A Royal Fugging: Wedding Live-Blog

Well, SOMEONE’S hair is looking very voluminous in advance of her big day.

Catherine Middleton

Welcome to our Royal Wedding live-blog, where we hop through coverage from BBC America, the networks, and of course E!, because we’re desperate to see Giuliana ineptly interviewing some random blue-blood and asking if they’re SO JEALOUS, all the while possibly making comments about whether Kate is skinny and/or tan. And this could get ugly: Because it’s 1 a.m. on the West Coast, Jessica and I haven’t gone to sleep. Please do join us for our insomniac ramblings as events unfold. We are, although preemptively tired, very excited.

Final Preparations Are Made Ahead Of The Royal Wedding

Although maybe not THIS excited. OR ARE WE.


1 a.m. CA/9 a.m. UK: We open with NBC’s Today show, live at the wedding, as Meredith Vieira co-hosts amid rumors she’s bolting soon from the show. We guess this is a good way to go out, no? We have only just begun this thing and already two Diet Cokes have been consumed a we lament, “Can’t these people get married at a NICE NORMAL AFTERNOON OR EVENING HOUR? Really, Kate and Wills, does it HAVE to be all about you ALL DAY? Sheesh.

1:02 a.m. I can’t wait for the open-topped carriage part. And if I can’t wait, can you imagine how all the people who waited along the route must feel? Those cars are going to whip by so fast en route to the Abbey that they’re S.O.L. without an open carriage on the way back to give them a peek. Matt explains that Wills and Kate will be: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and there was SOMETHING in there about “Carrickfergus,” and I don’t know what it is, but it sounds like the name of a really randy salad.

1:04 a.m. Prince Harry’s on-off girlfriend and wedding-day date Chelsy Davy appears in the Abbey, wearing a hideous baggy dark teal thing and a bronze circular fascinator that’s lacy with a bow and a bit of a veil. She looks like a few miles of rough road, to be honest. It’s an incredibly auspicious beginning.

Royal Wedding - Wedding Guests And Party Make Their Way To Westminster Abbey

1:06 a.m. Ann Curry is outside the Abbey with binoculars (shown above). (WE WISH.) She is discussing the people who’ve been camping out for a spot with all the earnestness of covering a peace treaty. She should change her name to Gravitas Curry.

1:09 a.m. We cut to Al Roker, and as ever, we are taken aback to see him so skinny. And yet he’s been skinny for a while, but somehow it shocks the caftans off us each time. [Note: We are not actually denuded of our caftans.]

1:12 a.m. NBC, in its efforts to cover it like it’s really important, has made us yawn. And that’s not good. So we switch to E!, and they’re just showing meaningless stock footage of unspecified other things. Some guards in their busbies are walking around playing instruments — it’s like the Official Monarchy Marching Band. The brunette in the lime-green coat they have covering this already looks tired. Sister, hunker down. They cut inside the Abbey, and there is a woman in leopard-print with a black hat that has gold arrows poking out of it. We desperately need to know to whom she is related, and imagine her name to be Biffy Rottingham-Poke. Giuliana talks about how this all brings tears to her eyes, and they marvel over the multi-paragraph length of the Queen’s official title and oh sweet lord we’re going to have to go back to Very Important NBC because this is a drag AND it’s not in HD.

1:17 a.m. Our response to our first view of Posh and Becks is to squeal wordlessly and point at the TV. He looks DREAMY. She’s wearing black and looks tired — not in a bad way, just in a pregnant, slightly emotional way. We hope she is not unwell! She’s wearing what has to be a Victoria Beckham original, and is rubbing Becks’ back. We love them. Can we reiterate that he looks DREAMY? Thank you.

1:22 a.m: Blah blah blah. Ann Curry is talking about balloons. For some reason, she is wearing a wreath of roses around her bun, which makes her look somewhat like a bridesmaid. Honey, you are the youngest looking 50-something in the universe but that is a bridge too far, even for you.

1:25 a.m: There is a woman standing behind Posh wearing what looks like a DirecTV dish on her head.

1:26 a.m: Matt Lauer gets us into the Fancy Royal Talk with some Fancy Royal Experts, both of whom have very posh and delightful accents. They basically explain that the Queen gave Wills and Kate very lovely, fancy titles indeed.  There’s much yapping about the Duke of Blah and the Lord of So-and-So, while the camera in Westminster Abbey cuts to….THE THORPEDO?! We are really proud of ourselves for IDing Ian Thorpe outside of the pool. (He’s not wearing his Speedo to the wedding. SADLY.)

1:31 a.m: I love that NBC has some girl just set up in front of the hotel at which Kate is staying. She doesn’t get to see anything and has to spend the whole time just being like, “so….I am STILL in front of the hotel.” Inside the church is a girl whose hat conceals her entire face. She’s going to be really sorry when she gets in there and can’t see the ceremony.

1:34 a.m: Earl Spencer is with HatFace, so she must be one of Diana’s relatives. BBC is very poncily explaining that it’s okay for Becks to be there, because Westminster Abbey is for THE PEOPLE. Um, he’s GOLDEN BALLS. He’s not just ANYONE. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is wearing a hat that looks like a giant royal blue tongue on the top of her head.

1:38 a.m: Why didn’t anyone TELL US Anderson Cooper was doing the play-by-play for CNN? We love him. And yet…back to NBC. No rain yet!  Matt Lauer says the VIPs are all due to arrive in the next fifteen minutes. CNN might be snarky — they just told us that the wife of the Speaker of the House is always in the paper for “various shenanigans” and he’s “lucky to have gotten an invite.” DRAMA! Fill us in on the deets, British readers!

1:42 a.m: OH. The Snarky One on CNN is Piers Morgan. THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. Andy Cooper: “Um….these hats are completely over the top.” Heather and I decide that we really miss CNN Election Regular Donna Brazil, who once told Andy, “I wear many a wig.” She’d love these hats, Andy. GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

1:46 a.m:  Elton John and hubby David Furnish have arrived and look quite smart and not at all Elton John-y. (In the sense that he’s not wearing googly-eyed glasses or sequins or a cape or a jumpsuit.) Apparently, Elton hasn’t been to the Abbey since he sung at Princess Diana’s funeral. Piers says, “Diana would have loved this. Weddings were right up her street.” Also: she might have wanted to be at her son’s wedding? Sniffle. It’s rather poignant, that aspect of this whole day, isn’t it? I think she’d have been very proud of how lovely both Wills and Harry have turned out.

1:52 a.m. There are a bunch of people outside along the procession route wearing BURGER KING crowns. We cherish all of them. Will they be disappointed to find out no meat kingpins are getting married today?

1:55 a.m. CNN is reporting, still, that it MIGHT be a Sarah Burton/McQueen dress on Kate. So basically, it’s everything we already knew. I suspect, with his tragic death, it’s double the reason to wear him — it’s a tribute, it’s an endorsement of the future of the brand and his legacy, and if she goes vintage, it’s even MORE those things because it’ll be a fusion of past and present. Meanwhile, the PM of Oz has arrived in a navy hat sitting on the side of her head, as if it’s HIDING SOMETHING.

1:57 a.m. Vera Wang has popped by the CNN coverage. Watching everyone go in reminds me of Fashion Week, a bit, except presumably with fewer people stealing seats and swag bags. Parenthetically, I wish there were a royal wedding swag bag. And OMG, Guy Richie and his girlfriend/baby-mama just arrived, and she is in animal print with a satellite dish attached to her forehead.

2:01 a.m. Piers Morgan busts up the controversy of whether people would wear morning suits or not; PM David Cameron is apparently in the correct coat, which Piers attributes to him listening to the “braying media mob.” Or maybe he just wanted to wear a badass tail coat, Piers. You don’t know his life. Maybe he just wanted to brush the tails up in the air jauntily before uniting bum with chair. Can’t he just have a yen for flair, Piers? Can’t he? Does one have to work at Friday’s to be pro-flair? I THINK NOT.

2:03 a.m. Foreign Secretary William Hague’s wife, Ffion (is that Welsh for Fiona?) is in a wheelchair because she’s got a cast on her leg… which matches her suit. YES. That’s exactly what one should do. But right when they’re getting into the nitty-gritty, Cat Deeley is all, “So what’s with William’s uniform he’s going to wear?!?” and we miss out on why the Hague’s wife’s shin has been so imperiled.

2:05 a.m. SCANDAL: PM David Cameron’s wife is NOT WEARING A HAT. REPEAT: NOT WEARING A HAT. THIS IS CLEARLY A REJECTION OF ALL THINGS FOR WHICH HER NATION STANDS. Instead she’s got on a bejewelled headband, getting all Blair Waldorf up in this shizz. Also, they just flashed up the graphic saying one of Wills’ titles is Baron Carrickfergus and we accidentally read it as, “Caref*ckus,” and… well.  We are ONE commercial break away from seeing Wills’ departure for the Abbey. WOO.

2:09 a.m. Piers Morgan is, like, OBSESSED with why Hague’s wife is in a cast. Turns out — wait for it — she broke her shin. Well, good thing he was on the case or we’d never have sussed THAT one out. We’re watching the gate of Clarence House, from which Wills will depart soon. Now CNN is insisting it’s possible Kate is going to choose a Jenny Packham gown. We think that seems unlikely.  The news is that Carole Middleton is wearing a blue wool Catherine Walker. Okay. Sure.

2:13 a.m. Hilariously, Cat Deeley just gasped loudly when William’s car left Clarence House. He looks charming in his scarlet coat, and Harry adorable in his uniform. The crowds just went a little nutso and we might’ve gotten a tiny bit misty. Everyone’s bursting with love. It’s downright lovely. Does anyone not wish this kid well after the heartbreak he’s had? Apparently the red jacket is an Irish Guard trademark, which is his highest military rank (I know, I’m sure we’re getting all the terminology woefully incorrect, please excuse us).

2:14 a.m. William! It’s not too late! You can still make it to Beverly Hills! Piers jokes about whether Harry remembered the ring. We aren’t sure how we feel about William not wearing a ring. Well, hang on, we are sure: We don’t like it. But we DO like the little salute Wills and Harry just did as they drove through town. They’re in a maroon Rolls Royce, if you’re eager to find its match on eBay.

2:17 a.m. There’s something curious about Piers Morgan suggesting that this has re-energized the monarchy. We see his point, but his context is that after Diana died people questioned the point of the monarchy and whether it was passe and should be obliterated. He now argues that this wedding has re-validated it — which itself seems to validate the EARLIER idea that the monarchy doesn’t actually do much. Having said that… HOORAY FOR ROYAL PEOPLE, because we need pomp and circumstance in our lives.

2:19 a.m. Harry and Wills are doing the customary greetings on their way in the Abbey. If this were a normal wedding they’d be fist-bumping people. Piers brings up the fact that the last major occasion they spent in the Abbey was Diana’s funeral, and that really IS horribly sad and incredibly touching, and gives a lot of poignancy to the choice of this venue for the wedding. William’s hairline has come very far from that day. Wills has removed the hat, since he’s inside, and he’s got the little hat mark on his firehead. Piers drools that you can’t beat a man in uniform. Basically, he and Cat have proclaimed them the hottest people in the universe. CNN: Where Hyperbole Happens.

2:22 a.m. Rev up your engines: Carole Middleton is being deployed soon. And then the awesomest thing in the WORLD happens: A CNN staffer leans in front of the camera covering Carole’s car and gets RIGHT up in the lens and FIXES HER BANGS. It is the best thing that has ever happened in the world. THAT has validated the monarchy, PIERS.

2:26 a.m: Carole Middleton’s hat might be good? We love that Mr and Mrs Middleton met as air stewards. Andy Cooper is making fun of the wedding planners, who’ve told them not to call the buses that are transporting people “buses.”  They do look like Super Shuttles, but WE call them PARTY TROLLEYS.

2:30 a.m: All the ringing church bells are very romantic. We do love a great peal of church bells at a wedding. And here comes Carole: she looks very elegant and not terribly dramatic.  In her shoes, you KNOW she was like, “I NEED TO WEAR THE MOST APPROPRIATE THING HUMANLY POSSIBLE OMG.” Also: Piers just said, “Diana’s mother was AN ALCOHOLIC.” Oh PIERS. Is now REALLY the time for that?

2:33 a.m: Carole and James Middleton are kind of color-coordinated with Elton John. They’re walking down the aisle to their seats. This must be SO VERY WEIRD for them, really.  Like…don’t you think they woke up this morning and were all, “dude. How did we get HERE?”

2:35 a.m: Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie sighting, with their father. LOTS of waving. Lots of old ladies spill into the church, including the Duchess of Kent, who is much younger looking in my memory (sorry, Duchess of Kent). Her pink fascinator, however, is quite charming. Gabriella Windsor (we think) is wearing an awesome, giant giant hat.  “Quite a collection of hats,” Cat Deeley points out, and she is correct. These hats are MAJOR. We demand more hats, now, at everything and always.

2:39 a.m: We feel like sometimes when Andy Cooper says, “let’s listen to the crowd,” it’s code for, “SHUT UP ALL OF YOU.” He says that so we can listen to everyone on the streets holler for Prince Charles and Camilla.  Piers points out that it’s nice that England doesn’t want to pelt Camilla with stones anymore (not in so many words). We agree: that WOULD be unseemly.

2:41 a.m.: Beatrice and Eugenie look somewhat cracked out — in an awesome way. Eugenie’s hat looks like the tracing of an Easter egg on balanced on the top of her head. We cut away from her quickly because IT’S THE QUEEN! Even Anderson Cooper is struck somewhat dumb. She’s in canary yellow and looks…like the QUEEN. The crowd on the streets is, of course, losing their minds for the Queen.

2:43 a.m: Every woman in the CNN studio — and both of us — coos when CNN cuts to the wee child bridesmaids getting into the car. They’re so cute! On the other end of the street, Camilla and Charles get out of the car. Charles is WAY greyer than we remember (but aren’t we all?). She’s wearing a very light mint green, and we THINK her coat has pleats at the bottom.

2:45 a.m: People are screaming for the Queen like she’s Justin Bieber. They have Queen Fever. They almost drown out her trumpet fanfare. In addition to more hats in the world, we feel like there ought to be more FANFARES. FANFARES AND HATS FOR ALL.  And tiny bridesmaid children! Pippa is riding with the tiny bridesmaids, one of whom — the tiniest — isn’t really waving to the crowd as much as just holding one hand languidly in the air.

2:48 a.m: The Queen’s hat looks rather like a lovely lemon birthday cake. Heather just said, “EMBARRASSING. She’s wearing the same color as the priests!” That IS awkward. We hope it doesn’t land him in the Tower. She and Prince Phillip walk into the Abbey. Camilla gives her a terribly good curtsy.

2:51 a.m: KATE IS GETTING INTO THE CAR. SHE IS WEARING WHITE AND A VEIL AND LACE SLEEVES AND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (We can’t really see it.) (But it seems demure and lovely.) (We can’t wait to get a good look at it.) (Vera Wang is all, “there’s a very large skirt.” No kidding, Vera. “You wouldn’t want to wear it to a restaurant.” REALLY? NO KIDDING VERA. You WOULDN’T want to wear the gown you’re wearing to marry THE FUTURE KING OF ENGLAND to a restaurant.)

2:54 a.m: Kate’s dress is very Grace Kelly-ish, from what we can tell. A very classy and beautiful bride to emulate. Everyone lining the route is SCREAMING, which of course you would. We are practically screaming HERE.  The little ringbearers (footman?) and bridesmaids are being led into the Abbey by Pippa, whose white (?) dress is pretty but a bit creased from the car. Wrangling six little kids on a wedding day is A LOT of work for but one woman.

2:57 a.m:  Vera Wang is totally annoying. Shush, Vera, about your feelings about veils. We decided we can’t wait until Kate gets out of the car and she’s wearing a November Rain style mini.

3:00 a.m: This wedding is like military freaking precision in terms of timing. Perhaps literally. We are at the church doors. Here she comes. BE CAREFUL GETTING OUT OF THE CAR KATE. It IS Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.  She looks LOVELY. Very demure with a pleated train and lace sleeves.

3:05 a.m. The choir kicks in as Wills and Harry make their way to their spots. Wills has this impish grin on his face, eyes darting left to right, as if he is both embarrassed and completely delighted. Kate slowly makes her way up, seeming also nervous but ALSO beaming. Her hand may be trembling as it clutches her father’s. Hell, OUR hands are trembling, and we’re just typing. At 3 a.m. On no sleep. Oh, God, we’re probably going to cry, huh?

3:15 a.m. If anyone is going to object, now is the time.

3:15:30 a.m. … Aaaand, now is the time when we all realize that weddings are really boring for about an hour and ten minutes and then awesome for a total of five. Kate, meanwhile, looks really freaking tired. It gives her the appearance of actually pondering the question about whether she knows just cause that they shouldn’t marry. When in fact we suspect she’s mentally scheduling a catnap. GET IN LINE, MIDDLETON.

3:16 a.m. HE WILL.

3:16:30 a.m. SHE WILL.

3:17 a.m. Newsflash: Catherine “Kate” “Middleton” is a total Joey Potter. She’s got a total half-smile. Except we don’t want to punch her, so she’s got that going for her. And she nailed the names, although she’s a bit stiff-sounding. Wouldn’t you be? You would. No judgment. You can’t get all Kristen Chenoweth up in there with your vows if you’re marrying the future King.

3:18 a.m. Wills struggles to get her very simple gold band on her ring finger. A scheduler just vanished into dust for forgetting to add “ring sizing” to the agenda.

3:19 a.m. So, wait. This thing is an hour and fifteen minutes long, there’s not going to be a kiss, we just did the vows and the ring… they shoved all the best bits up front? That is not how TV works, people!

3:20 a.m. Wow, God is being invoked almost as much as he is after a football game. It must be serious.

3:23 a.m. Sing sing hymny sing sing.

3:25 a.m. Who does James Middleton look like? I mean, aside from James Middleton. Or any other Middleton.

3:26 a.m. I keep expecting the Winklevoss twins to show up.

3:33 a.m. Do you think they held auditions to find the priests with the most dramatic oratory skills?

3:50 a.m. “Jerusalem,” possibly my father’s all-time favorite even though a) he was neither religious nor much of a singer, and b) it was not performed by Freddie Mercury. Miss you, Dad.

3:54 a.m. We were all appalled that the Queen wasn’t singing the anthem until we realized it would be unseemly for her to sing, “God Save Me.” I was hoping she’d bang on her chest and point at herself, though.

3:58 a.m. Hey, it’s Princess Anne! She’s in a purple hat and a purple-and-yellow coat. Apparently, between her and Elton John, Lakers colors were all the rage.

4:06 a.m. Kate — oops, Catherine — seems pretty moved as she and Wills head back down the aisle. I’m not sure I will ever be able to think of her as anything but Kate Middleton.

4:13 a.m. They’re waving so much more NORMALLY than you expect from a royal couple. Everyone freaks out when the carriage drives by, because this is, after all, what all the people waited out there for DAYS to see. Piers Morgan is beside himself. It’s the greatest day of his life. And the weather has held, which is nice.

4:17 a.m. And NOW everyone can start asking when she’ll get pregnant.

4:18 a.m. Vera Wang is going to be narrating our nightmares. She has GOT to stop nasalling it up right now. We can’t deal. In other news, Piers Morgan has proclaimed Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, to be the best human being in this universe and beyond. She also braids the hair of angels and creates puppies out of sand.

4:23 a.m. Wait, are they not kissing on the balcony until after the pictures? Aw, man! Separately, Harry in the carriage with all the little bridesmaids is adorable. We love that he’s in the equivalent of the kids’ table at Thanksgiving. England is going nuts as Kate and Wills ride through the city. She seems awed by the adulation, which makes sense — usually she’s greeted by paparazzi, and probably some catcalls and various shouts of support or whatnot but not anything of this magnitude. This is kind of England officially embracing and adopting her as its future. Sniffle.

And with that, we’re going to wrap up this thing, because it’s 4:30 a.m. and sweet GOD we need to BLOG ABOUT THE OUTFITS. Thanks for hanging out with us here and on Twitter. See you at the next one — AHEM, Harry. (Actually it’s poor old Zara Phillips getting hitched in late July, but nobody will be looking, really, which she might maybe be relieved about when you consider all this pressure.)

Good night! Slash morning!

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  1. Antof9

    I’m upset by how little hair that Kate mask has, and how much the Wills mask has.

  2. Heather

    We’ll be RIGHT HERE WITH YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lana

    Ohhh, its going to be so fab. I hope your dudes stay in bed Heather :-) I will, in your honor take a lil nap soon. I am currently unemployed and in Brazil so I won’t have as much of a problem with the time as you, californians, will.

  4. Liane

    Green tie guy seems to be checking out something a little lower down than her voluminous hair. And I keep wondering why the out of frame guy beside him is doing Bob Kelso’s thumbs.

  5. Marisa

    I can’t wait to see THE DRESS! The pomp and circumstance starts at 4am where I live … so early to bed for me! I’m going to skip tea & crumpets and head straight for the espresso at that hour. Just for fun … be sure to get your “own royal title” and celebrate in royal style!
    http://ca.eonline.com/uberblog/royals/index.html … Cheerio! Sincerely, Princess Marisa Tildsley Pelkeyton of Woodstockbury ;)

  6. Mary

    I plan to DVR the whole thing and watch it later, when my husband isn’t around. I know that prevents me from enjoying the live-blogging festivities, but I’ll be cheering you on in spirit. From my bed. :)

  7. Tee Cee

    I am SO gonna be here!!! Took a nap already and am gonna drink some wine to lull me into an early sleep…and, hopefully, dreams of Prince Harry the Hot Ginge! (IAD Camp Counselor Reporting!)

  8. Alena

    Lol, I’m going to be watching it live before I go to work!!!! Not sure how much sleep I’ll get before, though. Anyway, I’ll be definately checking in with you guys throughout it. :)

  9. Roxanne

    My gods those masks are terrifying.

  10. Melanie

    That seals it – if you’re jumping from network to network that means I HAVE to get up early to follow along! I guess I should get to bed…see you in the morning!

  11. vandalfan

    I’ve decided to hit the hay early and set the alarm for about 1:30 am. If they’re snappy about it, I could be back in bed by five. We’ll have reruns that evening in Prime Time, too. See you in a few!

  12. Gracious

    Watching it in LONDON! So very excited! Any souveniors I can bring back for the fuggirls? Already have my replica ring.

  13. Rayna

    Selfless. That is what you are.

    Sorry, I will be in bed, but you go, Girls!!! Hope you have the time of your life! (along with much of the immediate world)

    And THANK YOU, @Marisa. Loving it.

  14. chatty cricket

    Can you hear it? CAN YOU HEAR ME CLAPPING?? I might also be jumping up and down. Maybe. Ok, I TOTALLY AM!



  15. Anne B

    @Roxanne, that’s one word for the masks.

    Still, I find them sweet and perky. No wearer of a Kate or a Wills mask is gonna go all Ghostface Killa on anyone. Especially not this weekend, I suspect.

  16. Danni

    I have set my alarms (live in the UK, so am appropriately going to bed too late), hopefully I will be able to wake up in time! Truly appreciate the live-blogging, I know I’ve never done an all nighter during the awards season… though I have for the football, once, on holiday in Asia… that bodes badly.

    @Marisa: amazing! They also added a -bury to my town, which already ends in bury, thus is now -burybury. Interesting.

  17. Mary Jeannine Grace-Harbison

    Yay, everything up and working…. I am so in on the live cyber slumber party!!!!!!

  18. crystal

    Yay! This is so exciting. And I’m the only one of my friends watching, so it’ll be nice to have some company. :)

  19. Margot

    British Expat, living on the Westside — hell yes I’ll be up all night with you! I may take a little disco nap first, but I have the gin, the flag, and a Primark-issued genuine fake sapphire engagement ring all prepared.

    My treasonous husband refuses to stay awake, so I’ll be baking his undeserved British passport into a Victoria sponge; then, depending on how the gin takes, I may strew our local strip-mall with Union Jack bunting, or perhaps storm Beverly Hills and claim it for the crown.

  20. Lisa D

    YAY! I don’t know why I am still awake since I am on the East Coast and intended to go to bed at 9pm so that I could wake up at 4. Can’t wait to read your coverage!!!

  21. Ana

    finally a place to revel in this royallness. Bloody Canadian newspapers are filled with grinchy comments from a bunch of sour old pussies. I swear it looks like we have more republicans up here than you in the good old USA. I missed Chuck and Di, commercial fishing, and I am going to EMBRACE this one. Pip Pip

  22. Jessica

    YAY. I’m so excited that you all are so excited.

  23. Carol

    Juliana will be a disaster and it will be hilarious =D

    Let me share some updates from fellow Royal watchers:

    Me – I’ve ignored all royal wedding coverage since last year to avoid fatigue – but it’s finally the big day! The DVR is all set for BBC America’s marathon coverage and Friday will be spent reveling in pomp & pageantry!

    Friend 1 – The Victoria sponge is out of the oven, DO’s bringing a wagyu corned beef, brussel sprouts are go and our republican sentiment is having the night off. LOVE a royal wedding.

    Friend 2 – Homemade scones made – will bake them off in the morning.

  24. Carol

    P.S. I totally voted for Australia to become a republic when I still lived back home……but tonight I’m a loyal subject glorying in the magnificent Royals! I wonder what colour the Queen will wear? Purple? Can’t wait to see her hat!

  25. Mary Jeannine Grace-Harbison

    @Margot, I am so jealous of your fake sapphire ring! My husband asked if I was out of my effing mind…. well, close to that.

  26. Jen

    I can’t wait for Beverly Hills to be claimed for the crown!

  27. Lisa

    I get an extra hour of sleep…Mountain Time yo!

  28. BeeDreams

    Sarah Burton has gone into the Goring, surely it’s McQueen then???????????

  29. Lacey

    @Margot – hilarious! I sincerely hope the gin takes you whichever way necessary for you to claim anything for the crown.

  30. Aurelia

    Ladies, I fully logged on with fears of being reprimanded for not currently getting my beauty rest in anticipation of the joyous event. I hope that you will both ply yourselves with English bubbly in the next few hours. I think, almost more than the wedding itself, I look forward to your comments. xoxo

  31. Charlotte

    That sure did look like Sarah Burton trying to be v v incognito.

    Personally I thought the Parker-Bowles dress was in between “feh” and “fug”. I am so over mermaid skirts.

  32. witjunkie

    It’s 1:45 a.m. EDT and I’ve given up all hope of sleep. Good strong coffee after dinner helping! Working on my fascinator! Did you all see the footage of Prince Harry talking to the camping out people last night?! He makes me smile. Also, great link Marisa. Thanking you, yours faithfully,

    Marchioness Tania Arabella Cavinscock of Lexingtonbury.

    I now have a cock.

  33. Betsy

    I am shocked SHOCKED that there have been so “creepy dead eyes” comments by you ladies re: Middleton mask wearers. And, yes, I plucked feathers from the feather duster for my OWN Middleton home-made dead eyes mask. Which will be quite fetching as it will be sprinkled with my dogs pubes. OH THE GLORY.

  34. lisa

    Enjoy! everybody- they have put back the football broadcast till after the wedding, and men across Australia are just realising it is happening- but only due to this-
    most amusing :>

    thanks fugnation- Love it that the Yanks are so keen- see you there!

  35. Anne B

    It’s getting sillier in here as the hour approaches. (Also more British.)

    Makes me sad I won’t make it for the liveblogging — I am a wuss with a bad cold — but I will check right back in the a.m., to learn what other terrible things happened to names and dogs and feather dusters.

    I love you, Fug Nation. <3

  36. maria

    thank you, fug girls. my yankee husband is fast asleep, so it’s just me, my cup of Earl Grey and my 2 sleeping cats. Although not technically British, I won’t let that tiny, insignificant detail stop me from enjoying the awesomeness that’s about to unfold.

  37. Amy

    They’ve just become Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. :)

    Along with William becoming Earl of Strathearn and Baron of Carrickfergus.


    Very excited!

  38. Roxanne

    Me and my friends all have our jammies and fancy hats on! We are ready to party!

  39. Shaneene Levey


  40. Mary Jeannine Grace-Harbison

    Can they still call her Princess? and wtf is Carrickfergus???

  41. Pat

    Hey guys! It’s 8:17 a.m. here in the Canary Islands, I just got to work and I needed to check on you guys before doing anything! :D Thanks for doing this, you’re gonna make my morning SO much better!

  42. Sarah

    I’m sat at work in Edinburgh, Scotland, watching it on the TV – your blog is the perfect antidote, love it!

  43. Amy

    No doubt she will be Princess Catherine to everyone :)

    Carrickfergus is a wee village in Northern Ireland, where Im from ;)

  44. Mary Jeannine Grace-Harbison

    @Amy – wonderful! Congratulations on your new Baroness!!! This is gonna be fun!

  45. Anne B

    My dad was born in Carrickfergus.

    He had a heart attack a few months ago, but is doing better now (his memory is not so good). His memories are of London — the family moved there when he was very young, just before WWII — but he’s a Northern Irish boy by birth.

    I’d wake him and tell him, but … no. Wait till morning.

    Thanks for the lovely news, Amy. :)

  46. maria

    More importantly, People has updates on the uniforms to be worn by William and Harry. I think the public will not be dissappointed.

  47. Amy

    Anne- No problem! Haha, yeah don’t think its news worth being woken up for ;)

    Rumours abounding here that its going to be a McQueen wedding dress as well…

    http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/Article/TMG8481788/121/Royal-wedding-tantalising-clue-points-to-Sarah-Burton-as-Kate-Middletons-dress-designer.html I do hope so!

  48. Liz

    I’m watching pre-wedding coverage in the UK in my PJs at the moment, and any minute now I’m going to tear myself away for a shower and breakfast before the real deal starts. Any minute now… soon… maybe…

  49. nedjules!

    **now what’s so funny..Kate Middleton tells jokes too??

  50. witjunkie

    Why is every commercial on every channel at the same time a weight-loss plan? Who do they think is watching this?

  51. Matt

    Can I just say, I think you US peeps are in for a treat on E! because you get to see ‘National Treasure’ Dermott O’Leary.

  52. Belinda

    Shut up! I want a fascinator!!

  53. Taylor

    My friend Lacey is standing just outside Westminster and she said Posh and Becks just arrived to queue up right around the time Chelsea walked in.

  54. Katie A

    On the BBC, they’re showing all the hats inside the abbey — absolutely amazing. A lot of color amid the guests: I see hot pink, sage green, yellow, everything.
    I’m curious: Is BBC America doing their own thing, or showing the UK BBC coverage?

  55. maria

    Posh and Becks on BBC. Royalty, truly.

  56. Sarah

    Beckhams have appeared!

  57. Tee Cee

    Good Morning from the midwest! Eeek, I thought Chelsy looked rough too…I had hoped the English girls would look all fresh and rosy, not overly tanned and bleached.

  58. Katie A

    Becks has a top hat — A TOP HAT!

    Victoria in navy, ponytail, can’t describe the fascinator.

  59. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    Ahhh, Posh & Becks. Awesome. I’m glad I can’t hear his squeaky voice!!

  60. Tee Cee

    OMG, everyone just SQEEEEED over Becks!

  61. Jane

    David Beckham really should have shaved!

  62. Scott

    It’s 4.18 in New York and I don’t know that I can make it. I have the TiVo ready in case of an emergency crash but this coverage is grueling.

  63. Matt

    Beckham’s looking a bit tanned. Hmm… and Posh hasn’t cracked a smile yet and it looks like you could cut yourself on those cheekbones.

  64. Annalisa

    Chelsey is having a shocker

  65. Ann

    The Beckhams just arrived. David looks so handsome! Posh is wearing an amazing Phillip Treacy hat.

  66. Lana

    Posh is in the HOUSE..Becks looks FIERCE with his hair brushed.

  67. Scott

    Also the British commercials on E! are hysterical.

  68. katie

    Chelsy Davy looked terrible – I barely recognized her! Looked like she had a long night. Harry – find someone better.

    Posh and Becks – not loving David’s outfit but I’m not surprised he went for something different. Not loving Posh’s hair, but her dress and hat are nice.

    I really wish Americans wore hats like that at weddings.

  69. Tracy

    I LOVE that you are blogging so late for you, but 6.00 pm (Friday night) my time (Tasmania Australia). It suits me to a t.
    Great work, thanks!

  70. Lana

    I cannot confirm but she is wearing a caftan, maybe, possibly.

  71. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    Is it just me or does Posh look a My Little Pony at a funeral? (I mean that in the nicest possible way)

  72. Lacey

    Were you guys on E! When they showed Posh and Becks!? They all squealed like 12 year old girls. It was comical.

  73. KJ

    Posh and Becks arrive on the BBCAmerica feed! Wowza…. seriously, they’re upstaging the bride and groom by a mile (kilometre)?

  74. maria

    There was one moment upon entering when Posh looked almost human. She then retreated back to statue mode. Love. Posh. That’s how it’s done, Kate Middleton.

  75. Scott

    Giuliana refers to Prince William as “Will.”

  76. Emma

    I’m watching live in the UK on the BBC livestream online (damn university, commitments, I wanted to be in London today!!!) but had to keep checking here with my two favourite Americans :)

    It’s a pity you don’t seem to have access to the Abbey cameras. Mr and Mrs Beckham have arrived, and Mr Beckham looks so very dapper and handsome.

  77. Alexa

    My mother and I are up drinking and eating at this absurd hour, and I am regaling her with comments from your blog.
    While we are caftan free, we are not faux-British accent free. Keep up the good work!

  78. edj

    I love the hats!

  79. Bea

    La Beckham has arrived, demurely in black!

  80. maria

    Rowan Atkinson. Thank you, Britain.

  81. maria

    Second the hat comments – lost an Empire, kept the hats. It’s a fair bargain, if you ask me.

  82. Alizay

    Becks looked so freaking charming!!

  83. Bonnie

    Watching fromCanada, 4:30 am…..love, love, looooove this !!

  84. KJ

    Gotta double post — Posh is wearing navy, not black! I suggest tuning to BBCA if you have it. because come on! BRITISH ACCENTS!!!

  85. Kirsten and Lauren

    4:30 am and my best friend has arrived with scones and fancy teacups. Let the watching begin. Rowan Atkinson!? YAY!!

  86. Suzanne

    Watching on BBC America from DC. I feel bereft of a silly hat.

  87. Suzanne

    Fug Girls – Can you please do a Royal Wedding special on why the British wear silly hats?

  88. Jen

    I am the master and ID’d Ian Thorpe during his arrival, while Ann was talking about him arriving after 10am with the rest of the VIPs. LIES, ANN. LIES.

  89. Lana

    There are some CARAZY hats in da house. CRAy CRAY I tell ya.

  90. Sheila

    At about 4:30am eastern on BBC America a picture of a woman in a light pink hat that looked like it could have been turned on it’s side and used as a saucer for afternoon tea.

  91. Lana

    And if I ever get married, hats are a MUST. And caftans.

  92. maria

    Who is the fantastically salmon-clad lady with Diana’s brother ? Hat Envy.

  93. mahastee

    omg – even Americans know him as the Thorpedo? My Aussie friends and I are hoping he sits next to Elton, who will ever-so-gently coax him out of the closet.

    Becks does look dreamy.

  94. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    I feel very under-dressed right now. Seriously need an over-the-top fascinator.

  95. Pat

    Posh’s hat looks a bit weird to me… not the hat itself but its placement, right on her forehead. Also her makeup looks a bit sinister for a day wedding… but that’s just Posh.

  96. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    What the hell is Tara Parker Tomlinson wearing on her head??

  97. Scott

    Giuliana: “It’s funny to hear that there are different sides to people.”

  98. Jane

    Eek! Tara Palmer-Tompkinson’s hat – I pity whoever has to sit behind her.

  99. valeria

    The lady in royal blue — Is it just me ? isn’t it downright tacky to wear a dress that bares one’s shoulders at WESTMINSTER CATHEDRAL for a DAY WEDDING ?? Would not pass where I grew up in the midwest. (Beautiful as the dress may be)

  100. Pat

    Becks looked awesome though… very handsome.

  101. Kara

    Tears! I am at the office and only have a chance to occasionally glance at both this and the live feed.

  102. Liz

    Tara P-T’s hat is horrific.

  103. valeria

    [That lady in royal being Tara Palmer-Tompkinson]

  104. maria

    This is indeed the country of David Beckam’s left foot. And the country of Posh’s witchy hats.

  105. witjunkie

    Gary Busey is the Mayor of London?

  106. Kate

    Ahh! Guy Ritchie chatting with the Beckhams! AHA!

  107. Louise

    I love Posh’s hat. Chelea Davy had a shocker. The skirt and jacket don’t match, expect for the fact that they’re equally hideous and ill-fitting. She could do with putting on a bit of lipstick too.

  108. Amy

    Speakers wife is a bit outspoken on things she shouldn’t be…and recently did an interview where she spoke about how sexy it was living under Big Ben with the…um…chiming of the bells. Dread to think! And yes, the interview was accompanied with a photo of her in the nude wrapped in a sheet. Pure class.

  109. maria

    Lady with silver-haired Speaker guy – how is it possible to be so prim/frumpish and so utterly inappropriate with ridiculous cleavage for a day wedding ? Unless pregnant, in which case, ignore the snark.

  110. valeria

    I’m watching CBS (with Katie Couric) and NBC (with Meredith & Matt) simultaneously over the internet. Gotta say that Katie’s outfit beat’s Meredith’s hands down.

  111. nightshiftRN

    Did anyone else hear Katie Couric refer to this as the wedding between “Harry and Kate”? Or was that just my delusion? My hilarious, night-shift-induced delusion, where Ms. Couric looked super awkard afterwards?

  112. Annalisa

    Elton John in the house – with purple tie

  113. Terrie
  114. valeria

    Here comes Sir Elton John & partner

  115. Lana


  116. Sarah

    Elton John!!!

  117. Liz

    Here comes Elton John.

  118. Beth

    Big big thanks for doing this; I’m a Brit stuck in an office in Germany where the live feed DOES NOT WORK, so you guys are life-savers!

  119. Nicola

    Greetings! Watching from St Andrews with one of the couple’s former hall-mates (tenuous claim to fame.) Posh is definitely wearing navy but Becks looks forced. His hair looks like it wouldn’t move.

    TPT’ s nose is attending a different wedding.

  120. Sarah

    John Major!

  121. maria

    “Lady Norma Major” is now officially the name to be bestowed on my next feline. Or child. Whichever one happens first.

  122. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    I think the cavalry are the best dressed of the whole day.

  123. Annalisa

    Julia Gillard and Tim Mathieson arriving – cream silk blazer and navy dress – very stylish. Nice work Aussie PM

  124. KJ

    Really, Tony Blair wasn’t invited?

  125. Liz

    Can I say how glad I am that Piers Morgan is NOT on British telly for once?

  126. Annalisa

    Australia’s Governor General Quentin Bryce – one stylish woman – 60 plus and gorgeous.

  127. Sarah

    Dress talk – who do you think? I’m hoping for McQueen!

  128. Annalisa

    It’s gotta be McQueen

  129. maria

    The trees in the abbey. Just beautiful. On this note, can we officially start the “Harry Watch” ?

  130. Katie A

    I feel like the standout trend so far is forehead fascinators.

  131. maria

    Wow, Nick Clegg and awesome awesome flamenco lady. Dress – gotta be Sarah Burton.

  132. Stephanie

    Love you guys!!! I would love to see a hats-and-fascinators only post later. Xs and Os from Washington DC!!!

  133. CleaK

    Vera Wang is on CNN talking about the dress and design. It is amazing how many words she can get out without voicing much of a solid opinion. I wonder if she is slightly bruised she was very likely not in the running.

  134. edj

    LOVE what nick someorother (deputy pm) ‘s spanish wife is wearing!

  135. valeria

    Mrs. Nick Clegg — why the veil thing tied under the arm and across the opposite shoulder ??

  136. Erykah

    “Meanwhile, the PM of Oz has arrived with his navy-hatted wife.”

    Erm, think that should be, “the PM of Oz has arrived with her husband…”

  137. HC

    The PM of Australia is the lady, Julia, and its he’s her partner.

  138. Annalisa

    Sam Cam can’t walk in her shoes

  139. Sarah

    Samantha Cameron looks lovely!

  140. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    The Australian PM isn’t actually married – he’s her partner (and her hairdresser!)

  141. Gail Lucas-Keller

    On BBC America, they interviewed a Dad and his two daughters – the Dad had met their Mom at that exact spot on 1981 during Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding. I hope the Mom was just out of shot or just hope with a nice cup of tea. Of course, the cheeky older girl is hoping to meet Prince Harry and marry him.

  142. Liz

    Sam Cam looks kind of underdressed to me – no hat or jacket?

  143. kelebek

    Actually it should be PM of Oz has arrived with her partner, they are not married. GASP!

  144. Nicola

    What is up with Sam Cam’s hair? I know she doesn’t like hats – love the clip – but the hair styling looks odd.

  145. Anna

    Fug Girls – The wife of the Speaker of the House posed nude for a London paper wearing just a curtain in the Speaker’s Parliamentary apartment overlooking Big Ben. She also said that she’s the British Carla Bruni.

  146. Lana

    There is a lady in green who is NOT wearing a hat. She might be my new hero and also asked to leave the premises ASAP.

  147. Emma in NZ

    Girls! You have to keep your world leaders straight. The PM of Australia is a WOMAN (and wearing a crazy hat). The PM of NZ is the man you saw, the navy hatted woman his wife (and her dress is Trelise Cooper). Also, hello from NZ! It is a much more respectable hour here.

  148. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    I was going to say something about Samantha Cameron’s outfit, but thought I was being particularly narky. It’s not terrible or anything, but it’s just a bit … blah.

  149. maria

    Fellow watchers, it’s so great to have the inside scoop from all of you. Wasn’t familiar with the awesomeness of the Australian PM. or Tara’s.

  150. JKR

    The Band outside is playing Indiana Jones and Star Wars themes!

  151. Gail Lucas-Keller

    Simon Schama also says that since Tony Blair and the other ex-PM wasn’t invited, that Wills and Kate are now no longer fully marrying the people. He is quite disappointed. Also, he’s gotten quite old, compared to his A History of Britain glory days.

  152. Kate K

    Ha that was actually the PM of Oz and her husband ;)

  153. Sarah

    Almost time for the boys to appear!

  154. Lana

    06:11 in Brazil..Let’s do this…Where is HARRY ?

  155. Liz

    The copper in the stab vest and normal uniform outside Clarence House looks kind of left out next to all the others in dress uniform with their white gloves on. I feel a bit sorry for him!

  156. Annalisa


  157. Liz


  158. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    Wills! And Harry!

  159. maria

    omg. they’re here. oh they look fantastic, the brothers. Nice job, Britain – and beautiful, beautiful car.

  160. Jen

    Handsome brothers are handsome.

  161. Nicola

    Whoa, the princes look super formal and military. I bet they’re plotting world domination.

  162. Lana

    Im younger then both of them and for some reason i feel like I watched them grow up…TEARS.

  163. Liz

    Saluting the Cenotaph just made me go a bit weepy.

  164. maria

    Oh. they saluted in unison. Love.

  165. maria

    They’re so handsome. Harry kills me.

  166. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    Harry looks nervous!

  167. Gail Lucas-Keller

    Oh Prince Harry looks nervous! Prince William is just hanging out chatting with the old dudes.

  168. CleaK

    Watch his hands. He is nervous as hell. I would be too with that much attention on my wedding day.

  169. Lana

    I just cried a littl bit.

  170. Coco

    Is it me or does Harry look like he was attacked by some Victorian draperies and lost?

  171. Jen

    Poor Harry is also going to bald one day, just in the back, instead of the from the front.

  172. witjunkie

    I’m swooning. All my English blood is ON FIRE

  173. KJ

    A Thai princess! Prince Albert (not in a can)! BCC was also joking about Harry having the ring (how funny would it be if he dropped or misplaced it). I really wish Madge was there.

  174. maria

    Coco – so true. especially the back. Still, totally handsome.

  175. Karen

    Kate’s mom is out? Okay, perfect time to cut to commercial!

  176. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    Keen to see what the mother of the bride will be wearing.

  177. annie

    I hope you noticed the thinning of the thatch on the back of Harry’s head. The Ginger Prince is going to have Dad’s hairline soon as well.

  178. Charlotte

    FYI: I’m watching the Royal Wedding in France and none other than KARL LAGERFELD is one of the commentators! Woo hoo! Oh joy. Needless to say he is hee-larious

  179. Annalisa

    How funny that the Royals are arriving in mini buses!! Is it carpooling in the recession, or aiding global warming? LOL

  180. Charlotte

    P.S. For anyone with access – Kaiser Karl is making his comment on France 2

  181. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    Kate’s mum looks lovely, but again … blah. But I guess that’s what you’d expect. She can’t exactly wear something outrageous.

  182. maria

    Vera Wang is boring. I had no idea. Wow.

  183. Sarah

    Really excited now!

  184. Winnie

    Katie Couric is an idiot – that’s not Dodi al-Fayed, it’s the King of Tonga.

    Switching to ABC…

  185. Sarah

    Sam Cameron wearing Burberry!

  186. Lana

    Let’s all take a moment and say that Kate’s brother is mighty good looking.

  187. maria

    This is getting good. They’re letting the royals out of their cage.

  188. Liz

    Love Carole Middleton’s hat, and her hot hot son.

  189. Liz

    Good show on the hat front from Lady Rose

  190. Lana

    Hot brother.

  191. Annalisa

    Camilla wearing Jimmy Choos!

  192. Sarah

    Charles and Camilla!

  193. Sarah

    Phillip Treacy hat!

  194. Charlotte

    If you can get streaming or have some special cable or something – switch to FRANCE 2! KARL LAGERFELD is commenting!

  195. CleaK

    Question for the Brits: Why is Zara Phillips, who is equally a cousin to William, arriving on the buses while Prince Andrew’s daughters are in their own cars and Prince Edward’s daughter is in the bridal party?

  196. Jinx

    Oh, I kinda like Mrs Middleton’s dress and hat! Pretty style, and you know what they say: If you want to know what your bride will look like in 20 years, look at her mum!

    The cars are also quite drooly!

    I’m watching on BBCAmerica, the commentators aren’t so banal!

  197. KJ

    I LOVE those badge things that are mounted on top of the limos (a crown on the groom’s car). Kinda like “Royal on Board”? Oh god, here comes Camilla.

  198. Sarah


  199. Annalisa

    Oh Beatrice, Oh Eugenie, those hats are chronically bad!

  200. Karen

    Beatrice and Eugenie have GOT to be kidding with those hats.

  201. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    The queen has come as a canary!

  202. Liz

    Damn you BBC, if we’re going to snark on Beatrice and Eugenie’s frocks, you’re going to have to show them for more than a second!

  203. Jinx

    @ CleaK – The Duke of York is 4th in line to the throne, and his oldest daughter is FIFTH in line. They kinda have a bit of rank over Zara!

  204. Danni

    The Queen, 85, is wearing yellow. We like colour no? She gets her own fanfare. (Well, of course she does!)

  205. Liz

    Sweet little bridesmaids

  206. Craig

    Hooray, you recognised Ian Thorpe and Julia Gillard! And identified him as the Torpedo (but just quietly it’s actually Thorpedo….)

    Loving the coverage tonight, I’m reading rather than watching!

  207. Liz

    Camilla actually looks OK. What a shocker!

  208. Maria

    Princess Beatrice needs to stop it with the raccoon eyes and Princess Eugenie needs to quit shopping at a costume supply shop. Lovely girls, but disappointing getups.

  209. Lana

    Where are the Kardashians? It’s not a red carpet without them :-)

  210. Charlotte

    FRANCE 2: KAISER KARL is commenting on Camillas plastic surgery – or lack thereof

  211. Lana

    Loveeeeeeeeed Camilla’s hat.

  212. Jinx

    Phillip Tracy has made a MINT this month, providing all the rad hats and fascinators!!

    The queen looks vibrant in yellow! Not her usual WTF frump! I guess she’s passed that on to Camilla! (Who was exercised at 6:30 this morning with the rest of the Household Guards…)

  213. Liz

    The Queen is accessorising with a bright blue lap blanket for the drive!

  214. KJ

    I didn’t see Andrew’s girls, dammit! We really need to get someone to post Karl’s commentary on YouTube (with captions, please).

  215. Lana

    The wedding partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  216. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    Really not liking the queen’s hat. At all.

  217. Jinx

    We don’t look bad for a 1000 year old thing…. And the Abbey looks fabulous too!

  218. KJ

    I usually hate yellow but the queen looks adorable! Piers may take note that I still want to throw something hurty at Camilla.

  219. Jinx

    Whoa, they are lining Chuck in FRONT of Her Mama?

    And Phil needs an embalmer now…

  220. Danni

    Kate’s got a very full looking skirt!

  221. Annalisa


  222. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    The dress! The dress!

  223. Sarah

    KATE! Looks beautiful.

  224. Jane

    Train, veil, lots of lace, long sleeves.

  225. Liz

    Lace sleeves, long train CAN’T wait to see it full length!

  226. maria

    hm. dress looks kind of boring.

  227. Annalisa

    I’m seeing Grace Kelly in that dress

  228. Charlotte

    FRANCE 2: KAISER KARL is liking the dress (so far – we can’t really see it yet). Says he much prefers it to Dianas dress.

  229. Jinx

    Hope she doesn’t faint from hunger!

    Oh, such beautiful lace!!! YUM!

  230. Liz

    very Grace Kelly/Princess Margaret style

  231. Lisa

    A glimpse of the dress and it looks maybe like Ivanka Trumps? With the lace overlay…yawn,,,maybe?!

  232. Jinx

    One gal was saying the dress would be flowy and simple, to match the “springtime bower” look of the Abbey.

    Her hair is down, and looks a bit shorter.

  233. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    Classic. Beautiful. Sigh. I’ve never wanted to be a princess more in my whole entire life.

  234. KJ

    Everyone keeps saying “commoner” as if it were an unfortunate medical condition.

  235. Dazie

    OMG how cute are those little kids in the wedding party??

  236. Danni

    Oooh, Kate’s already got that regal wave going on.

  237. Jinx

    Poor Pippa – babysitting!

  238. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    Pippa’s dress = all kinds of awesome

  239. Charlotte

    The dress looks really boring. Snore. I as hoping for more

  240. KJ

    Ooooh, I wish the sister’s dress was the bridal gown! Sexy! How are they going to guess the designer as soon as the bride steps out of the car? Did she leave the tag on?

  241. Danni

    Please let there not be any/too much lower-lid liner. I know this is shallow, but the lower-lid liner has been discussed.

  242. maria

    Pippa’s dress = wow. Pippa is quickly becoming my favorite Middleton.

  243. Liz

    Hopefully this will end the dominance of the ruched strapless a-line in wedding dress shops throughout the land.

  244. maria

    she does look spectacular

  245. Jinx

    Burton! SOOOO Much prettier than the thing Diana wore!

  246. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    Perfect wedding dress.

  247. Karen


  248. Liz

    Don’t like her make up.

  249. Jinx

    She looks ecstatic, instead of frightened to death like Di was. The couple have known each other for TEN YEARS, I think this marriage will do fine!

  250. Charlotte

    Nooooo! Boring! Why oh why would you not do something a bit more original at such a moment?!?

  251. Liz

    Check out Princess Anne with her lilac gloves!

  252. maria

    her father’s expression is going to make me cry.

  253. Jinx

    LOL, I bet Kate could RAWK that November Rain style! Hey, the house they filmed the video at is here on Laurel Canyon, and WAS originally built for the King of England to visit, but then he gave up the throne for some lady…

  254. Dazie

    There are trees INSIDE the Abbey?

    *is confused*

  255. KJ

    Do you think the palace might have posted a PDF of that programme so we can follow along at home?

  256. Danni
  257. Jinx

    Glad they AREN’T using Lohengrin, those songs are about death and stuff!

    WOw, that is a LONG walk down the aisle!

  258. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    I love the trees inside the abbey. I love that they’re going to plant them at the castle.

  259. Cristina

    Harry looks sexy.

  260. Jinx

    Aren’t they a stunning pair!!! And they look like bestest friends! Oh, YAY!

  261. Jinx

    WHOA! GREAT camera angle from above!!!

    I have to say, they have really tidied up the Abbey! When we were there it was an old, dusty, dirty – but fascinating! – place. Now it’s a shining jewel!

  262. Danni
  263. Em

    Thank God you guys are keeping us company…hooray for the Fug!

  264. Jinx

    Thanks Danni! Great info!

  265. KJ

    Thanks, Danni! So, there’s a PR chippie online releasing the fashion announcements as the family, attendants, and bride arrive…. wow!

  266. maria

    she is so nervous.

  267. Maria

    LadyGwenTabithaChurc said “Classic. Beautiful. Sigh. I’ve never wanted to be a princess more in my whole entire life.”

    Me too!

  268. Jinx

    That ring ain’t coming off! Wow, it actually looks a little like mine! Simple, but so much meaning in it! Good job, Harry!

  269. Lisa

    Pippa looks so snarky…like in her head she’s like, give me a break…I think we would get along awesomely.

    You can hear the crowd!
    I loved Wills and Harry looking like such boys at the alter, smiling and looking so happy.She looks so beautiful but also a little tired in HD.

  270. Jinx

    And now she’s a wife, a Duchess, a Princess, and a Royal Consort!

  271. Danni

    Hehe, I WISH I was a PR chippie! That would mean a JOB. I am merely a lowly postgrad student suffering severe procrastinativitis. The BBC (and ALL other UK media) has actually been spewing out this info to us since Wednesday so I thought I might as well share it with you lot!

    Frankly, I thought I’d have tired of this shenanigans after five months, but the pomp and circumstance seems to have gotten to me anyway.

  272. Jinx

    Oh, Pantheon preserve me, there will be a new John Rutter piece! ARG! (IMO, he writes music as if he were on crack. Wild stuff, but beautiful!)

    Yeah, the wedding part is done, now they have to make it a lesson, then make her royal, yadda yadda…

  273. Coco

    Who is the woman in the Copacabana flowered turban?

  274. HC

    Is James Middleton a tanorexic?

  275. CleaK

    The ring is probably sized as best as it could be, without adding funky modifications to the inside of the shank. She probably has knuckles that aren’t in line with how petite the base of her finger is. I see this all the time in taller thin women.

  276. Small Dog

    Ok, it’s more than a little cute how they keep glancing coyly at each other.

  277. Jordan Barss

    I think he looks like John Francis Daley from Freaks and Geeks

  278. Mary

    The two of them look so serious, almost like they just want to run out the door! Oh good! They finally exchanged a cute glance… and the camera immediately cut away.

  279. lisa

    Did anyone see Carmillas face just after kate finished walking? In the first hymm- she looked like Lady Di’s ghost was walking across her spine- I think she had a premonition that Charles would never be King-

  280. Jinx

    Plus she lost about 20 – 25 pounds before the wedding, so sizing could have been “hopeful”!

  281. Maria

    You know, Kate’s family may be “commoners,” but they are comporting themselves beautifully and with dignity. My brothers would be up there all “take my sister, PLEASE.”

  282. nina

    James looks a bit like the actor who played Tom Riddle in the Harry Potter films!

  283. Liz

    John Rutter – a bitch to sing and not really worth the effort imo.

    At least they gave them chairs for the dull bit.

  284. Jinx

    lisa, definitely! Liz is just waiting for Wills to mature a bit, and Charles to get older before passing the throne to the young Prince!

    The crowd was quite young and fresh, I think a young and vital king will make a HUGE difference to England as they face the future. The wartime generation is past.

  285. Beth

    LOVE the dress. Very Princess Grace, in an updated way. Also adore Pippa’s dress. Sadly, though, nothing’s going to pry that eyeliner pencil out of Kate’s hands.

    On another note, was it just me, or was Wills kind of struggling to stay awake before the vows? My video kept pausing, but for the seconds when it was going smoothly it looked like he was blinking furiously and trying desperately not to sway. You’re in the military, you should know not to lock your knees!

  286. Lana

    @ Maria… My family would scream ” HOLLAAA” at Wills, Harry and the Queen.

  287. annie

    You know, there’s something terribly gay….and not a little creepy….about church choirs that prefer little boys for the soprano parts instead of grown up women. You’d think that would be a catholic preference the church of england could leave behind.

  288. Maria

    @Nina, aha! Tom Riddle! I knew he looked like someone in Harry Potter, and it was driving me crazy!

  289. Liz

    Sermon blah blah, time to scan the crowd for the most thrilling hats BBC!

    Kate looks knackered, poor love.

  290. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    They look tired!

  291. andrea

    They’re both trying to not fall asleep.

  292. Jinx

    Did Wills brain himself on a helicopter? Looks like a bruise or welt on teh left side of his forehead!

  293. PHX Mama

    Woot! Shout out to Chaucer!

  294. Girly

    Was that Beatrix with the gallons of mascara down her face?

  295. Belinda

    Are James Middleton and Elton John wearing matching or the same vest and tie? And did anyone else see the woman in the front row of the common part of the church who is wearing almost the exact same outfit as the queen?

  296. Kara

    James Middelton, quite a dish. Yes?

  297. Jane

    After years spent in the public eye, Wills still hasn’t mastered the art of not looking bored to death? Has his entourage taught him nothing?

  298. The Other Molly

    Wow, Fug Nation makes a good showing this early in the morning.
    Danish and coffee for all!
    Isn’t this the part where the officiant is supposed to go “Princess Bride” and say

  299. Maria

    I suppose Kate had to do almost stage makeup, to look good to the crowds and the people in the cheap seats at the Abbey. That might explain the heavy hand — because she is certainly too pretty to need it. In other news, I LOVE the dress.

  300. Bea

    Wills, i know it’s boring, and i know your grandmother only wore such a large hat so she can fall asleep under it whilst pretending to read the programme… But seriously, dude, sit up.

  301. Liz

    My mum, on Beatrice and Eugenie’s outfits: “I don’t know who advises them, but they should be shot.” Bit harsh mum!

  302. Lana

    Can we start a baby bump watch? Or is it too soon?

  303. Nicola

    What on earth are Eugenie and Beatrice wearing? They seem to be channeling the wicked stepsisters. They can do way better than that!

  304. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    @Kara: James Middleton = not a dish. Too much fake tan!

  305. Jinx

    Your mum makes a good call! And yeah, pry that eyeliner away from those gals!

  306. Mother Fickle

    James Middleton looks like John Dorian’s (Scrubs) brother, aka Tom Cavanaugh (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Cavanaugh)

  307. Tennyson James

    Poor Wills. Next time he’s really really nervous before a big event he needs to remember to just take one Xanax b/c any more and he becomes slouchy.

  308. Liz

    Maria, I think you’re right re: the make up. It seems a shame on such a pretty girl.

  309. Mary

    I wonder what Kate would have planned if she wasn’t marrying Prince William but just an ordinary man named William?

  310. Maire

    James Middleton looks a bit like James Haven, doesn’t he?

  311. Maria

    @Liz, I totally agree with your mum. The princesses’ outfits are awful, and Eugenie looks absolutely bedraggled.

  312. KJ

    Yeah, sure, this is one of Wills and Kate’s favorite musical pieces.

  313. Annie
  314. Nicola

    Does Kate do her own makeup? Her eyeliner always looks the same.

  315. Tennyson James

    @Nikola: Wicked step sisters is the most apt description I’ve heard so far today.

  316. Jinx

    Vegas wedding!

  317. Jinx

    Wow, I’m getting a “marriage is to create kids” message here… No gay weddings in Westminster!

  318. Lana

    Kate is bringing an AWESOME hairline to the family. Wills is very lucky.

  319. Annie

    @Nikola, I had just posted the same thing on FB. They are looking almost Bonham-Carter crazy today too!

  320. Belinda

    Ok, this priest totally has the same accent as the Princess Bride one, come on, just say “MAh-widge”, just once, please

  321. Girly

    Jinx, I was just going to say the same thing. The whole ceremony boils down to, “KIDS NOW!”

  322. KJ

    Supercool tiara rundown, thanks.

  323. Jinx

    EEEE!! My favorite hymn! This song is to England what “America the Beautiful” is to the US.

  324. Jinx

    Gasp! Was that David Tennatn???

  325. Girly


  326. Jane

    I can’t believe our Prime Minister has been shown up by a footballer. I mean, I know it’s David Beckham, but still. Shame on you, Cameron!

  327. Andrea

    I thought the dress was nice at the top but didn’t like the cut from the waist down, and the makeup was far too severe. If you’re so tired love don’t go too nuts with the eyeliner.

    Felt sorry for them both actually, there were parts there where they looked super bored with the whole shebang. I couldn’t imagine being at my wedding and so tense and bored and tired, that’s not the point of the day.

  328. KJ

    Hymn lyrics by William Blake!

  329. Girly

    Did we lose the girls?

  330. Jinx

    Those things on the altar behind him are SOLID GOLD! The middle one was from King Charles, the outer pair from Liz and Phil.

  331. Margot

    Aah… I had a Church of England wedding too, and I’d forgotten all the important stuff gets done in the first five minutes. I’m glad they haven’t jazzed it up for the TV audience, though. Clearly, we’ve learned a lesson from this year’s Oscars.

  332. Beth

    Oh! I figured out who I think James Middleton looks like. John Hannah, that actor from all those Hugh Granty British movies. I mean, come on, could James look any more English?

  333. Girly

    I don’t know if I’d like to sing, “God save the new in-law”

  334. Jinx

    LOL, Girly!

    Interesting, in Amurka, we sign the certificate FIRST, and that is when the marriage is official. They are signing after….

  335. Tennyson James

    Am I a horrible person for being disappointed by Kate’s dress? I mean, it was beautiful, as is she, but I was hoping for something more “princess-y”

  336. Mary

    Harry seems to be the only one really enjoying himself. Is this a British thing, the fact that every looks so dour?

  337. PHX Mama

    @Beth: I think you are right re James Middleton. Good call.

  338. Girly

    I suspect it’s safer to default to bored than to appear to be not taking it seriously. Harry’s really got nothing to lose, and isn’t the focus, so it’s got to be easier on him.

  339. Pat

    I can’t imagine singing a national song knowing it’s about your grandmother, will be about your father, and will some day far in the future be about you. Yikes.

  340. Lisa

    That stiff upper lip thing is too bad, everyone looks so bored

  341. Hannah

    Prince Harry and the Half-Bald Prince

  342. Nicola

    Yup, apparently Kate does her own makeup. Hence the none blended eyeliner.

  343. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    @ Tennyson James: I think Kate’s dress is quite princessy. It borrows from Princess Grace & Princess Margaret’s dresses. That’s pretty princessy if you ask me!

  344. Mickey Dee

    Kate Middleton’s Dad looks like Emily’s Dad (Ross’ second wife) from FRIENDS.

  345. Girly

    Pat, I remember a similar comment being made about the living presidents attending Reagan and Ford’s funerals.

  346. Tennyson James

    @LadyGwen: I guess I was secretly hoping for sparkles and bows … or something. It just seemed really plain to me.

  347. Liz

    I’m really appreciating the trees and very simple flowers, just green and white. You don’t need to go too nuts on the decor when you’re getting married in the Abbey!

  348. Jinx

    Hmm, did Camilla sign the register, or did WIll punch her in the nose?

  349. Coco

    OK am I the only one thinking they all had G&Ts while they were back there? I know I would´ve.

  350. Sarah

    Those little choir boys in livery with neck ruffles just kill me.

  351. Liz

    Anybody else spot the nose picker when they were cutting between different randoms a minute ago – bet his family are so proud!

  352. Charlotte

    The dress is TOO princessy! TOO classic! Boring! Would be nice to see something a bit more soft and modern. What with all the beautiful draping that’s going on in fashion right now that should be EASY! AND it’s the made by the house of MCQUEEN for crying out loud – known worldwide for their amazing creativity! I am SO disappointed they didnt come up with something better! That just looks like any old bridal-shop off-the-rack standard dress! Booooored…

  353. Mary

    Please tell me you saw the Fug that was the Lady in Head-to-Toe Beige!

  354. Tennyson James

    I think the recessional is the most beautiful part!
    @Jinx: A punch in the nose would get my vote.

  355. Girly

    I would have loved to see her in something more like Pippa’s dress.

  356. Jinx

    Huh, nice look between Kate and Liz, there! I think Gramma approves!

  357. Charlotte

    Ha ha! I HOPE they all had G&T’s back there!

  358. Tennyson James

    Shouldn’t Wills be on the other side?

  359. Karen

    Totally appropriate that the British National Anthem starts with trumpeting. Would expect nothing less.

  360. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    @Tennyson James: Fair enough, sparkles are awesome. Kate just didn’t seem to be the sparkles or bow type. She’s pretty safe & predictable with what she wears.

  361. Kathryn

    I didn’t watch the wedding, but I did get the joy of hearing my housemate yell “it looks like some woman’s wearing a blue vagina hat” right as my landlord came to the front door for the rent. Heh.

  362. Jinx

    I like the neckline of the dress, But ugh! Could you imagine dragging that train around by your waist?

  363. Lisa

    I’m loving the more natural smiles and as a eyeliner lover, I’ve always like Kate’s makeup, it’s nice she got to be herself on her wedding day

  364. Liz

    Bet Harry is reconsidering Chelsy now he’s walking Pippa back down the aisle!

  365. C

    She’s trying so hard not to smile.

  366. Girly

    What happened to the two littlest flower girls?

  367. emuchic

    Love the dress, but something’s not right in the bust- the stitching appears to give her two very prominently hard nipples. Not nice.

    Poor Kate looks puffy/bloated- her eyebrows are drawn in too much- extremely nervous (who wouldn’t be) even slightly heaving in the chest when sitting down.

    Pippa is orange- why am I the only one who has commented? Amazing how she looks arrogant thru the TV.

    Lastly, anyone else notice Harry looking laviciously at Kate when she arrived at the altar?! Shady Shady!

    Congrats to the happy couple-

  368. Jinx

    And now the bells peal for THREE HOURS!! Whoopee! Party time!

  369. Sheila

    Glad I’m not the only one who seen Harry sneaking a look.

  370. emuchic

    Harry’s “look” was so bloody obvious!!!

  371. Tennyson James

    I MUST learn to lip read before the next royal wedding!

  372. Jinx

    Courageous to ride in an open landau carriage?

  373. CranAppleSnapple

    Kate look soo heavenly. I wish I had been that classy and elegant at my wedding. I think I was a bit too fluffy and flouncy.

  374. Girly

    Courageous to sign up to be a baby producing unit.

  375. Jinx

    LOL, I remember a comedy skit ages ago “Stop Royal Breeding”!!! I need to convert the video when I get a new player and put it online.

  376. CranAppleSnapple

    Chelsy of the hideous phonetic spelling looked like hammered crap, however.

  377. Jinx

    Hmm, methinks those footmen are actually undercover MI-5!

  378. Lisa

    I hope she whips out an amazing reception frock.

  379. Tennyson James

    One of the flower girls was Camilla Parker-Bowles grandaughter. I’m oddly offended by that.

  380. Liz

    There’d be a riot if they didn’t travel in an open-topped carriage. Security services will have vetted and searched anyone within range to do any harm I would imagine.

  381. emuchic

    can someone please explain the simultaneous william salute + kate bow.

  382. Charlotte

    The Queen looks so happy!

  383. Danni

    They look significantly happier now than they did in the Abbey. Fresh air = good.

  384. KJ

    I actually don’t think they look at each other enough for an in-love, just-married couple, but maybe they’ve gotten too used to being practiced and proper. Look how far apart the queen and her consort sit — eesh.

  385. Jinx

    Liz not waving to the people… She sure loves Wills! Giving him HIS day.

    Sigh, now the balcony scene, and then – CONSUMATE!

  386. Charlotte

    William salute + Kate bow = saluting the flag I think

  387. Jinx

    @emuchic – the salute is for the various memorials and brigades they passed. Wills IS still and active duty military member. Kate is not, but IS now Princess Consort, and must make official recognition of the memorials. A proper show of respect from a new military wife!

  388. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    The queen laughing! Awesome!

  389. Jinx

    Ooo, Fugs, I dunno if I want a sand puppy… But I’d pay to see if she now farts rainbows…

  390. Katie

    I would LOVE to hang out in a carriage with Harry.

  391. emuchic

    @jinks: thanks for the explanation.

    @kj: agreed about the non-lovey dovey-ness between the couple

    Completely missed William mouthing “you look beautiful”. damn, where can I see this?

    Kates flower bouquet, very disappointing.

    Is it proper for the bridesmaid to wear white?

  392. Liz

    Re: Saluting – He’s saluting the Cenotaph and various other military memorials they pass as he’s a serving officer, and also returning salutes from some of the various armed services lining the route. She’s bowing her head to the memorials as a mark of respect, and possibly just kept doing it every time he saluted anyone else just in case!

  393. KJ

    OMG, so tired… WHAT HAVE I DONE? (work in 3.5 hours and no sleep yet?) Thank you everyone, for staying up to watch with me. Holy shit, look at the gold on that Middleton carriage.

  394. Jinx

    York’s daughters are soooo emo! And who can THEY marry? Some Saudi upstart?

  395. Katie

    Has anyone noticed Eugenie looks like she’s wearing one of her mother’s dresses from the 80s? And Beatrice’s HAT. Ugh.

  396. Charlotte

    Oh God those hats on Beatrice and Eugenie… Go back in time and re-think!

  397. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    Gotta love the mini buses!

  398. KJ

    York girls will probably marry (sniff) COMMONERS. More than once each.

  399. Beth

    Aw! The little blond boy grinning up at them when they came into Buckingham! So cute!

    I would guess that the “courage” about traveling in an open Landau would come from reports that the wedding would be a target for terrorist plots.

    So what happened to putting her flowers on the tomb of the unknown soldier? Does that come way later? I can’t imagine they would skip it altogether.

  400. Dazie

    Beatrix/Eugenie (I can’t tell them apart) looks like she has antlers.

  401. Claire

    LOVED the whole thing. Genius.


  402. Jinx

    An HOUR til the balcony. They’re all having a quick knees-up and shoes off!

  403. Charlotte

    FRANCE 2: KARL LAGERFELD says about Beatrice & Eugenies hats etc: “Il y a des noms pour ça que je ne veux pas prononcer”. Translation: “There are words for that that I don’t want to say out loud”. Ha ha ha!

  404. Jinx

    Fur coat, no knickers?

  405. KJ

    Ha ha ha ha, Charlotte/Karl! I just realized that “Middleton” is such a Dickensian name for her situation. I love how all the presenters and spectators are acting as if they are most wonderful and perfect and in-love happy couple ever in the whole history of time. I say this without too much cynicism, even.

  406. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    Princess Eugenie/Beatrice (I can’t tell them apart either)’s fascinator looked like a placenta.

  407. Jinx
  408. Electric Landlady

    Toronto Star has informed me that if you look at Google Street View for London, the little walking guy is now a little walking bridal couple. Awww.

    I came in very late to all this so THANK YOU for doing this, Fug Girls! I feel like I missed nothing! (Did see Beatrice and Eugenie. Is “chavvy” the appropriate term? Blech.)

  409. Jen

    Re the Duchess of Kent looking older than you remembered. Are you perhaps confusing her with Princess Michael of Kent, who is often seen at Wimbledon?

  410. chefcrza

    whaa?? youre not staying up for the kiss? pssssssshhhhhhhhhh posh

  411. chefcrza

    if anyone wants to stay up for the kiss i’m on twitter @chefcrza lets talk ish!

  412. Emma

    Earl Spencer’s companion is his finacee Karen Gordon, and yes, she would have to tip her head back 90 degrees to see straight in front of her. Can we talk about the hats? Can we discuss, specifically, sweeping them into a large pile and setting fire to the pile?

  413. Jessica

    Oh, we’re up!

  414. Liz

    They’d better bloody kiss after all this waiting.

  415. LadyGwenTabithaChurc

    They’ll kiss.

    They will kiss, right?

    If they don’t kiss I’ll be so peeved.

  416. Liz

    Really looking forward to the fug bonanza that will be the guests’ outfits post. Beatrice and Eugenie had some competition on their hands in that abbey.

  417. Emma

    Hey, you said BOTH Kate and Posh looked tired – is it possible you’re seeing your own reflections in the TV screen at 4am?

  418. The Other Molly

    *Refreshes the coffee and danish table*
    I’ve never seen so many people wait to witness a kiss.
    How storybook.

  419. Danni

    @LadyGwenTabithaChurc: Seconded. Compared to the Swedish royal wedding last year it has been a distinctly stiff affair, but the British will always be British. I hope he gives her a massive smackarooney. A little bit off piste, but it’s their wedding day so should hardly be condemned.

  420. Danni

    BBC Commentator: “… and Prince Harry, finding it all very funny.”

  421. Liz

    loving the tiny bridesmaid having a strop about the noise!

  422. Liz

    Disappointing kiss.

  423. Jinx

    Aww, he blushes!

    And I see Prince Phillip enjoying the view…. of Pippa’s bosom!

  424. Coco

    Yeah! All in all, I thought it went well and looked pretty good. Best of luck to the newlyweds.

    OK all of you – off to bed!

  425. emuchic

    did they redo her makeup? sure looks like it.

  426. The Other Molly

    Nice, chaste little smooch.
    There are people in the fountain, I love it.

  427. Jinx

    Wow, that flyover is just as impressive as a B2!!!

  428. Katie

    The second kiss was precious!

  429. Liz

    aww, second kiss was lovely!

  430. emuchic

    why does her bust look like that? bad case of pointy-boob

  431. Jinx

    Yeah, I bet the last place she lost weight was her chest. She’s normally a robust girl of a healthy weight, but of course wanted to shed for the wedding…

  432. crystal

    james middleton looks a bit like jude law to me. only not so blonde.

  433. Alicey

    @Margot: I am right there with you as an ex-pat living in Georgia. And there may or may not be some Bombay Sapphire in my assam.

    Tara Palmer Tomkinson is the single most irritating and horse-faced individual on this earth. What the hell is she doing there?

    Also, fug girls, TELL ME you stayed up long enough to see the couple come out onto the balcony? Kate walked out and you saw her jaw drop, eyes widen, and say “oh wow” at all the crowds, it was adorable.

  434. Jessica

    Oh, yes. We’re still up, writing.

  435. Marina

    Dude. BRITAIN. Not England! There’s a reason that Kate – sorry, Catherine’s – dress is embroidered with a rose, thistle, shamrock and daffodil. Although, I find it amusing that they went for the daffodil instead of the leek. I mean, who doesn’t want a leek on their wedding dress and cake?!

  436. rosemary

    as always exc job Galeens – good on ya.

  437. Emily

    I’m glad you mentioned Joey Potter. Ever since I first started seeing photos of Kate, I’ve thought she smiles exactly the same as Katie Holmes. Glad it’s not just me.

  438. momo

    Thanks for this; it was the first place I went to after I woke and got my morning coffee. It was great although I kept wishing there was a way to instantly post the pics of whatever it was you were talking about.

  439. Mongerel

    Very disappointed with the dress. Cone boobs, for heavens sake, and all that celebrated lace detail is just about invisible. Pippa and all the men looked better. The Queen looked great, too.

  440. Brandy

    Bless you, fug girls.

    Please, please, please tell me that you’re going to let me get a better look at the wife of the Chancellor of the Exchequer – she was wearing some horrible gray dress that looked inside out, with very visible SHOULDER PADS.

  441. Thomas

    So I’ve realized a few things this morning: (1) pomp and circumstance never get old, though while I know how to spot pomp I remain confused by circumstance (2) they still make non-slutty wedding dresses!, (3) as a man with very limited hair, this will be noticed at my future wedding regardless of spousal hotness, and (4) YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST LIVE BLOGGERS EVER. The line about the QUEEN pointing at herself had me in tears for at least five minutes.

  442. Thomas

    @emuchic: I thought I was the only one who caught that lascivious look. I wasn’t sure if he was thinking lasciviously of her or if this is something vacarious tha brothers do, like “yeah, my bro is going to get some of that.” EIther way, EWWWWW.

  443. Thomas

    whoa, “vicarious that”–I don’t know what “vacarious” would mean

  444. Patricia

    I want to know what the Queen of England carries in her handbag. WHY DOES QEII NEED A HANDBAG?

  445. jean

    Piers Morgan certainly gave the cattiest commentary! He even capped on some woman’s nose job. Hee. I wasn’t expecting such dramatic hats. And Fergie’s girls did look “cracked”. And Harry couldn’t tame his hair! Kate’s brother looked more preppy and proper (and nervous, but nice voice!). Altogether a fun show. A much more fun three hours than the Oscars. And one time! I deeply appreciate a family who can keep to a schedule.

  446. jean

    Regarding the handbag–I imagine tissues, a compact to check her lipstick, and hard candies for the great-great grandkids. Oh and biscuts for the dogs.

  447. Jackie

    There are two reasons for Wills not wearing a ring.

    A.) As a pilot, a ring can be a danger if it catches on any of the plane’s controls.
    B.) If he got a ring, took it off to fly, then neglected to put it back on, there would be a huge media shitstorm.

  448. Nina

    Harry and Will looked adorable. I love that they’re still so close.

    When Kate finally approached Will at the altar, he said something to her I couldn’t identify, but the second statement was pretty clear; he told her she looked beautiful. I rewound that part a few times.

    Camilla looked positively constipated.

    The second kiss was great, because Kate held on a bit longer (can’t blame her) and Will blushed all through it.

    Thanks for the Live Blog Fug Girls! I missed most of it, but the recaps help.

  449. Amy

    3:54 a.m. We were all appalled that the Queen wasn’t singing the anthem until we realized it would be unseemly for her to sing, “God Save Me.” I was hoping she’d bang on her chest and point at herself, though.


  450. Amelia

    When you mention that it was all planned out to military-like precision, down to the second, it was:
    Royal wedding: Military carries out dress rehearsal

    What a beautiful event!

  451. Patricia

    Jean: Thanks for the help! OF COURSE it’s full of candies and dog biscuits!

  452. westwardho

    “Foreign Secretary William Hague’s wife, Ffion (is that Welsh for Fiona?)”

    … this may be my favorite question of all the questions i’ve ever heard asked, including that one time when my roommate asked me, “do bees wear hats?”*

    *why would she ask me that? do i look like i would know?

  453. Mallory

    You two are freaking hilarious and this is perfect. It’s as if you transcribed my thoughts during the entire broadcast; if you lived in New Orleans we would totally be friends. Thanks for the laughs, as always

  454. pc
  455. Angel

    “Wills has this impish grin on his face, eyes darting left to right, as if he is both embarrassed and completely delighted” Spot on description.

    Also, I hate Cat Deeley.

  456. Lisa

    I think James Middleton looks like Tim Curry.

  457. Priya, England

    As a British republican (in the sense I want the monarchy abolished only – your welcome to them!), I avoided all coverage of the wedding and have got myself in a right tizz about the royal family, class and money over the last few weeks.

    But reading your live blog just now did fill my cold party-pooper heart with warmth and glee, that’s how good you are! Really enjoyed it – thank you for staying up! Your site rocks.