Fug or Fab: Julianne Hough


So, my Houghdar has been off for y’all, lately — I didn’t hate the Packham, and I dug the suit. So I’m throwing this one to the wolves of Fug Nation and letting you vote it up.

Obviously, I have Thoughts. One of which is that the tube top is dopey. Those suckers are hard to wear and rarely move the way anyone wants them to, across an entire evening. I’ll give her that it makes her look longer, but that’s about it. And from the front it makes her look like her chest has been ironed flat…

And then from the side it looks like a boob shelf. The whole thing, to me, is a sartorial frown. It’s the start of a wrinkle I’m going to develop in a couple months from repetitive grimacing. But that’s just my take — let’s see if, today, my Houghdar pings in concert with yours.

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Comments (59):

  1. Emily

    Are those ENORMOUS PANTS??!!!

    • TereLiz

      That was my first thought/fear.

      • shannon

        i was right there with you two. also – is it just me or was that top identified in the post as a “tube top”? doesn’t it have to be strapless for it to qualify as a “tube”? i feel like it NOT being a legit tube top IS the only thing that separates this sartorially from late-nineties prom dress or even WEDDING dress oh wow.

  2. Alicia

    This reminds me of a prom dress from 1999.

    • Dyanna

      My thoughts exactly! Remember the movie 10 Things I Hate About You? Instantly reminded me of Bianca’s prom dress.

      • Chasmosaur

        Me, too. That thing was so ugly, and she had otherwise been costumed so adorably throughout the rest of the movie.

  3. pantsonfire

    First, her makeup is atrocious. Wow. She looks she’s in Requiem for a Dream Part II: The Re-Requieming.

    Also, and I suspect I’m going to be going against Fug Nation on this, I despise that particular shade of blue. For whatever reason, I find it too loud, too flat, too cheap.

    And finally, the cut is not flattering on her. From the front, in particular, the whole thing does nothing for her shape and makes her look…not LARGE exactly, but it does not play up any of the shapes that are beautiful on women. I will concede that it is marginally better from the side view.

    • Annie E

      She should never ever ever wear black eyeliner again, especially on the lower lid.

    • witjunkie

      All I can say is, if you hate that shade of blue don’t ever move to Lexington Kentucky.

  4. mosie51277

    I don’t ever recognize her anymore without her name posted on top.

    • kayla

      For real. If you hadn’t identified her, I wouldn’t have had any idea who she was. Normally I think she is really cute. Bordering on a bit tacky, at times, but cute and vivacious.

  5. Katty McNiley Ripley

    The whole thing has a really weird/dated late 90′s, early 00′s about it: hair, makeup, clothes…

    She’s like a Cameron Diaz/Meg Ryan character from a romantic comedy of that era

  6. PB

    I believe “Burn it with fire!” should have been one of the poll options.

  7. Carolina Girl

    I have so many questions. Like …
    Isn’t this woman dating Ryan Seacrest?
    And isn’t he supposed to have more money than he knows what to do with?
    Why doesn’t he spring for a stylist? Intern George got one for the wrestler lady.
    Doesn’t Julianne Hough own a mirror?
    Why can’t she see that this is not flattering.

  8. bambi_beth

    I think this is a new school version of the Jada Pinkett-Smith crop top dress, but not so well executed. Julianne has the body to execute it, and it’s about time she wear something fun or youthful… Just maybe not quite this.

    Hellooooooooo, Allison Janney. You and many others this week have stoked my shopping fire in search of black cigarette pants. Thank you!

    • Katie Lynn

      I love any time I see Allison Janney. She makes my day. CJ Cregg forever!

  9. AM

    Thoughts–I really like her hair. Mine looks a lot like that in my mind! I dislike two pieces (top & bottom) where the midriff shows. It looks kind of tacky unless you’re on a beach or picnic or something. I would make the top longer if we had to go with this outfit. The color is good, flattering for almost everyone. Where is she? Everyone looks much more casually dressed than she is.

  10. Mouse


  11. Cassy

    Her head is giving me Taylor Momsen vibes for some reason. Her head alone is bugging me more than the dress is, actually.,

  12. PegMN

    JANNEY!!!! That’s all I have to say.

    • snorgler

      Yeah, really! Who cares about the ingenue when we have Ms. Awesome herself in the picture?

      • MKKS

        Honey, if you’re trying too hard to begin with, standing next to the wonderfully naturally awesome Allison Janney is really, really a bad idea.

  13. Virginia

    This whole thing is so horribly 90s I can’t even deal with it. She looks like a poor man’s Cameron Diaz. Also, her make up is terrible.

  14. Lucille Austero

    Great colour, she doesn’t look 43 years old (not that there’s anything wrong with that if you’re 43 or older), and Allison Janney makes everything better!

  15. Lils

    Crop tops just always look awkward… I feel like you can see in her eyes how consciously she is standing upstraight so it lays right, and then to top it off she’s got wonky boob-shelf? It’s just not fair.

  16. Stefanie

    The color is good and so is the hair but I just dont get the rest of it.

    A++++++++ for Allison tho.

  17. Sandra

    I hate the hair and makeup. The sleek up-do and minimal slap she was wearing with the trouser-suit were much more flattering. Also, evening dresses don’t have crop-tops. EVER! And why is she even in a floor-length get-up anyway? Everyone else in this picture is much more casually dressed.

  18. avidbeader

    I adore the color. If was a single smooth piece that followed her curves rather than blocking them, she’d be onto something.

  19. Cucina49

    I also doesn’t help that she is standing next to Allison Janney, who is looking awesome even in much more casual clothes.

  20. Lesley

    She looks like Meg Ryan, circa 1995.

  21. Shannon

    I, too, will echo the chorus of “OMG it’s Allison Janney! Hello, CJ Cregg!” and pointedly ignore the weird blue leisure suit. JUST SAY NO TO LARGE BLUE PANTS.

  22. eileenoh

    Come on! First of all, one has to be glad that she doesn’t look like a 45-year old matron, circa 1975, right? I mean it may not be the best fashion statement the girl has ever made, but it is at least age-appropriate, as is her hair style. Do I wish she had done something more with it? Yes, but compared to the gallery of awful bouffants and weirdly aging updos, this is a vast improvement to me. Julianne is one of the cutest girls out there and she rarely looks it on a red carpet. Maybe she’s insecure about dating an older guy and tries to mature her look (which is usually a disaster) but this is hardly the worst thing she’s ever worn. I say hooray for baby steps.

    • Miriam

      Well said. Love her hair, much more becoming and natural looking. She is a young beauty, should go with her natural good looks. This could be, and has been, much worse, as noted.

  23. Bella

    Is she an alien shape shifter? I never recognize her – she always looks different.

  24. Lily1214

    Shouldn’t this outfit be on a 6′ tall woman?

  25. Alena

    The very first thing that came to my mind when I saw her outfit was Bianca from “10 Things I Hate About You”. It’s the same unflattering dress Bianca wears when Cameron picks her up to take her to the prom, except it’s blue! I’m glad other people thought of Bianca as well!

  26. Susannah

    Matronly in a well-kept 50-yr old kind of way.

  27. Emily

    Hate the dress. But Alison Janney looks awesome!!

  28. Helen

    Not loving Hough’s outfit here. Not hating it either, it just isn’t really working IMO.

    But count me in on the “Allison Janney is awesome and looks terrific!” bandwagon! Poor Julianne is totally eclipsed by the comfortable, easy gorgeousness that is Janney.

  29. Rachel

    the color is gorgeous…aside from that, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  30. Anna

    Love, love the color but I’m pretty sure I heard that dress described in a Sweet Valley High book at some point. In the 90s.

  31. Bevin Maloney

    This dress reminds me of something I wore to a middle school/high school event in the 90s and that’s where it should have stayed

  32. Emma

    It’s HIDEOUS. She looks like Jennifer ‘Rachel Green’ Aniston, circa 1990.

  33. Emma

    …sorry, I’m not finished. An electric-blue maxi-skirt with a matching sleeveless turtleneck? Just NO.

  34. Esme

    What happened to her? She used to be stunning; now she looks like my roommate’s cousin’s kid sister. And it makes her thing with geezer Seacrest seem even pervier.

  35. Eli

    What is going on with her face in that first pic? Her eyes are bloodshot and her makeup is smudgey…in other words, she looks like me on a Saturday morning after a Friday night bender.

  36. witjunkie

    She never wears the same eye makeup twice, it seems. Maybe she’s still finding her look, or maybe she just likes switching it up, but girl, find a look and stick with it a few times in a row so we can memorize what you look like.

  37. carly

    She looks like late-90′s Xtina Aguilera. Who approved that makeup for her?

  38. The Fugger

    The color and fabric are divine.

    What was done with that fabric is heinous, diabolical, and a miscarriage of fashion.

    As one of my coworkers would say, whoever allowed her to go out like that is a hater, they don’t love her, and she don’t need them in her life.

  39. Elizabeth

    Meh. I don’t hate it. It’s…OK-adjacent, maybe. But I have to say that she’s oddly dressed for the event, judging by the people in the background. It’s age appropriate and I can’t see through it, so that’s a big plus in my book.

  40. Chelsea

    AJ looks amazing!!!

  41. Chante

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  42. Tamburlaine

    Julianne looks really cute, and the colour is really good on her; however, the outfit is not good. I very much dislike the shiny, and the two-piece belly-showing is not right at all. I agree, too, that it looks very much more formal than what everyone else is wearing. Maybe it would be better if she was wearing black skinny leg trousers? As it is, that’s a LOT of blue.

  43. Carolyn

    The outfit needs to be one, single dress, in a less-cheap-looking color. And girlfriend needs a good push-up bra and some blush.

  44. Brooke

    Parenthetically, Allison Janey has apparently taken the Julianne Moore/Brenda Strong potion and is getting more awesome with each passing year, AND without screwing with her face.

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