking ahoy aren’t they? Thank god there isn’t a photo of them all together, my eyes cannot take it. Is there no tailor to properly hem some of the pants either?
    As for Katie Leclerc…I’m not sure. I feel a darker purple would’ve been better, but thats just me. Wouldn’t have hurt to run an iron over the skirt either. Love her shoes though…

  3. Softwear

    They are all so wrinkly. Did some stylist fall in love with silk or something? They need irons. They need tailors. They need shoe enthusiasts. Everything else is basically fine. Athough what the heck happened with Shailene? That shirt makes her look dumpy. She’s not dumpy.

  4. Gigi

    Was this event sponsored by the Jennifer Lopez line at Kohl’s? Hot Latin colors and bad fit that make everyone look stumpy and odd so that La Lopez can SHINE?

    Is it 6 in the morning? They all look like they have bags under their eyes.

  5. Softwear

    And now on to something more important: MELISSA JOAN HART. Boy that girl is some embodiment of the cray-cray, isn’t she?? I mean she NEVER leaves the house looking half-way decent. My guess is she’s in her late 30s, has a baby, and has never learned how to dress her post-baby curves. She has GOT to be in fug madness sometime. I wish it was now. That girl could take Kourtney to the Kleaner’s. Seriously. She just…looks crazy, doesn’t she? Aw yeah. I love the delicious crazy in her eyes.

  6. MC

    What the heck was going on with the photographers at this event? The first 4 girls all have huge heads and tiny necks/bodies… it’s like the angle is wierd or something??

  7. vandalfan

    The thumbnails look like an ad for Garanimals for teen gals. The big photos look like a fashion show for my Home Economics class’s sewing projects in 1975. There’s not a single outfit that fits correctly, though the pale pink shift comes closest.

  8. kim

    Lucy: Oh god why would anybody wear pants that long

    Shailene: Did she drop by the red carpet during her lunch break from her unpaid internship? But I have to say her makeup/hair look better than they did all awards season.

    Vanessa: That dress is very unflattering

    And everybody else looks so bland and boring (and/or I dont know who they are) that I have no words.

  9. Shannon

    Katie Leclrec needs a better shape. Her smile is so pretty, and the color is good, but that dress is making her look a little square. And I think the photographer got EVERYONE from a bad angle, because her legs look MUSCULAR, but not in a “hitting up the gym is fun” kinda way, rather a “my kicks could kill” kinda way.

    I think if it had no funny sleeve things and a wider belt.

  10. Mair Mair

    I just came by to say that, at my 13 y.o.’s insistence, I watched Pretty Little Liars for the first time last night. After about 10 minutes, my brain exploded, and I forced her to change the channel. (“Moooommmm! You don’t like ANYTHING.”) As usual, GFY’s recaps are infinitely preferable to reality.

  11. taylor

    Sutton Foster deserves a much better dress. That’s all I’ve got, since I, too, just got home from the gym (I showered there-would that work for you Heather?), which means I’m sleepy. Sigh.

  12. erin

    What a huge collection of fug!

    Troian Bellisario looks like she snuck into Marcia Brady’s closet, but we all how horrible the Brady’s clothes were, so why would she do that?

  13. Cat

    Well, at least some of these girls aren’t afraid of color (and I mean that as a compliment). The clothes are not great overall, but I do like that they’re bright.

    Troian’s dress looks like it could have benefited from a belt to break up the monotony of the color and some kicky shoes.

  14. Lynne

    The colour on Katie Leclerc’s dress is not awesome. It’s flat out awful. Half-assed purple(ish) that is washing her out something crazy.

    I can’t even with whatever it is that Lucy Hale is wearing. I mean, she’s not serious, is she?

    Shay Mitchell. So, so pretty.

  15. Sara B.

    Oh, see now, I would have loved Lucy’s outfit if the pants just fit a little better, were hemmed properly and she had worn an edgy black leather jacket with it.

  16. Sara B.

    Oh, but also, I’m not one to knock a great pair of nude pumps, but for the love of God! These women have the world at their feet! Punch up the kicks a little!

  17. Chasmosaur

    While I admit the shoes here are perhaps a little plain, why so rough on the trend, GFY girls?

    I think the whole high-heeled bootie phase was utterly hideous – everyone had hooves, for god’s sake. I have nothing against a fun shoe, but the more we encourage designers to go nuts, the more it’s all going to go very Buffy (i.e. “If a fashion magazine told her to, she’d wear cats strapped to her feet.)

    • GFY Heather

      I don’t think “fun shoe” has to mean “crazy shoe.” I mean, even a fun colored plain peep-toe. Just something.

  18. BooRad859

    I just do not think it is possible for any outfit to look good against that hideous orange background.

    • Maria

      Good point! And they all look crammed up in that corner like the photo op was in a phone booth, if phone booths still existed.

  19. alc23

    Were there any pictures of the Men of ABC Family??? That would be a nice pictoral!

  20. Sylvia

    Sigh, the color of Katie’s dress is not awesome. And the belt, why? I want better for her. I kind of feel about her the way I feel about Emma Stone. She’s seems so nice and I love her on the show, so, this bothers me a that she’s dressed rather poorly.

    I’m sorry, I never manage to make it past Shay’s face. Never, ever touch your face Shay.

    Troian’s dress needs more color. It’s so “blah”, but at least it fits for the most part. Vanessa cannot say the same thing.

    I see Lucy Hale is making her case for a higher seed in next year’s Fug Madness. Fug never takes a day off folks.

  21. sophia

    I only wish to register the fact that i also love abc family and 95% of their shows (secret life and late night 700 club excluded) and suggest that abc family give h&j their own show called fugs and pieces on friday nights. the only thing that could make fug madness better is to televise it.

  22. Madlen

    Speaking of Erica Dasher, will you ever continue your Fug the Show recaps of Jane by Design??? :)

  23. Liane

    Those pants are doing such unfortunate things to poor Chelsea Kane’s groin. Pardon my grossness, but it’s not a polterwang, it’s a polterschlong. It looks like she has a french baguette stuffed in there.

  24. corriner

    “so pretty it hurts sometimes” is exactly how I would describe Nina Dobrev. That girl’s face is SYMMETRICAL.

  25. Paige

    I don’t mean to be rude, but why do some of these obviously very cute ladies heads seem so large? Especially Lucy and Chelsea. It’s kind of freaking me out a bit. Is it the clothes? The photographer? I don’t really know who any of these girls are, but I assume their head to body ratio is not normally that disproportionate. What is happening??

  26. Elizabeth Rafferty

    Why on earth did they choose the bright orange background?? And if they knew it would be orange, why did they wear such bright colors? That’s the real crime here. I actually love the idea of hot pink pants.

  27. Maureen

    I saw Alexandra Chando’s picture and immediately thought, oh she’s being Sutton here, not Emma. I’m so weird.

  28. Maria

    I also love Switched at Birth, and that’s saying something because I started watching it just because my friend Meeghan was in it, but then I got sucked in despite myself.

    Katie LeClerc is awesome in it, and is usually costumed really well so it’s disappointing to see her looking so … flat and awkward here. I love the color that she’s wearing but it is not flattering to her, and something about the camera angle, the skirt length, and the shoes adds up to her legs not looking their best. Vanessa (who is so so pretty!) seems like she needs to go up a size or two on her dress and then she’d look FAN-TAS-TIC.

  29. Sajorina

    Shay Mitchell and Alexandra Chando looked perfect… So GORGEOUS! And, I want Erica Dasher’s pink shoes! COVET!

  30. loonytick

    I kind of get the feeling that most of the younger women were made to use the same, network-provided stylist, and that stylist is a 72 year old who fusses that kids these days wear everything too tight (and gets kickbacks from Sears).

  31. CynthiaW

    What? No one is going to mention that it looks like Chelsea Kane shove a GIANT DILDO down her bright pink pants?

  32. JJB

    Did Katie LeClerc fire her assistant halfway through ironing her dress?

  33. Kiernan

    Good Christ, it’s like a box of Crayola threw up on these girls. YOU HAVE A VERY SERIOUS COLOR BLOCKING PROBLEM, ABC FAMILY.

  34. CJ

    Love love love Sutton Foster! She is so much prettier than this picture shows. And I actually liked her outfit — it looks normal and pretty.

    There is a fun-house mirror quality to a lot of these ensembles that is really odd. Some of these ensembles are so colorful that it makes them look like costumes rather than clothes. Plus some really odd proportions going on, especially with the really young actresses here. Their bodies look so tiny compared to their heads, and the girl who looks like Winnie from the Wonder Years needs to find out that just because it’s called Ready to Wear doesn’t mean that it always is. Find a tailor! Those pants look CRAZY!