This photo comes courtesy of the Twitter feed for Lindsay Lohan’s “lifestyle brand,” 6126.

This is allegedly one of the publicity shots for her newest batch of leggings and leggings-related items.

I will give you a moment.

Yes. Yes, she appears to be warming up for her appearance in a Whitesnake video. Or perhaps for a performance in a Whitesnake cover band — let’s call them Darklizard. Or perhaps for her TURN ON THE POLE. Jesus, lady. Do you EVER want to be taken seriously EVER AGAIN?

No? Okay, then, carry on. You’re doing an AMAZING job, in that case. We’re all so, so proud. Between this, and the fact that you’re in debt to the man behind the film Oragami So Horny and you’re suspected of potentially orchestrating a burglary of your own home, then at the very least, I think we can all agree that the E! True Hollywood Story of your life set to be produced in approximately 2025 will be one hell of a barn-burner. So thanks for that, in advance, and try not to wear that thing out on any street corners. I think you know why.