SAG Awards Fug or Fab Carpet: Julianna Margulies


Julianna looks awesome in red. So awesome that I wanted to love this unreservedly, but something about the sweetheart neckline was grating my nerves like a cheap block of cheddar. It’s very … stiff. Which from some angles makes her boobs look really stony and severe. But then, from other sides, this looks totally fine on her. It’s hard to articulate: I just know that, to my brain, something about the bodice is not what it could or should be. Some of the time. Damn you, optical illusions. You make it so hard for me to be decisive.

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  1. Jeanie

    You’re right; the neckline is very severe. It reminds me of Mickey Mouse ears!

  2. Jen

    I completely agree. Here’s what I think it is. 1. They need to decide if they’re pointy or round on the top. Right now it looks like they’re supposed to be a smooth round line but are poorly sewn. 2. The middle part goes down too far. 3. The whole thing is either riding too high on her or it’s just cut too high, it should be in a more natural relationship with her actual boobage. I mean, strapless gowns CAN end up too low (that’s my usual complaint), but they shouldn’t be approaching your neck.

  3. Jill

    I love this dress! I think a lot of the wonkiness happens when there’s nothing to break up the red between her dress and the carpet and it creates some optical illusions.

    The severity of her hair and the middle part kind of bothers me, but that’s just because I’m a sister curly haired brunette. I love her best in her mass of Carol Hathaway curly awesomeness.

  4. Isabella

    I think that the “mounds,” for lack of a better word, are too small & the dip in the middle is too deep. If they had made them a bit wider & a bit less distinct, it would work. But I luuuv Julianna (and her luscious husband), so I am loathe to quibble.

  5. Edith

    This is fine. The neckline is not my favorite, but she looks lovely. Heather, I think you may need to eat something. Your indecision sounds exactly like my husband’s when his blood sugar is crashing. (This often makes choosing a restaurant for dinner farcical/nightmarish.)

  6. anonymoose

    definitely severe and wonky. something so bare from cleavage to hairline needs a payoff at one end or the other. so, i recommend a hairstyle with body, not the severe flat restricted hairdo she’s sportin’. or maybe some lipcolor?

  7. Lina

    Trim 7/8 of an inch off the top of the bodice and it’s glorious. The way it is, I keep getting the impression of a clown raising its eyebrows at me — which freaks me out completely. She, meanwhile, looks gorgeous as always. And it’s so nice to see her in a color — red does great things for her.

  8. Brianne

    That last picture, at the angle, with the delicious arm-candy? Gorgeous. But the rest of it just kind of falls flat, for reasons Heather and commenters have already laid out.

  9. Gigi

    You are right, totally wonky, it was the first thing that made my face scrunch up after relishing in the flattering red and pretty draping and overall simplicity.

  10. Lynne

    She’s gorgeous (and so is her arm candy). I think the problem with the bodice is that it’s making it look as though her boobs are too close together. They shouldn’t be crammed up against each other like that, should they?

  11. CJ

    If you had just posted the last photo (#5), I would have voted for utter fab perfection, but you are right. At some angles, it’s almost too extreme and pointy a curve and I think the curve should not have dipped that early or that low before it hit the armpits. HOWEVER, I have always loved JM for both her acting chops and her loveliness. I once saw her (this is going back about 15 years) on the upper west side in NY. We were shopping at the same store and she had little or no makeup on and looked soooo incredibly beautiful in person. Natural, tons of curls, gorgeous smile, and incredibly long legs in her perfect-fitting jeans. And Intern George was her co-star! She’s right up there with Hugh Jackman’s wife — people I want to hate but can’t. But if I could be them for just one day……

  12. yeahandalso

    The problem is that the “sweetheart” isn’t really heart shaped, it looks like somebody cut a package of Leggs in half and covered it in red fabric and stuck it on her chest.

    If this had the shape Mila Kunis’s did on top it would have worked.

  13. Amanda

    Oh man her arm candy is soooooo yummy. I love the dress but agree the neckline is a little odd…

  14. Emily

    I’m totally distracted by her delicious husband. Honestly, could he be hotter? But, also, love her in the red, and while I agree that the bodice looks wonky in the first picture, it’s not so bad in the others, so I’m giving it a pass.

  15. amy

    This is my bridesmaid dress. Like, to a T. Ick.

    The cups are too small and too close together, I think that’s part of the reason this is coming off as severely wonky and awkward.

  16. The Other Molly

    Sweetheart necklines are very weird.
    Who wants their boobs to look like a Valentine?

  17. DanaKMofo

    Thank you for that sneaky “Friends” reference, Fug Girls. The dress is gorgeous and a great hue, sure, but did anyone else notice the weird way the draping hits her hipbones? It makes her look a little zaftig, which is ridiculous because she’s clearly a tiny, tiny lady.

  18. Hannah

    The thing that strikes me more than anything about this is how incredibly slim she looks. Not in a bad way, just in a ‘wow, you really look a lot curvier than that on TV’ way.

  19. Fuh Ugh

    Her boobs are staring at me. Make them stop!

  20. Kate

    I just scrolled through the slideshow and came around from “hmmm kinda wonky” to “absolute perfection.” Maybe it’s the different angles of the dress?? Maybe it’s how when the dress appears to be a deeper rose color, it looks so lovely against her skin that I can’t help but love it?? Maybe it’s the last pic of her and her delightful treat of a hubby??? Who can say??

    Also THANK YOU for the Chandler Bing reference. I feel so much better now.

  21. carol

    For me, somehow the neckline looks smaller than it should. It makes her head and shoulders look photoshopped.

  22. Rayna

    @yeahandalso – that’s it! This lovely red drapey dress, with the neckline of Mila Kunis’ dress, would be about 200% of WIN. That, and hair down and curly – it’s such a simple dress, it could show off the full throttle hair.

    As is, the curve of the bodice is a little aggressive, and that’s what’s fueling the “wonkyness,” Heather. I feel you.

    But dang! JM is luscious, ain’t she? Beauty, talent, brains = LOVE.

  23. Gretchen

    I think the neckline is definitely a bit off. The point in the middle is too sharp and it appears as if there is a line running underneath the gathered fabric from the point of the neckline through the middle of her boobs. It reminds me of a cheap bra insert or the sewn in “cup” of a bathing suit. Too pointy!

  24. camille

    it’s her posture and the fact that the neckline seems to readily invert when she has bad posture

  25. Katharine

    It’s a little bit off and maybe a tad rigid, but man, looking at how firmly it clings to its equilibrium when she moves, I’m mostly in favour of it. Strapless gowns are such a crapshoot of potential wardrobe malfunction that I’d rather see one that has a good grasp of the– essentials.

    Plus the colour is totally gorgeous on her.

  26. tp24

    it looks like a heart.
    “happy valentimes! “

  27. Megan

    The overly cupped sweetheart neckline (can you even call it that? What IS that shape but a McDonald’s double arches on valium?) ruins the whole thing for me. Hate hate hate the shape of the bustline.

  28. Lynnie

    Hahahaha! A Chandler Bing reference!

    Oh, the dress? Meh.

  29. Bella

    The sweetheart shape cut too severely. Softer, less drastic rounding would have been good. And in this pic, her head looks too big, or her body is too small. A couple good cheeseburgers and fries would help.

  30. aa


  31. ortenzia

    it’s an ugly top but i’ve never seen her chest, shoulders and body look that good so it’s doing something right and the color is splendid.

  32. barbarena

    Definitely something wrong with the placement of the bra cups. Granted, she has a small ribcage, probably size 28 band size, but the cups need to be positioned slightly farther apart to be in proportion with her pretty shoulders.

  33. Cat

    I think she looks fab. Maybe the cups in the bodice are too severe, but I gave it a pass because altogether, she looks great. Plus, I like this way more than what she wore to the Golden Globes.

  34. JanetP

    Severe center part in her hair does not work with the center part in her bodice. Looks very stern, weirdly. Softer hair would have suited this better, IMO. And non-hoop earrings. Softer overall, hair and accessories.

  35. Leah

    Take a breath from judging. She looks really beautiful.

  36. katie

    Something a little wonky for sure, but still kinda pretty. I think the top parts are too rounded and slightly too close together?

    But let’s talk about how HOT her husband is. I can’t believe he’s not an actor….that face is delicious!

  37. Mel

    She either has really bad posture or she is uncomfortable wearing strapless dresses. In this AND the Globes dress it really looked like she always was pinning her arms to her sides in fear of the dress falling down. And I agree that the V of the neckline would look much better if it were less severe.

  38. vandalfan

    Her hair, with the center part, over emphasizes the stiff V neckline.

  39. Sajorina

    Who’s looking at her? I’m looking at her husband!!!

  40. Bambi Anne Dear

    I don’t give a rat’s arse for the dress, but who is that man?

  41. AnaBe

    I’m sorry but she will never top the red Narciso Rodriguez she wore to the 2002 Golden Globes. Ever

  42. Ruby

    The neckline makes her head too look too large for her body. Most actors have large heads, the camera “loves” that, and most actresses have such thin little bodies that we have the term “lollipop”.

    If the neckline were straighter, it’d create a horizontal line across the torso that would add a little heft, and make her seem better porportioned. And I think a straighter, less structured neckline would eliminate the problem of those two stiff hemispheres that aren’t actually the same shape as her boobs.

    Pity, other than the neckline the dress is incredible. That’s not an easy color to wear, but it makes her glow.

  43. lc

    I’ve noticed a lot of dresses with this neckline lately and they bug me every time!! Like they couldn’t decide between a plunging neckline and a sweetheart neckline so they combined them, UGH, not good!

  44. NYCGirl

    I think what makes it ‘off’ for me is its shapelessness.

  45. Katie

    Sometimes i vote for stuff just because the answer is the awesomest and HOW CAN YOU EXPECT A GIRL TO RESIST THE IMMORTAL, MIND-BOGGLING CHARME OF MR. BING? So, now to clarify: I don’t really think the dress is perfection, but my fake answer is YOUR FAULT ’cause you are VIOLATING the principle of equal opportunities here. The other answers did’nt even stand a chance! Shame on you, fuggirls!

  46. Pixie

    I honestly just think the dress might have been designed for a more hourglassy figure with a wider chest area, and the ”narrowing” of the bodice is what caused the severity.

    Just imagine it if you stretch it a little, like, to fit for instance Christina Hendricks, and you might see what I mean.

    Of course, that would be the same effect as just making it less curved, I’m just saying, I think it looks that way because this size uses the same measurements in lenght/height as a wider size would.

  47. Franca Bollo

    I agree with Ruby. I look at Julianna and all I see is this huge head (albeit beautiful) … especially when she’s standing next to her husband. If Warren Beatty was her husband, it’d be less of an issue because he is, like, the Easter Island head of all heads.

    The dress is fine but not on her. She needs a visual that adds breadth to her shoulders. And maybe wearing her hair down would soften the lack of contrast between the width of her head compared to her shoulders.

  48. atz

    I think the dress is gorgeous! What a striking color.