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Except maybe: OMG; whoa; what?; why?; I can’t even; WORDS; and noooooo.

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  1. Fifie

    I don’t even know who this is. However, I do know that my sister wore those exact same shoes to her Grade 8 graduation in 1965.

    •  Billie

      AND, they’re a repeat for her.

      This is just, I don’t, how do you look in the mirror then leave?

      • Goldfish

        Maybe she needs to invest in a full-length mirror and not rely on the one over the sink in the bathroom only…?

    •  Sarah

      Not to pick on another gofugyourself fan, but really, you look at this and your issue is with her shoes?????

      • Jasmine

        The biggest issue I have is with her shoes too! With a cute pump and like.. and extra inch or two, this would be simple and pretty. As it is, it’s too short and looks dumpy.

      • Big Noise

        We’re only picking on the shoes because it’s at least the third or fourth time she’s worn them when she’s been fugged. They would be cute on the right outfit — like pants.

        • bambam

          or a hazmat suit so we didn’t have to see them. but we all know the second a celebrity wears a hazmat suit, they will start coming out with clear, see-thru vinyl panels in places you don’t want to see-thru.

  2. qwertygirl

    I hate it when one of my friends is in this situation. There’s just no graceful way to let someone know that they’ve forgotten to put on pants.

  3. Rowynn

    Even worse than forgetting your pants is still looking like a drip without them. You’d expect someone pantsless to at least look interesting.

  4. Eliza Bennett

    oh, Zosia. They’re not going to remake Girl, Interrupted any time soon.

  5. Maria

    I think she’s kind of adorable on Girls, and then in real like she is never able to pull together a presentable outfit. Girl is in need of a stylist….stat!

  6. linda

    I think she woke up in the middle of the night, remembered she had an event, grabbed the first pair of shoes and was out the door.

    • Orange Clouds

      That’s exactly what I thought. I ONLY look like this when trying to find the bathroom in the middle of the night, I wouldn’t even quickly pop over to the cornershop in this outfit!

    • Stephanie

      I know! This is what I look lime when I throw on one of the hubby’s tshirts to sleep in!

  7. Other Emily

    Okay, but does she get any points for moving her part off center? I feel like she should. But then they’re all negated by her big t-shirt and flats outfit. No good. No good at all. And of course, not smiling. Keep on keepin’ on, Zosia.

    • kickassmomnyc

      It’s good that she moved her part. Can you imagine how much worse it would have been if she hadn’t?

    • steen

      I was going to say the exact same thing! Yay for finally parting her hair on the side. That center part was way too severe and gave off a strict religious schoolmarm vibe. I definitely like her hair better this way.

    • Lucasta

      That’s what it is! Shoes and pantslessness aside, I was going to say she looks WAY better here than usual but I was chalking it all up to her expression not being as dour as usual. But it is mostly the hair.

      • Goldfish

        The fact that her expression is perceived as not as dour as usual…give it another look. I think we have set the bar way, way too low for this individual.

  8. Sandra

    Surely this is a Fug The Cover for Gynecology Wear Daily. Isn’t it?

  9. Jennifer

    I don’t think her KickStarter project campaign got off the ground. Maybe she legitimately couldn’t afford pants.

  10. Reg

    Jessica the word ur looking for is PANTS. Where are they? What happened? Did someone rob her on the way? Maybe her pants evaporated due to heat? Or maybe she cant afford pants as can be deduced from her running a Kickstarter page unseccessfully, so she had to sell pants to support the cabin fever or whatever she is trying to do?
    So many questions…. But one word: PANTS!

    • sacchrainkiss

      This! I saw this picture and I literally just exclaimed “Pants!”

      • elaine

        I’m thinking of the Fug Girls famous “Tights are not pants!” and trying to come up with a version for this situation, but the best I can think of is “No pants are not pants!” but that’s just silly. Like Zosia’s look, matter of fact.

        • Goldfish

          I think in this case it’s, “this sh!t is not clothes!.”

          And what if this thing was super expensive?? It could have been, some label we’re not cool enough to know about (yet).

        •  jay

          my roommate and I have modified it to “shirts are not dresses,” which works but doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  11. Dora

    Kiddie-porn chic.

  12. Marie

    At least she’s wearing a bracelet!

  13. Meggiemoo

    This is pretty much what I wear when it’s early in the morning and I run out to my mailbox or to let the dog out, and then I realize you can see my ass under the big t-shirt I slept in. Inevitably, I turn slowly around to see my handsome neighbor, dressed for work and trying not to stare at me. I wave a cheery hello and run back inside my house as fast as my bare ass will allow.

    • Squirrel!

      Yes… this is clearly a boyfriend’s undershirt purloined for sleeping purposes. They’re so comfy, y’know?

      • Goldfish

        And yet…that doesn’t address her pairing it with those shoes. Unless she is wearing this out of necessity, for the walk of shame. I don’ t know, too hipster for me, I’m out.

  14.  ErinB

    Do these people realize I refuse to watch their TV show because of how ridiculous they seem in real life? I’m sure they don’t care, which is their prerogative, but I fear for our future when a generation WANTS to watch Girls BECAUSE of how utterly silly its stars seem in real life.

  15. Chris P

    …she’s just fucking with us now, right?

    This is seriously what I would sketch if I was told to design the most Zosia Mamet outfit possible. And then I’d be promptly told that it basically sailed into parody territory.

  16. julie

    BUT on the positive side, she does have a bracelet.

  17. Pegmn

    Somebody’s alarm clock didn’t go off this morning.

    This is what I was wearing in bed this morning. My hair looked like that too.

  18. Fifie

    I guess my eye was drawn to the shoes for sentimental reasons. The “dress” looks like a shortie hospital gown. Gah!

  19. Margot Liggett Nack

    I hope that the rumpled T-shirt and wonkily-parted bedhead are indicators that girlfriend is busy gettin’ some hot action in the sack. That is the ONLY reason this would be acceptable.

  20. CC

    I’ve had this nightmare.

  21.  amys

    Was she chasing after her runaway dog and got caught in a red carpet walk?

  22. MollyMonster

    You’re never fully dressed,
    so you can wear your best (though this isn’t it by a longshot),
    You’re never fully dressed with. out. a. SMILE!

    Geez, does she have horse teeth? Yellow teeth? No teeth? Why is she always such a sad sack?

    • Leah

      Maybe because she’s wearing a sad sack? I love how she thinks this is like “not participating” in fashion, when it’s the exact opposite.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Zosia has great teeth. Her smile is luminous and beautiful.

      I think that’s why she so rarely shows it.

      • Sue

        She has a beautiful smile? Really? When does one ever see it? Bershon seems to be the only expression she can muster.

      • deee

        She does have a lovely smile but it’s not conventional. i wouldn’t be surprised if some snarky B in 6th grade teased her about it so now she doesn’t like to smile.

  23.  The City Dweller

    I actually *love* her shoes. Under much, much different circumstances.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Yep, same. Love ‘em with jeans or clamdiggers and would wear them that way myself very happily.

  24. acake

    She wears those shoes to EVERY event. I’ve seen the at least 4 different times this year. Blue and white flats don’t go with everything. This is really, shocking, I know.

  25.  HelenBackAgain

    I literally looked at this and JUST SIGHED.

  26. Nay

    Does she stand the entire time she is at this event? It appears to be a movie premiere. One would surmise that at some point those in attendance sit and watch the movie. When she sits does everyone see her unders (one would hope she’s not going commando)? Or does one wear cheerpants under something like this? Or perhaps HBO got a volume discount on those awful granny panties SJP wore in SitC and every HBO show that wins an Emmy gets a few of them in their congratulations goodie basket.

  27. ceecee

    She does know that she volunteered for this line of work, doesn’t she? No one forced her to leave her beloved accounting job to take up acting? Really, I’ve never seen anyone look like she hated her job more since the last time I renewed my driver’s license.

  28. Mary

    She obviously is following the golden rule of going out in an understated way. You get all ready, then remove one thing. Unfortunately for us, that one thing was pants. Or maybe a skirt. The world will never know, but she looks totally content knowing she’s correctly followed the rule.

  29. PigsInSpace

    Girls? Looks more like Girls Interrupted.

    • Goldfish

      Many made mental hospital references, myself included, but truly, I bow down to this one.

  30. Lily1214

    OMG, I saw her shopping last Sunday morning over at Stater Bros supermarket.

  31. Tracey

    I’m sorry, when you don’t even try, it’s actually a way of trying way too hard – she is the Phoebe Price of hipsters… desperate for attention.

  32. perletwo


    also, what does this do to her seed rating in next year’s Fug Madness?

  33. Kyasarin

    What hospital did she escape from?

  34. Heather G

    Did she sleepwalk there?

  35.  Vandalfan

    It’s the high school sophomore who drew the short straw and has to pay the pizza delivery guy at 11:15 pm.

  36. Janice

    Appropriate for a cervical cancer awareness event. If you were planning to get yourself checked for it, then and there.

  37. Guerra

    Holy shit. She could of at least worn heels & lipstick. That’s what Rihanna would of done.

  38. deby

    That’s not even a nice t-shirt.

  39. Tamburlaine

    Zosia Mamet amuses me with her sartorial choices – she is doing it deliberately, I’m sure, because I can’t imagine that she’s contractually obliged to go to many of these things. And the responses here to her outfits always make me want to defend her (though I have no feelings about her as an actress, since I don’t watch ‘Girls’).

  40. meggiemoo

    When you’re an actress and asked who you’re wearing, you never want the answer to be “Hanes.”

  41. Elle

    so I just finished my electric shock treatment and I’m feeling better but it’s harder to remember things.

  42. Goldfish

    “There will be an ice cream social directly after group therapy, followed by a jigsaw puzzle tournament in the main lounge. Dress will be In Patient Casual.”

    Damn. That is all.

  43. karacocoa

    She looks mental. She needs to get a Kickstarter campaign going to find her a damn stylist.

  44. googler

    It’s like an unruly teenager who was forced to get out of bed before noon, shows up to an event in her pajamas, and seeing her parents annoyed with her, says “at least I have SHOES.”

  45. Goldfish

    She put this crazy shizz together, and then Amanda Bynes steals her crazy thunder.

  46. CopyChic

    It’s the very vision of defeat. Or de-feet.

  47. Paulus the Great

    She’s hot!

  48. Vi

    Even the bracelet can’t save this hot mess.

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  50. Melissa

    Sooooooooooooo tired of people of a certain age trying so hard not to look like they care.

  51. Hannah

    Okay, the actual outfit is disastrous, but I quite like her hair and makeup, and I sympathize with her feeling of being physically incapable of smiling for a camera. I like her, so I give her points where I can.

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  55. Mrbruno

    Girl needs to put on some makeup before she decides to wear her nightshirt out of the house!

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