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Abbey Clancy here is a British WAG, a model, and — my favorite part of her Wikipedia page, “she also co-hosted the reality TV show Great British Hairdresser in 2011.” I love what a direct, unadorned title that it is (I also secretly love shows about hairdressers, apparently, given that the main thing I watch at the gym is Tabitha’s Salon Takeover.)

Here, though, it looks more like she’s hosting Great British Dominatrix, which is ALSO a show I’d happily watch on the treadmill.

[Photo: WENN]

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  1. Candy

    I’m going to completely ignore this dress and, re: your love of hairdresser shows and re: my love of Craig Ferguson, suggest you see “The Big Tease” if you haven’t already.

  2. TaraMisu

    Yikes. Goth dominatrix…. SMH.

    And I watch Tabitha too…. Jessica I swear we’d be besties in real life :D

  3. Girlin

    This girl is so pretty…why/what possessed her to wear this?? FUG!!

  4. Shiitake

    Looks like she just rose from her coffin.

  5. Sajorina

    I wish I had the energy to go to the gym… It seems like such a hassle for me to drive 25 minutes just to get there, work out, and then drive 25 minutes back home! That’s like 2 hours of my day gone for a 1 hour workout! Anyway, it’s TabAtha and her show is good! This outfit, though, is BAD!

  6. Anne

    I think she also won British Top Model once… the show is ever in competition with ANTM for the tackiest NTM franchise. She looks like she would be pretty hot if you took of all her clothes and put her in a nice DVF dress or something…

    • Neil

      She came second in her cycle (then went on to do that Beauty & The Best show with Janice Dickinson). She used to look better than this, but she’s clearly had her lips done recently when she didn’t need to.

  7. Joanie

    Let’s hope TabAtha doesn’t see this post because she’d show up at your house in pointy black boots and get stabby with them (and then she’d build you up again and make you feel wonderfully confident and able to run a business). Also, I agree with the first poster: “The Big Tease” with Craiggles as MacKenzie Crawford. Wonderful movie. (Then, sneak in “I’ll Be There” with Charlotte Church and follow that up with “Saving Grace”…if you don’t fully want Craigsy after those three movies, we’ll have to have you committed.)

    • Loramir

      Never seen the other two (but adding them to my Netflix queue now), but I LOVE I’ll Be There. It is my secret not-really-all-that-guilty-because-it-is-actually-hilarious-and-terribly-underrated movie. The number of times I have seen it is somewhat embarrassing.

  8. Clarisse

    I live in London and thus actually have somewhat of an idea of what she is famous for which is being in the local tabloids. Why she is in them is because they have no one else to report on… it’s not like the Duchess of Cambridge would ever be caught dead in that outfit!

  9. Betty

    Noooo! – I read American websites to get away from british reality stars like Abby Clancy. Please don’t do this to me.

  10. Ms.A

    Channeling Morticia Addams.

  11. Werml

    She doesn’t look british…

  12. Kate A

    I actually watched some of Great British Hairdresser. It was rubbish, and not in the fun trashy reality competition way. And this lady was annoying and talked too much.

  13. Lily1214

    Another one of those see-through lace gowns again. Here, the top doesn’t go with the skirt.

  14. Loramir

    I have never watched Great British Hairdresser or Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, but for hairdressing insanity, you can’t beat Blow Dry. I mean, Alan Rickman and Bill Nighy as competing artistic hairdressers? Josh Hartnett trying (very badly) to be British? The lovely Natasha Richardson being amazing and heartbreaking? Heidi Klum is also involved, in outrageous costumes and hairstyles, as is Hugh Bonneville (aka Lord Grantham). It is a completely and utterly insane movie but somehow so crazy that it comes back around to awesome.

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