Well Played, Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is one of those celebrities, like Angelina Jolie, who I think should be pregnant all the time because she looks great that way. Not that she doesn’t look great otherwise, but she just wears it so well.

I mean. What a dish. In fact, it reminds me faintly of one of my all-time favorite Angelina Jolie dresses, when she was ripe with Knox and Vivienne and dazzled everyone in green – also at Cannes, actually. On the one hand, I’m surprised all these pregnant ladies are willing to spend so much time in France — so much delicious cheese and wine they aren’t supposed to eat! — but on the other, how awesome when you can show your future child these pictures and be like, “See all these desperate models showing off their thongs? You and I looked better than ALL OF THEM.”

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  1. Sandra

    Now that is what a movie star is supposed to look like.

  2. Eli

    She looks awesome and I’m glad she kept mum on her pregnancy until she was reasonably far along so it won’t seem like she was pregnant for 37 years, like Jessica Simpson.

  3. Carrie

    She looks fabulous.

    Are those the same shows Kate Middleton was wearing a few weeks ago? I want them to be mine.

    • Amanda

      Carrie – I don’t think they’re the same. Kate’s were slightly different and more golden (though that could just de the difference in lighting). Either way, I covet both pair. And Reese’s dress. And her prettiness.

  4. Carrie Ann

    Heidi Klum is also on this list of celebs who should always be pregnant.

  5. TaraMisu

    She really does look fabulous. I looked like a beached whale when I was pregnant LOL

  6. A.J.

    I want to be all, Girl, how are you walking in those shoes? There’s no way my balance worked like that when I was pregnant, and I’m a heel girl.

    • jerkygirl

      I was thinking the same thing–I had to wear my Crocs for most of the 2nd half of my gestation because my fat feet wouldn’t fit in anything else!!! :D Good for her, but I imagine she went home, threw those things in the closet and sat back on the recliner with her dogs propped up for a while.

  7. Clarence Beeks

    Fantastic. And she is classy. I love her.

  8. Stefanie


  9. Emma

    I’ve never been pregnant (bit too young for that yet lol!) but seriously, I just know that if I ever do, I’ll be one of those with the constant throwing up and being really really hulk-angry-smash all the time, acting as if I’ll murder the first person to tell me the local store is out of baguette.

    And she looks radiant. Damn it. (also, I find that Jennifer Garner always looks cute(r?) when she’s expecting)

  10. Billie

    Agreed! She also knows how to dress herself when pregnant. She doesn’t desparately show it off, nor does she wear muumuus the whole time (but Lordy it’s so tempting to). She just looks so classy and radiant.

  11. Amber

    She looks radiant. It’s really not fair. Most people couldn’t hope to look that good NOT pregnant and she’s creating human life and looks stunning. Fair not that’s!
    Also, I have never been pregnant, but I am wondering how she can walk in heels like that. Isn’t your center of gravity “off” when you’re pregnant? Granted, I can barely walk in heels on my best days, so maybe I’m way off.

  12. Margaret

    I also love that she isn’t holding her hands under her bump, as if we don’t get that she’s preggers.

    • ljchicago

      I totally agree, Margaret. It seems as tho most pregnant celebs pose that way these days. Or the baby daddy has his hand on the belly to show what he “did.” Gross.

  13. pidget

    I love that colour on her – delicious! I think she looks a bit more relaxed when pregnant, thus the extra-pretty.

    I also like that she isn’t jamming her leg out the side to show the slit of the dress.

  14. Mahastee


  15. Mavis

    Maybe they’re traveling to France because no one freaks out there if you drink wine and/or eat soft unpasteurized cheeses whilst pregnant. (Were i her, i’d head to Japan next to have some sushi without getting the stink-eye.)

  16. Maretha2

    When Pregnant Angelina wore that green dress in Cannes, it was the best she has ever looked. And this amazing sapphire dress is one of the best looks I’ve ever seen on Reese. I think this will rank up there with her post-break up yellow dress + red shoes outfit as one of her best of all time. She looks fantastic from head to toe.

  17. guerra

    so beautiful.. I’m pregnant right now and I’m dreaming of looking that good when I’m further along!

  18. Sajorina

    I love it! She’s glowing & looks effortlessly GORGEOUS, like she wakes up like that every morning! Unfair, I know! If I ever get to be pregnant, my only wish, besides having a healthy baby, is that I look that freaking hot the whole time! The color & styling are perfection! Plus, hello breasteses!!!

  19. Lilibet

    Now she’s what I call a movie star.

  20. Marty

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  21. Ms.A

    This is the best she has ever looked.

  22. Helen

    So glamorous, yet so ladylike, both. Just lovely. That color is wonderful on her, too!

    Also her shoes look like they might actually fit properly. You don’t see a lot of that on the red carpet. I suppose they need to, when carrying a baby in the front, but it’s a nice thing to see all the same.

  23. Claire Zulkey

    She does look great. And I hope she IS eating (the pasteurized!!!) cheese and drinking (not too much!!11!!) wine. To make me feel better about my own irresponsible pregnant ass.

  24. Lisa

    Wait? Why isn’t one supposed to eat cheese while pregnant?

  25. Lily1214

    She looks wonderful.

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