Selita Fugbanks

Selita Ebanks IS a model:

And getting paid is the only possibly excuse for wearing Gumby’s formal wear.

[Photos: Splash]

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  1. Anne B

    This isn’t Jennifer Beals, huh? ‘Cause I seriously had to check.

    Terrible jumpsuit. TER-RI-BLE. I hate seeing the ’90′s come back in awkward ways, like the peekaboo shoulder as styled by mountain lions.

    Sure it’s not Jennifer Beals? I’ve totally prepared my standard Beals greeting, which (considering her beauty and her age; she’s 3 years older than I am) sounds a little like this: “F**k you, Flashdance.”

  2. Memo

    OMG. I can’t believe that this is a VS model. Someone feed her a sandwich, please?

  3. yeahandalso

    I always thought she was so pretty, it is too bad her name is so terrible otherwise she might have become a household name like Giselle or Tyra Banks…but Selita Ebanks is just awkward to say or type

    @Memo how can you tell if she needs a sandwich or not in that outfit?

  4. Mellie

    I’ve never laughed so hard at a post. Well played, Jessica!

  5. Geemee

    Great weave. Very Donna Summer, esp. with that flower.

  6. moi

    That’s not a weave. Selita has beautiful hair she’s growing out again, because she insists on chopping it off occasionally. Not the wisest decision for someone with only one discernible flaw – a fivehead – but I digress. That’s her hair and she’s so beautiful, I almost don’t mind the outfit.

  7. vandalfan

    She looks hungry to me.

  8. megan

    I hate comments regarding prople being too thin when we all know no one would dare say she is lookin a bit fat – she looks in porportion and petite and a model of course she is going to be small!

  9. Amberoni

    I was a little confused because it’s not THAT bad, but the more I looked, the more depressed it seemed. Then I realized that he crotch is experiencing depression, and it’s dragging the rest of the jumpsuit downward, doing the unforgivable task of making her torso look longer than her legs.