Fug Nation’s Oscars Best- and Worst-Dressed: Results

The votes are in from our Oscars best-and-worst polls, and Fug Nation has chosen… DRUM ROLL…

… Cameron Diaz as the best-dressed celebrity of the night, thanks to this gorgeous Oscar De La Renta and the Victoria Beckham metallic number she wore to the post-parties. Cammy won 22 percent of the vote, with Rachel McAdams coming in second with 12 percent and Sandra Bullock placing third with 11 percent.
Your worst-dressed:
I believe the facial expression of the woman with the badge on the left up there exactly mirrors that of the majority of people when they saw SJP in this dress. That is a beautiful WTF face right there. Interestingly, Sarah Jessica took this one with the exact same vote percentage — 22 — that Cameron had in HER victory. Miley Cyrus was a distant second with 11 percent of the vote.
Thanks for voting! We hope your mouse fingers aren’t tired, because Fug Madness starts in earnest in two days, and you’re going to need those.
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