Again, I continue to be distracted by all the posters. “ROB YOU ARE MY LIFE NOW” is … full of feeling. It’s the “now” that gets me. I want to know what made that person decide, “Okay, screw it; before he was just a hobby, but NOW he is my life. IT’S TIME.”

Maggie Grace seems similarly bored with the actual fashion proceedings, and I don’t blame her. Being in a Twilight movie, and at the premiere, as anyone other than The Big Three — okay, The Big Three plus the other Cullens — must be an exercise in humility. Because, through no fault of your own, NOBODY is there to see you. But Maggie, we see you. And we wish you, as a lovely lady with lots to offer besides an ability to have Liam Neeson rescue you from certain doom, had chosen something else. The pink lipstick is entirely too perky for a dress in that hue, and as much as I have established today and forever that I love that color… oy. The front is like a BeDazzled sneeze, and the skirt is trying to direct traffic up your birth canal — which in addition to being logistically challenging, would be a most unwelcome surprise for you. That is not where one invites a traffic jam. Nor traffic, nor, traditionally, jam. Just to be clear.

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  1. Alma

    I agree that the makeup is weird, but I don’t see any problem with the dress.

    • Heironyms.

      Same here. It’s pretty; it looks nice on her. Agree about the lipstick shade, though–especially since it clashes with her blush.

  2. Helen

    I agree about the lipstick, but I like the dress – for someone much older. I’d love to see it on Helen Mirren or Anjelica Huston, with maybe a little shoulder throw added.

    • glee

      Helen Mirren would have surgically excised that blinged out bib to show us how boobage should be wrangled properly.

      Yeah, the dress is made for “a certain age” – but more of Hollywood, than actress. GREAT color!

  3. elp

    While I’m absolutely flabbergasted by many of the posters these fans have made, I’m sort of delighted by the ones who brought flags from their home countries. I mean, I wouldn’t travel internationally for a movie premiere, but I am saving up to go to Harry Potter World in Florida, so I can’t really judge.

  4. Elle

    “You are my life now” is a line form the first book and it’s also in the film. Which probably makes it even creepier.

    • Stefanie

      Im calling you creepy for knowing that.

      lol No I’m not! (I totally knew that too. Im now calling myself creepy.)

    • Martha

      I was feeling really, really depressed that I knew this was from the book, so I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. It reminds me of the day-and-a-half spent reading that book that I can never get back, and these are deeply unhappy memories.

      • Emma

        I haven’t read the book, but I watched the first film, so I feel your pain. Sometimes I have nightmares about vampire baseball. It’s painful to talk about.

  5. Leelee

    “That is not where one invites a traffic jam. Nor traffic, nor, traditionally, jam.”
    - Quite possibly my favourite thing to ever come from something related to Twilight.

    The dress… eh. The two different fabrics don’t complement each other, and the fussy silk strip on her chest looks like a bad afterthought.

    • Jane

      I was just going to say that! Wish I didn’t know that.

      But it IS creepy when Edward says it, especially since it comes after him watching her sleep and trying not to kill her all the time…

  6. S

    This is just looks so cheap to me.

  7. Stefanie

    Every time I watch Taken (and I watch it every time it’s on – thanks to my husband) I am struck by how stupidly Maggie runs in that movie. It kills me. Therefore, I cant look at her without imagining her running in that ugly ass jacket through the airport. In my head, there she goes..running away…

    • Emma

      She runs stupidly in LOST, too. I think she needs to do stuff where she doesn’t run.

    • TVGurl

      That is the worst. It’s almost like the director said “Remember you are a teenager.” So she decided to run like that. Awful. And that lipstick is also awful.

  8. Lily1214

    I really think this gown is too old for her. It’s a very lovely gown but not for her.

  9. Cindy

    I think the gown is beautiful art deco-y hollywood glam. a little old on her yes but definitely not fug.

  10. openroses

    That dress is gorgeous.

  11. Emma

    I don’t like the dress. It has potential: the colour is great and the chiffon bodice is okay, but the satin skirt flaring out from the hips is a bit weird, and I’m not sure what’s going on with the shiny-ribbony-bejewelled stuff on her chest.

  12. Nancy

    I don’t hate the dress. I sort of like it. Some people think it’s a bit mature – maybe so? But I wouldn’t have FUGged this.

    The lipstick…yeah, ’nuff said.

  13. Sajorina

    I think she looks LOVELY, but if those lips were painted in bold “Gwen Stefani” red, she’d look DIVINE! Maggie, you must learn from the stylish blondes that have come before you! TRUST! Her hair and accessories are FABULOUS! The dress is GORGEOUS and she’s wearing it beautifully, but she needs a smile… A red one!

    • Sajorina

      By the way, THANK YOU for making my week with the 1st paragraph!

      Heather, you’re my life now!

  14. AM

    Put me in the like the dress too. I think she looks nice. Maybe a brighter lipstick, but far from the worst or even close too bad.

  15. daniel

    Did she use what was left of Scarlett O’hara ‘s curtains at Tara?

  16. Ramon

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  17. Bottle Ginger

    I have a summer maxidress that color, and I’ve been wearing it with a white cardigan on the warmer fall days.

    From now on, I’m wearing it with brighter lipstick.

  18. Elbyem

    Allow me to apply my mother’s propriety test: i.e., dress, or slip…FAIL! It’s a slip with a shiny va-jay-jay strip down the front.

  19. heather

    There’s something about the way the skirt drapes that makes me keep mistaking it for a very fancy jumpsuit.

  20. Edith

    I recognized the quote, too, but I recognized it from here, the greatest Twilight-adjacent thing ever: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/digital-short-firelight/1173548/

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  22. Alice

    I love the dress (the world needs more green dresses in exactly that shade), and think it looks great with her coloring. If she’s bored with this and bored with being rescued by Liam, she should go make a movie with Naveen Andrews in which they make out a lot, because that was always lovely on Lost.

  23. Jo

    I hate idiots who post weird plugs for their boring ass merch on these comments pages.