24: Fug Another Day: Kim Raver in Balenciaga

I am extremely happy that 24 is back. I have missed you, Jack Bauer, and now I have hope that we WILL one day get the episode where Jack spends the entire hour stuck in traffic (he’s in London right now and London traffic is terrible! It still works!) or decides to play hooky and go flarg around at the Tower of London and takes the tour for the full hour or is just, like, popping into Selfridges to pee and then gets distracted trying to pick out a tie for an hour. Everyone else will be staring at computers and barking about how THERE’S NO TIME, while Kiefer and some lovely British salesperson keep holding up a series of silk ties next to his face. It will be delightful. Unlike, sadly, this:

UGH. Cate Blanchett could maybe…nah, not even Cate. This is a mini-dress with its own permanent dry cleaning bag.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1.  Snowedintoday

    Do I see a dress cape?!

    • Dina

      Maybe? It appears to connect to the cape of the skirt from this angle. It’s like arm slits on steroids.

  2.  Katie

    Why is she standing like that? It really accentuates the dry cleaning bag-ness of it.

  3.  Robyn

    Someone has worn this before but I don’t remember who. It was on this site, too.

  4. Jenz

    Whoa. NO. To steal a phrase (but not the meaning) from Fluffy: Oh HEYYLLLL NO.

  5. Stripes

    This might be worse than the time Liza Minnelli gave birth to a pair of chaps on opposite day. And then came over and slapped the world in the face.(http://www.gofugyourself.com/twilight-breaking-fug-11-2012/twilight-premiere-9-141112).

    Kim Raver, you don’t deserve this level of cruelty! No one does.

  6. Gine

    That doesn’t even look like clothing. She seriously looks like she got trapped in a nylon bag and decided to just roll with it.

  7.  ohsohappy

    The dress is bad enough, but those shoes! Ack!

    • jenny

      Exactly, it is an ugly shoe that can tear my eyes away from that dress.

      •  Rowynn

        Yep. You wouldn’t think that this thing could look worse, but then you scroll down and see those ill-fitting, poorly-designed shoes, and BINGO! The dress now looks even more hideous.

    • nobody much

      yeah, the shower shoes just make it worse. :(

      •  crookedE

        They DO look like shower shoes! Maybe she was going for a “Lady Taking a Shower Halloween Costume” theme, what with the shoes and the curtain.

  8. Mikki

    That is just over the top ridiculous, how do you look at yourself in the mirror and think that looks good?! The shoes don’t fit right either. I have to say, the more I see some of the whacked out clothing choices on some of these women, the better I feel about what I have in my closet!

  9. The Reset

    When you arrive at “not even Cate Blanchett could wear this,” you’ve gone too far.

  10. margaret

    Dress looks like a giant, too-loose condom (am I allowed to say that?)

  11.  ohsohappy

    This is rather funny. Kim is standing EXACTLY like the model in this dress AND shoes on the Balenciaga website. Even her facial expression is similar.


    •  Miriam

      Hilarious! Also $9000. Wow, just wow.

    •  Portia

      That’s great — I’m not sure who looks unhappier, Kim or the model!

      And I hope someone gave/loaned her this dress; the idea that someone would actually spend $9,000-plus to look that bad is sort of depressing.

      •  ohsohappy

        Yes, indeed! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the price tag. Insult to injury, eh!

    • gryt

      Omg, she stole it (the pose). It’s kind of… endearing?

  12. Maria L.

    This certainly gives new meaning to the term sad sack.

    • Rachael

      Well, I’m definitely sadder for having looked at it.

      • Art Eclectic

        We all are, we all are.

        I think some people get into a reality distortion field when it comes to designer labels.

        The World: Oy, that’s hideous.

        Starlet: But it’s (insert designer here)!

        The World: Don’t care. Still hideous.

      •  Mrs. Ditter

        I burst out laughing when I saw this. It’s heinous, of course, but also hilarious. Just like…who would ever put that together?

  13. Bri

    It seriously looks like an adorable dress being protected by a garment bag. I want to tickle her until she raises her arms then rip it up over her head. I can imagine her looking down, initially surprised, and then saying “OH! That’s better!” My fantasy for the day. Need more coffee.

    • annabel

      I also think the dress itself would be salvageable without the garment bag cover, if it was a few inches longer. Better shoes though too. Also, was Keifer at this event? I’d like to see him dressed up.

  14.  Shannon

    Wow. WORDS! The way she is standing just makes it look even worse. How can someone, anyone, think this looks good?

  15.  Susan

    If I was that young (I’m not) and that fit (I’m not) and that pretty (I’m not) I would NOT wear a dry cleaning bag! It’s not just youth that is wasted on the young.

    • Natasha Fatale

      You got that right, sister! We may be old, but we’re no fools (or at least not THAT foolish!).

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Kim’s 45. Hardly ancient, but I think “young” might not apply anymore.

  16. WHAT

    This look is making me laugh like CRAZY

  17. Callie

    One person on earth (not from earth, maybe) can make this work: Swinton

  18.  Linda


  19.  HelenBackAgain

    Kim Raver is on my Unreasonably Like list. I’m just always happy to see her, and I couldn’t tell you why. So when I saw her name, I got all excited!

    Then I saw the photo… oh, this is sadness. She is wearing sadness personified. And, even sadder, she looks as if she KNOWS it, too.

  20. Elle

    I had to call my sister. I could not continue to look at this dress and those shoes on my own. It’s like one of those baby bottles where the milk is in a liner. With shoes.

  21. susie

    What the hell?

  22. venus velvet

    I can just see the 24 commercial break split screen with Kiefer and his ties in the top right, oblivious to the chaos in the other corners and the countdown sound.

  23. Sajorina

    I want that to happen on “24″ so badly… It would be EPIC! “Chloe, DO NOT RUSH ME, I NEED THE RIGHT TIE!”

    Kim looks AWFUL! Awful, I tell you! Those shoes are made of sadness… Mine!

  24. thebutlerdidit

    Man, sometimes at this time of year, you get a chill, realize you didn’t bring anything warmer to wear, and the hotel window sheers are all you can find, am I right?

  25. Melodie

    Rarely does an outfit cause me to blurt “good GOD!” in disgust. And rarely do I use this phrase, but it’s quite appropriate: what is this, I can’t even…..

  26. pilly lulitzer

    I missed this yesterday. Ho. Ly. Crap. This is sheer (GET IT) madness.

  27.  Julie

    This actually rendered me speechless for a moment. It couldn’t be any more unflattering. And those shoes are hideous. HIDEOUS.